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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Andrew Donovan Schaeffer, of 208 W. Walnut St., and Gwen Aaren Kauffman, same address. Schaeffer’s parents are Timothy L. and Jean O. Schaeffer. Kauffman’s parents are Peter D. Kauffman and Christina L. Bookhardt.

Javier Arenas Garcia, of 1259 Fremont St., and Karina Pacheco, same address. Arenas Garcia’s parents are Jose Ramon Arenas Laracuente and Irene Garcia Torres. Pacheco’s parents are Ramon Luis Pacheco and Nancy Vazque.

Samuel Robert Troy, of 210 E. Lemon St., and Sarah Elizabeth Connors, same address. Troy’s parents are Albert Bell and Roberta Lee Troy. Connors’ parents are Robert Emmett and Rita Connors.

Matthew A. Martin, of 257 Cypress St., Bainbridge, and Jessica Lyn Leed, same address. Martin’s parents are Richard Alan Martin and Kathleen Marie Burns. Leed’s parents are Kenneth Edwin and Lynne Lyn Leed

Antonio M. Vargas Cuevas, of 804 Kingsway Drive, and Elogidina Mercedes Genao, same address. Vargas Cuevas’ parents are Antonio Vargas Marmol and Julia L. Cuevas Ruiz. Genao’s parents are Juan F. Genao and Doris Y. Genao Ortiz.

Andre John Hoover, of 186W. Metzler Road, Ephrata, and Shirene Rose Zimmerman, of 375 East Black Creek Road, East Earl. Hoover’s parents are John Ray and Glenda Jean Hoover. Zimmerman’s parents are Eli and Ellen Zimmerman.

David E. Jones, of 545 Bald Eagle Court, and Christine N. Lorson, same address. Jones’ parents are Emlyn Howard Jones and Mary Schoen. Lorson’s parents are Ronald Lamont Keiser and Sherry Ann Popiolek.

Brian Patrick Gerrity, of 231 Burroughs Terrace, Union, and Jennifer Caitlin Schwartz, same address. Gerrity’s parents are Patrick and Barbara Jean Gerrity. Schwartz’s parents are James Clifford and Janice Marie Schwartz.

Andrew Lamar Parks, of 223 Grubbs Corner Road, Peach Bottom, and Abigail Grace Metzler, of 1841 Cherry Hill Road, Peach Bottom. Parks’ parents are Kenneth Wade and Rhoda Michelle Parks. Metzler’s parents are James Lester and Nancy Kay Metzler.

David Graham Izard, of 17 Shybrook Court, Elizabethtown, and Geriann Marie Mackarevich, same address. Izard’s parents are Graham Izard and Delores Izard. Mackarevich’s parents are Walter Stanleyand Jeanne Marie Mackarevich.

Angel Samuel Pagan, of 45 N. Market St., Apt. 311, and Samantha Jade Pribila, same address. Pagan’s parents are Angel David and Nancy Esther Pagan. Pribila’s parents are Jon Jerome Pribila and Rachel Erin Buch.

Zachary David Nading, of 4210 28th Ave., Astoria, Ill., and Elizabeth A. Gavila, same address. Nading’s parents are David Lee Nading and Sharon Higgins. Gavila’s parents are Richard Francis and Carolyn Anne Gavila.

Shane Thomas Johnson, of 81 Fulton St., Akron, and Kelsi Sage Getz, same address. Johnson’s parents are Heath Thomas Johnson and Kimberly Gay. Getz’s parents are Jeremy Scott and Michele Lynn Getz.

Kerilee Shuey, of 312 N. State St., Ephrata, and Chelsea Anne Cypress, same address. Shuey’s parents are Kerry Lee Shuey and Ellen Louise Reigel. Cypress’ parents are John Leslie and Sharon Marie Cypress.

Brian Weitzel, of 81 Chateaux Circle, Wrightsville, and Marsha J. Kline, same address. Weitzel’s parents are Roy E. and Janet Marie Weitzel. Kline’s parents are Marshall and Mary Jane Kline.

Tou Daniel Vang, of 5448 Hazen Ave., Kansas City, Mo., and Faith Nkauj Ntsa Lo, of 56 Catalpa Circle, Denver. Vang’s parents are Xia and Yer Vang. Lo’s parents are Soua and Cee Lo.

Benjamin John Underwood, of 260 Rapho St., Manheim, and Madelyn Claire Hinkle, of 1328 Fieldstone Drive, Mount Joy. Underwood’s parents are Craig William and Karen Ann Underwood. Hinkle’s parents are John Forry and Sarah Elizabeth Hinkle.

Eddy Contreras Alcantara, of 461 St. Joseph St., and Adalix Rodriguez, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Cristobal Cartagena Rodriguez and Maria de los Angeles Valentin Andino.

Anatasi Mavrides, of 37 Hector Lane, Novato, Calif., and Brenda Turpin Andrews, same address. Mavrides’ parents are Michael Mavrides and Irene Dianastasis. Andrews’ parents are Roy William and Alice Mae Turpin.

Fabiola Susana Soto-Rodriguez, of 1972 William Penn Way, and Mariluz Portales Marrero, same address. Soto-Rodriguez’s parents are Cipriano Soto Vidana and Maria Elena Rodriguez-Flores. Portales Marrero’s parents are Sergio Portales and Maria Marrero-Cruz.

Leon Paul Wengerd, of 3859 Homer Road, Russellville, Ky., and Kaylynn Sara Huber, of 1476 Union Grove Road, East Earl. Wengerd’s parents are David N. and Martha Marie Wengerd. Huber’s parents are Henry N. and Marian Huber.

Jesse Brady Hudock, of 642 W. Walnut St., Apt. 2, and Susan Renee Fisher, same address. Hudock’s parents are Joseph Michael and Mary Jane Hudock. Fisher’s parents are James Ira and Timna Romayne Fisher.

Austin Michael Sweigart, of 216 Wecaf Road, New Holland, and Taylor Nicole Tuck, same address. Sweigart’s parents are Michael Scott and Deborah Jean Sweigart. Tuck’s parents are Steven Keith Tuck and Rebecca Sue Newswanger.

Jeremy Todd Shirk, of 384 Stauffer Road, New Holland, and Katie Ann Ringler, of 8 Brook Circle, Ephrata. Shirk’s parents are Wesley Jevon and Jacqueline Lee Shirk. Ringler’s parents are Duane Alan and Diane Kay Ringler.

Robert B. Reese, of 81 Petersburg Road, and Amanda Marie Harsh, same address. Reese’s parents ae Kenneth E. and Patricia A. Reese. Harsh’s parents are Clyde H. and Dolora E. Harsh.

Theodore Jay Wheeler, of 188 Gregg Circle, Ephrata, and Whitney L. Strubel, same address. Wheeler’s parents are Robert Harold Wheeler and Karen Marie Esser. Strubel’s mother is Lois Naomi Strubel.

Joshua Allen Butt, of 1341 Reading Road, Denver, and Ashley Marie Moore, same address. Butt’s parents are Ronald and Linda Butt. Moore’s parents are Dennis and Andrea Lucille Moore.

Jeffrey Thomas Lewis, of 2341 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Pauline Helm, same address. Lewis’ parents are Donald Bruce Lewis and Barbara Ann Wagner. Helm’s parents are Robert Lee Stoutzenberger and Patricia Ann Jacobs.

Joshua Charles Mayer, of 17 Foxshire Drive, and Margaret Catherine Patton, of 148 E. Orange St. Mayer’s parents are Keith Edward and Susan Ann Mayer. Patton’s parents are Gary Lee and Susan Eileen Patton.

Zachary Robert Risser, of 535 Frederick St., and Abigail Marie Hummel, same address. Risser’s parents are Robert T. Risser and Lisa K. Winters. Hummel’s parents are Ronald E. and Karen L. Hummel.

Shawn M. Shuffelbuttom, of 325 Cinder Road, New Providence, and Jessica Lee Harvey, same address.

Weston Kyle Newswanger, of 250 Projector Drive, Denver, and Deborah Janel Boll, of 1329 Schaeffer Road, Newsmanstown.

William Barbon Linares, of 30 Waverly Ave., No. 1, and Osdanis Torres Hasty, same address. Barbon Linares’parents are William Barbon Iznaga and Lazara Linares Cordovi. Torres Hasty’s parents are Luis Torres Torres and Yvonne Hasty Montout.