Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Ari Scott Michael Faithfull, of 2219 Coventry Road, and Jennifer Lynn Harley, same address. Faithfull’s mother is Kathleen Markley. Harley’s parents are Donald Culp and Judith Chapman.

William Conrad Frank, of1119 Central Manor Road, and Victoria Renee Gold, same address. Frank’s parents are William Richard and Kristina Lee Frank. Gold’s parents are David Lee and Jeanne Renee Gold.

Cameron Marques Mayo, of 2622 Falcon St., White City, Ore., and Emily Michele Megill, same address. Mayo’s parents are Derek Mayo and Linda M. Dutton. Megill’s parents are David H. and Michele C. Megill.

Jeremy Grant Hart, of 9 Greenleaf Lane, Elizabethtown, and Ivory Vail Nutter, same address. Hart’s parents are Brian Hart and Amy Hotchkiss. Nutter’s parents are Susannah Vail and the late David Nutter.

\!q MichaelConrad Frederick, of 261 Orchard View Drive, Leola, and Jessie Rae Hiam, same address. Frederick’s parents are James and Debra Frederick. Hiam’s parents are Shawntel Hiam and the late Michael Jablonski.

Julio Orozco-Lopez, of 100 Pheasant Ridge Circle, and Hannita Dashauna Ashley Nichols, same address. Orozco-Lopez’s parents are Julio Orozco and Ada I. Lopez. Nichols’ parents are Carroll Schuler and Laurie C. Nichols.

Richard Joseph Samu Jr., of 219 N. Barbara St., Mount Joy, and Sarah Eileen Scott, same address. Samu’s parents are Bonnie Mabin and the late Richard J. Samu. Scott’s parents are Alan R. and Debra A. Scott.

Kevin Sauder Shirk, of 360 W. Metzler Road, Ephrata, and Lisa Hoover Burkholder, of 1001 Frys Road, Ephrata. Shirk’s parents are Eli and Lucy Shirk. Burkholder’s parents are Samuel and Anna Mary Burkholder.

Andrew Boris Funk, of 580 Letort Road, Washington, Boro, and Matalyn Rae Gibble, of 1596 Gish Road, Manheim. Funk’s parents are Phillip J. and Kathy A. Funk. Gibble’s parents are Randall S. and Kandace J. Gibble.

Daniel J. Cunningham Jr., of 200 Quaking Aspen Lane, Marietta, and Derya Berktas, of 7564 Miray St., Apt. 1. Cunningham’s parents are Patricia Cunningham and the late Daniel J. Cunningham Sr. Berktas’ parents are Ali Seydi Berktas and the late Ulku Berktas.

Gregory Parke Eckman, of 1065 Willow Creek Drive, Mount Joy, and Jessica Rae Cave, same address. Eckman’s parents are Jonathan P. and Trudy L. Eckman. Cave’s parents are John C. and Kimberly R. Cave.

Cody Robert Ritchey, of 2040 Oregon Pike, and Katelyn Emily Miller, of 6524 River Road, Conestoga. Ritchey’s parents are James and Suzanne Ritchey. Miller’s parents are Arthur and Margaret Miller.

Amber Michele Clifford, of 11 W. Sklokom Ave., Christiana, and Lindsey Marie Lowe, same address. Clifford’s parents are Edward and Dania Clifford. Lowe’s parents are Kenneth and Dawn Lowe.

Clair Joseph Aument, of 1 Observation Road, Conestoga, and Heather Christine Moore, of 37 Observation Road, Conestoga. Aument’s parents are Roy and Gretchen Aument. Moore’s parents are Charles Jr. and Gail Moore.

Ryan Michael Hoover, of 148 Brian Drive, Ephrata, and Stefany Elizabeth Sellers, of 814 Mayer Place. Hoover’s parents are Michael Hoover and the late Mabel Hoover. Sellers’ parents are Barry and Lori Sellers.

Lee Allen Eckert Jr., of 304 Witwer Way, Mount Joy, and Rachel Elizabeth Forjan, same address. Eckert’s parents are Lee Sr. and Tammy Eckert. Forjan’s parents are James and Tamra Forjan.

Logan Mitchell Good, of 1433 Brunnerville Road, Lititz, and Gretchen Noel Weidler, of 660 Millport Road, Lititz. Good’s parents are Thomas and Cynthia Good. Weidler’s parents are Herbert and Heidi Weidler.

Grant Lowell Supplee, of 6101 Springwater Place Apt, 1202, Frederick, Md., and Molly Elizabeth Adams, same address. Supplee’s parents are Stephen and Victoria Supplee. Adams’ parents are Chris and Kolby Adams.

Dylan John Gehr, of 513 Spring Hollow Drive, New Holland, and Lauren Nicole Raupp, of 1217 Grants Place, Denver. Gehr’s parents are John Gehr and Tricia Watterson. Raupp’s parents are Frederick and Renee Raupp.

Micah Ryan Newswanger, of 121 Heritage Road, Ephrata, and Lindsey Paige Greer, same address. Newswanger’s parents are Ryan E. and Sharon I. Newswanger. Greer’s parents are Michael S. Greer and Tammy L. David.

Nathan David King, of 1060 Compass Road, Honey Brook, and Sarah Ann Moyer, of 1973 Mine Road, Paradise. King’s parents are Andrew and Anna Ruth King. Moyer’s parents are Daniel and Irene Moyer.

Corey Shaw MacGuinness, of 71 New Valley Road, Cononwingo, Md., and Jacklyn Darling Schmalhofer, of 896 Letort Road, Washington Boro. MacGuinness’ parents are Thomas and Judy MacGuinness. Schmalhofer’s parents are Andrew and Jennifer Schmalhofer.

Aaron R. Kreider, of 734 Sharon Drive, Mount Joy, and Allison Lorraine Shehan, same address. Kreider’s parents are Dale and Cheryl Kreider. Shehan’s parents are Gerald and Lise Shehan.

Brandon Eric Good, of 597 Cold Springs Road, Elizabethtown, and Rosalyn Gwen Weaver, of 154 W. Farmersville Road, Leola. Good’s parents are Ferril and Velma Good. Weaver’s parents are Sherwin and Sheila Weaver.

John David Ryan, of 765 Orris Bridge Road, Mechanicsburg, and Sandra L. Harris, of 165 Weidler Lane, Lititz. Ryan’s parents are the late Robert Ryan and the late Maryann Ryan. Harris’ parents are the late Samuel Reed and the late Miriam Reed.

Julian Andres Lopez Lopez, of 53 S. Wolf St., Manheim, and Logan R. Newcomer, same address. Lopez Lopez’s parents are Jairo Alberto Lopez Castro and Diana Patricia Lopez Perez. Newcomer’s parents are David Warren Newcomer and Patricia Marie Dunlap.

Tyler Thomas Aukamp, of 968A Susquehannock Drive, Holtwood, and Julia Irene Stone, same address. Aukamp’s parents are Arlin and Lynn Aukamp. Stone’s parents are Julio Perez and Valerie Trimble.

Matthew Ray Weir, of 32 Covington Court, Mount Joy, and Sadie Marie Thomas, same address. Weir’s parents are Ray Weir and Christine Pugh. Thomas’ parents are Brent and Anne Smeltzer.