Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Dylan Lee Brooks, of 107 Pilottown Road, Peach Bottom, and Ericka Lynn Nickel, same address. Brooks’ parents are David L. Brooks and Jackie R. Adkins. Nickel’s parents are Joseph P. and Sandra D. Nickel.

Nathan Elliot Pfister, of 331 Maple St., Columbia, and Hailey Jean Bryniarski, same address. Pfister’s mother is Dottie A. Reese. Bryniarski’s parents are Corbin C. Bryniarski and Melissa L. Peiffer.

Edward Reilly Fisher, of 4112 Pricetown Road, Fleetwood, and Lauren Jean Keim, same address. Fisher’s parents are Cynthia A. Fisher and the late Edward L. Fisher. Keim’s parents are Donald E. and Debora K. Keim.

Ryan James Griffith, of 7000 Dee Lane, Malvern, and Sarah Beth Portet, same address. Griffith’s parents are Ricky L. and Diana Be Griffith. Portet’s parents are Jose and Ronit M. Portet.

Patrick Anthony Newsome, of 30 E. Main St., Lititz, and Brittany Nicole Strauss, same address. Newsome’s parents are David E. and Stephanie C. Newsome. Strauss’ parents are Jeffrey L. and Colleen M. Strauss.

Stephen Earl Meek, of 226 Winding Hill Drive, and Michelle R. Tluczek, same address. Meek’s parents are the late Earl L. Meek and the late Dorothy V. Meek. Tluczek’s parents are Ivy J. Martin and the late John E. Martin.

Christian Joseph Weder, of 124 S. Church St., Quarryville, and Jamie Diane Herr, of 188 Ulrich Road, Peach Bottom. Weder’s parents are Wiliam J. and Nora L. Weder. Herr’s parents are Thomas P. and Karen J. Herr.

Tyler Douglas Hackman, of 1213 Cameron Drive, Manheim, and Kaylene Valencia, same address. Hackman’s parents are Michael D. Hackman and Amy L. Williams. Valencia’s parents are Vladimir and Awilda Valencia.

Spencer Nelson McDonald, of 171 Windover Turn, and Brittany Lynn Ricedorf, of 600 Pond Vista Lane, Apt. 1, Manheim. McDonald’s parents are David and Luanne McDonald. Ricedorf’s parents are Todd and Diane Ricedorf.

Ryan Thomas Nicholas, of 296 Black Oak Drive, and Rachel Helen Gast, same address. Nicholas’ parents are Thomas E. and Julie E. Nicholas. Gast’s parents are Mark E. and Marsha K. Gast.

Nicholas C. Manley, of 1021 Sloan St., Lititz, and Erin Nicole Cornack, same address. Manley’s parents are Donald and Nancy Manley. Cornack’s parents are Thomas and Julianna Cornack.

Israel Garcia-Santiago, of 542 Lafayette St., and Karen Zoe Cortes-Santiago, same address. Garcia-Santiago’s parents are Ismael Garcia and Margarita Santiago. Cortes-Santiago’s parents are Pedro Cortes and Edna Santiago.

Brian P. Diehm, of 314 N. Mulberry St., and Capri A. Perry, same address. Diehm’s parents are Tambrey L. Diehm and the late Michael P. Diehm. Perry’s parents are Richard A. Perry and Sharon E. Settle.

Eric Suarez, of 141 Niss Ave., Ephrata, and Corinne Joy Heintzelman, same address. Suarez’s parents are Lenore Suarez and the late Enrique Suarez. Heintzelman’s parents are Gerald and Cynthia L. Heintzelman.

Ervin James Fisher, of 54 Germantown Ave., Christiana, and Lauren Noelle Miller, same address. Fisher’s parents are Amos B. and Martha F. Fisher. Miller’s parents are Dwight R. and Crystal L. Miller.

Alex Shane Sauder, of 270 W. Girl Scout Road, Stevens, and Melissa Anne Cox, of 116A College Ave. Sauder’s parents are Gary and Emma Sauder. Cox’s parents are Steven and Beverly Cox.

Thomas Raymond Preston, of 433 Florin Ave., Ephrata, and Nichole Anne Mahan, of 306 Perry St., Columbia. Preston’s parents are Douglas and Mary Preston. Mahan’s parents are Sandra Mellinger and the late John Mahan Jr.

Jonathan Daniel Gross, of 3000 Falls Road, Apt. 209, Baltimore, Md., and Heather Rae Pensyl, same address. Gross’ parents are Richard and Kathleen Gross. Pensyl’s parents are Leon Kenneth III and Julia Pensyl.

Mark Anthony Marafioti, of 557 Burrowes Ave., and Staci Glen Murphy, same address. Marafioti’s parents are Lorraine B. Puleo and the late Fred J. Marafioti Jr. Murphy’s parents are Vaughn D. and Nancy A. Murphy.

Thomas James Stewart Sr., of 302 E. Main St., New Holland, and Victoria L. Griffy, same address. Stewart’s parents are the late James Hoggard and the late Margaret A. Stewart. Griffy’s parents are the late George R. Griffy and the late Pearl E. Griffy.

Shawn Westley Gearhart, of 401 Eden Road, Apt. J1, and Amanda Marie Stine, same address. Gearhart’s parents are Victoria Gearhart and the late Thomas Gearheart. Stine’s parents are John and Theresa Lea Stine.

Anthony Paul Bauer, of 134 N. Arch St., and Kelly Morgano, same address. Bauer’s parents are Paul A. Bauer and Leslie J. Smoker. Morgano’s parents are Christopher J. and Jean Morgano.

David Edward Clark, of 1174 Taylor Road, Street, Md., and McKenzie Vlk-Buchholz, of 1001 Jessica Court, Bel Air, Md.. Clark’s parents are Edward S. and Sandra B. Clark. Vlk-Buccholz’s parents are Robert C. Vlk and Denyse G. Raynor.

David James Andrew Campbell, of 234 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Christina L. Berg, same address. Campbell’s parents are Colin Laverne and Marilyn Elaine Campbell. Berg’s parents are Richard Marshall and Pamela Jean Berg.

Ramon Primitivo Morillo Reyes, of 627 Wyncroft Lane, and Xiomara Mercedes Camilo Ramos, same address. Morillo Reyes’ parents are Bonifia D. Reyes and the late Baudilio Morillo Tejada. Camilo Ramos’ parents are Adela A. Ramos and the late Eusebio Camilo.

Gary Charles Egolf, of 1847 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Gina Louise Cortese Noble, same address. Egolf’s parents are Jane Ann Egolf and the late Charles Philip Egolf Jr. Noble’s parents are Robert Peter and Joyce Elizabeth Cortese.

Andres Rojas, of 314 Pearl St., and Alexis Mary Rodriguez, same address. Rojas’ parents are Rosemberg and Alva Rojas. Rodriguez’s parents are Frank Rodriguez and Stacey Brandel.

Michael Thomas Kiwak, of 179 Dickens Drive, and Samantha Leigh Bobb, same address. Kiwak’s parents are Lawrence M. and Laura J. Kiwak. Bobb’s parents are Brad M. and Randi L. Bobb.

Ryan Dean Stauffer, of 492 W. Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, and Abigail Marie Shaeffer, same address. Stauffer’s parents are Kenneth D. and Tammy S. Stauffer. Shaeffer’s parents are J. Donald Jr. and Ingrid M. Shaeffer.

Joseph A. Writer, of 2318 Coventry Road, and Jessica D. Granthon, same address. Writer’s parents are Zane and Carol Writer. Granthon’s parents are Daniel and Lucrecia Hardy.

Steven Martin Wenger, of 190 S. Farmersville Road, Leola, and Kristina Joy Weaver, of 914 Centerville Road, New Holland. Wenger’s parents are Paul F. and Grace M. Wenger. Weaver’s parents are Ivan Ray Weaver and Virginia Nolt Hoover.

James Martin Zimmerman, of 245 Cabin Drive, Ephrata, and Justina Reiff Garman, of 1581 Briertown Road, East Earl. Zimmerman’s parents are Walter M. and Barbara Z. Zimmerman. Garman’s parents are Steven H. and Ruth B. Garman.

Jason Edward Bruken, of 16 Granite Drive, East Earl, and Nicole L. Schmuck, same address. Brunken’s parents are Nancy C. Brunken and the late Edward H. Brunken. Schmuck’s parents are Marvin P. and Patricia A. Schmuck.

Barry Lee Yoder Jr., of 507 Snyder Hollow Road, New Providence, and Erin E. McComsey, same address. Yoder’s parents are Barry Yoder Sr. and Lisa Mahan. McComsey’s parents are Bruce and Phyllis McComsey.

Andrew J. Enck, of 226 Mackin Ave., and Rachel J. Probst, same address. Enck’s parents are John Marlin and Katherine Book Enck. Probst’s parents are Eric Roy and Donna Lynn Probst.

Kyle William Boltersdorf, of 154 Colonial Crest Drive, and Brittany Erin Shackelford, same address. Boltersdorf’s parents are Douglas J. and Terry S. Boltersdorf. Shackelford’s parents are Randolph H. and Kimberly M. Shackelford.

Reymon Astacio-Aponte, of 912 New Holland Ave., and Amin Abel Perez-Medrano, same address. Astacio-Aponte’s parents are Reynaldo Astacio and Jaquelin Aponte. Perez-Medrano’s parents are Servio Perez and Maria Medrano.

Herbert M. Pumarejo III, of 221 Broadway Ave., Keyport, N.J., and Marissa A. Suarez, same address. Pumarejo’s parents are Herbert Jr. and Kathryn Pumarejo. Suarez’s parents are Daniel Suarez and Patricia Dell.

Joshua Shane Good, of 113 Groffdale Drive, Quarryville, and Amber Lynn McFadden, same address. Good’s parents are Clyde E. Good and Dawn R. Rivera. McFadden’s parents are Patrick S. McFadden and Karen L. Huss.

Paul Thomas Zwart, of 617 Cambridge Court, Palmyra, and Daria Nicole Eshelman, same address. Zwart’s parents are Thomas P. and Linda J. Zwart. Eshelman’s parents are Erik W. and Rebecca L. Eshelman.

Jacob Paul Fisher, of 732 N. Queen St., and Brittany H. Dougherty, of 417 W. Walnut St. Fisher’s parents are Paul S. Fisher and Amy E. Hamilton. Dougherty’s parents are Michael J. and Vanese K. Dougherty.

Noah Quigley Grundon, of 244 Cherry St., Ephrata, and Sondra Anne Macneal, same address. Grundon’s parents are Kenneth B. and Buffra Q. Grundon. Macneal’s parents are Douglas M. and Kimberly A. Macneal.

Mitchell John Althouse, of 151 Church Ave., Ephrata, and Madalynn Leah Becker, same address. Althouse’s parents are John A. and Kelly K. Althouse. Becker’s parents are Elizabeth M. Malmer and the late Lucas E. Malmer.