Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Patrick Joseph Theckston, Jr., of 401 Sicklerville Road, Williamstown, N.J., and Jacqueline Marie Peacock, same address. Theckston’s parents are Patrick Theckston Sr. and Denise Fiore. Peacock’s parents are James and Lisa Peacock.

Will Andrew Baker, of 267 Colonial Crest Drive, and Priscilla Joy Einwechter, of 115 Stanley Drive, Palmyra. Baker’s parents are Eric Clark and Deirdre Jo Baker. Einwechter’s parents are John Phillip and Rebecca Saint Einwechter.

Zachary A. McCracken, of 112 Fulton Britain Road, Peach Bottom, and Samantha Marie Rosado, same address. McCracken’s parents are James Franklin McCracken and Susan Michelle Spangler. Rosado’s parents are Raymond Jr. and Gloria Geneva Rosado.

Matthew A. Brandyberry, of 454 Walnut St., Columbia, and Kendl Ashlee Gamber, same address. Brandyberry’s parents are John and Betsy Brandyberry. Gamber’s parents are Michael Gamber and Linda Smith.

Tylor Charles Gerdes, of 1436 Mount Wilson Road, Lebanon, and Caroline Rae Shaub, same address. Gerdes’ parents are Patrick Ryan and Joanne Marie Gerdes. Shaub’s parents are Michael James and Denise Eileen Shaub.

Joseph David Turek, of 23 E. Third St., Quarryville, and Rachel Elizabeth Matos, of 100 W. State St., Quarryville. Turek’s parents are David C. and Sandra Arlene Turek. Matos’ parents are Anthony Daniel and Sarah Anne Matos.

Stephon Dominique Troop, of 35 Lancaster Estates, Mount Joy, and Sarah Elizabeth Walker, same address. Troop’s parents are Dale Robert and Danielle Marie Troop. Walker’s parents are Kenneth Vincent and Constance Lynn Walker.

Matthew Fasig, of 120 Albright Ave., and Sabrina Renee Wyant, same address. Fasig’s parents are Stephen Todd Fasig and Christina Marie Benner. Wyant’s parents are Roy DeWayne and Tammie Lee Wyant.

Sean Patrick Rogan, of 339 Fairoaks St., McKees Rocks, and Amanda M. Lampert, same address. Rogan’s parents are James and Mary Rogan. Lampert’s parents are Kenneth Lampert and Alma Brandenburg.

Kyle Wade Eberly, of 670 Sandy Hill Road, Stevens, and Lauren Elizabeth Bollinger, of 834 Ballstown Road, Lititz. Eberly’s parents are Tonya Wayne and Connie Lou Eberly. Bollinger’s parents are Darryl H. and Tammy Lee Bollinger.

Nathan George Rinehart, of 102 E. Main St., Strasburg, and Meredith Robin Keller, same address. Rinehart’s parents are Ronald George and Rosalie Lucille Rinehart. Keller’s parents are Shane Joseph and Rebecca Ruth Keller.

M. Aaron Trimble, of 117 Miller Road, Willow Street, and Shay Marie Cason, same address. Trimble’s parents are Marshal Martin and Angie Marie Trimble. Cason’s parents are John William Cason and Angela Marie Conrad.

Ryan Michael Furlow, of P.O. Box 85, Gordonville, and Sarah Margaret Kilgore, same address. Furlow’s parents are Leslie A. Furlow II and Susan E. Wireback. Kilgore’s parents are Donald Eugene Kilgore and Joanna Louise Walker.

Garrett Evan Weaver, of 1501 Eshelman Mill Road, Willow Street, and Atalie Faith Winters, of 302 Weaver Road, Strasburg. Weaver’s parents are Darryl Eugene and Janice Kay Weaver. Winters’ parents are Kenneth Lee and Michelle Yvonne Winters.

Christopher Ignacio Lainez, of 1000 Tom Pain Drive, and Kimberly Lois Miller, same address. Lainez’s parents are Ignacio Cecilio Lainez and the late Leonor Angela Lainez. Miller’s parents are David Scott Miller and Kerry Ann Funk.

Joseph Theodore Grifflin II, of 35 Deanne Circle, Mount Joy, and Brooke Nicole Balmer, of 7476 Elizabethtown Road, Elizabethtown. Griffin’s parents are Joseph Theodore Griffin Sr. and Pamela Jean McVicker. Balmer’s parents are Kevin Scott and Tammy Fay Balmer.

Andrew Elliot Kirsch, of 31 Sager Road, Elizabethtown, and Crystal Lynn Moyer, same address. Kirsch’s parents are Donald Bradley and Catherina Bertha Kirsch. Moyer’s parents are Charles Henry Moyer and the late Carol Jean Moyer.

Walter John Schmidt, of 7 Mylin Ave., Willow Street, and Melissa Sue Anderson, same address. Schmidt’s parents are Peter Vanzyle and Lauren A. Schmidt.

Joshua D. Gepfer, of 488 Rockwood Drive, Elizabethtown, and Alecia Lynn Hess, same address. Gepher’s parents are David Shawn and Susan Gepfer. Hess’ parents are Graig Anthony Hess and the late Jaime Jo Golden.

Adam Scott Graffius, of 418 Eshleman Drive, Lititz, and Katelyn Jeannie-Marie Ritter, same address. Graffius’ parents are Troy Lynn and Lois Ann Graffius. Ritter’s parents are Christopher Scott Ritter and Lisa Jean McGarrigle.

Zachary Ryan Shuman, of 700 Marticville Road, Pequea, and Lindsay A. Taylor, of 127 Walnut Hill Road, Millersville. Shuman’s parents are Benjamin F. Shuman and Jeanette L. Thomas. Taylor’s parents are Mark Allen and Debra Lee Taylor.

Erin E. Mattern, of 115 Maplewood Lane, Marietta, and Kari Lyn Herchelroth, same address. Mattern’s parents are Adam J. and Susan L. Mattern. Herchelroth’s parents are Erline M. Coble and the late Michael E. Herchelroth.

Brody Jordan Hoshour, of P.O. Box 104, Hopeland, and Chelsea Anne Kilmer, same address. Hoshour’s parents are Kevin Mark and Jacqueline Renee Hoshour. Kilmer’s parents are Robert Eugene and Kara Marie Kilmer.

Keith Robert Edgell, of 28 E. Gramby St., Apt. 3, Manheim, and Kara Marie McElwee, same address. Edgell’s parents are Donald R. Edgell and Doris J. Frey. McElwee’s parents are Debra Miller and the late Gary McElwee.

Michael Allen Duncan, of 624 Freemont St., and Jessica Lynn Lake, same address. Duncan’s parents are April Lynn Michael and the late William Howard Gerlitizi Jr. Lake’s parents are John William Lake Jr. and Christine Angela Kohler.

Larry Lee Sanchez III, of 1462 Passey Lane, and Gina A. Tosado, same address. Sachez’s parents are Larry Lee Sr. and Wendy J. Sanchez. Tosado’s parents are Gino A. Tosado Sr. and Milagros Ortiz.

Maximo Enrique Paulino Cruz, of 819 Manor St., and Glorivette Natal, of 13 Westmister Court, Carlisle. Paulino Cruz’s parents are Maximo Paulino Paulino and Isabel Maria Cruz. Natal’s parents are Julio Natal and Luz Montuo.

Ramiro Taveras-Rivera, of 379 Main St., Landisville, and Parish Amber Martin, same address. Taveras-Rivera’s parents are Ramiro Taveras and Miriam Rivera. Martin’s parents are Vance Joseph Martin and Brenda Lee Sweet.

Dah Dah, of 1808 Liman St., Lurgan, and Shar Bui Htoo, of 1280 Clyde Ave, Calif. Dah’s parents are Jai Baw and Naw Wah Hai. Htoo’s parents are Kloy Htoo and Shar La Lah.

Justin Michael Streeter, of 903 Lynne Lane, Millersville, and Rebecca Elizabeth Long, same address. Streeter’s parents are Guy Streeter and Sharon Bazard. Long’s parents are James Thomas Long Jr. and the late Dawn Elise Long.

Britney Lynn Erb, of 1669 Wabank Road, and Trisha Lynn Johnson, same address. Erb’s parents are Craig Allen Erb and Melissa Lynn Lloyd. Johnson’s parents are Robert Benjamin and Jo Ann Johnson.

Brett Alan Strickland, of 1132 Bentley Ridge Blvd., and Jennifer Mary Kline, same address. Strickland’s parents are Scott Charles and Lisa Walmer Strickland. Kline’s parents are Tod Spatz and Patricia Mae Kline.

Michael John Procopio, of 20 Weiser Court, Womelsdorf, and Lauren Christine Roth, of 109 Crosscreek Lane. Procopio’s parents are Francesco and Connie Sue Procopio. Roth’s parents are Kevin M. Roth and Cheryl A. Gaynor.

Travis Andrew Ferree, of 816 Lancaster Ave., York, and Kristin Kaye Zelina, same address. Ferree’s parents are Garry Lynn and Susan D. Ferree. Zelina’s parents are Ricky Eugene and Claudia Lee Steinbach.

David Martino, of 3336 Greenridge Drive, Mountville, and Candace L. Coleman, same address. Martino’s parents are Samuel Rocco and Carolyn Marie Martino. Coleman’s parents are Bruce Brian Coleman and the late Debra Coleman.

Tara Ellen Luby, of 406 Mandarin Lane, Elizabethtown, and Corinne Talley Mendinhall, same address. Luby’s parents are William Arthur and Brenda Lee Luby. Mendinhall’s parents are Charles Eli Mendinhall and Vicki Talley Shaughnessy.

John Edward Mansey II, of 72 E. Mohler Church Road, Ephrata, and Katherine M. Eberly, same address. Mansey’s parents are John Edward and Carol Mansey. Eberly’s parents are Fred Rodger and Linda Elaine Eberly.

Jared Scott Fox, of 5857 Michelle Circle, Narvon, and Laurie Nicole Seibel, of 285 N. Blainsport Road, Reinholds. Fox’s parents are Steven H. and Geraldine W. Fox. Seibel’s parents are Jay W. and Lonita W. Seibel.

Dean Spotwood, of 1324 S. 26th St., Philadelphia, and Heather Dane Garner, of 464 S. Plum St. Spotwood’s parents are the late Dean Leonard Spotwood and the late Deborah Marie Williams. Garner’s parents are Ernestine Bell and the late Clifton Garner.

Nicholas Ryan Bloom, of 2349 Poplar St., Narvon, and Lauren Anne Prince, same address. Bloom’s parents are Ryan and Jennifer Bloom. Prince’s parents are Richard and Lynne Prince.

Paul Metzler Bowman, of 3515 Strasburg Road, Parkesburg, and Lynn Marie Cox, same address. Bowman’s parents are the late Raymond Snader Bowman and the late Ruth Bowman. Cox’s parents are the late Leonard Richard McKim and the late Louise Mae McKim.

Joshua Aaron Phan-Gruber, of 860 Riverside Drive, Apt. 2G, New York, N.Y., and Shannon Lee Deep, same address. Phan-Gruber’s parents are Michael H. and Mary B. Phan-Gruber. Deep’s parents are Thomas J. and Susan R. Deep.

Adam Paul Taylor, of 14 N. Queen St., floor 2, and Jessica Lee Conjar, same address. Taylor’s parents are David Charles and Cassie Lee Taylor. Conjar’s parents are Edward Lawrence and Jo Ann Conjar.

Michael Charles Rhoads, Jr., of 98 Loop Road, Quarryville, and Patricia Ann Good, same address. Rhoads’ parents are Michael Charles Sr. and Debra Ann Rhoads. Good’s parents are John S. and Margaret Good.

Brooks William Dalessio, of 726 S. Cedar St., Lititz, and Lucy Q. Shelley, same address. Dalessio’s parents are Joseph G. and Laura Lee Dalessio. Shelley’s parents are Archie Daniel and Patricia Ann Shelley.

Zachary William Gibson, of 150 Anchor Road, Elizabethtown, and Raquael Marie Graybill, same address. Gibson’s parents are William Robert and Lorie Jean Gibson. Graybill’s parents are Robert Etchberger Graybill Jr. and Samantha Louise Fuhrman.

Kyle Alexander Williams, of 529 E. Main St., Ephrata, and Kelsie Marquise Mummaw, same address. Williams’ parents are Ronald Webb and Karen Ann Williams. Mummaw’s parents are Micheal William and Tammy Sheree Mummaw.

Eric Peter Charbonneau, of 910 Strasburgh Pike, Strasburg, and Cecelia Anne Buzzard, of 21 Cherokee Road, Willow Street. Charbonneau’s parents are Peter S. and Mary A. Charbonneau. Buzzard’s parents are Jeffrey S. and Susan Marie Buzzard.

Carl R. Romulus, of 2143 Fruitville Pike, and Elizabeth Navarro, same address. Romulus’ parents are Pierre Richard and Renette Danger-Romulus. Navarro’s parents are Juan Alberto and Epifania Navarro.

Brian Carl Wintersteen, of 5 Lauren Lane, Ephrata, and Amy Nicole Hale, same address. Wintersteen’s parents are Alan and June Wintersteen. Hale’s parents are Ray and Mary Hale.

Leroy M. Burkholder, of 181 Forest Hill Road, Leola, and Susan S. Nolt, of 130 Glenbrook Road, Leola. Burkholder’s parents are Elmer N. and Mary H. Burkholder. Nolt’s parents are Melvin Z. and Eva Z. Nolt.

Andres Torres, of 154 Greenbriar Circle, and Jaime Lynn Axten, same address. Torres’ parents are Jaime Sanchez and Carmen Cecelia Torres. Axten’s parents are Lee Robert and Lisa Ann Snyder.

Reynaldo Rivera-Hernandez, of 13 Yardley Green, and Gloriany Rivas, same address. Rivera-Hernandez’s parents are Reynaldo Rivera and Migdalia Hernandez. Rivas’ parents are Juan and Gloria Rivas.

Michael Allen Pletz, of 6 Branstock Court, Lititz, and Jennifer Rose Hoffman, same address. Pletz’s parents are Sandra Lee Pletz and the late Jack David Pletz. Hoffman’s parents are the late Francis John Hee Jr. and the late Sondra Lee Hee.