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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Zachariah Lee Cisney, of 224 Lancaster Ave., Quarryville, and Nicole K. Murphy, same address. Cisney’s parents are Lee Cisney and Debra Plum. Murphy’s parents are Robert and Debra Murphy.

Anthony Lee Wallender, of 6 Laurel Ridge Road, Lititz, and Jessica Marie Fuehrer, same address. Wallender’s parents are Corey Wallender and Kristen Bean. Fuehrer’s parents are Jeffrey and Patricia Fuehrer.

Ryan James Cruz-Whittle, of 1009 Skyview Drive, York, and Megan Elizabeth Blashford, same address. Cruz-Whittle’s parents are Larry Whittle and Jasmine Bartlett. Blashford’s parents are Clifford and Mary Blashford.

William Mitchell Litten, of 435 N. State St., Ephrata, and Denise H. Orrison, of 122 S. Spruce St., Lititz. Litten’s parents are William T. Litten and Phyllis Hauck. Orrison’s parents are Edward and Mildred Orrison.

Corey Edward Benninger, of 418 Chelsea Drive, and Nguyen Khoi Le, same address. Benninger’s parents are Carl E. and Celeste L. Benninger. Le’s parents are Hong and Loan Le.

Mark Timothy Tuscan, of 475 Wabash Road, Ephrata, and Tiffany Frances Kohler, same address. Tuscan’s parents are Richard P. Tuscan and Yane Young. Kohler’s parents are Robert C. and Shirley A. Rowe.

Austin Lee Weik, of 2020 Main St., Apt. 1, Lititz, and Savannah Danielle Shaub, of 114 Howard Ave., Lititz. Weik’s parents are Thenda Weik and the late Lester Weik. Shaub’s parents are Daniel and Pamela Shaub.

Brandon Tyler Russell, of 86 Colonial Crest Drive, and Jennifer Nicole Martin, same address. Russell’s parents are Robert Anthony and Charice Russell. Martin’s parents are Cynthia Anne Maguire Martin and the late Stephen Edward Martin.

Devon Richard Miller, of 240 Riverview Drive, Ephrata, and Brittany Ann Pitzer, of 800 Benjamin Court, Bel Air, Md. Miller’s parents are Joseph Miller and Eleanor Dennett. Pitzer’s parents are Kenneth and Lisa Pitzer.

David Joel Gerrie, of 7646 Colbrone St., Ontario, and Rose Eileen Yoder, of 99 S. Groffdale Road, Leola. Gerrie’s parents are Paul and Lucinda Gerrie. Yoder’s parents are David and Sara Yoder.

David Lon Denlinger, of 111 Strasburg Pike, and Klarinda Arleigh Stoltzfus, of 1849 Swan Road, Atglen. Denlinger’s parents are Deryl and Joan Denlinger. Stoltzfus’ parents are John and Zonya Stoltzfus.

Joseph Richard Jonas Jr., of 1002 Piermont St., Philadelphia, and Jordan Anne Crills, of 201 N. 11th St., Akron. Jonas’ parents are Joseph Richard and Sharon Marie Jonas. Crills’ parents are Harvey Lynn and Sandra Anne Crills.

Dustin Paul Horst, of 23 Reifsnyder Road, Lititz, and Nicole Elizabeth George, of 114 Keener Road, Lititz. Horst’s parents are Charles and Karen Horst. George’s parents are Charles and Lori George.

John Michael Bolen, of 1366 Clearview Drive, Denver, and Brownyn A.Cannon, of 46 Speck Road, Mohnton. Bolen’s parents are the late Patrick Bolen and the late Beatrice Bolen. Cannon’s parents are the late Wilbur Marsh and the late Alice Marsh.

Dwight Lee Nolt, of 161 Millway Road, Ephrata, and Emily Lynne Rupp, same address. Nolt’s parents are Aaron and Verna Nolt. Rupp’s parents are Harry Rupp and Susan Peterson.

Troy Darren Diffenderfer, of 436 N. Prince St., Millersville, and Lydia Adele Ritter, same address. Diffenderfer’s parents are Frank Herman and Staci Lou Diffenderfer. Ritter’s parents are Martin Harris and Carol Adele Ritter.

Danica Shabri Wright, of 121 S. Barbara St., Mount Joy, and Jessica Marie Jacoby, same address. Wright’s parents are Daniel Wright and Filomena Tucker. Jacoby’s parents are William and Ernestine Jacoby.

Michael Stephen Zipp III, of 668 E. Market St., Marietta, and Cassandra Jane Zimmerman, same address. Zipp’s parents are Michael Zipp Jr. and Holly Zipp-Engel. Zimmerman’s parents are Carol Stetter and the late David Zimmerman.

Andrew D. Mease, of 419 Red Hill Road, Pequea, and Jaime Lynn Dommel, same address. Mease’s parents are David and Linda Mease. Dommel’s parents are Bonnie Dommel and the late John Dommel.

Forrest Taylor Evans, of 426 E. Lexington Road, Lititz, and Cheyne Kate Thomas, same address. Evans’ parents are Brian Evans and Joanna Handley-Evans. Thomas’ parents are Richard Thomas and KellyHawryluk.

David James Gibson, of 15 Linden Ave., Christiana, and Wendy Anne Burns, of 9499 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. Gibson’s parents are the late Charles Gibson and the late Marie Gibson. Burns’ parents are the late Richard Burns and the late Linda Burns.

David Lee Mowbray, of 151 Stone House Lane, Columbia, and Dawn L. Sweigart, same address. Mowbray’s parents are Floyd and Elizabeth Mowbray. Sweigart’s parents are Ruth Sweigart and the late Frank Sweigart.

Ethan Sergey Weaver, of 311 Prospect St., New Holland, and Nesta Petit-Ton, of 341 Farmview Drive, East Earl. Weaver’s parents are Dennis and Karen Weaver. Petit-Ton’s parents are Martine Petit-Ton and the late Dor Jean-Baptiste.

Joseph Rosa Carrero, of 717 High St., and Mariluz Solares Padilla, same address. Carrero’s parents are the late Santiago Rosa and the late Angelina Carrero. Solares Padilla’s parents are Antonio Solares and Marilyn Padilla.

Jose J. Johnson, of 209 Pine Bridge Lane, and Julieta L. Hess, same address. Johnson’s parents are Aniceta Flores Johnson and the late Frederick Earl Johnson Jr. Hess’ parents are Gheorghe and Ionica Potirniche.

James R. Mullen, of 2261 Robert Fulton Highway, Reinholds, and Heather L. Bradway,of 355 Warwick Road, Elverson. Mullen’s parents are Elaine T. Mullen and the late James H. Mullen Jr. Bradway’s parents are Mary Jo Clarkson and the late Howard Bradway.

George M. Tunstall, of 40 Penn Valley Village, Lititz, and Tracy K. Armentrout, same address. Tunstall’s parents are the late Frederick Tunstall and the late Eileen Tunstall. Armentrout’s parents are the late George Ober and the late Bettie Ober.

Travis D. Miller, of 64 Glen Oaks, and Uly Jessica Narciso Candido, same address. Miller’s parents are Stanley and Charlotte Miller. Candido’s parents are Clecio and Mirian Candido.

Alexander Robert Kelso, of 3457 82nd St., Jackson Heights, N.Y., and Zoe Elizabeth Smolen, same address. Kelso’s parents are Wesley R. and Kathleen A. Kelso. Smolen’s parents are Curtis J. Smolen and Pamela K. Carroll.

Samuel Alexander Faris, of 530 Stenning Drive, Hockessin, Del., and Katelyn Marie Hotaling, same address. Faris’ parents are Christine A. Faris and the late George T. Faris. Hotaling’s parents are William D. and Kathryn S. Hotaling.

Hercules Short Jr., of 36 Schweitz Road, Fleetwood, and Amanda Louise Mountz, same address. Short’s parents are Hercules Short and Betty Jean Harris. Mountz’s parents are Charles Eugene and Jane Louise Mountz.

Doug Eugene Noll, of 559 Aberdeen Road, Elizabethtown, and Jeffrey L. Swailes, same address. Noll’s parents are Dorothy May Noll and the late James Donald Noll. Swailes’ parents are Harold Lee and Connie Lou Bechtel.