Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Cordell Christian Moyer, of 409 W. Sunset Ave., Ephrata, and Kacie Brianna Been, of 1036 Lincoln Heights Ave., Ephrata. Moyer’s parents are Michael Alvin and Christine Kelley Moyer. Been’s parents are William Edwin Jr. and Nicole Ann Been.

Enrique Rayner Watson, of 320 Fairview Ave., and Elizabeth Blake Dematteo, same address. Watson’s parents are Terry Rayner Watson and Karen Rouse Ross. Dematteo’s parents are the late Donald Lamar Durden and the late Deborah Lynn Olsen.

Evan Steely Rineer, of 2305 Donegal Springs Road, Marietta, and Lauren Michelle Sweigart, of 36 S. Mulberry St. Rineer’s parents are Stephen Todd and Nichole Sue Rineer. Sweigart’s parents are Clifford Scott and Beverly Ann Sweigart.

Sean Lucas Campbell, of 327 N. Duke St., and Ashlee A. Psenicka, same address. Campbell’s parents are Francis Christopher and Frances Quinn Campbell. Psenicka’s parents are James Thomas Psenicka and Judith Lynn Deardorff.

Thomas T. Becker, of 1121 Richmond Road, and Becky Chapman Stauffer, of 126 Kathryn Drive, Red Lion. Becker’s parents are Daniel Henry and Rosemary T. Tucker Becker. Stauffer’s parents are Paul Dana and Susan Priscilla Ladue Chapman.

William Wentworth Waldron Jr., of 5271 Yanceyville Road, Louisa, Va, and Veronica R. Sommers, of 1713 St. Phillips Drive. Waldron’s parents are William Wentworth Sr. and Lavonia May Waldron. Sommers’ parents are Eugene and Ruth Ann Sommers.

Joseph Alexander Hojnacki, of 1532 Manor Blvd, and Patricia A. Lehman, same address. Hojnacki’s parents are the late Theadore A. Hojnacki and the late Mary Agnes Hojnacki. Lehman’s parents are the late Joseph R. Snyder and the late Arlene M. Peters.

Craig Michael Fee, of 13553 County Road 100, Big Prairie, Ohio, and Leanne Lebo Adams, of 954 Hedgewyck Lane, Elizabethtown. Fee’s parents are the late Herbert Mitchell Fee and the late Ruby Ethel Fee. Adams’ parents are Earl Benjamin and Marlene Knepper Lebo.

Jonathan Keegan Wentworth, of 517 S. Locust St., Lititz, and Faith Mae Brown, of 3519 Green St., Harrisburg. Wentworth’s parents are John Mark and Nancy Krantz Wentworth. Brown’s mother is Tammy Sue Brown.

Daniel Jacob Ruppert, of 480 New Holland Ave., Apt. 7311, and Marisa Sue Waits, same address. Ruppert’s parents are David S. and Elaine M. Ruppert. Waits’ parents are Vincent C. Waits and Tracey Hauerwas.

Sunghoon Sim, of 1342 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Md., and Daniela Love Grijincu, of 109 Pepperton Court, Lititz. Sim’s parents are Keunsik and Kyeongsuk Kim. Grijncu’s parents are Jeremy and Nadia Grijincu.

Ralph C. Alderfer, of 107C Menno Home Drive, Souderton, and Doris Souder Kolb, of 18 River Bend Park. Alderfer’s parents are the late Isiah Landis Alderfer and the late Louina Clemens Alderfer. Kolb’s parents are the late Irvin G. Kolb and the late Gladys H. Souder.

Neal Josiah Stoltzfus, of 241 Reading Road, East Earl, and Mariah Lynn Ressler, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonathan Jay Stoltzfus and Deborah Jean Strausser. Ressler’s parents are Kevin Lee and Lynette Jane Ressler.

Derian Ray Young, of 330 Cedar Lane, Mount Joy, and Melissa Mae Shives, of 7640 Appleby Road, Harrisburg. Young’s parents are Judith Ann Young and the late Jeffrey Steven Young. Shives’ parents are Randall Mark Sr. and Artista Joanne Shives.

Weston Faith O’Neill, of 739 Pennsy Road, Willow Street, and Rachel Elizabeth Rabe, of 55 Earl Drive, New Providence. O’Neill’s parents are Robert Sean and Margaret Eileen O’Neill. Rabe’s parents are Timothy Leroy and Deanna Lynn Rabe.

Linda Inez Schneider, of 240 Crocker Drive, Bel Air, Md., and Lee Anne Allen, of 236 E. King St. Schneider’s parents are Paul Allen Tyc and the late Judith Ann Tyc. Allen’s parents are James Lee Ogilivie and the late Carol Sue Stineford.

Matthew Joseph Luciani, of 520 Devon Drive, Lititz, and Cathy Ann Kudyba, of 2212 Slater Hill Drive, York. Luciani’s parents are John Luciani and the late Ruth Ann Luciani. Kudbya’s parents are the late Thomas W. Kudbya and the late Georgine B. Kudbya.

Kevin Duane Martin, of 1550 Bowmansville Road, Mohnton, and Amanda Mae Zimmerman, of 705 Narvon Road, Narvon. Martin’s parents are Alvin Timothy and Julia Teresa Martin. Zimmerman’s parents are Richard Lynn and Luann B. Zimmerman.

Jethro Grant Beiler, of 548 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Anya Elizabeth Weaver, of 2150 Main St., Lititz. Beiler’s parents are Jake E. Jr. and Lois M. Beiler. Weaver’s parents are Shannon and Heather Sue Weaver.

J. Michael Roten, of 2457 Split Rail Drive, East Petersburg, and Jennifer M. Schmidt, same address. Roten’s parents are James Richard and Hazel Marie Kauffman Roten. Schmidt’s parents are Michael Henry and Annette Marie Schmidt.

Martin Richard Moore, of 141 Sherfield Court, Elizabethtown, and Kimberly Diane Floyd, same address. Moore’s parents are Charles Martin and Teri Sherman Moore. Floyd’s parents are Dale Eugene and Margaret Ann Floyd.

George J. Vardzik III, of 72 Hawk Lane, Ephrata, and Nichole Kendra Sweigart, same address. Vardzik’s parents are George Joseph Jr. and Floyetta Lourraine Vardzik. Sweigart’s parents are Terry Lynn and Cheryl Lee Stoner.