Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Shane Eugene Welsh, of 328 Fairmount Terrace, Mountville, and Bianca Marie Ricci, same address. Welsh’s parents are Larry William Welsh and Peggy Sue Overmiller. Ricci’s parents are Daniel Anthony Ricci and Carolyn Ann Finegan.

Michele E. Garcia, of 204 Banyan Circle Drive, and Yesenia Martinez-Ayala, same address. Garcia’s parents are Monserrate Garcia and Kathryn Adair. Martinez-Ayala’s parents are Manuel Martinez and Evelyn Ayala.

Darren Nicholas Oerman, of 2105 Copenhaffer Road, Dover, and Sabrina Lynn Herrmann, of 2023 Furnace Road, Felton. Oerman’s parents are Brock Allen Oerman and Melinda Dawn Wagaman. Herrmann’s parents are Frederick Lee Herrmann and Sonja Jean Cox.

Jeiffrey Rafael Castro Nunez, of 401 Eden Road, Apt. V3, and Rosalba Pena Rodriguez, same address. Pena Rodriguez’s mother is Rosa A. Pena Martinez.

Jeremiah Raymond Middleton, of 710 N. Lime St., and Devan Gabrielle Barker, same address. Middleton’s parents are Shane Edward and Renee Jane Middleton. Barker’s parents are Jeffrey Douglas and Kristin Louise Barker.

Angel L. Morales, of 901 Clark St., and Valeria Rivera, same address. Morales’ mother is Bethzaid Morales. Rivera’s mother is Leyda Herrera.

Brian Less Hess, of 31 Oxford Village, and Blair Alexis Wolfe, same address. Hess’ parents are Brian Lee and Linda Hess. Wolfe’s parents are Martin John Wolfe and Tammy Ann Mills.

Noah Lucas Althoff, of 348 S. Seventh St., Akron, and Alianna Danielle Ovalle, of 2113 Main St., Lititz. Althoff’s parents are Ron and Kris Althoff. Ovalle’s parents are Leslie and Christine Ovalle.

Jamie Richard Santiago, of 1578 Manor Blvd, and Kariely Marie Ortiz, same address. Santiago’s parents are Jamie Richard and Johanna Enid Santiago. Ortiz’s parents are Luis Antonio Ortiz and Mariely Gonzalez.

Michael A. Johnston, of 307 Parkwood Drive, and Alonia Mercel Fry, same address. Johnston’s parents are Christopher Lee and Patricia Johnston. Fry’s parents are Nathan Jay and Angela Marie Fry.

Cody James Bunce, of 1033 Allison Circle, Drumore, and Sarah Jean Trout, same address. Bunce’s parents are William Eugene Bunce and Lisa Lynn Toenniges. Trout’s parents are Michael Herbert and Jeanie Marie Trout.

Kyle T. Graybeal, of 675 Wyncroft Lane, 6, and Elizabeth Grace Hastings, same address. Graybeal’s parents are Terry Thane Graybeal and Crystal Marie Courcy. Hastings’ parents are Tad Christian Hastings and Robin Lynn Foster.

Johnny Eli Nosal, of 2500 N. Reading Road, Denver, and Kerri Ann Seifrit, same address. Nosal’s mother is Lorraine Bryant. Seifrit’s parents are Matthew W. and Jo Seifrit.

Joseph Benjamin Harrell, of Anne Place, Eastburn Acres, Wilimington, Del., and Kathleen Sue Lapp, of 457 S. Plum St. Harrell’s parents are Joseph and Brenda Harrell. Lapp’s parents are Abner S. and Rebecca Sadie Lapp.

Kate Elizabeth Lutte, of 20 Edie Drive, Denver, and Molly Rebecca Sohn McDonel, same address. Lutte’s parents are John David and Tammy Jean Lutte. Sohn McDonel’s parents are Ronald Wayne and Jennifer Ellen McDonel.

Kevin Karseem Barney, of 236 W. King St., Apt. 3, and Rachel Long Bennett, same address. Barney’s parents are Samuel Faye and Earline Suzy Barney. Bennett’s parents are Ronvee Long and Rachel Bennett.

Ryan Kincade Carnes, of 28 E. New St., and Elizabeth Ann Anzalone, same address. Carnes’ parents are Allen Dean and Deborah Joyce Carnes. Anzalone’s parents are Peter Louis and Ann Marie Anzalone.

Michael O’Hara, of of 228 S. Homestead Drive, Landisville, and Amy G. Tedder, of 1208 Cutler Circle. O’Hara’s parents are Craig Allen Schnelli and Nancy Ashworth. Tedder’s parents are Larry Wayne Tedder and Tia Walker.

Nathan Adam Kershner, of 148 Nicole St., Marietta, and Danielle Kathryn Daum, same address. Kershner’s parents are Timothy William Kershner and Sherri Renee Geib. Daum’s parents are Michael Thomas and Kathryn Ann Palmeri.

Lloyd Jason Riehl, of 241 Mascot Road, Ronks, and Valerie Chantal Stoltzfus, of 545 E. Chestnut St. Riehl’s mother is Mary Jane Riehl. Stoltzfus’ parents are Emanuel J. and Marcy Jo Stoltzfus.

Abner Fisher Stoltzfus, of 202 Soapstone Lane, Peach Bottom, and Lydia K. Fisher, of 91 Pinnacle Road W., Holtwood. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel Zook and Mary F. Stoltzfus. Fisher’s parents are Eli Stoltzfoos and Mary Fisher.

Jared Michael Spoo, of 102 S. Charlotte St., Apt. 3, Manheim, and Miranda Nicole Gibble, same address. Spoo’s parents are George Alfred Spoo and Kelly Jo Price. Gibble’s parents are Randall Scott Gibble and Patricia Ann Curtier.

Darel Alfredo Rivera-Ortiz, of 734 Stevens Ave., and Mary Ortiz-Garcia, same address. Rivera-Ortiz’s parents are Alfredo Rivera-Rivera and Santa Oriolys Ortiz-Torres. Ortiz-Garcia’s parents are Angel Ortiz-Ortiz and Rosa Nery Garcia-Serrano.

Dominic Fenicchia, of 580 N. State St., Apt. 3, Ephrata, and Ashley Nicole McGinnis, of 317 Laurel Oak Lane. Fenicchia’s parents are Daniel and Christina Fenicchia. McGinnis’ parents are David Jay and Myrna Sue McGinnis.

David Daniel Ramos Serrano, of 22 Garden Court, Apt. 5, and Naara Arlene Calo Lanzo, same address. Ramos Serrano’s parents are Daniel Ramos and Lubian Serrano Lopez. Calo Lanzo’s parents are Edwin Calo Garcia and Milagros Lanzo Cesareo.

Craig Paul Valarik, of 20 Hardy Court, and Betty Louise Diller, same address. Valarik’s father is Craig Paul. Diller’s parents are Lester Grube and Lena Elizabeth Diller.

Andrew Patrick Waltz, of 408 Lake St., Ephrata, and Diane Michelle Santiago, same address. Waltz’s parents are William E. and Suzanne Waltz. Santiago’s parents are Robert Murphy and Florence Patterson.

Adam David Planamento, of 434 Groffdale Road, Quarryville, and Vanessa Marie Robins, same address. Planamento’s parents are David Gabriel and Patricia Planamento. Robins’ parents are Paul Walter and Dawn Gale Robins.

John F. Stoltzfus, of 210 Black Barren Road, Peach Bottom, and Mary F. King, of 75 Creamery Road, Pequea. Stoltzfus’ parents are John F. and Barbara S. Stoltzfus. King’s parents are John J. and Emma Ruth King.

Anthony M. Eisenberg, of 701 Royal View Drive, and Cassandra A. Smithson, same address. Eisenberg’s parents are Donald Lee and Judy Ann Eisenberg. Smithson’s parents are Robert William Smithson and Julie Ann Houssener.

Alexander Antonio Hilario, of 204 S. Rockford Road, Mountville, and Kirssy Maria Torres, same address. Hilario’s parents are Eliseo Antonio Hilario and Ana Maria Abreu. Torres’ parents are Antonio Torres and Asuncion Sanchez.

Ryan Richard Faust, of 6 Stackstown Road, Marietta, and Tricia Marie Zimmerman, same address. Faust’s parents are David Michael Darrah and Melissa Lee Scaramuzzino. Zimmerman’s parents are Timothy and Teresa Marie Zimmerman.

Shawn Michael Ross, of 101 Susan Ave., Willow Street, and Kathryn L. Snyder, same address. Ross’ mother is Twila Jean Ross. Snyder’s parents are Scott Richard and Robin Marie Snyder.

Christopher Jordan Fairbanks, of 2205 State St., East Petersburg, and Natasha A. Cruz, same address. Fairbanks’ parents are Arthur Brewer Fairbanks and Lori Lynn Hunt. Cruz’s parents are Randall Joseph Fields and Naomi Hernandez-Fields.

Travis Dillon Sheets, of 2179B Beaver Valley Pike, New Providence, and Haley Olivia Dosch, same address. Sheets’ parents are Kenneth Charles and Deanna Lee Sheets. Dosch’s parents are Shawn Frederick and Robin Lynn Dosch.

Tommy Ly, of 26 Brethren Church Road, Leola, and Jennifer Tu Dam, of 209 Fallowfield Drive, Leola. Ly’s parents are Jimmy Lee and Ky Ly. Dam’s parents are Sieu A. Chau and Telly Dam.

Chad Edward Kelley, of 504 Moreland Court South, Willow Street, and Brittany Lynn Spisak, same address. Kelley’s parents are Edward Burd and Gail Eilene Kelley. Spisak’s parents are Terrence Malcomb Spisak and Suzanne Cooper.

Dennis Michael Harnish, of 205 Stanton Road, Quarryville, and Jennifer Lynn Bear, same address. Harnish’s parents are Dennis Martin and Marianne H. Harnish. Bear’s parents are Douglas Kregg Koller and Beverly Ann McGlaughlin.

Lekross Oswaldo Ortiz, of340 Beaver St., and Katherine Lynn Rudacille, same address. Ortiz’s parents are Oswaldo Ortiz and Eleanor Lopez. Rudacille’s parents are James Q. and Greta F. Rudacille.

Daniel R. Cless, of 207 Providence Place, Mountville, and Amber O’Hara Eastburn, same address. Cless’ parents are Richard and Sharon Cless. Eastburn’s mother is Lisa Marie Tearney.

Matthew Craig Martella, of 104 Pennwick Drive, Lititz, and Jena Lynn Bortz, same address. Martella’s parents are Juan Gonzalez and Cathy Beagle. Bortz’s parents are James Lawrence Bortz and Diane McPeek.

Julian Blair Eklund, of 3734 Concordia Road, Columbia, and Olivia Gwendolyn Miller, same address. Eklund’s parents are Timothy and Karin Samantha Eklund. Miller’s parents are Craig William and Karena Gwendolyn Miller.

Dominic B. Jaen, of 40 Krueger Drive, Reinholds, and Jennifer Ashley Connolly, same address. Jaen’s parents are Chris and Colleen Jaen. Connolly’s parents are Frank and Margaret Connolly.

Joshua Paul Zearfoss, of 1176 Iron Bridge Road, Columbia, and Whitney Alise Blouch, same address. Zearfoss’ parents are David Chester and Wendy Florence Zearfoss. Blouch’s parents are Allen Blouch and Brenda Glasford.

Edward Omar Colon, of 401 Walnut St., Columbia, and Tina M. Johnson-Stoy, of 139 S. Fourth St., Columbia. Colon’s parents are Harold Colon and Yanda Bones. Johnson-Stoy’s parents are Bennie Reed Johnson and Rhonda Jean Stoy.

Rebecca Louise Hay, of 449 Indian Rock Court, Elizabethtown, and Amber Ann Sheaffer, same address. Hay’s parents are David Allen and Jodie Jean Hay. Sheaffer’s parents are Mark and Deborah Sheaffer.

Luis C. Arroyo, of 680 Columbia Ave., No. 2, and Tammy Lou Shappard, same address. Arroyo’s parents are Luis Carlos Arroyo and Maria Milagro Gonzalez. Shappard’s mother is Catherine Dolores Grabowski.

Jason Jeffrey Horton, of 11 Oak Lane, Willow Street, and Samantha Lynne Rutter, same address. Horton’s parents are JB Horton and Pam Kirchgessner. Rutter’s parents are Michael and Darlena Schlegelmilch.

Zachary Thomas Berra, of 214 Yoder Road, Bainbridge, and Morgan Lee Weaver, of 740 W. Newport Road, Lititz. Berra’s parents are Daniel Benjamin and Shannon Eileen Berra. Weaver’s parents are Brian Lee Wagner and Karen Louise Wagner.

David K. Lapp, of 322 W. Newport Road, Lititz, and Katie Fisher King, of 690 Hartman Station Road. Lapp’s parents are Amos King and Barbie King Lapp. King’s parents are Aaron Z. and Barbara E. King.

Carlos Alexander Navas Cortez, of 100 Brown St., Delran, N.J., and Judith Migdalia Sanchez, of 2626 Lincoln Highway East, Ronks. Sanchez’s parents are Gustavo A. Sanchez and Jecenia Bonilla.

Durelle Eric Leaman, of 640 Hamilton St., and Andrea Lee Geiser, of 616 High St. Leaman’s parents are Ray Kenneth and Carol Evelyn Leaman. Geiser’s parents are Alfred Lee and Gladys Helen Dyck Geiser.

Jeremy Stewart Hayes, of 19 N. Mary St., and Bridget Paige O’Brien, same address. Hayes’ parents are Dave and Ruetta Hayes. O’Brien’s parents are Thomas Glenn and Jan Moyer O’Brien.

Matthew Louis Bushong, of 514 Howard Ave., and Ashley E. Goss, same address. Bushong’s parents are Matthew Lee and Irma Bushong. Goss’ parents are Robert Kenneth and Marcia Lynn Goss.

Thomas Matthew Stoltzfus, of 246 Little Beaver Road, Strasburg, and Mary Beth Stoltzfus, of 1853 Agape Court, East Earl. Thomas Stoltzfus’ parents are Christian P. and Verna S. Stoltzfus. Mary Beth Stoltzfus’ parents are Jay David and Naomi S. Stoltzfus.

Melvin Lee Lapp, of 134 Short Lane, Lykens, and Marian L. Fisher, of 77 Esbenshade Road, Ronks. Lapp’s parents are Leon F. and Susie Ann Lapp. Fisher’s parents are Joseph K. and Rachel S. Fisher.

Raymond K. Lantz, of 952 Strasburg Road, Kinzers, and Elizabeth King Stoltzfus, of 5556 Limeville Road, Gap. Lantz’s parents are Benjamin and Anna Lantz. Stoltzfus’ parents are Daniel Fisher and Salome Lapp Stoltzfus.