Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Emilio Guilbe, of 1500 Stoney Battery Road, and Madeline Fontanez-Agosto, same address. Guilbe’s parents are Lidia R. Montalvo and the late Emilio Guilbe. Fontanez-Agosto’s parents are Refel Fontanez and the late Lidea Agosto.

Christopher J. Damiano, of 1924 Arch St., Philadelphia, and Matthew Karl Kreiser, same address. Damiano’s parents are John Angelo and Janet Marie Damiano. Kreiser’s parents are Karl and Donna Louise Kreiser.

Darryl L. Eberly, of 285 Village Spring Lane, Reinholds, and Chris Marie Sahm, same address. Eberly’s parents are L. Lamar and June E. Eberly. Sahm’s parents are Andrea Gowetski and the late Robert L. Gowetski.

Daniel Zachariah Heath, of 1309 Garfield Road, Mount Joy, and Jessica Marie Waller, same address. Heath’s parents are Thomas R. and Darlene E. Heath. Waller’s parents are Thomas S. and Susan J. Waller.

Justin Michael Enck, of 443 N. Locust St., Elizabethtown, and Brandie Lynn Pate, same address. Enck’s parents are Martin H. and Cynthia L. Enck. Pate’s parents are Douglas L. and Barbara A. Pate.

Nicholas Marshall Monroe, of 3514 Harmony Church Road, Darlington, Md., and Brooke Allison Cullum, same address. Monroe’s parents are Marshall E. and Maryann C. Monroe, Cullum’s parents are Kenneth S. and Yvonne R. Cullum.

Randall Lee Weaver, of 914 Centerville Road, New Holland, and Anna Mae Shirk Zimmerman, of 342 Conestoga Creek Road, East Earl. Weaver’s parents are Ivan R. and Virginia N. Weaver. Zimmerman’s parents are Allan R. and Ella Mae O. Zimmerman.

Jay Thomas Warkentin, of 244 Willow St., Apt. 5, Reinholds, and Michelle Marie Dengler, same address. Warkentin’s parents are Edwin Warkentin and the late Carol Warkentin. Dengler’s parents are Clayton Jr. and Judy Dengler.

Channon H. Price, of 76 William St., Norwalk, Conn., and Vienna Mischa Ziatyk, same address. Price’s parents are Channon P. Price and Marsha Hancock. Ziatyk’s parents are Michael J. Ziatyk and the late Denise L. Ziatyk.

Daniel Dullea Brody, of 313 Talbot Circle, and Madison Rose Curtis, of 10 Hilltop Drive, Willow Street. Brody’s parents are Robert S. and Chris A. Brody. Curtis’ parents are Jason E. and Melissa A. Curtis.

Kyle Engle Mogyorossy, of 391 Deerfield Drive, Mount Joy, and Nicole Susan Hollinger, same address. Mogyorossy’s parents are Robert L. Mogyorossy and Karen D. Engle. Hollinger’s parents are Donald M. and Susan L. Hollinger.

Andrew Jesse Davis, of 46 Treelane Drive, Bear, Del., and Katherine Elizabeth Salmon, same address. Davis’ parents are Jesse Mark Davis and Trudean Ann Morris. Salmon’s parents are William Albert and Susan Schreibner Salmon.

Ryan Michael Henry, of 160 Anchor Road, Elizabethtown, and Alexandria Lea Kerstetter, same address. Henry’s parents are Ronnie L. Workman II and Venus M. Henry. Kerstetter’s parents are Dennis L. Kerstetter and Denise L. Snyder.

Benjamin M. Marich, of 16 N. Concord St., and Justine Mae Williams, same address. Marich’s parents are Michael S. and Audrey J. Marich. Williams’ parents are Keith D. Williams and Sandra M. Tanner.

Mark Edward Bartlett Jr., of 109 S. State St., Ephrata, and Avry Elizabeth Martin, of 343 Balmer Road, Lititz. Bartlett’s parents are Mark Edward Barlett Sr. and Kimberly Anne Johnson. Martin’s parents are Charles Andrew Martin and Terry Lynn Torrance-Martin.

Justin Scott Crowel, of 248 Ascot Run Way, Fort Mill, S.C., and Taylor Corrine Howlett, same address. Crowel’s parents are Scott P. and Susan S. Crowel. Howett’s parents are Bryan K. and Amy J. Howett.

Desmond Brian Kreider, of 1570 Manor Blvd, and Samantha Lena Wilson, same address. Kreider’s parents are Brian K. Kreider and Rhiannon M. Levan. Wilson’s parents are Kenneth M. and Julie M. Wilson.

Mark Dengler, of 1126 Osceola Drive, Drumore, and Melanie Ann Dance, of 1108 Stromko Drive, Fallston, Md. Dengler’s parents are Robert J. and Patricia A. Dengler. Dance’s parents are Anderson W. and Sandra S. Dance.

Jeremy David Higgins, of 305 College Manor Ave., Millersville, and Kaitlyn Marie Piro, same address. Higgins’ parents are Greg T. and Brenda F. Higgins. Piro’s parents are Michael A. and Kathleen Piro.

Dathen E. Boger, of 120 N. Penn St., Palmyra, and Brittany Erin Plummer, same address. Boger’s parents are Edward and Peggy S. Boger. Plummer’s parents are Randy A. and Sheila J. Plummer.

Nathaniel C. Paulus, of 181 Kirks Mill Road, Nottingham, and Kylee Mae Kahler, of 348 Sawmill Road, New Providence. Paulus’ parents are David and Caroline Paulus. Kahler’s parents are Michael and Roxan Kahler.

Christopher J. Vankempen, of 369 Keneagy Hill Road, Ronks, and Kayla Marie Sheets, same address. Vankempen’s parents are Thomas F. and Donna M. Vankempen. Sheets’ parents are Brian K. Sheets and Tammy L. Myers.

Brian Daniel Krueger, of 410 Hempfield Hill Drive, Columbia, and Amanda Elizabeth Rowe, same address. Krueger’s parents are Kenneth Krueger and Linda S. Schmidt. Rowe’s parents are Bruce T. Rowe and Nancy A. Green-Rowe.

Alexander J. Mayer, of 27 Knollwood Drive, Akron, and Samantha Ashley Foster, of 21 Hilldale Drive, Ephrata. Mayer’s parents are Bennett Mayer and Tamara Campbell. Foster’s parents are Daniel Foster and the late Natalie Foster.

Justin Bryan Haulman, of 1702 Swarra Run Road, and Lillian Grace West, same address. Haulman’s parents are Jeffrey Leon Haulman and Sherrie Sue Brown. West’s parents are Joseph Scott and Jennifer Joleen West.

Joshua Luke Wise, of 709 State Route 419, Myerstown, and Katrina Beth Wenger, of 5330 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim. Wise’s parents are Leroy H. and Grace Z. Wise. Wenger’s parents are Allen G. and Edith M. Wenger.

Dylan Matthew Kneisley, of 102 Kloss Drive, and Jennifer Lauren Bordfield, same addres. Kneisley’s parents are Matthew Daniel Kneisley and Jennifer Lynn Duke. Bordfield’s parents are Kenneth HJ and Debra L. Bordfield.

Kyle E. Kirsch, of 2061 W. Main St., Ephrata, and English Rose Sautter, same address. Kirsch’s parents are Edward J. Jr. and Sallie E. Kirsch. Sautter’s parents are Fay E. Sautter and Claudette K. Grassi.

Matthew James Poganski, of 1701 Valley Forge Road, and Serena Elizabeth Emory, of 1936 Oberlin Road, Harrisburg. Poganski’s parents are Joel G. and Janet C. Poganski. Emory’s parents are Paul E. and Donalita K. Emory.

Duane Allen Bender, of 114 E. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, and Ralna M. Good, same address. Bender’s parents are Steven E. and Nelda M. Bender. Good’s parents are Irwin Good and Nancy M. Gerhart.

Christopher Michael Watson, of 300 Houck Road, Manheim, and Heather Anne Smith, of 408 Farmview Drive, Leola. Watson’s parents are Mark Stephen and Sharon Lynn Watson. Smith’s parents are Randall Lynn and Trudy Anne Smith.

David M. Speakman, of 223 Elizabeth Drive, and Maddalena Pennino, same address. Speakman’s parents are the late Ralph K. Speakman and the late Karen V. Speakman. Pennino’s parents are Joseph and Linda M. Pennino.

Trevor Blair Walzl, of 4231 Valley Vista Court, Manchester, Md., and Stephanie Marie Bebko, same address. Walzl’s parents Joseph E. and Janet R. Walzl. Bebko’s parents are Steven S. and Deborah M. Bebko.

Christopher C. Glessner, of 120 Spring Meadow Lane, Washington Boro, and Alexis L. Bonfanti, same address. Glessner’s parents are Charles E. and Brenda K. Glessner. Bonfanti’s parents are Mark D. and Deborah L. Dagen.

Yangkdro Lamoru Veittia, of 406 Washington Ave., Apt. 2, Ephrata, and Nicole L. Pizarro Kilby, same address Veittia’s parents are Wilfredo Lamoru and Yudiht Veittia. Kilby’s parents are Max Sprinkle and Linda Ciotti.

Vibert Ezekiel Leps, of 454 Cherry St., Columbia, and Amanda Marie Helton, same address. Leps’ parents are Garvin and Bethlene Leps. Helton’s parents are Aubrey F. Helton and Ann M. Stoutzenberger.

Nicklas Paul Frede, of 4009 Groveland Ave., Levittown, and Martha Grace Carroll, of 50 Dogwood Lane, Manchester. Frede’s parents are Klaus and Magedalene Monica Frede. Carroll’s parents are Timothy Dennis and Teresa Ann Carroll.

Robert Laurence Bailey III, of 708 Golden Tanager Court, Greer, S.C., and Faeren Lynn Drennen, same address. Bailey’s parents are Robert Bailey Jr. and Bonnie Frey. Drennen’s parents are Jeffrey Drennen and Joanne Chatley.

Nathan T. Walton, of 206 W. Main St., Leola, and Emily Caitlin Ellis, same address. Walton’s parents are Ronald Bruce and Beverly Guest Walton. Ellis’ parents are John Nicholas and Sharon Louise Ellis.

Eric David Montgomery, of 223 N. Academy Drive, Ephrata, and Shanelle Renae Ott, of 150 Hertzog Valley Road, Denver. Montgomery’s parents are Mark D. Montgomery and Barbara J. Wolf. Ott’s parents are Timothy D. and Sandra L. Ott.

Nicholas R. Hildebrand, of 25 Cloister Ave., Ephrata, and Amanda J. Bradney, same address. Hildebrand’s parents are James R. and Michelle A. Hildebrand. Bradney’s parents are Stephen W. and Eva M. Bradney.

Jordan Benjamin Mellinger, of 5407 Rainbow Drive, East Petersburg, and Reagan Brielle Horst, of 529 Spring Hollow Drive, New Holland. Mellinger’s parents are Benjamin and Dawn Mellinger. Horst’s parents are Nevin and Cheri Horst.

Jocelyn Adam Heckman, of 27 Coolidge Drive, Ephrata, and Megan R. Yanoviak, same address. Heckman’s parents are Roger and Debora Heckman. Yanoviak’s parents are Brian and Angelia Yanoviak.

Matthew Ray Fahnestock, of 134 Rouen Place, Elizabethtown, and Andrea Elizabeth Faus, of 1060 North Charlotte St., Unit 105. Fahnestock’s parents are Dennis and Carol Fahnestock. Faus’ parents are Steven and Dina Faus.

Stephen Joel Good, of 232 Mansion House Road, Manheim, and Dorothy Michelle Martin, same address. Good’s parents are Clifford M. and Lucille H. Good. Martin’s parents are David L. and Joyce M. Martin.

Benjamin Adam Wenger, of 374 Jeff Ave., Ephrata, and Adelina Rose Grosshans, same address. Wenger’s parents are Harold L. and Jody K. Wenger. Grosshans’ parents are Steven L. and Janice R. Grosshans.

William Stewart Hunt, of 128 Acanthus St., Marietta, and Katrina Meghan Crouse, same address. Hunt’s parents are Stewart M. Hunt and Sarah J. Golden. Crouse’s parents are Fredrick C. and Mary Beth Crouse.

Aaron Robert Windust, of 160 W. Maple Grove Road, Denver, and Christina M. Kulp, same address. Windust’s parents are Aaron A. and Heather M. Windust. Kulp’s parents are Steven L. and Nancy J. Kulp.