Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Logan Jackson Theobald, of 21 Rosewood Drive, and Dawt Za Thluai, of 29 Village Drive. Theobald’s parents are Peter J. and Teresa M. Theobald. Thluai’s parents are Duh Cung and Biak Hnem.

Benjamin Michael Smith, of 104 Maple St., Ephrata, and Brittany Lynn Parrish, same address. Theobald’s parents are Shawn L. and Heather A. Smith. Parrish’s parents are Stefanie A. Morgan and the late Harry E. Parrish.

Dudley B. Mull, of 350 W. Signal Hill Road, King of Prussia, and Kathleen Ramsey, same address. Mull’s parents are the late Gene Marshall Mull and the late Doris A. Mull. Ramsey’s parents are the late Salvator Anthony Colletti and the late Kathleen Colletti.

Nicholas Pierre Garcia, of 2262 Coventry Road, and Jasmine Keishon Schupp, same address. Garcia’s parents are Luis Garcia Jr. and Kimberly Naomi Roman. Schupp’s parents are Frank Cherry and Sarah Ann Schupp.

James Kavanagh Cummings, of 603 Fruitville Pike, Manheim, and Madison Mae Parmer, of 1304 Fieldstone Drive, Mount Joy. Cummings’ parents are Kevin P. Cummings and Christine M. Felger. Parmer’s parents are Michael S. and Kelly L. Parmer.

Jonathan Trinidad-Autry, of 963 Green Terrace, and Sherri Kay Rodriguez, same address. Trinidad-Autry’s parents are Jose O. Trinidad and Alicia M. Mobley. Rodriguez’s parents are Jeffery A. Rietschey and Cynthia K. Hess.

Elvy Apolinar Reyes Ramirez, of 203 Greenland Drive, and Hiranis Marih Velazquez Rivera, same address. Reyes Ramirez’s parents are Teofilo A. Reyes and Audelina M. Ramirez. Velazquez Rivera’s parents are Hiram Velazquez and Brenda L. Rivera.

Eric Reuben Bouder, of 710 N. Pine St., and Heather M. Bowman, same address. Bouder’s parents are Linda Lea Bouder and the late Reuben Elsworth Bouder. Bowman’s parents are Jeffery Keith and Charlotte Rae Bowman..

Kyle Jerome Kiralfy, of 3535 Bell Road, Nashville, Tenn., and Mary Elizabeth Stoner, same address. Kiralfy’s parents are Robert E. and Leanne Kiralfy. Stoner’s parents are Jack M. and Elizabeth A. Stoner.

Phillip Aaron Michael, of 616 W. Marion St., and Amy Eileen Cawley, same address. Michael’s parents are Phillip Shannon and Pamela Sue Michael. Cawley’s parents parents are Daniel Ellsworth and Susan Carol Cawley.

Lud Wiglentz Phildor, of 328 N. Franklin St., and Navia Mairi Flowers, same address. Phildor’s parents are Louides Phildor and Julie Francime. Flowers’ parents are William L. and Damali A. Flowers.

Robert K. Ernst, of 1703 Buttercup Road, and Cynthia L. Snyder, same address. Ernst’s parents are the late Kenneth Ernst and the late Gloria Ernst. Snyder’s parents are Lee Schweich and the late Maureen Schweich.

Francisco Villaman de Leon, of 538 Green St., and Ramona Payano Miranda, same address. Villaman de Leon’s parents are Francisco Villaman and Carmen Pala de Leon. Payano Miranda’s parents are the late Luis Raymond Payano and the late Lucinda Miranda.

Adam Thomas Stroup, of 21040 Wilmot Road, Belleville, Mich., and Alyssa Summer Myers, same address. Stroup’s parents are Roger and Karen Stroup. Myers’ parents are Anthony and Christy Myers.

Thomas James Stewart Sr., of 302 E. Main St., New Holland, and Victoria L. Griffy, same address. Stewart’s parents are the late James Hoggard and the late Margaret A. Stewart. Griffy’s parents are the late George R. Griffy and the late Pearl E. Griffy.

Brian Louis Manuel Jr., of 1353 Horning Road, Denver, and Allison Rachael Nagler, same address. Manuel’s parents are Brian Sr. and Joanne Manuel. Nagler’s parents are David and Sandra Nagler.

Shadyn Zacharias Kehler, of 3767 Main St., Conestoga, and \!q Nicki Marie Wertz, of 6589 River Road, Conestoga. Kehler’s parents are Charlene M. Lauver and the late Chad E. Lauver. Wertz’s parents are Floyd R. and Debra A. Wertz.

Ty Anthony Bergsman, of 83 Morning Glory Lane, Manheim, and Nicole Anne Heffernan, same address. Bergsman’s parents are Lori A. Bergsman and the late Ty E. Bergsman. Heffernan’s parents are Frank J. and Maureen Heffernan.

Joseph Fisher Beiler, of 44 S. Soudersburg Road, Ronks, and Yvonne Joanne Hartshaw, same address. Beiler’s parents are Christian S. and Anna G. Beiler. Hartshaw’s parents are Eric H. and Sherri L. Hartshaw.

Chase Remington Karmilowicz, of 136 Marion Terrace, Ephrata, and Isabela Leon Gomez, of 10 Autumn Blaze Way, Ephrata. Karmilowicz’s parents are Mark G. Karmilowicz and Lori A. Schreiber. Leon Gomez’s parents are Willson M. Leon and Monica Hemperly.

Edward Leonard Wilson, of 915 N. Sixth St., Denver, and Cheyenne L. Dragon, same address. Wilson’s parents are William J. and Jane Kathryn Wilson. Dragon’s parents are William J. Dragon and Tracy L. Cruz.

Robert Charles Coldren II, of 114 Green St., and Sharice Janika Gbur, same address. Coldren’s parents are Robert Charles Coldren Sr. and the late Debra L. Coldren. Gbur’s parents are John D. and Mary J. Gbur.

Soeum By, of 740 Stevens Ave., and Yanna Ton, same address. By’s parents are the late Ooeun By and the late Sum Kan. Ton’s parents are Sang Ton and Noy Rongue.

Ardany Speulveda Reina, of 845 Fifth St., and Maria Liliam Higuita Sierra, of 439 Myer Terrace, Leola. Sepulveda Reina’s parents are Maria Osiexy Reina and the late Jose Leonel Sepulveda. Higuita Sierra’s parents are Heriberto Higuita and Maria Margela Sierra.

Thomas Mark Pallan, of 817 Eden Road, and Barbara Anne Burnett, of 209 Ironstone Ridge Road. Pallan’s parents are Delores Pallan and the late Frank Pallan. Burnett’s parents are John Sterback and Claire Sterback.

James Randolph Hirst, of 192 Schoolhouse Road, New Providence, and \!q SuzanneD. Weaver, of 143 Hershey Ave. Hirst’s parents are Randolph Hirst and Lynne Trout. Weaver’s father is Jerry Dunning.

Kyle Matthew Horning, of 275 N. Peartown Road, Reinholds, and Courtney Nicole Weaver, of 12 Village Drive, Lititz, Horning’s parents are Glen M. and Elaine H. Horning.Weaver’s parents are Dwain C. and Beth A. Weaver.

Charles Asher Johnson, of 234 W. Market St., Marietta, and Jordyn A. McCrady, of 107 W. Market St., Marietta. Johnson’s parents areJames C. and Jaclyn L. Johnson. McCrady’s parents are Gary L. and Joni R. McCrady.

Kevin Glick, of 80 Eastbrook Road, Ronks, and Jiyeon Jeong, same address. McCrady’s parents areJanet C. Glick and the late Benjamin K. Glick. Jeong’s parents are Cheseong Jeong and Yeoneh Keong.

Adam Robert Bannon, of 369 Pilottown Road, Peach Bottom, and Ashley Lynn Schaal, of 104 Peach Bottom Road, Peach Bottom. Bannon’s parents are Brian Patrick Bannon and Tammy Sue Weaver. Schaal’s parents are John Patrick and Linda Sue Schaal.

Evan James Shubrooks, of 278 Cedar Hollow, Manheim, and Jenna Marie Aument, same address. Shubrooks’ parents are James W. and Deborah K. Shubrooks. Aument’s parents are Jeffrey S. and Karen L. Fishburn.

John Peter Wadel, of 1894A Prospect Road, Washington Boro, and Erin Rachelle Willms, same address. Wadel’s parents are Paul E. and Donna L. Wadel. Willms’ parents are Norman B. and Patricia A. Willms.

Matthew Sean Larrabee, of 28 Springside Drive, Quarryville, and Cynthia L. Myers, same address. Larrabee’s parents are Steve LarrabeeJr. and Carla Hastings. Myers’ parents are Jeffrey and Jennifer Myers.

Kevin Hugh McLaughlin, of 5 W. Heath St., Baltimore, Md., and Megan Louise Thomas, same address. McLaughlin’s parents are James V. and Patricia E. McLaughlin. Thomas’ parents are Robin E. and Kathryn H. Thomas.

Alvin N. Zimmerman, of 254 Amishtown Road, New Holland, and Elsie H. Kilmer, of 481 S. Farmersville Road, Ephrata. Zimmerman’s parents are David M. Zimmerman and the late Minnie W. Zimmerman. Kilmer’s parents are Ezra Z. Kilmer and the late Ella N. Kilmer.

Robert L. Beiler, of 5 Westpointe Drive, Ephrata, and Leah Ann Stillman, of 1322 Susquehannock Drive, East Earl. Beiler’s parents are Leroy Beiler and Virginia Beiler-Welk. Stillman’s parents are Roger and Karen Stillman.

Matthew Dale Disipio, of 944 Homeland Drive, and Regina Marie Blescia, same address. Disipiro’s parents are Lawrence Disipio and the late Barbara A. Disipio. Blescia’s parents are Robert P. and Lorraine A. Blescia.

Varazdat Arzumanyan, of 93 Hawk Lane, Ephrata, and Marianna Gariki Mkrtumyan, same address. Arzumanyan’s parents are Mikrtich Arzumanyan and Arevik Khachatryan. Mkrtumyan’s parents are Garik Mkrtumyan and Albina Sahkyan.

Keith Scott Iehle, of 472 Meadowlark Lane, Manheim, and Michelle T. Bollinger, of 864 Orchard Road, Manheim. Iehle’s parents are Joanne Iehle and the late George Iehle. Bollinger’s parents are Harold and Wnedy Merkey.

Mark A. Sehenuk, of 303 E. High St., Elizabethtown, and Erin Jo Sites, of 739 Water St., Mount Joy. Sehenuk’s parents are Michael Joseph Sehenuk and Mary Elizabeth Morton. Sites’ parents are Woodrow Henry and Doris Ann Sites.

Jonathan Munoz Baez, of 116 S. Fourth St., Columbia, and Glendaliz Caez Rodriguez, same address. Munoz Baez’s parents are Ramon Munoz and Yolanda Baez. Caez Rodriguez’s parents are Jose Caez and Maria Rodriguez.

Jeremy Richard Rehm, of 17 Wilson Ave., Leola, and Lacole A. Lambert, same address. Rehm’s parents are Gary S. and Sandra L. Rehm. Lambert’s parents are Lyle D. and Michelle L. Lambert.

Robert Anthony Howe, of 2109 Old Philadelphia Pike, and Sabrina Lynn King, same address. Howe’s parents are Melissa Howe and the late Robert Howe. King’s parents are John and Sarah King.

Kevin Scott Bowers, of 235 Elm St., Reading, and Deborah L. Downey, of 706 Belfair Drive, Leesport. Bowers’ parents are James Bowers and Sallie Fay. Downey’s parents are Alvin Stoltzfus and the late Judith Stoltzfus.

Joseph Anthony Laland, of 420 N. Mulberry St., and Suzanne Sibala Harris, same address. Laland’s parents are Anthony J. and Jeanne M. Laland. Harris’ parents are Chris A. Harris and Teresita S. Spoo.

Jose Gabriel Gonzalez Montosa, of 731 S. Franklin St., and Jessica Marie Perez-Gonzalez, same address. Gonzalez Montosa’s parents are Radames Gonzalez and Carmen Montosa. Perez-Gonzalez’s parents are Felix Perez and Hilda Gonzalez.

Grant Mitchell Baum, of 2291 Edenville Road, Chambersburg, and Emily Brooke Kampen, same address. Baum’s parents are Wendell and Renee Baum. Kampen’s parents are Martin and Kimberly Kampen.

John Michael Patounas, of 3194 Thistle Drive, and Trang Thu Dang, same address. Patounas’ parents are NIcholas J. and Katherine J. Patounas. Dang’s parents are Doan K. Dang and Huyen T. Nguyen.

Benjamin Groff Perry, of 7094 Entrance Road, Fort Campbell, Ky., and Sarah Anne Blevins, of 171 S. Lime St., Quarryville. Perry’s parents are Dennis Edward Parry and Erin Dawn Ehrhart. Blevins’ parents are Jeffery Lane and Lorena Teresa Blevins.

William S. Wagner, of 1110 Cloverton Drive, Columbia, and Catherine M. Harsh, same address. Wagner’s parents are James Lawrence and Linda Carol Wagner. Harsh’s parents are William Perry Sakellaropoulous and Joyce Constantine Faggart.

Stephen M. Wood, of 447 N. Market St., and Carolyn Elizabeth Raines, same address. Wood’s parents are David Francis and Sandra Elaine Wood. Raines’ parents are Richard James Raines and Linda Ann Forry.

Joshua Chamberlain Mellinger, of 144 Precision Ave., Strasburg, and Erika Lynn Smoker, of 504A North Plum St. Mellinger’s parents are Todd Mellinger and Mindi Flook. Smoker’s parents are Jarelle and Amee Smoker.

Timothy J. Shepherd, of 126 Hampden Drive, Mountville, and Mackenzie L. Cote, same address. Shepherd’s parents are Ralph D. and Patricia Shepherd. Cote’s parents are Mark S. and Harriet A. Cote.

Micah Earl Martin, of 361 St. Aver Road, Reinholds, and Julia Dawn Brubaker, of 1239 Oakland Road, Mifflintown. Martin’s parents are Delvin Earl and Bonita Kay Martin. Brubaker’s parents are Conrad Lynn and Dawn Lucille Brubaker.

Robert James Flory III, of 6380 High St., East Petersburg, and Jessica Joann Stallion, same address. Flory’s parents are Robert Flory Jr. and Tanya Bretz. Stallion’s parents are James Stallion and Deborah Yoder.

Daniel C. Harshbarger, of 20 Donegal St., Washington Boro, and Hannah Marie Anderson, same address. Harshbergar’s parents are Mark and Paula I. Harshbarger. Anderson’s parents are Theresa M. Anderson and the late James R. Anderson.

Mahlon E. Miller, of 9103 Golf Course Road, NW, Sugarcreek, Ohio, and Jolyn Kay Garman, of 610 Rutts Road, Elizabethtown. Miller’s parents are Ezra and Edna Miller. Garman’s parents are Isaac and Sandra Garman.