Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Jeremy Paul Brown, of 410 Stony Battery Road, Landisville, and Tennille L. Bradley, same address. Brown’s parents are Stephen Michael and Denise Edith Brown. Bradley’s parents are Troy Jay Summers and Terri Sue Casta.

Kevin Ray Martin, of 405 Reidenbach Road, New Holland, and Roslyn Horst Nolt, of 1617 Turkey Hill Road, East Earl. Martin’s parents are Louis and Rachel Martin. Nolt’s parents are James and Susan Nolt.

Thomas Jacob Lefever, of 113 Blue Rock Road, Millersville, and Stephanie Denise Luthy, same address. Lefever’s parents are Jacob F. and Jane L. Lefever. Luthy’s parents are Thomas E. Elmire and Patricia A. Coomes.

Dharmesh Bhalala, of 39 Granite Run Drive, East Earl, and Syuzanna Enrikovna Hegedus, of 14 Nathan Drive. Bhalala’s parents are Popat and Urmila P. Bhalala. Hegedus’ parents are Enrik G. and Karina Nikolayevna Sayadov.

Joshua Ryan Williams, of 921 Lititz Ave., and Maria Ann Mastromatteo, same address. Williams’ parents are Ricky and Audrey Dianne Williams. Mastromatteo’s parents are Dean Eli and Jill Ilene Mastromatteo.

Jared Michael Esbenshade, of 117 Spring Ave., and Leighann Nicole Stoltzfus, same address. Esbenshade’s parents are Dean Alan and Tracey Lynn Esbenshade. Stoltzfus’ parents are Eric Arthur and Karen Lynne Menning.

Jordan Gabriel Groff, of 471 Manor St., Apt. 1, and Monaco Gabrielle Herrick, same address. Groff’s parents are Gary Eugene and Lisa Layman Groff. Herrick’s parents are Randy Dale and Amy Rose Herrick.

Devin Catharine Shingle, of 1412 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, and Kristina Buylova, same address. Shingle’s parents are Lewis Robert and Ann Elizabeth Shingle. Buylova’s parents are Eduard and Oxana Buylova.

David Rodriguez, of 639 First St., and Alizabeth Adrianne Wenrich, of 118 E. New St., Apt. 3. Rodriguez’s parents are David and Heather Renae Rodriguez. Wenrich’s parents are Gale Alan and Jodie Lee Wenrich.

Christopher Phommasing Symonkhonh, of 3639 Mount Joy Road, Mount Joy, and Mikala Dawn Clark, same address. Symonkhonh’s parents are Lommalak and Somphong Symonkhonh. Clark’s parents are Jason Scott and Cynthia Dawn Clark.

Edward John Myers, of 413 River Road, Pequea, and Kaylea Marie Rogers, same address. Myers’ parents are Alfred Lee Myers and Cindy Darlene Wiedeman. Rogers’ parents are Mark Willam and Wanda Marie Rogers.

Joshua David Seely, of 180 Springs House Road, Northumberland, and Allison Renae Sherer, of 4 Christy Court, Elizabethtown. Seely’s parents are Stephen Allen and Pamela Irene Seely. Sherer’s parents are Joseph Noll and Mary Lou Sherer.

Matthew Millhouse, of 2105 New Danville Pike, and Alice Ann Gull, same address.

Thomas Henry Kloiber, of 26 Oriole Drive, Ephrata, and Kendal Ann Gapinski, same address. Kloiber’s parents are Henry and Alice Kloiber. Gapinski’s parents are John Joseph and Heather Marie Gapinski.

Paul Frederick Reese, of 141 Howard Ave., and Trisha Dora Williams, of 231 N. Shippen St., No. 425. Reese’s parents are Paul Frederick and Cheryl Ann Cooke Reese. Williams’ parents are David Allen and Sharon Gail Williams.

Vernon Wilkerson, of 2717 Columbia Ave., Apt. A, and Dolores Dabu Wilkerson, same address. Vernon Wilkerson’s parents are Vernon Wilkerson and Gloria Bookard. Dolores Wilkerson’s parents are Nicolas Dabu and Florencia Guevarra Hernandez.

Justin M. Yohn, of 1725 Lincoln Highway East, and Sue Crockett, same address. Yohn’s mother is Diane Dombach.

Tyler Alden Jones, of 68 Cranfield Court, Elizabethtown, and Danielle Deziree Scheib, same address. Jones’ parents are Charles McKinley and Mandi Beth Jones. Scheib’s parents are Tom Harold and Cynthia Ann Hammons.

Andrew Troutman, of 254 Beech St., Denver, and Amanda Potts, of 13 N. Reamstown Road, Reamstown. Troutman’s parents are Douglas and Beth Troutman. Potts’ parents are Lori Jane Zimmerman and the late David William Potts.

Gaige Thomas Campbell, of 324 Owl Bridge Road, Apt. 1, Millersville, and Lori Jean Sellers, same address. Campbell’s parents are Thomas Alan and Lisa Jo Campbell. Sellers’ parents are Steven James Sellers and Jacqueline Susanne Spenser.

Jay Webster Rutter, of 486 Bucknoll Road, Manheim, and Laura Ann Lehman, of 142 N. Hanover St., Elizabethtown. Rutter’s parents are Martin Jay and Sharla Mae Rutter. Lehman’s parents are Harry John and Linda Lou Lehman.

Brandon Addison Markle, of 12 Ocel Drive, Hanover, and Lydia Ruth Gipe, of 99 North Perry St., Elizabethtown. Markle’s parents are Kenneth Ray and Terri Lynn Markle. Gipe’s parents are Roger Lee Gipe and Lori Kay Vannoy.

Patrick Thomas Hughes, of 246 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata, and Christine Allison Tietsworth, same address. Hughes’ parents are Richard and Anne Hughes. Tietsworth’s parents are Edwin and Jane Tietsworth.

Mark Gerald Tripoli, of 4039 Parkside Court, Mount Joy, and Samantha Kay Korczykowski, of 52 Mountain Spring Road, Blandon. Tripoli’s parents are Gerald Joseph Tripoli and Donna Lynn Mita. Korczykowski’s parents are Keith Joseph Korczykowski and Teresa Ann Martzall.

Zachery Michael Sheppard, of 692 Georgetown Road, Ronks, and Dancyn Starr Martin, same address. Sheppard’s parents are Michael Allen and Cathleen Marie Sheppard. Martin’s parents are Tommy Lee Chambers and Susan Kay Slaugh.

Julio Cesar Almeda, of 323 Caroline Court, Landisville, and Yeilimar Negron, same address. Almeda’s parents are Artemio Almeda and Annie Rivera. Negron’s parents are Wilfred Negron and Cynthia M. Rosado.

Jared Richard Kulp, of 600 Pond Vista Lane, Apt. E, Manheim, and Tecia Marie Smith, same address. Kulp’s parents are Nelson and Nancy Kulp. Smith’s parents are Donald Lee Smith and Beth Ann Weatherholtz.

Paul David Tadlock, of 2194 Weeping Willow Lane, Mount Joy, and Heather Rae Jean Bachman, Tadlock’s parents are Kyle Jerome Tadlock and Linaka Leigh Groller. Bachman’s parents are Ralph Donat Legay and Katherine Lee Moreno.

Michael James Marino, of 752 Dorsea Road, and Katlyn Marie Rush, same address. Marino’s parents are James Michael and Kathleen Ann Marino. Rush’s parents are Gary Dean and Krista Marie Rush.

Vicente Hernandez Rodriguez, of 434 Rockhouse Run, Lititz, and Dania Rebeca Figueroa-Pacheco, same address. Hernandez Rodriguez’s parents are Vicente Hernandez Gonzalez and Maritza Rodriguez Morales. Figueroa-Pacheco’s parents are Carmelo Figueroa Rios and Sylvia Iris Pacheco Vega.

Alec Drew Michalechen, of 995 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Jessica Chloe Shirk, same address. Michalechen’s parents are Jonathan Charles and Lisa Mary Glover. Shirk’s parents are John Lance Shirk and Luanne Bartens.

Christopher Luis Negron, of 520 Lafayette St., 1, and Elizabeth Dayari Naranjo, same address. Negron’s parents are Luis Antonio Negron and Barbara Ann Hulburt. Naranjo’s parents are Lazaro M. Naranjo and Dayari Ortiz.

Ryan Eichelberger, of 122 Browning Road, and Maria Celeste Garbanzo Cascante, same address. Eichelberger’s parents are John Raymond and Susan Elaine Eichelberger. Garbanzo Cascante’s parents are Rafael Angel Garbanzo Gamboa and Maria Cascante Mora.

Jovon Alfred Watts, of 668 S. Cedar St., Lititz, and Talisa Marie Ramos, same address. Watts’ mother is Carmen Lorraine Ali. Ramos’ parents are Jaime Eduardo and Maribel Ramos.

Phillip N. Freeman, of 723 College Ave., Apt. 1, and Jennifer E. Bocian, same address. Freeman’s parents are Mark E. and Lauren S. Freeman. Bocian’s parents are John Michael and Deborah K. Bocian.

Sean Hermanns, of 923 Eagle Lane, Wrightsville, and Amy Wright, of 102 S. President Ave.

Lenny Campos, of 199-14

32nd Ave., Flushing, N.Y., and Erica Janelle Glick, of 438 Spring Grove Road, East Earl. Campos’ parents are Andres Campos and Maria Castillo. Glick’s parents are Paul and MaryJane Glick.

Abdi E. Raghe, of 1727 New Holland Pike, and Mwiza Gorethe, same address. Raghe’s parents are Elmi Raghe Halane and Hawa Abdi. Gorethe’s parents are Gatako Tito and Nyamasomo Anna.

John Martin Courian, of 533 E. Chestnut St., and Leticia Joy Kreider, of 510 E. Chestnut St. Courian’s parents are Curtis Charles and Ann Martin Courian. Kreider’s parents are Larry Harold and Laverne Heller Kreider.

Joshua M. Miller, of 283 Snyder Road, Mount Joy, and Theresa Davido, 203 Eastbrook Road, Smoketown. Miller’s parents are Mark and Jacqueline Miller. Davido’s parents are Tedor and Josephine Davido.

Thomas Allen Van Eck, of 202 Nordick Drive, and Kayla Marie Groff, of 2290 Coach Light Lane. Van Eck’s parents are Thomas and Patricia Van Eck. Groff’s parents are Norman Groff and Deborah Moyer.

Kyle Richard Lively, of 204 Acanthus St., Marietta, and Coral Leann Consylman, same address. Lively’s parents are Chad Richard and Catherine Lively. Consylman’s parents are John A. and Gayle Consylman.