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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Jose Ernesto Jiminian Reynoso, of 769 Scarsdale Circle, and Michelle Gonzalez, of 2840 Bailey Ave., B50, Bronx, N.Y. Jiminian Reynoso’s parents are Jose Jiminian and Flor Reynoso. Gonzalez’s parents are Luis and Damaris Gonzalez.

Philip J. Miles Sr., of 328 1/2 Coral St., and Danielle L. Brown, same address. Miles’ parents are Henry Miles and the late Evelyn Phillip. Brown’s parents are Lawrence Brown and the late Roberta Anderson.

Esteban Rodriguez Reyes, of 715 S. Plum St., and Josefa Altagarcia Arias Gomez, address unknown. Rodriguez Reyes’ parents are Virgilio Rodriguez and Miguelina Reyes. Altagarcia Arias Gomez’s parents are Jose Atlano Arias and Genoveve Altagarcia Gomez de Arias.

Christopher Ivey, of 11 W. Boehms Road, Willow Street, and Hilary I. Wilson, same address. Ivey’s parents are Carl Ivey and the late Estelle Ivey. Wilson’s parents are Barry and Joan Trout.

Devon Matthew Mateo, of 554 Lafayette St., and Linda Carolina Martin, 27 Groff Road, Annville. Mateo’s parents are Izzy Huertas and Davina Farano. Martin’s parents are Rodney and Sarah Martin.

Barry Lee Jeffries, of 626 Kissel Hill Road, Lititz, and Xiangying Wang, same address. Jeffries’ parents are Ruth Ruppert and the late Jay Jeffries. Wang’s parents are the late Tongsheng Wang and the late Axiu Wang.

Harvey Nelson Fetter, of 3083 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise, and Jude G. Horton, same address. Fetter’s parents are Harry Fetter and Carla Bievens. Horton’s parents are Victor and Lynne Trout.

Robert James Davis Jr., of 111 Rineer Road, Conestoga, and Samantha M. Roberts, same address. Davis’ parents are Robert Sr. and Lori Davis. Roberts’ parents are Kirk Roberts and Brenda Moss.

Brian Keith Leese, of 18 Conestoga Blvd., and Dwayne A. Bell, same addres. Leese’s parents are Marilyn Leese and the late Jack Leese. Bell’s parents are Kenneth Bell and the late Jacqueline Carr.

Zebulon Robert Rineer, of 21 Edie Drive, Denver, and Christine Marie Davidson, of 1127 Main St., Akron. Rineer’s parents are Robert and Donna Rineer. Davidson’s parents are Susan Davidson and the late Michael Davidson.

Mitchell Jordan Stoltzfus, of 1323 Manor Blvd, and Kasey Elizabeth Williams, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Alvin Stoltzfus and the late Hannah Stoltzfus. Williams’ parents are Paul and Tracy Williams.

Mitchell Earl Shultz, of 2441 Scenic Drive, Manheim, and Chloe Marie Whitmyer, same address. Shultz’s parents are Thomas and Dorothy Shultz. Whitmyer’s parents are Timothy Whitmyer and Jennifer Knoll.

Alexander T. McPeak, of 361 E. Main St., Lititz, and Kaitlyn Marie Little, same address. McPeak’s parents are Dean T. and Angela A. McPeak. Little’s parents are Leroy K. Little and Tracey L. Harris.

Heath Daniel Keefer, of 441 New Dorwart St., and Victoria Rose Ranck, same address. Keefer’s parents are Phillip Daniel and Heather Haynes Keefer. Ranck’s parents are Rodney Parke Jr. and Heather Lorraine Ranck.

James Samuel Ellis Jr., of 268 Morgan Drive, Leola, and Carrie Mae Swinehart, same address. Ellis’ parents are James Sr. and Dorothy Ellis. Swinehart’s parents are Jacqueleen Swinehart and the late Bruce Swinehart.

Nikolas Patrick Cramer, of 81 W. Pointe Lane, Ephrata, and Amy Lynn Hankins, same address. Cramer’s parents are George and Patricia Cramer. Hankins’ parents are William and Rochelle Hankins.

Matthew Robert Boyd, of 1106 Spruce St., Columbia, and Morgan Elizabeth Stepanchick, same address. Boyd’s parents are Michael and Lisa Weidner. Stepanchick’s parents are Gary and Karen Stepanchick.

Benjamin Daniel Masters, of 253 Ammon Ave., Elizabethtown, and Summer Jean Shores, same address. Masters’ parents are Jay and Kelly Masters. Shores’ parents are Donald and Beth Shores.

Rabin Subedi, of 420 Manor View Drive, Millersville, and Kabita Basnet, address unknown. Subedi’s parents are Som and Hari Subedi. Basnet’s parents are Kul and Bishnu Basnet.

Edvin Rizvanovic, of 2613 Sutton Place, and Selma Libic, same address. Rizvanovic’s parents are Esad and Semsa Rizvanovic. Libic’s parents are Hasib Halilovic and Kadira Libic.

Kirk L. Colwell, of 2641 Pinch Road, Manheim, and Alexandra Leslie Sage-Heine, same address. Colwell’s parents are William and Lisa Colwell. Sage-Heine’s parents are John Sage-Heine and Doris Sage.

Jeron Antonio Copeland, of 16 Princess Ave., and Carlique Breanna Perry, same address. Copeland’s parents are Tonia Consandra Poole and the late Jerome Allen King. Perry’s parents are Carlton Blaine and Tacey Lapree Perry.