Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Nikolas James Demordaunt, of 2123 Rodney Drive, Los Angeles, Calif., and Julia Caroline Thayne, same address. Demordaunt’s parents are David J. and Chin U. Demardaunt. Thayne’s parents are Lewis E. and Dorothy G. Thayne.

Eric Christopher Dees, of 47 Springville Road, Mount Joy, and Brenda Evelyn Trusch, same address. Dees’ parents are Jeff and Jolin T. Dees. Trusch’s parents are David Trusch and Evelyn A. Alzheimer.

Alexander Glenn Whitt, of 1416 Nissley Road, Landisville, and Madeline Renee Dionne, of 3723 Little Mack Drive, Landisville. Whitt’s parents are Paul Glen and Christine Elizabeth Whitt. Dionne’s parents are Andrew David and Julie Renee Dionne.

Michael Dominic Angelo Jr., of 2638 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Jennifer Lynn Boyd, same address. Angelo’s parents are Michael D. Sr. and Jean M. Angelo. Boyd’s parents are Robert W. and Kathleen Boyd.

Peter J. Kolmer, of 251 Main St., Landisville, and Abigail Lynn Basom, same address. Kolmer’s parents are Walter J. and Dorothy Kolmer. Basom’s parents are Todd C. and Shelley H. Basom.

Jebediah Ezekiel Musser, of 437 Church St., and Karly Jean Kosek, same address. Musser’s parents are Robert R. Musser and Vicki L. Kensinger. Kosek’s parents are Joseph H. and Kathleen Kosek.

Leon L. Hoover, of 1635 Diamond Station Road, Ephrata, and Mary Jane S. Nolt, of 130 Glenbrook Road, Leola. Hoover’s parents are John Groff and Anna Burkholder Hoover. Nolt’s parents are Melvin Zimmerman and Eva Zeizet Nolt.

Nicholas S. Lucash, of 331 North George St., Millersville, and Sarah Diane Conklin, same address. Lucash’s parents are George and Christina Lucash. Conklin’s parents are Terry Goss and Robin Jost.

Zachary A. Horst, of 1672 Mine Road, Paradise, and Sarah Elizabeth Rettew, of 1223 Newport Road, Manheim. Horst’s parents are Timothy and Tamara Horst. Rettew’s parents are Jeffrey Rettew and Stacey Mongiovi.

Michael Thomas Pesesky, of 332 Windgate Court, Millersville, and Stephanie M. Jones, same address. Peseky’s parents are Thomas Peseky and the late Roxanne Peseky. Jones’ parents are Stephen and Eileen Jones.

Nathaniel Richard Heagy, of 103 New Street, Millersville, and Jennifer Renee Fay, same address. Heagy’s parents are E. Darin Heagy and the late Carlene Heagy. Fay’s parents are Theodore and Brenda Fay.

Bronson Jay Harnish, of 1032 Welsh Road, Apt. 1, Honey Brook, and Amanda Lynne McKee, same address. Harnish’s parents are Robin Harnish and the late Vicki Harnish. McKee’s parents are Bonnie-Jean McKee and the late William McKee.

Austin Lee Crosbie, of 8059 Somerset St., Apt. 1, Hummelstown, and Jordyn Taylor Sagner, same address. Crosbie’s parents are Ronald and Cheryl Crosbie. Sagner’s parents are Kelly Sagner and Christine Whiteman.

Darien Lee Ebersole, of 3690 Horizon Drive, and Holly Marie Neely, same address. Ebersole’s parents are Jeffrey and Jessie Ebersole. Neely’s parents are Larry Neely and Tammy Raudenbush.

Mark W. Weber, of 300 W. Elm St., Suite 2206, Conshohocken, and Kerianne M. Labuski, same address. Weber’s parents are Peter Weber and the late Mary Weber. Labuski’s parents are Ronald and Carol Labuski.

Raymond S. Sikorski, of 1054 Ladderback Drive, and Sarah D. Hayden, same address. Sikorski’s parents are Raymond Sikorski and the late Barbara Hauser. Hayden’s parents Michael and Janet Duffy.

Sean A. Leonard, of 504 First Montgomery Blvd, Thorndale, and Heather Lynn Perry, same address. Leonard’s parents are James and Katherine Leonard. Perry’s parents are Paul and Elizabeth Perry.

Jason V. Jones, of 7 Village Square, Willow Street, and Damaris DeJesus, same address. Jones’ parents are Richard Vincent and Judy Mae Jones. DeJesus’ parents are Carlos Manuel and Mercedes DeJesus.

Kyle Miller Anderson, of 3455 Street Road, Bensalem, and Stephanie Amor Stoner, of 305 E. Bainbridge St., Elizabethtown. Anderson’s parents are Paul Keith and Keli Yvonne Anderson. Stoner’s parents are Barry Dean and Pamela Catherine Stoner.

Raymond Smucker Beiler, of 5681 Umbletown Road, Gap, and Susan Nichole Lapp, of 70 Boots Hollow Road, Newport. Beiler’s parents are Emanuel and Miriam Beiler. Lapp’s parents are Samuel and Linda Lapp.

Joseph Howard Witmer, of 19 Pleasure Road, and Sabrina Ellen Hawke, same address. Witmer’s parents are Howard and Iona Witmer. Hawke’s parents are Kevin and Maryelle Hawke.

Daniel Frederick Clark, of 5857 Vaughn Road, East Petersburg, and Lianne Marie Bobal, same address. Clark’s parents are Janet L. Clark and the late Wilbur H. Clark. Bobal’s parents are David G. and Sherry Ann Bobal.

Nicholas C. Hollinger, of 326 Don Drive, New Holland, and Briana Leah Waugh, same address. Hollinger’s parents are Douglas W. and Susan M. Hollinger. Waugh’s parents are Keith Allen Waugh and Kim Annett Reichert.

Kyle Sterling Sorensen, of 4542 Senny Court, New Tripoli, and Katlyn Marie Diffenderfer, same address. Sorensen’s parents are Leroy and Louise Sorensen. Diffenderfer’s parents are Michael and Paula Diffenderfer.

Tyrel Brant Martin, of 114 Ciera Drive, Lititz, and Jiana Lenee Smucker, of 126 Frogtown Road, East Earl. Martin’s parents are Wilmer and Rosene Martin. Smucker’s parents are Crist and Leona Smucker.

Robert J. Donovan, of 1310 Country Club Drive, and Thomasine M. Miles, same address. Donovan’s parents are the late Cyril Donovan and the late Elaine Donovan. Miles’ parents are the late Joseph Sahd and the late Rosemarie Sahd.

Matthew P. Sellers, of 350 Caraway Drive, Mountville, and Christine M. McGlory, same address. Sellers’ parents are Ellen Sellers and the late Gray Sellers. McGlory’s parents are the late Dominic Cammarano and the late Dolores Cammarano.

Meredith L. Bock, of 133 N. Shippen St., and Charlene Rachel Stoernell, same address. Bock’s parents are Charles Henry and Patti Ann Bock. Stoernell’s parents are Brad Jonas and Christine Kneffelcamp.

Joshua Adam Swarr, of 330 Pearl St., and Yerlina Milagros Tito Huamani, same address. Swarr’s parents are David and Laurene Swarr. Tito Huamani’s parents are Sergio Tito and Antonia Huamani.

Edward L. Clawges, of 670

Almanac Ave., and Sonia M. Maldonado Martinez, same address. Clawges’ parents are Melissa Clawges and the late Edwin Colon. Maldonado Martinez’s parents are Edwin Maldonado and Maria Martinez.

Conner James Kruis, of 121 Savo Ave., and Hillary Lauren Graham, of 70 Green Acre Road, Lititz. Kruis’ parents are James and Dawn Kruis. Graham’s parents are John Jr. and Kathleen Graham.

Gilbert Waso, of 134 E. Lemon St., and Andria Nicole Wolfe, of 275 Perisimmon Lane, Elizabethtown. Waso’s mother is the late Mukukwa Kitu. Wolfe’s parents are Kenneth and Debora Wolfe.

Michael Alan Cole, of 9420 Middleford Road, Seaford, Del., and Danielle Marie Henry, same address. Cole’s parents are Alan and Cindy Cole. Henry’s parents are Paul III and Gia Henry.

John Michael Moore, of 410 Indiantown Road, Ephrata, and Brooke Anna Bias, of 215 Boulder Hill Road, Mohnton. Moore’s parents are Harry Moore and the late Terri Moore. Bias’ parents are Paul and Michelle Bias.

Daniel Haydn Collins, of 637 Regent Drive, and Kirsti Lynn Bachman, same address. Collins’ parents are Mark A. Collins and the late Deborah J. Collins. Bachman’s parents are James H. and Theresa E. Bachman.

Brent Allen Martin, of 143 Church Road, Lititz, and Nicole Danielle Saylor, of 110 Middle Creek Road, Lititz. Martin’s parents are Roger Lamar and Lisa Kay Martin. Saylor’s parents are Jay Dennis and Michelle Renne Saylor.

Timothy Steven Miller, of 48 Bookfield Road, Lititz, and Olivia Lee Fagan, same address. Miller’s parents are Randy S. and Barbara D. Miller. Fagan’s parents are Alfred H. Fagan and Laura Lee Keller.

Tyler James Sensenig, of 2267 Old Philadelphia Pike, and Danielle Paige Rodriguez, same address. Sensenig’s parents are Erwin Sensenig III and the late Ann Mari Fay Sensenig. Rodriguez’s parents are Angelo Rodriguez and Kimberly Kaye Herschberger.

Andrew Michael Kilmer, of 7 W. Farmersville Road, Ephrata, and Rosena Kay Martin, of 115 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata. Kilmer’s parents are Michael Roy and Karen Rosene Kilmer. Martin’s parents are Silvanus Lynn and Kay Marie Martin.

Kale Brandt Landis, of 50 Fairview Road, Lititz, and Lauren Hope Zimmerman, of 3806 Laurel Drive, Columbia. Landis’ parents are John R. and Bonita D. Landis. Zimmerman’s parents are Charles A. and Janelle A. Zimmerman.

Andrew T. Enterline, of 480 New Holland Ave., and Jill Lorraine Moore, same address. Enterline’s parents are John Scott and Michelle R. Enterline. Moore’s parents are William C. and Diana L. Moore.

Danny R. Jones Jr., of 6246 Main St., Honey Brook, and Miranda Lynn Donnell, same address. Jones’ parents are Danny R. Sr. and Sherri L. Jones. Donnell’s parents are Robert L. and Sharon L. Donnell.

Evan Mattew Sadler, of 96 Ashley Drive, Marietta, and Reanna Christine Keener, of 526 W. Market St., Marietta. Sadler’s parents are David Matthew and Cindy Lynn Sadler. Keener’s parents are Duane Lee and Deborah Jane Keener.

Brock Anthony Neiderer, of 29 Sky Blue Court, Germantown, Md., and Kayla Lynn Yingling, same address. Neiderer’s parents are Anthony P. and Patricia A. Neiderer. Yingling’s parents are Francis R. and Cheryl L. Yingling.

Benjamin Raymong Dagen, of 618 Prospect St., and Julia Rose Yoder, of 153 Scarborough Lane, Millersville. Dagen’s parents are Donald Raymond and Regina Renee Dagen. Yoder’s parents are Jay Mark and Stephany Jo Yoder.

Shane Allen Pagel, of 904 Indian Marker Road, Millersville, and Jessica Lynn Lindeman, same address. Pagel’s parents are Rene’e E. Pagel and the late Richard C. Pagel. Lindeman’s parents are Carl G. and Kelly L. Lindeman.

Drew Michael Bollinger, of 69 Maple Farms Road, Ephrata, and Angelica Kara Horst, of 13 Landis Valley Road, Lititz. Bollinger’s parents are Glen M. and Sharon E. Bollinger. Horst’s parents are Harlan J. and Janelle M. Horst.

David Charles Mott, of 906 W. Main St., Mount Joy, and Jessica L. Axe, same address. Mott’s parents are Howard Laverne and Joan Marie Mott. Axe’s parents are Gary L. and Tracy L. Axe.

David William Retallack, of 92 Refton Road, New Providence, and Devereaux Taylor Lam, same address. Retallack’s parents are Keith E. and Carolyn M. Retallack. Lam’s parents are Steve E. and Valeria L. Lam.

Horace A. Lowery, of 1864 Wilderness Road, and Brenda A. Caldwell-Lattisaw, same address. Lowery’s parents are the late Fred Lowery and the late Blanche Lowery. Caldwell-Lattisaw’s parents are the late Gilbert Caldwell and the late Annie Caldwell.

Zachary Brian Eichelberger, of 245 Mountain Road, Denver, and Megan Elizabeth Keens, same address. Eichelberger’s parents are Brian D. and Dawn M. Eichelberger. Keens’ parents are Leroy S. and Deborah E. Keens.

Matthew James Beres, of 515 Howard Ave., and Katelyn Elizabeth Miller, same address. Beres’ parents are Richard J. Beres and the late Dora L. Beres. Miller’s parents are Timothy A. and Michele L. Miller.

Waylon A. Crigger, of 211 Lindbergh Drive, Palmyra, and Sarah Joy Graham, same address. Crigger’s parents are Lydia M. Edmiston and the late Willy A. Crigger Jr. Graham’s parents are William L. Jr. and Becky E. Graham.

Justin Michael Vega Sr., of 1890 Water St., Washington Boro, and Rosanna Davido, same address. Vega’s parents are Luis Vega and Mary A. Hurst. Davido’s parents are Josephine N. Davido and the late Tedor Davido.

Ross John McDonald, of 188 Peach Bottom Road, Willow Street, and Andrea Daun Barr, same address. McDonald’s parents are David and Effie McDonald. Barr’s parents are Brian L. and Mary L. Barr.

Travis M. Bard, of 102 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Jennifer L. Sanders, of 1948 Colebrook Road, Manheim. Bard’s parents are M. Michael Bard and PJ Whiskyman. Sanders’ parents are Duane Paul and Kathleen Susan Sanders.

Jeff Gordon Saleone, of 755 Summit Drive, and Carlee Jae Easton, same address. Saleone’s parents are John J. and Heather A. Saleone. Easton’s parents are Carlo E. Easton and Tammy D. Hills.

Dalton David Adams, of 215 W. Cherry St., Palmyra, and Ashley Nicole Sullivan, same address. Adams’ parents are David G. and Lori L. Adams. Sullivan’s parents are Charles L. Taylor and the late Emily Michelle Sullivan.

Andrew James Carney, of 104 North Yale Ave., and Sarah C. Wanner, same address. Carney’s parents are John F. Jr. and Susan M. Carney. Wanner’s parents are Steve A. and Laurie M. Wanner.

David Bryce White, of 1 S. Brown St., Elizabethtown, and Amanda Sue Auker, same address. White’s parents are Thomas J. White and Patricia A. Baird. Auker’s parents are Melvin E. and Martha A. Auker.

Vyacheslav Vladimirovi Mashkov, of 206 Spruce St., Denver, and Angelina Yuryevna Ukstina, of 709 Caramist Circle, Reading. Mashkov’s parents are Vladimir Mashkov and the late Olga Mashkova. Ukstina’s parents are Yuriy and Yelena Ukstina.