Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Rogelio Figueroa Jr., of 1134 Howard Ave., and Diana Rosa Valentin, same address. Figueroa’s parents are Rogelio Figueroa and Melitza Santiago. Valentin’s mother is Daisy Valentin.

Ryan Charles Levins, of 11 Sunset Place, and Lisa Renee Loughry, same address. Levins’ parents are James and Margie Levins. Loughry’s parents are Carl and Teresa Martin.

Matthew Tyler Murr, of 22 Lockup Lane, Lititz, and Tinisha Marie Federer, same address. Murr’s parents are Cheryl Murr and the late Timothy Murr. Federer’s parents are Mark and Billie Jo Federer.

Jose R. Rivera Ruiz, of 317 N. Broad St., and Margarita Altruz Rodriguez, same address. Rivera Ruiz’s parents are the late Ramon Rivera and the late Luz M. Rivera. Altruz Rodriguez’s parents are the late Antonio Altruz and the late Maria Rodriguez.

Eric Anthony Torres, of 58 Welsh Drive, Apt. B, and Pamela Marte Pichardo, same address. Torres’ parents are Ramon and Lupersia Torres. Pichardo’s parents are Robinson Marte and Gerasima Pichardo.

Thomas Galen Wanger, of 319 Rivermoor Drive, Marietta, and Freedom Marie Mimnall, same address. Wanger’s parents are Kenneth N. and Julie Wanger. Mimnall’s parents are Charles S. and Karen J. Blymier.

Aaron Glenn Forwood, of 1934 Harrisburg Ave., Apt. D, Mount Joy, and Erica Corinne Heisey, of 2459 Hosler Road, Manheim. Forwood’s parents are David and Angela Forwood. Heisey’s parents are Vernon and Renee Heisey.

Joshua D. Zimmerman, of 224 High St., Elizabethtown, and Kelly Jo Rice, same address. Zimmerman’s parents are Dale and Deb Zimmerman. Rice’s parents are Donald and Tammy Krasley.

Randy C. Kelley, of 151 Canvasback Lane, Elizabethtown, and Roxanne L. Wilson, same address. Kelley’s parents are the late Thomas Kelley and the late Darlene Kelley. Wilson’s parents are Gloria Meadows and the late John Marron.

Tyler Jason Vogel, of 1602 Wiker Ave., Apt. 2, and Holly Marie McClelland, same address. Vogel’s parents are Thomas and Lisa Vogel. McClelland’s parents are Brian and Alyson McClelland.

Matthew Thomas Vance, of 54 Autumn Blaze Way, Ephrata, and Nicole Lynn Fonos, same address. Vance’s parents are Glenn Jr. and Sue Vance. Fonos’s parents are Richard and Linda Fonos.

Brandon Michael Rivera, of 2214 Lake Ave., Baltimore, Md., and Emily Marie Grotzinger, same address. Rivera’s parents are Adalberto Rivera and Valerie Schembs. Grotzinger’s parents are Patricia Grotzinger and the late George Grotzinger.

David M. Gracia, of 6012 Fourth Ave., Apt. 2L, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Melinda Marie Cabrera, of 450 57th St., No. 2, Brooklyn, N.Y. Gracia’s parents are David and Aida Gracia. Cabrera’s parents are the late Antonio Cabrera and the late Vivian Cabrera.

Brian Anthony Sprenkle, of 706 Fairview Ave., and Colleen Elizabeth Shroll, same address. Sprenkle’s parents are Robert and Lisa Sprenkle. Schroll’s parents are Michael and Beth Schroll.

Cody Alan Miller, of 334 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Morgan Brooke Talmadge, same address. Miller’s parents are Kenneth Miller and Ann Long. Talmadge’s parents are Troy Talmadge and Denah Spahr.

Brett William Shoultz, of 639 W. Orange St., and Molly Grace Ammons, same address. Shoultz’s parents are John and Michelle Shoultz. Ammons’ parents are Alphas III and Julia Ammons.

Sean Michael McKnight, of 1034 Merganser Lane, Elizabethtown, and Rachel Corin Mann, same address. McKnight’s parent are Merle and Patricia McKnight. Mann’s parents are Robert Mann and Kristina Bowman.

Gavin Patrick Freeman, of 10641 Blendia Lane, Apt. 5, Manassas, Va., and Riley Christine Troup, of 207 Nissley Lane, Holtwood. Freeman’s parents are Patrick Freeman and Sara Moore. Troup’s parents are Arthur and Lesley Troup.

Shaun M. Fisher, of 1325 Glen Moore Circle, and Lisa Renae Bricker, same address. Fisher’s parents are Harry Fisher and Melinda Zapp. Bricker’s parents are Raymond Settle and Constance Roye.

Matthew Taylor Swanger, of 716 Wallingford Road, Lititz, and Jaclyn Michelle Kain, same address. Swanger’s parents are Thomas and Debra Swanger. Kain’s parents are Gail Kain and the late R. Martin Kain.

Mark W. Weber, of 300 W. Elm St., Suite 32206, Conshohocken, and Kerianne M. Labuski, same address. Weber’s parents are Peter Weber and the late Mary Weber. Labuski’s parents are Ronald and Carol Labuski.

Kenneth Nathan Jackson, of 915 Windsor Road, Red Lion, and Melanie Laura Kramer, of 1198 Central Ave., Columbia. Jackson’s parents are Kenneth Eugine Jackson and Barbara Ann Leiphart. Kramer’s parents are Larry Richard and Ellen Mary Kramer.

Neil R. Casale, of 21 King Pointe, Lititz, and Leslie Renee Peters, same address. Casale’s parents are Neil and Elizabeth Casale. Peters’ parents are Ronald and Karen Niemann.

John Lee Mastriania, of 2432 Baltimore Pike, Oxford, and Eileen Rita Williams, of 212 Dodson Ave., St. Michaels, Md. Mastriania’s parents are Martha Mastriania and the late John Mastriana. Williams’ parents are the late Charles Brooks and the late Lorraine Brooke.

Francisco Cruz, of 346 1/2 N. Queen St., Apt. 1, and Antonietta Rada Cabiting, same address. Cruz’s parents are Francisco Cruz Sr. and the late Juanmargarita Crestpol. Cabiting’s parents are the late Pedro Cabiting and the late Josefina Rada.

Jeb Channing Riker, of 1037 E. King St., Suite 110, and Kaitlyn Marie Dube, same address. Riker’s parents are Douglas and Melissa Riker. Dube’s parents are David and Susanne Dube.

Kevin Hsin-Chang Lin, of 485 Royer Drive, Apt. 312, and Regina Marie Carroll, same address. Lin’s parents are Lawrence and Laurie Lin. Carroll’s parents are William and Rosemarie Carroll.

Roberto Santana Jr., of 521 S. Plum St., and Yvonne Raquel Yurnet, same address. Santana’s parents are Roberto Sr. and Lourdes Santana. Yurnet’s parents are Juan and Raquel Yurnet.

Joshua Lucas Packer, of 28 Acorn Blvd, and Jessica Alexandria High, of 25 Black Horse Road, Paradise. Packer’s parents are Wayne and Doreen Packer. High’s parents are Douglas Jr. and Lisa High.

Daniel Paul Ranck, of 5001 W. Lincoln Highway, Parkesburg, and Sara Grace Kratz, of 1420 Sunset Drive, Pottstown. Ranck’s parents are Paul R. and Twila D. Ranck. Kratz’s parents are Thomas E. Sr. and Claire M. Kratz.

Stephen H. Emery Jr., of 105 Basil St., Marietta, and Ann L. Leed, same address. Emery’s parents are Starline Emery and the late Stephen Emery Sr. Leed’s parents are the late Walter Glassmoyer and the late Bonnie Glassmoyer.

Wade Robert Regnell, of 233 Lancaster Ave., Strasburg, and Amanda Rae Gill, same address. Regnell’s parents are Robert and Melissa Regnell. Gill’s parents are Michael Gill and Jessica Hodnett.

Christopher J. Pauls, of 818 Olde Hickory Road, and Ericca Jenin Fry, of 329 N. Charlotte St., Floor 2, P.O. Box 9084. Pauls’ parents are Gary Pauls and the late A. Louise Pauls. Fry’s parents are Cecilia Fry and the late William Lawrence.

Eric Stephen Rakszawski, of 324 W. Walnut St., and Jasmine Marie Maloney, same address. Rakszawski’s parents are Thomas and Linda Rakszawski. Maloney’s parents are William and Allison Maloney.

Anthony Michael Aquilino, of 3317 Trellis Lane, Abingdon, Md., and Alicia Marie Haynes, same address. Aquilino’s parents are Christopher and Sheila Aquilino. Haynes’ parents are Ray Morgan and Kelley Jean Haynes.

Justin M. Keller, of 50 Truman Drive, Ephrata, and Carly Ann Albright, same address. Keller’s parents are Michael Keller and Wanda Bomberger. Albright’s parents are Christopher and Dana Albright.

David Vincent Readel, of 335 Windgate Court, Millersville, and William F. Penny, same address. Readel’s parents are Donald and Betty Readel. Penny’s parents are William F. Penny Jr. and the late Dorothy Travalini.

\!q BenjaminRyan Kreider, of 2763 Hemlock Drive, Columbia, and Kati Marie Meyer, of 134 S. Colebrook Road, Manheim. Kreider’s parents are Brent Ryan and Kristin Marie Kreider. Meyer’s parents are Kevin Lee and Carrie Marie Meyer.

Justin Lee Trout, of 109 S. Second St., Columbia, and Elena Mitrakova, of 132 W. Market St., Marietta. Trout’s parents are Ray Stewart Trout and Karen Lee Katalinas. Mitrakova’s parents are Aleksey and Rose Cholpanov.

Travis Joseph Marks, of 357 Deerfield Drive, Mount Joy, and Julia R. Bowersox, of 116 Weatherburn Drive, York. Marks’ parents are Timothy and Stephanie Marks. Bowersox’s parents are David and Patricia Bowersox.

Jacob L. Denson, of 55 Riverwalk Place, West New York, N.Y., and Kara L. Zbrzeny, same address. Denson’s parents are Jimmie Denson III and Marla J. Redwine. Zbrezny’s parents are Anthony Zbrezeny and Grace A. Hoefner.

Nicholas Matthew McElheny, of 292 Red Cedar Lane, Marietta, and Alexandra Renee Arment, same address. McElheny’s parents are Alan S. and Stacey A. McElheny. Arment’s parents are Benjamin Sanchez and Angela A. Arment.

Benjamin David Schneider, of 628 N. Lime St., and Caitlin Breanna Mitchell, same address. Schneider’s parents are David Brian and Lynn Ann Schneider. Mitchell’s parents are Rodney A. Mitchell and Michelle L. Zaksek.

Kirk Kenneth Belmont, of 10 Old English Lane, Elizabethtown, and Thokozani Modester Muwera, same address. Belmont’s parents are Kirk E. Jr. and Valerie L. Belmont. Muwera’s parents are Joyce Nyafodya and the late Damiano Muwera.

Bruno Souza Vieria, of 2075 Rayme, and Laura Elizabeth Violet Murrin, of 238 High St., Manchester. Souza Vieria’s parents are Clovis Benicio de Lima Vieria and Itamar Souza Vieria. Murrin’s parents are Anthony John and Joanna Suzanne Murrin.