Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Mackenzie Lester Earl Paris, of 800 Walnut St., Columbia, and Hannah Jane Reese, same address. Paris’ parents are Lester E. Paris and Nicole L. Minnich. Reese’s parents are Henry J. and Claudia A. Reese.

John A. Sager Jr., of 309 Park Ave., Lititz, and Joan Reighard, same address. Sager’s parents are the late John A. Sager and the late Irma I. Sager. Reighard’s parents are the late Donald Reighard and the late Ruth M. Reighard.

Bradford James Saint, of 1536 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Judith Marie Behrens, same address. Saint’s parents are Joel P. and Audrey M. Saint. Behrens’ parents are Hagen H. and Andrea Behrens.

Austin Andrews Hess, of 683 Broad St., Akron, and Saundra Megan Barker, same address. Hess’ parents are Stuart A. and Michelle L. Hess. Barker’s parents are Timothy D. and Janice K. Barker.

Alex Paul Jaskowiak, of 412 S. School Lane, and Anne L. Stankiewicz, same address. Jaskowiak’s parents are the late Daniel W. Jaskowiak and the late Kimberly M. Jaskowiak. Stankiewicz’s parents are Geoffrey T. and Mary K. Stankiewicz.

Thomas Michael Bell, of 317 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Katie Rose Matero, same address. Bell’s parents are Michael T. and Andrea L. Bell. Matero’s parents are Anthony N. and Nicole E. Matero.

Joel Andrew Hilsher, of 660 Kraybill Church Road, Mount Joy, and Cassandra Joelene Vanscyoc, same address. Hilsher’s parents are Jay Robert and Rachel Ann Hilsher. Vanscyoc’s parents are Thomas Eugene Vanscyoc and the late Denise Lynne Kelly.

Zachary Gage Graybeal, of 498 W. Fourth St., Quarryville, and Holly Elizabeth Dosch, of 32 Lee Drive, Quarryville. Graybeal’s parents are Keith Allen and Jennifer Lynn Graybeal. Dosch’s parents are Shawn Frederick and Robin Lynn Dosch.

Michael Lewis Hartranft, of 243 S. Ramstown Road, Ephrata, and Hanna Linnea Ahlseen, of 46 Mount Pleasant Road, Paradise. Hartranft’s parents are Dale A. and Laurie Hartranft. Ahlseen’s parents are Jeffrey T. and Anna C. Ahlseen.

Patrick Michael Newlin, of 693 Topaz Drive, and Chelsea Marie Meadows, same address. Newlin’s parents are Michael E. and Suzanne C. Newlin. Meadows’ parents are Keith McKinney and Susan Martin.

Maguel Angel Rivera Padro, of 987 Clark St., and Juanita Sanchez Serrano, same address. Rivera Padro’s parents are the late Bernadino Antunez and the late Angelina Padro. Sanchez Serrano’s parents are Jose L. Sanchez and the late Francisca Serrano.

Kenneth Eugene Zeager Jr., of 1367 Bair Road, Bainbridge, and Kari Nicole Lehman, of 239 Rock Point Road, Marietta. Zeager’s parents are Kenneth Z. and Karen E. Zeager. Lehman’s parents are Adam K. and Eunessa J. Lehman.

Gustavo Klein Pinto, of 2812 Pinch Road, Manheim, and Autumn Renee Eldeen, same address. Pinto’s parents are Andre Rothe Pinto and Thais Klein. Eldeen’s parents are Andrew D. and Tamera L. Eldeen.

Nathan Andrew Reed, of 664 Walnut Tree Drive, Blandon, and Ashley Nicole Gebhard, same address. Reed’s parents are John C. Jr. and Janet A. Reed. Gebhard’s parents are Ronald L. and Cynthia M. Gebhard.

Russell William Fox, of 469 Arlene St., Staten Island, N.Y., and Jenna Marie Cassano, same address. Fox’s parents are Russell Peter and Irene Kathleen Fox. Cassano’s parents are Larry Joseph and Rosetta Concetta Cassano.

Brian Edward Devore, of 106 W. Main St., Landisville, and Rachel Jean Mongold, same address. Devore’s parents are Daniel L. Devore and Katherine L. Lemmon. Mongold’s parents are Robert I. Mongold Jr. and Connie L. Lagasse.

Loren Martin Newswanger, of 620 Wollups Hill Road, Stevens, and Sheila Dawn Martin, of 165 E. Church St., Stevens. Newswanger’s parents are Erwin and Anna Newswanger. Martin’s parents are Earl and Pauline Martin.

Michael L. Wrigley, of 365 Spruce Ave., Maple Shade, N.J., and Elizabeth A. Harrison, of 35 S. White Horse Pike, Audubon, N.J. Wrigley’s parents are Bruce and Linda Wrigley. Harrison’s parents are Dennis and Susan Harrison.

Lauren Gabrielle Snyder, of 166 Hampden Drive, Mountville, and Ashlee Jean Rineer, same address. Snyder’s parents are Thomas Mickey and Candy Ann Snyder. Rineer’s parents are Jeffrey Alan and Desiree Dawn Rineer.

Clayton Eugene Fetter, of 730 Junction Road, Manheim and Katelynn Elizabeth Rye, same address. Fetter’s parents are Larry E. Sr. and Connie G. Fetter. Rye’s parents are Edward L. Jr. and Vicki L. Rye.

Joseph D. Parker, of 442 N. Charlotte St., and Kristy L. Hotchkiss, of 31 1/2 Caroline St. Parker’s parents are Jeffrey Parker and Dawn Fidler. Hotchkiss’ parents are the late Gerald Hotchkiss and the late Carolyn Walsh.

Ty Paxton Leese, of 2290 Seitz Drive, and Janell Lee Breneman, same address. Leese’s parents are Darryl and Wanda Leese. Breneman’s parents are Jay and Connie Breneman,

Kyle S. Parker, of 811 Fifth St., and Ingrid B. Natale, of 1507 Hillcrest Road. Parker’s parents are Stephen J. Jr. and Linda Parker. Natale’s parents David Anthony and Birgitta Siv Natale.

Benjamin Matthew Wagner, of 901 Polaris Grand Drive, Apt. F, Lewis Center, Ohio, and Christine Marie Masucci, same address. Wagner’s parents are Kent and Judith Wagner. Masucci’s parents are Anthony F. Masucci and Jo-Ellen Jacobus.

Nathan William Schatz, of 111 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Heather Mae Ecker, same address. Schatz’s parents are Brian and Pamela Schatz. Ecker’s parents are David Ecker Jr. and Deborah Doman.

Richard E. Wentz, of 1 36 Precision Ave., Strasburg, and Holly Graham, same address. Wentz’s parents are the late Edwin Wentz and the late Emma Wentz. Graham’s parents are Harold Graham and Sandra Kight.

Austin Jeffrey Aldinger, of 120 S. River St., P.O. Box 199, Maytown, and Jordan Alexis Hall, same address. Aldinger’s parents are Jeffrey and Dana Aldinger. Hall’s parents are John and Julie Hall.

David Lawrence Jendras, of 337 N. Lime St., and Kathryn Rankin Hults, same address. Jendras’ parents are Lawrence W. Jr. and Linda K. Jendras. Hults’ parents are John E. and Pamela R. Hults.

Levi L. King, of 368 Mount Sidney Road, and Stephanie Grace Beiler, of 528 Georgetown Road, Ronks. King’s parents are John B. and Fannie A. King. Beiler’s parents are the late Enos L. Beiler and the late Sadie B. Beiler.

Daniel Tyler Bitner, of 13 Baycircle Drive, Perryville, Md., and Sarah Ashley Diehl, same address. Bitner’s parents are Dennis E. and Cheryl R. Bitner. Diehl’s parents are David D. II and Vicki L. Diehl.

Ramon L. Salgado, of 713 Columbia Ave., and Blanca Sonia Garcia Giraldo, same address. Salgado’s parents are Luz Maria Perez and the late Jesus Salgado. Garcia Giraldo’s parents are Abel Garcia Duque and Roselia Giraldo.

Eric Robert-Moses Pitt, of 1000 Marshall Ave., and Priscilla Ellecia Serrano, same address. Pitt’s parents are Willetta Calvin and the late Eric M. Pitt. Serrano’s parents are Pedro E. and Evelyn Serrano.

Gregory Scott Smith, of 39 W. Cottage Ave., Millersville, and Sarah Marie Malkowski, same address. Smith’s parents are Maryjo Jones and the late Lester Howard Smith. Malkowski’s parents are Norman Henry and Shirley Marie Malkowski.

Matthew Robert Root, of 329 N. Second St., Columbia, and Lakyn Nicole Laughman, same address. Root’s parents are Robert K. Root and Judy A. Green. Laughman’s parents are Michael S. and Vivian D. Laughman.

Michael Drew Plank, of 907 E. Orange St., and Alannah Kay Grimm, same address. Plank’s parents are Nathan C. and Pamela J. Plank. Grimm’s parents are June K. Grimm and the late William R. Grimm.

Rafael Alberto Hernandez-Paulino, of 659 Almanac Ave., and Priscilla Isabel Torres, same address. Hernandez-Paulino’s parents are Rafael M. Hernandez and Monica Paulino-Cortoreal. Torres’ parents are Jorge R. Torres and Maria I. Nieves.

Justin David Herr-Frey, of 355 Summit Drive, Columbia, and Katie Ann Boyer, same address. Herr-Frey’s parents are Bryan D. Herr and Rebecca J. Melanson. Boyer’s parents are Joseph and Janet M. Boyer.