Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Matthew Roy Spade, of 1318 May Post Office Road, Quarryville, and Trinity Blaze Walter, same address. Spade’s parents are Matthew Roy Spade and Heidi Marie McCauley. Walter’s parents are Kerri Raymond Walter and Lisa Janene Grimm.

Charles R. Shufflebottom, of 943 New Holland Ave., and Beryl Joan Fisher, of 1625 Ashton Drive, Virginia Beach, Va.. Fisher’s parents are James Shearer and Ruth Eleanor Fisher.

Jason Maldonado, of 618 Lafayette St., and Amanda Kay Stoltzfus, of P.O. Box 26, Strasburg. Maldonado’s mother is Migdalia Hernandez. Stoltzfus’ parents are Albert and Tracy Stoltzfus.

Robert W. Zimmerman, of 14 Mylin Ave., Willow Street, and Michele Christine Wilson, same address.

Benjamin Metzler, of 729 W. Sunhill Road, Manheim, and Dana Hostetter, of 837 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim. Metzler’s parents are Mark and Kim Metzler. Hostetter’s parents are Marc and Kimberly Hostetter.

Benjamin Rivera-Cruz, of 434 E. King St., and Kenia Elena Rosario De Heredia, same address.

Jonah S. Davis, of 549 Burham Court, and Stephanie Lee Dorsey, same address.

Nathan Michael Howard, of 1451 Crums Mill Road, Harrisburg, and Jessica Lauren Mahler, same address. Howard’s parents are Michael Dennis and Heidi Anne Howard. Mahler’s parents are Gerald Patrick and Lauren Marie Mahler.

Kyle James Banner, of 37 Kreider Ave., and Lily Grace Myers, same address. Banner’s parents are Devin Banner and Hope Graby. Myers’ parents are Doug Homer and Carmen Marie Myers.

Johnny Cancel Torres, of 1638 Mussula Road, Towson, Md., and Kaely Anne Sigafoos, of 118 Huntingwood Drive. Cancel Torres’ parents are Luis Alfredo Concepcion and Luz Maria Cruddy. Siagfoos’ parents are Fred Andrew and Kathleen Anne Sigafoos.

Timothy Jamarr Hough Allen, of 5302 Paddle Way, Marietta, and Heather Marie Hartman, same address.

Mustafa Kadhim Jaafar Alsadi, of 868 W. Main St., New Holland, and Jessica Devitry Barge, same address.

Anthony Michael Louis Staffieri, of 500 Creek Corner Drive, Apt. 24, Ephrata, and Morgan Nicole Almodovar, same address.

Steven Phillip Brown, of 409 E. Main St., P.O. Box 325, Terre Hill, and Tricia Renee Baugher, same address. Brown’s parents are Phillip Steven and Cynthia Diane Brown. Baugher’s parents are Raymond Edward and Phyllis Ann Baugher.

Guelord Matamba, of 1730 S. Dover St., Philadelphia, and Mami Zena, of 213 E. Clay St. Matamba’s parents are Mukendi Tshaba and Kabedi Wivinne. Zena’s parents are Fataki Kashuli and Cishahayo Violete.

Winston A. Otanez-Frias, of 6718 Bustleston Ave., Philadelphia, and Yinette Elizabeth Disla Beato, same address.

Tyler Franklin Dameron, of 131 Spencer Circle, Forest Hill, Md., and Katie Marie Davis, same address. Dameron’s parents are Robert and Pamela Rena Dameron. Davis’ parents are Paul Granville and Dawn Marie Davis.

Trevor Lehman, of 1 Masters Drive, Denver, and Nadine Gbur, of 511 Westview Drive, Akron. Lehman’s parents are Michael Lee and Sheri Lehman. Gbur’s parents are John and Mary Jo Gbur.

Eric Charles Brought, of 3308 River Road, Conestoga, and Lindsey Nicole Myers, same address. Brought’s parents are Alvin Charles and Donna Brought. Myers’ parents are Gregory George Myers and Judi Lynn Brendle.

Justin Carl Pallas, of 237 W. Walnut St., and Shannon R. Yordy, same address. Pallas’ parents are Anthony Max Pallas and Deborah Lee Aulisio. Yordy’s parents are Donald Eugene and Dorotha Marie Yordy.

John Paul Hartman, of 5631 Street Road, Kirkwood, and Lisa Probst Waltman, of 1732 Fern Glen Drive, Drumore. Hartman’s parents are John and Christine Gloria Hartman. Waltman’s parents are Kenneth Harold and Evelyn Richardson Probst.

Benuel Jay Beiler, of 1270 Springville Road, East Earl, and Sylvia Ann Ebersol, of 73 Hess Road, Leola.

Timothy Jacob Ingle, of 632 Second St., and Julia Anne Wanner, of 951 Virginia Ave. Ingle’s parents are Ronald Kimery and Angela Orange Ingle. Wanner’s parents are Leroy Lamont and Sherri Lynn Wanner.

Jared Kristopher Arnold, of 351 Little Elk Creek Road, Lincoln University, and Gabriella Maurine McGarvey, of 92 Railway Drive, Kirkwood. Arnold’s parents are Edward Waltman and Lauren Diane Arnold. McGarvey’s parents are Joseph Patrick McGarvey and Yvonne Jean Diciccio.

Duc T. Nguyen, of 215 E. Clay St., and Haifa Mohammad, same address.

Nathan William Arndt, of 617 N. Queen St., Apt. 1, and Ashley Marie Almoney, same address. Arndt’s parents are Rodney David and Donna Mary Arndt. Almoney’s parents are Michael Craig Almoney and Connie Rae Lowry.

Michael Joseph Dowdy, of 75 Tresser Blvd., Unit 521, Stamford, Conn., and Christina Marie Benson, same address. Dowdy’s parents are William Curtis and Lisa Marie Dowdy. Benson’s parents are Philip Donald and Susan Rena Benson.

Evan James Costello, of 1215 Pennsy Road, Pequea, and Rachel Nicole Pergolese, same address. Costello’s parents are Joseph William and Dana Eileen Costello. Pergolese’s parents are Mark Anthony and Kelly Lynn Pergolese.

Andrew Nigel Roberts, of 37 Colonial Crest Drive, and Jessica Helen Ridley, same address. Roberts’ parents are Andrew Nigel Roberts and Lydia Raquel Davis. Ridley’s parents are Hilton Morris and Dona Gay Ridley.

Ryan Christopher Bannon, of 275 Resh Road, Reinholds, and Brandi Ann Welker, same address. Bannon’s parents are Robert Henry and Linda Ann Bannon. Welker’s parents are Dennis Michael Welker and Christina Joe Broadwell.

Michael Allen Denmyer, of 2604 Elm Court, Dover, and Deanna Lee Bentz, same address. Denmyer’s parents are Frank Lee Freeland and Frances Louise Miller. Bentz’s parents are Edward Michael Miller and Brenda Lee Oyler.

Gary Lee Latham, of 11 Nottingham Road, Nottingham, and Brenda Gayle Moore, same address.

Chrisayer Antonio Jefferson, of 957 Forest Hill Road, Stevens, and Miao Yu, same address Jefferson’s mother is Crystal Alexandria Jefferson.

Brady Joseph Jester, of 304 Gridley Road, and Eleanor Grace Farley, same address. Jester’s parents are James William and Leslie Jo Jester. Farley’s parents are Stephen Craig and Sharon Forrester Farley.

George Allen Wagner, of 441 Main St., Bernville, and Jessica Lynn Heilman, of 34 E. Summit St., Mohnton. Wagner’s parents are George Allen Wagner and Roxanne Holben. Heilman’s parents are James Dean Heilman and Connie Marie Mintzer.

Devin James Bowers, of 223 S. Market St., Mount Joy, and Sierra Brittany Bedwell, same address. Bowers’ parents are Raun James Bowers and Christine Hahn. Bedwell’s parents are Erik Jason Bedwell and Joy Lynn Gibbs.

John Joseph Wendling, no address provided, and Kaitlin Jo Ponchione, no address provided. Wendling’s parents are John Richard and Michele Elizabeth Wendling. Ponchione’s parents are George Albert and Kimberly Jo Ponchione.

Bobby Joe Pierce, of 204 S. Seventh St., Akron, and Amber Louise Ream, same address. Pierce’s mother is Brenda Wilcox. Ream’s father is Michael V. Ream.

Andrew Walsh, of 15 Fernsler Drive, Quarryville, and Rachel Colleen Lee, same address. Walsh’s parents are John Peter and Wendy Walsh. Lee’s parents are Gregory Lee Walsh and Judith Markford Gitomer.

David R. Bauman, of 660 N. Pier Drive, and Linda W. Taylor, same address. Bauman’s parents are Harold E. and Elizabeth A. Bauman. Taylor’s parents are Robert E. and Nelli J. Wright.

Steven Robert Bullock, of 380 Yummerdall Road, Lititz, and Allison Kristine Kulp, of 695 Bedington Circle, Manheim. Bullock’s parents are Brad Leslie and Elizabeth Ann Bullock. Kulp’s parents are Amos Kelly and Barbara Ann Kulp.

Ronald Garrido-Mora, of 230 1/2 W. Walnut St., Apt. 1, and Vanessa Priscila Davila Camino, same address.

Edward James Lee, of 25 Earl Lane, Lititz, and Sara Louise Miller, same address. Lee’s parents are Edward Robert Lee and Lori Ann Young. Miller’s parents are Jamie Brent Miller and Tina Marie Prater.

Walter Hans Bauer, of 2337 Poplar St., Narvon, and Stephanie M. Akers, same address.

Douglas Andrew Macrae, of 303 Hilltop Road, Strasburg, and Ashley Elizabeth Taylor, same address. Macrae’s parents are John and Signe Macrae. Taylor’s mother is Kim Marie Taylor.

Terry Michael Frey, of 104 Hempfield St., Washington Boro, and Tammie Lee Christopherson, of 2550 Ironville Pike, Apt. A, Columbia. Frey’s parents are John Kurvin and Nancy Irene Frey. Christopherson’s parents are Gary Saupe and Carol Mueller.

Justin Grant Shirk, of 164 S. Market St., Ephrata, and Julia Kay Stauffer, 92 Westpointe Lane, Ephrata. Shirk’s parents are Neal Martin and Carla Mae Shirk. Stauffer’s parents are Rick Lee Stauffer and Mary Grace Forney.

Jose Gabriel Lopez Santiago, of 933 Maple Ave., and Natalie Yaris Felicano Garcia, same address. Lopez Santiago’s parents are Pedro Nelson Lopez Rivera and Teresa Angelica Santiago Padilla.

Timothy Wade Rohrer, of 1230 Seglock Road, Lititz, and Michelle Rae Wagner, of 485 Kendig Drive, Manheim. Rohrer’s parents are Wilbur and Judith Rohrer. Wagner’s parents are Gerald Clair and Carolyn Jane Faus.

Alexis Santiago, of 3040 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, and Lillian Yvette Rosario, same address. Santiago’s parents are Noel Edgardo Santiago and Maria De Los Angeles Pacheco. Rosario’s parents are Diego Rafael Rosario and Lillian Ivette Pietri.

Aaron Paul Diller, of 119 W. Main St., Apt. C, P.O. 63, Terre Hill, and Kayla Renee Parker, same address. Diller’s parents are Tim Paul and Brandi Marie Diller. Parker’s parents are Thomas Horace and Georgia Jean Parker.

Zachary Glenn Fahenstock, of 1440 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim, and Megan C. Swope, of 2063 Alpha Court, Manheim. Fahenstock’s parents are Dwight Bollinger and Rose Elaine Fahenstock. Swope’s parents are Shawn Lamar and Mary Ellen Swope.

Brian Thomas Stianche, of 827 Center Ave., Ephrata, and Summer Nicole Burkholder, same address. Stianche’s parents are Thomas Stianche and Lisa Ann Renninger.

Solomon Attah Haizel, of 1909 Oregon Pike, Apt. E9, and Lois Esaa Anti, same address. Haizel’s parents are Richard Haizel and Helen Lamptey. Anti’s parents are William and Elizabeth Anti.

Marvin James King, of 120 Sadsbury Ave., Christiana, and Angela Marie Fisher, of 971 Simmontown Road, Gap. King’s parents are Emmanuel and Mary Ann King. Fisher’s parents are Amos B. and Martha Fern Fisher.

Adrian Urena, of 123 Hess Blvd., and Emma May Doman, same address.

Riley Joseph Shaak, of 659 Fremont St., and Olivia Leigh Barnhurst, same address. Shaak’s parents are Kerry Dean and Shelly Jean Shaak. Barnhurst’s parents are Harry Warren and Joyce Ann Barnhurst.

Joseph Brett Kolk, of 328 Tumblestones Drive, Mount Joy, and Madison Brooke Hamric, same addres. Kolk’s parents are Brett Daniel and Hollee Ann Kolk. Hamric’s parents are David Wayne and Karen Sue Hamric.

Jayvon Daniel Ramirez, of 517 W. Vine St., and Kayla Analise Santiago, of 411 Laurel St.

Jonathan Nieves, of 243 Perry St., Columbia, and Coralis Janie Perez Torres, of 71 Bradford Drive, Leola.

 Donovan Michael Greenya, of 307 W. Market St., Marietta, and Tamra Ann Arroyo, same address. Greenya’s parents are Trevor Leas and Angela Greenya. Arroyo’s parents are Craig Alan and Kimberly Ann Arroyo.

Keith Laverne Beiler, of 324 Church St., and Hayley Marie Kauffman, same address. Beiler’s parents are Marlin and Naomi Beiler. Kauffman’s parents are Brian Eugene Kauffman and Sarah Louise Gee.

Sean Francis Sullivan, of 349 N. George St., Millersville, and Alexis-Cheyenne Cecile Powders, same address. Sullivan’s parents are James Joseph and Kathleen Maureen Sullivan. Powders’ parents are Steven Kyle Kenworthy and Trudy Lyn Powders.

Steven M. Rhoades, of 6 Azalea Court, Manchester, and Morgan E. Berger, same address. Rhoades’ parents are David and Linda Rhoades. Berger’s parents are James Berger and Suzanne Upton.

Samuel Alexander Rotella, of 142 Tom Ave., Apt. B, Ephrata, and Felicia Janae Bolt, same address. Rotella’s parents are Samuel Alexander and Deborah Kay Rotella. Bolt’s parents are Frederick Thomas and Amy Jayne Bolt.

Caleb Patrick Setlock, of 5301 Paddle Way, Lititz, and Laura Hackman, same address. Setlock’s parents are Brian Joseph Setlock and Robin Lynn Felty. Hackman’s parents are Scott and Sarah Hackman.

Alton Sinclair, of 4561 Sequoia Drive, Apt. A278, Harrisburg, and Bianca Renee Jackson, of 1717 Swarr Run Road, Apt. K101. Sinclair’s parents are Alton and Cheryl Sinclair. Jackson’s parents are Booker T. Jackson and Bernice Montgomery.

Cody James Martin, of 427 W. Main St., Unit 2, New Holland, and Shiann Marie Wright, same address. Martin’s parents are Chadwick Steven and Nicole Lauretta Martin. Wright’s parents are Brian Loni and Jodi Ann Obryant.

Gracen James Herr, of 180 Fairview Road, Kirkwood, and Austin William Wagner, of 9 E. Fourth St., Quarryville. Herr’s parents are Abram Dale and Casey Funk Herr. Wagner’s parents are Joseph William and Brooke Campbell Wagner.

Thomas Lee Wombles, of 508 Martin Ave., Mount Joy, and Alyssa Janette Scharff, same address. Wombles’ parents are Nestor Luis and Claudia Mercedes Santana.

Cody Christopher Gerz, of 749 Lampeter Road, and Samantha Nicole Waldrop, same address. Gerz’s parents are Joseph and Donna Gerz. Waldrop’s parents are Danny C. and Becky Marie Waldrop.

William G. Stullken, of 316 Aspin Drive, Oxford, and Sharon K. Gudgell, same address.

Aquilino Amparo, of 426 Nevin St., and Norma Del Rosario Garica, 728 New Holland Ave.

Nathanial Kent Trostle, of 120 Woodcrest Lane, Stevens, and Hailey Marie Kalpokas, same address. Trostle’s parents are James L. and Evelyn C. Trostle. Kalpokas’ parents are Damien Q. and Diane M. Kalpokas.

Nicholas Richard Sama, of 5895 Knobby Hill Road, Narvon, and Brooke Alexa Martin, of 1 Thisle Down Lane, Lincoln University. Sama’s parents are Richard V. and Eileen M. Sama. Martin’s parents are Lance and Amy Martin.

Robert Lee Hoover, of 1110 Strawberry Run, Reading, and Rebecca Erin Delong, same address. Hoover’s parents are Lee and Dorothy Hoover. Delong’s parents are Dean and Lori Delong.

Yuranis Ledesma-Gomez, of 1720 Judie Lane, Apt. G, and Yuleydi Lopez Dominguez, same address.

Richard James Groff, of 340 Walnut St., Apt. 2, Columbia, and Kayla Jada Rose Cina, same address.

Daniel Benjamin Martin, of 2290 Leaman Road, and Liana Elizabeth Horst, of 984 Glenview Drive, Denver. Martin’s parents are Benjamin and Darlene Martin. Horst’s parents are Larry and Debbie Horst.

Christopher Marcellus Ward, 525 W. Frederick St., and Sydney Kalyn Farrell, same address. Ward’s parents are Steven Christopher and Laurie Ann Ward. Farrell’s parents are Jonathan Patrick Farrell and Wendy Lee Barley.

John J. Pitts, of 103 N. Queen St., Abbottstown, and Mary E. Dettinburn, same address.

Logan Cole Rutt, of 20 N. Farmersville Road, Ephrata, and Tamra Lauren Martin, of 2455 W. Main St., Ephrata. Rutt’s parents are Larry E. and Beverly A. Rutt. Martin’s parents are Larry J. and Judy L. Martin.

Luke William Emling, of 5800 Woodlawn Green Court, Apt. E, Alexandria, Va., and Erika Denise Scheffler, same address. Emling’s mother is Christina Jean Emling. Scheffler’s parents are Scott and Denise Scheffler.

Adriana Beatriz Perez Ramos, of 1850 Harrisburg Ave., Mount Joy, and Edyn Hernan Morales Orantes, same address.

Ryan Corey Edmunds, of 584 Greenfield Road, and Emma M. Laseta, of 1590 Main St., Whiteford, Md. Edmunds’ parents are Leroy Parson and Kelly Lynn Edmunds. Laseta’s parents are Grant Andrew Laseta and Denise Marie Kuegler.

Greg Scott Icenhour, of 645 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, and Casey Ann Bilger, same address. Icenhour’s parents are Kevin Scott Icenhour and Corrie Marie Walton. Bilger’s parents are Gerald Lee and Rachel Ann Bilger.

Ian Hertz, of 2766 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Rebecca Lincoln, same address. Hertz’s parents are Steven Hertz and Kelly Dewire. Lincoln’s parents are Charles Lincoln and Karen Graycon.

Jonathan Alexander Law, 11 Cobblestone Court, Stevens, and Arielle Eileen Phillips, same address. Law’s parents are Robert and Jane Veronica Law. Phillips’ parents are Wesley Leroy and Dionne Stacey Phillips.

Nolan Robert Plantz, of 914 Harvestview North, Mount Joy, and Natalie Judith Lepri, same address. Plantz’s mother is Melissa Plantz. Lepri’s parents are Lois Francesco and Judith Ann Lepri.

Kristina Marie Hahn, of 207 Copley Ave., Teaneck, N.J., and Marissa Brooke Scanapieco, of 792 Saddle River Road, Saddle Brook, N.J. Hahn’s parents are Edward William and Deborah Ann Hahn. Scanapieco’s parents are Kenneth Charles Scanapieco and Kim Scanapieco.

Ruben Morales, of 73 Fairfield Ave., Apt. 2, Lawrenceville, N.J., and Nicole Marie Nystrom, same address. Morales’ parents are Celso Morales and Esperanza Gonzalez. Nystrom’s parents are Robert John and Gina Marie Nystrom.

Phillip Carl Leis, of 58 Dawkins Drive, East Earl, and Dawn Lynn Baughman, same address. Leis’ parents are Helmut Karl and Phyllis Catherine Leis. Baughman’s parents are Leslie Neal Rhodes and Linda Jean Deshong.

Robert Charles Haas, of 150 Foxchase Drive, Elizabethtown, and Tawanda Lashalle Jackson, same address. Haas’ parents are Robert Charles and Theresa Lynn Haas. Jackson’s parents are Raymond Louis and Lettye Patricia Jackson.

Benjamin Levi Ballard, of 1110 Grove Ave., Apt. 3, Richmond, Va., and Elizabeth Morgan Renner, same address. Ballard’s parents are Bruce Ballard and Eve Bareholtz. Renner’s parents are Fred Herbert and Mary Weaver.

Daniel Eugene Tierney, of 226 S. West St., Alexandria, Va., and Megan Emma Erb, same address. Tierney’s parents are Ray and Annette Tierney. Erb’s parents are Kevin and Barbara Erb.

Irvin Levon Nesmith, of 278 Kentshire Drive, and Anna Louisa Rodriguez, same address. Nesmith’s parents are Freddie and Jannie Nesmith. Rodriguez’s parents are Bonifacio and Nereida Rodriguez.

Chadwick Ray Yoder, of 32 Londonvale Road, Gordonville, and Madison Paige Fritz, of 6321 White Oak Road, Christiana. Yoder’s parents are Brian and Deb Yoder. Fritz’s parents are Timothy and Carol Fritz.

Dylan Anthony Yates, of 406 Dohner Drive, and Brendaliz Bonilla, same address. Yates’ parents are Anthony Yates and Dawn Plyler. Bonilla’s parents are Junior Pichardo and Mayra Bonilla-Perez.

Anthony Joseph Lombardo, of 190 Turtlepoint Lane, Thorndale, and Samantha M. Pagan, same address. Lombardo’s parents are Anthony Steven and Diane Marie Lombardo. Pagan’s parents are Juan Antonio Pagan and Danielle Nicole Knight.

William Jacob Johnson, of 2161 Rice Road, and Marleigh Alaina Warner, same address. Johnson’s parents are Jeffery and Danielle Johnson. Warner’s parents are Michael Warner and Jennifer Lynn Hart.

Leonard Wayne Weiszgerber, of 306 Rudy Dam Road, Lititz, and Lauren Elizabeth Mcallister, same address. Weiszgerber’s parents are Leonard Waye Weiszgerber and Jennifer McLaughlin. Mcallister’s parents are Thomas and Donna Marie Mcallister.

Matthew Robert Kobie, of 2444 Cypress Drive, and Brenda Michelle Sheffi Brenner, of 1399 Bowmansville Road, Apt. 1, Mohnton. Kobie’s parents are David R. and Julia R. Kobie. Brenner’s parents are Gerald Donald and Michelle Renee Brenner.

Alan Clyde Platt, of 15 Rush Drive, New Providence, and Pamela A. McDonald, of 145 Bentley Lane. Platt’s parents are Clyde Leroy and Ruth Platt. McDonald’s parents are Robert I. and Margot L. Martin.

Desmond Wayne Johnson-Myers, of 200 Stone Mill Road, Apt. G122, and Kiersten Kayla Yale, same address. Johnson-Myers’ parents are Rodney Wayne Myers and Parestine Johnson. Yale’s parents are Joshua Michael Elliot and Patricia Sue Ault.

Brandon Russell Smith, of 795 S. Main St., Spring City, and Kathryn Elizabeth Dailey, same address. Smith’s parents are John Solomon and Mary Ellen Smith. Dailey’s parents are Michael Dailey and Carla Aldrich.

Andrew James Spagnolo, of 2801 S. Brahma Blvd., Apt. 1H, Kingsville, Texas, and Catherine Scott Armiger, same address. Spagnolo’s parents are Francis John and Geralyn Francis Spagnolo. Armiger’s parents are Scott Andrew Armiger and Lauren Whittaker.

Thomas Joseph Koch, 1854 Pool Forge, and Catherine Ann Gavin, same address. Koch’s parents are Eugene Chester and Wanda Theresa Koch. Gavin’s parents are Dean Kenneth and Louise Eileen Gladfelter.

Mohammad Barat Yaqubi, of 526 Woodward St., and Tahmina Yaqubi, same address.

Daniel Richard Gappa, of 1717 Zarker Road, and Beth E. Keller, of 1736 Glen Brook Ave. Gappa’s parents are Frank Joseph and Gloria Jean Gappa. Keller’s parents are John Frederick and Joan Elizabeth Shoffstall.

Ryan Christopher Sammet, of 113 Banyan Circle Drive, and Brittany Nicole Lookenbill, same address. Sammet’s parents are Randall Carl and Cathy Rose Sammet. Lookenbill’s parents are Donald and Valerie Lookenbill.

Jacob Dillan June, of 50 Foreman Road, Elizabethtown, and Victoria Marie Hansen, of 410 Waverly Woods Drive, Harrisburg. June’s parents are Wade Eric and Melissa Lee June. Hansen’s parents are David Carl Hassen and Jennifer Lynn Gebhard.

Ismel Rodriguez-Camacho, of 1510 Swarr Run Road, Apt. D102, and Barbara Gallardo-Vasallo, same address.

Steven Jay Fisher, 901 Swan Road, Atglen, and Marilyn Stoltzfus, of 881 Peters Road, New Holland. Fisher’s parents are John M. and Barbi Ann Fisher. Stoltzfus’ parents are John S. and Miriam Stoltzfus.

Alejandro Escobar Tejedor, of 5 Turnbridge Drive, and Ellen Maria Neuman Clavijo, same address. Escobar Tejedor’s father is Orevis Escobar. Neuman Clavijo’s parens are Richard Luis Neuman and Valeria Patricia Clavijo.

Brent Alan Becker, of 1043 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Sue Ellen Wallace, same address. Becker’s parents are Henry Faus Becker and Beverly Ann Myers. Wallace’s parents are John Milo Erney and Patricia Ellen Sweitzer.

Breck Edan Ford, of 110 Coachman Drive, Rising Sun, Md., and Braden Craig Thomas, of 1302 England Creamery Road, Rising Sun, Md. Ford’s parents are Royal Enfield and Melanie Luebke Ford. Thomas’ parents are Craig Allen and Deborah Joy Thomas.

Michael James Stoltzfus, of 234C N. Harvest Road, Ronks, and Kathryn Rose Beiler, of 5883 Plank Road, Gap.

Marcus Carstens, of 301 Russo Way, Apt. I, Bel Air, Md., and Yanira Soto, same address. Soto’s parents are Manuel and Rosenda Soto.

Kyle James Stoltzfus, of 550 Martic Heights Drive, Holtwood, and Brandie Nicole Temple, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Barry and Kristi Stoltzfus. Temple’s father is Charles N. Temple.

Scott Dale Florek, of 188 Willow Drive, Jackson Township, and Coral Aubrey Mckee, same address. Florek’s parents are Douglas Allen and Donna Michelle Florek. Mckee’s parents are Robert Mckee and Cheryl Martin.

Victor Ortiz, of 516 Airport Road, New Holland, and Glendalee Santiago, same address.

Anthony Stas Harmer, of 603 Manor St., rear, and Keiana Nemira Sampson, same address. Harmer’s parents are Charles John and Ramona Danielle Harmer. Sampson’s mother is Vanessa Paula Rucker.

Benjamin Garrett Robertson, of 83 Fieldcrest Lane, Ephrata, and Alanna Marie Miller, same address. Robertson’s parents are Steven Alan Robertson and Andrea Marie Smith. Miller’s parents are Brent Richard and Angela Marie Miller.

Christopher James Cuartas, of 653 S. Queen St., and Mirnalys Perez, same address. Cuartas’ parents are Hernan Cuartas and Melissa May Skaggs. Perez’s parents are Edgardo Perez and Bethzaida Rodriguez.

Anthony Jimenez, of 625 Main St., Denver, and Chelsea Ann Grischott, same address.

Frank Daniel Monberger, of 102 Kettle Lane, Douglassville, and Ryan William Richards, same address. Monberger’s parents are Francis Scott and Sharon Ann Monberger. Richards’ parents are William Walter and Brenda Mae Richards.

Donald Howard Everetts, no address provided, and Caitlin Bree Blazier, no address provided. Everetts’ parents are Howard William Everetts and Anna Marie Fayette. Blazier’s parents are Michael Martin Blazier and Kathleen Barbara Nemerofsky.

Coty Tarr, of 108 Watershed Way, East Stroudsburg, and Ashlee Gray, same address. Tarr’s mother is Peggy Tarr. Gray’s parents are Tim and Diane Gray.

Carson Watt Kegerreis, of 105 N. Waterford Ave., Marietta, and Andrea Elizabeth Angelucci, same address. Kegerreis’ mother is Jan Claire Watt. Angelucci’s parents are Robert Dominic and Rita Mae Angelucci.

Daryl William Supplee, of 151 Reservoir Road, Strasburg, and Maxine Elizabeth Tenga, same address. Supplee’s parents are Daryl William and Kristine Nicol Supplee. Tenga’s parents are Robert Francis and Linda Potts Tenga.

Brian Daniel Dieffenderfer, 385 Crosswinds Drive, Lititz, and Maria Liana Ycint Clarke, same address. Dieffenderfer’s parents are Gary Lee and Audrey Elizabeth Dieffenderfer. Clarke’s parents are Alberto Merino and Rita Clarke.

Tyler James Burkhart, of 8 Jubilee Park, Peach Bottom, and Makayla Lynn Schaeffer, same address. Burkhart’s parents are Randy Wallace and Michelle Sweigart. Schaeffer’s parents are Edward Kerry Schaeffer and Carrie Sprangler.

Channing Hou, of 1037 Steeplechase Drive, and Rebecca Anne Sauer, of 3895 Highway 64 NE, New Salisbury, Ind. Hou’s parents are Jhygong Gabriel Hou and Shuhua Lee Hou. Sauer’s parents are Joseph Robert and Helen Cynthia Sauer.

Tyion Marques Wilson, 182 Stone House Lane, Apt. F, Columbia, and Odalys Andino-Castro, same address. Andino-Castro’s parents are Orlando Andino and Daisy Y Castro-Reyes.

Wendell Parke Miller Baer, of 124 Yoder Road, Bainbridge, and Carissa Elizabeth Luginbill, of P.O. Box 395, Westbrookville, N.Y. Baer’s parents are James and Valerie Baer. Luginbill’s parents are Douglas Ray and Paula Jean Luginbill.

Michael John Tognarini, of 917 Columbia Ave., Suite 413, and Magno Eltha Gelin, same address. Tognarini’s mother is Pam Wingler. Gelin’s parents are Amos and Rosemene Jean Gelin.

Brandon Scott Beedle, of 391 Colonial Crest Drive, and Jennifer Marie Carr, of 67 Four Oaks Road, Pequea. Beedle’s parents are Kenneth Scott and Kerry Beedle. Carr’s parents are Joseph John and Dawn Michelle Carr.

Raymond Francis Hottenstein, of 33 Karen Court, Lititz, and Trisha Anne Townsley, same address. Hottenstein’s parents are Raymond Francis and Susan Louise Hottenstein. Townsley’s parents are Thomas Lee and Lisa Marie Townsley.

Kevin Samuel Gang, of 4553 Glenn Way SW, No. 301, Seattle, Wash., and Joslin Frances Sellers, same address. Gang’s parents are Keith Allan and Mary Schbert Gang. Sellers’ parents are Mark Andrew and Tara Williams Sellers.

Adam Joseph Scholl, of 162 E. Park St., Elizabethtown, and Marissa Faith Bechtold, same address. Scholl’s parents are Kent and Joelle Scholl. Bechtold’s parents are Shane Anthony Bechtold and Suzanne Marie Hertzog.

Andrew W. Wesler, of 9611 Castle Point Drive, Unit 921, Sarasota, Fla., and Dawn Leeann Cooper, of 504 Greenhedge Drive. Wesler’s parents are Mark H. and Marilyn A. Wesler. Cooper’s parents are Carmen Richard and Melanie Marie Baciotti.

Thomas Austin Fowler, of 1743 Gosnell Road, Apt. 102, Vienna, Va., and Tiffany Linh Thuy Dao, same address. Fowler’s parents are Wyman and Cheryl Fowler. Dao’s parents are Uyen and Mai Dao.

George D. Lewis, of 8064 Michener Ave., Philadelphia, and Verma Riddick, of 1841 N. 28th St., Philadelphia. Lewis’ parents are George W. and Thelma L. Lewis.

Andrew Julian Berlucchi, no address provided, and Sara Kate Bontoyan, no address provided. Berlucchi’s parents are Scott Andrew and Aileen Josephina Berlucchi. Bontoyan’s parents are Warren Wendell and Michelle Bontoyan.

Edwin Rodriguez, of 1121 Muhlenberg St., Reading, and Ivette Rodriguez, of 608 Bermuda Road.

Ian Ronald Newswanger, of 116 Blue Rock Road, Millersville, and Corinne Paige Enck, same address. Newswanger’s parents are Eric and Kimberly Newswanger. Enck’s parents are Dean and Jennifer Enck.

Hayden Lawrence Crutchfield, of 871 Clearview Ave., Apt. 242, Ephrata, and Christina Rae Baker, same address. Crutchfield’s parents are Clarence Jackson Crutchfield and Margaret Jada Whicker. Baker’s parents are Barry Lee and Luz Christina Baker.

Alexander Lopez Almenas, of 522 Misty Drive, Apt. 1, and Maria Justina Solano Hernandez, same address. Lopez Almenas’ parents are Alexander Lopez Cruz and Juana Almenas Gonzalez. Solano Hernandez’s parents are Sixto Andres Solano Diaz and Josefina Del Carmen Hernandez Placencia.

Jason Scott Boyd, of 568 Chestnut St., Columbia, and Emily Rose Dietz, same address. Boyd’s parents are Jason Scott Boyd and Marty Boyd-Gray.

Thomas Edward Knickman, of 3854 Jarrettsville Pike, Jarrettsville, Md., and Stephanie Lyn Palazzo, of 3541 Meadow View Road, Manheim. Knickman’s parents are Edward Thomas and Carol Ann Knickman. Palazzo’s parents are Richard Joseph and Lynne Herweh Palazzo.

Noah Tear Sohne, 278 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jenna Elizabeth Dietrich, same address. Sohne’s parents are Marshall Jay Sohne and Ellen Rebecca Fried.

David William Snowberger, of 726 Aspen Lane, Lebanon, and Stacey Lynn Joy, same address Snowberger’s parents are David William and Carmella Ann Snowberger. Joy’s parents are Keith Allen and Rowena Kay Hyndman.

Victor L. Toney, of 993 Olive St., Coatesville, and Celia Y. Turner, same address.

Austin Cody King, of 1908 Millersville Pike, and Amanda Maria Vergara, same address. King’s parents are Christopher and Missie King. Vergara’s parents are Modesto Antonio and Frances Ann Vergara.

Andrew Michael Leed, of 20 Charlestown Road, and Emily Chantal Holmes, of 2771 Stevens Summit Drive, Columbia. Leed’s parents are John Howard and Nancy Marie Leed. Holmes’ parents are Theodore Bewsey and Susan Jacinthe Holmes.

Bryant Joseph Hughes, of 135 Bruaw Drive, York, and Kayla Renee Souders, same address. Hughes’ parents are Vincent Joseph and Jenny Lynn Hughes. Soders’ parents are Keith and Renee Rahe Souders.

Michelle Anna Rutt, of 1824 Harrisburg Ave., Mount Joy, and Brianna Lynn Geiner, same address. Rutt’s parents are Jere Lin Rutt and Ruth Elizabeth Henry. Geiner’s parents are Richard Max and Barbara Ann Geiner.

Michael Earl Blewitt, of 975 Fruitville Pike, Lititz, and Meghan Amber Kennedy, same address. Blewitt’s parents are John and Teresa Blewitt. Kennedy’s parents are Brian Thomas and Denise Kennedy.

Daniel Lee Lundvall, of 123 Sherfield Court, Elizabethtown, and Laurajo M. Funck, same address.

Todd Martin Bradsby, of 103 Fox Den Court, Cary, N.C., and Carol Ann Younger, same address. Bradsby’s parents are Richard Allen and Phyllis Elain Bradsby. Younger’s parents are Andrew Jackson Younger and Mary Elizabeth Donald.

Hector Luis Rivera-Deleon, of 1116 Oley St., Reading, and Glendaliz Velez, of 223 Hazel St., Apt. B.

Md Sayed Uddin, of 123 Johns Road, Cheltanham, and Ruhama Akther Chowdhury, same address.

Shavon Lavon Eash, of 231 Washington Ave., Fl. 1, Ephrata, and Alyssa Kaitlin Deiter, of 22 Apple Blossom Drive. Eash’s parents are Stanley Lavon and Brenda Sue Eash. Deiter’s parents are Kevin Eugene and Coleen Marie Deiter.

Kurt Thomas Whiteman, of 547 Philadelphia Ave., King of Prussia, and Pamela Martin Del Campo Ruiz, same address. Whiteman’s parents are Thomas Alan and Lori Beth Whiteman. Martin Del Campo Ruiz’s parents are Jose Luis Martin Del Campo and Martha Patricia Ruiz Mancera.

Daniel Goshorn, of 2513 Blacksmith Way, East Petersburg, and Marjorie Supplee, same address. Goshorn’s parents are Richard Melvin and Cynthia Gail Goshorn. Supplee’s parents are Garry and Judith Supplee.

Joshua Matthew Tingley, of 10141 Lee Vista Blvd., Apt. 5203, Orlando, Fla., and Sarah Elizabeth Doyle, same address. Tingley’s parents are Robert Harold McCoy and Judi Marie Tingley. Doyle’s mother is Susan Anne Doyle.

Donald Clinton Wilfong, of 4401 N. Fourth St. N, Apt. 126, Arlington, Va., and Rachel Lyn Wolpert, same address. Wilfong’s parents are Donald Clinton and Amelia Heafner Wilfong. Wolpert’s parents are George Henry and Margie Ann Wolpert.

Ed Sanchez, of 3601 Esteponia Ave., Doral, Fla., and Lorena Escobar Quintero, of 1920 William Penn Way.

John Stephen D’Amico, of 255 Lexington Ave., 3R, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Kathryn Kent Allison, same address. D’Amico’s parents are Donald and Kathy D’Amico. Allison’s parent are Gregory Scott and Susan Allison.