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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Jesse B. Huyard, of 239 Stauffer Road, New Holland, and Kathryn F. King, of 72 Quarry Road, Paradise. Huyard’s parents are Jesse B. and Sadie S. Huyard. King’s parents are David K. and Verna Mae King.

Henry S. King, of 400 N. Sandy Hill Road, Coatesville, and Miriam A. Stoltzfus, of 180 S. Red School Road, Morgantown. King’s parents are Steven J. and Katie S. King. Stoltzfus’ parents are John Ivan and Annie S. Stoltzfus.

Daniel Lee Stoltzfus, of 319 Spring Garden Road, Kinzers, and Elizabeth S. Stoltzfus, of 150 Skiles Road, Parkesburg. Daniel Stoltzfus’ parents are Ira G. and Susan L. Stoltzfus. Elizabeth Stoltzfus’ parents are Steven S. and Rebecca S. Stoltzfus.

Benuel F. King, of 229 S. Groffdale Road, Gordonville, and Lena R. Fisher, of 254 Refton Road, New Providence. King’s parents are Samuel B. and Emma K. King. Fisher’s parents are Isaac and Linda Fisher.

Benjamin S. Lapp, of 430 Pleasant View, Honey Brook, and Arianna S. Zook, of 4210 Red Well Drive, Gordonville. Lapp’s parents are Samuel S. and Barbara S. Lapp. Zook’s parents are Abram S. and Linda M. Zook.

Christian K. King, of 1502 Mentzer Road, and Nancy K. Esh, of 1044 Georgetown Road, Paradise. King’s parents are Melvin and Lydia King. Esh’s parents are Jonas and Anna Esh.

Levi King King, of 2866 Delta Road, Airville, and Sylvia B. Fisher, of 2655 Bachmantown Road, Ronks. King’s parents are Isaac K. and Emaa S. King. Fisher’s parents are Sol G. and Sylvia G. Fisher.

Levi Beiler Beiler, of 659 Buchland Road, Narvon, and Laura B. Stoltzfus, of 515 Pleasant View Road, Honey Brook. Beiler’s parents are W. David and Annie K. Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Elmer G. and Sally L. Stoltzfus.

Samuel Arlan Smucker, of 117 N. Groffdale Road, New Holland, and Roselyn Sue Fisher, of 88A S. Kinzer Road, Kinzers. Smucker’s parents are Samuel B. and Rachel L. Smucker. Fisher’s parents are Calvin K. and Emma Ruth Fisher.

Steven Kauffman Glick, of 31A Quarry Road, Quarryville, and Naomi B. Fisher, of 729 Bunker Hill Road, Strasburg. Glick’s parents are Samuel K. and Malinda K. Glick. Fisher’s parents are David P. and Susie S. Fisher.

Omar S. Kauffman, of 2830 Cambridge Road, Honey Brook, and Anna F. Beiler, of 171 Newport Road, Leola. Kauffman’s parents are Steven K. and Katie Kauffman. Beiler’s parents are Benjamin E. and Lizzieann L. Beiler.

Jacob S. Fisher, of 2442A Leaman Road, Ronks, and Emma L. Stoltzfus, of 150 Farmingdale Road, Christiana. Fisher’s parents are Levi R. and Mary K. Fisher. Stoltzfus’ parents are Henry S. and Saloma K. Stoltzfus.

Ivan S. King, of 384 Newport Road, Ronks, and Lydia Ann King, of 805 Stively Road, Strasburg. Ivan King’s parents are Christ Z. and Sadie F. King. Lydia King’s parents are Christian K. and Katie S. King.

Elmer B. Beiler, of 837 Musser Road, Mount Joy, and Magdalena Smucker King, of 410 Sawmill Road, New Providence. Beiler’s parents are Daniel and Fannie Beiler. King’s parents are Jacob and Lydia King.

Benjamin Sterling Cliff, of 2527 Webb St., Philadelphia, and Rebekah Amy Sheldon, of 7900 Old York Road, Apt. 603A, Elkins Park. Cliff’s parents are Sterling Brickett and Elizabeth Joy Cliff. Sheldon’s parents are Robert Bruce and Sunmi M. Sheldon.

Perez Auden Ross, of 23014 Oak Crest, Oak Park, Mich., and Amy Erica Hale, same address. Ross’ parents are Lawrence Williams and Margaret Ross. Hale’s parents are Donald Eugene and Ellen Hale.

Michael A. Ciabattoni, of 105 Village Spring Lane, Reinholds, and Stephanie Gayle Miller, same address. Ciabattoni’s parents are John Ciabattoni and Julie Sheidy. Miller’s parents are Steven J. and Kris G. Milller.

Arthur Kent Eby, of 556 E. Pleasantview Road, Manheim, and Emily Joy Martin, of 220 Rock Road, Ephrata. Eby’s parents are Argyl Lee and Rachel Heistand Eby. Martin’s parents are Kevin Lee and Elaine Faye Martin.

Andrew Richard Hofman, of 169 Valleybrook Drive, and Rebecca Ann Yost, same address. Hofman’s parents are Richard Kim and Bridget Hofman. Yost’s parents are Charles William and Cheryl Lynn Yost.

Jack Daniel Miller, of 833 Pleasure Road, Apt. E12, and Jasmine E. Hess, same address. Miller’s parents are William P. and Virginia Miller. Hess’ parents are Charles Jacob Amaziah and Wendy Lynn Hess.

Toan Minh Do, of 2165 William Penn Way, and Anna Anh Pham, same address. Do’s parents are Thanh Do and Mai Hong. Pham’s parents are Chit Van Pham and Anh Thu Thi Nguyen.

Scott Christopher Boroi, of 33 Beechwood Road, Brookhaven, and Christina M. Goodreds, same address. Boroi’s parents are Scott Carl Boroi and Barbara Ann Berue. Goodreds’ parents are Gregroy Arthur and Susan Michele Goodreds.

Justin Stephen Wysock, of 208 Millstone Drive, Mountville, and Megan A. Dancause, same address. Wysock’s parents are Joseph and Valerie Wysock. Dancause’s parents are James Michael and Ruth Ann Dancause.

Bret M. Datres, of 3 Cooperwood Lane, Ephrata, and Katie Ashley Turner, same address. Datres’ parents are Todd Alan Datres and Robin Lynn Smith. Turner’s parents are David Charles and Rosemary Turner.

Dustin P. Dematteo, of 626 N. Marshall St., and Laura H. Proctor, same address. Dematteo’s parents are Donald Raymond Dematteo and Marilyn Lynn Pierce. Proctor’s parents are David Joseph Proctor and Mary Theresa Holleran.

Jeremy Martin Eshleman, of 955 Wollups Hill Road, Trailer 24, Stevens, and Carrie Jean Eshleman, same address. Jeremy Eshleman’s parents are Allen Lynn Eshleman and Lisa Michele Hahn. Carrie Eshleman’s parents are Randy and Denise Eshleman.

Daniel S. Stoltzfus, of 51 Swift Road, Quarryville, and Mary G. Swarey, of 418 Little Britain Road South, Peach Bottom. Stoltzfus’ parents are Christ E. and Sadie Stoltzfus. Swarey’s parents are Ben K. and Sadie F. Swarey.

David Andrew Lehman, of 2 Parkwood Drive, and Lisa B. Stewart, of 33 W. Main St., Apt. B, Strasburg. Lehman’s parents are Donald Eugene and Shirley Ann Lehman. Stewart’s parents are Kenneth Robert and Barbara Jean Stewart.

Nathan G. Fisher, of 71 Mount Pleasant Road, Paradise, and Lillian Rose Beiler, of 976 Simmontown Road, Gap. Fisher’s mother is Sadie Mea Fisher. Beiler’s parents are Elam and Naomi Mae Beiler.

Edward Joseph Burns, of 732 Pine Blvd, New Providence, and Kaitlyn Marie Rohan, same address. Burns’ parents are Edward Gerard and Claire Geramine Burns. Rohan’s parents are Christopher and Nancy Jean Rohan.

Hans Joseph Kessler, of 3129 Kinross Circle, Herndon, Va., and Meredith Ann Holland, of 2700 Woodley Road, NW, Apt. 310, Washington, D.C. Kessler’s parents are Max Justin Kessler and Tyra Jo Derr. Holland’s parents are Robert Richard and Kathleen Virginia Holland.

David S. King, of 341 Rosendale Road, Kirkwood, and Anna L. Esh, of 434 S, Belmont Road, Ronks. King’s parents are Stephen and Anna King. Esh’s parents are Michael and Hannah Esh.

Jacob Fisher Zook, of 5056 Usner Road, Kinzers, and Hannah G. Lapp, of 125A S. Belmont Road, Paradise. Zook’s parents are Stephen and Naomi Zook. Lapp’s parents are Benjamin and Katie Lapp.

Elam S. Stoltzfus, of 324 Bartville Road, Kirkwood, and Feenie Stoltzfus, of 981 Little Britain Road, Quarryville. Elam Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel and Mary Stoltzfus. Feenie Stoltzfus’ parents are David and Emma Stoltzfus.

David F. Stoltzfus, of 33 Fairmont Road, Kirkwood, and Katie Fisher Beiler, of 1602 Wheatland School Road. Stoltzfus’ parents are Elam E. and Fannie L. Stoltzfus. Beiler’s parents are Ephraim K. and Lydia L. Beiler.

Daniel J. Coleman, of 457 Octorara Trail, Gap, and Emma Sophia Rovnak, of 5217 Brook Drive, East Petersburg. Coleman’s parents are Dennis and Linda Coleman. Rovnak’s parents are Robin and Paul Rovnak.

Ciara Nicole Brechtlein, of 201 Fairview Ave., and Danielle Elizabeth Brown, same address. Brechtlein’s mother is Jacqueline Brechtlein. Brown’s parents are James Walter Brown and Susan Dale.

Jose Martinez Gonzalez, of 1271 Kingsbridge, Bronx, N.Y., and Yasmaris M. Gomez Collazo, of 59 Evans Drive, Quarryville. Martinez Gonzalez’s parents are Juan Mateo Martinez and Idalia Gonzalez. Gomez Collazo’s parents are Juan N. Gomez Hernandez and Lillian S. Collazo.

Brandon Charles Hartranft, of 314 Meetinghouse Lane, and Elizabeth Marie Deming, same address. Hartranft’s parents are Craig Gilbert and Mate Patrice Hartranft. Deming’s parents are John Leslie and Kimberly Ann Deming.