Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

John M. Fitzkee, of 428 Manor St., and Rebecca Mary Roemer, same address. Fitzkee’s parents are the late Thomas Fitzkee Jr. and the late Lillian Fitzkee. Roemer’s parents are Robert Roemer and Constance Ramsay.

Calvin Edward Bent, of 24 N. Broad St., and Leslie M. Suarez-Moralez, of 26 Heron Road, Lititz. Bent’s parents are the late Calvin Edward Bent Sr. and the late Merlen L. Groff. Suarez-Moralez’s parents are Santo Suarez and the late Magaly Moralez.

Austin Duane Miller, of 1060 James Ave., Ephrata, and Rosalyn Marie Stoltzfus, of 225A N. King St., Denver. Miller’s parents are Allen and Carolyn Miller. Stoltzfus’ parents are Christian and Katie Mae Stoltzfus.

Alexander Vincent Brown, of 146 Elmwood Road, and Chyna Ilene Finefrock, same address. Brown’s parents are Richard and Jean Brown. Finefrock’s parents are Troy Finefrock and Tina Stoltzfus.

John R. Bard, of 2565 Butter Road, and Kimberly Nicole Hassler, same address. Bard’s parents are John W. and Karen Bard. Hassler’s parents are George III and Luann Hassler.

John David Wise, of 1373 Hollywood Drive, and Jennifer Ann Leininger, of 133 Cobblestone Lane. Wise’s parents are Esther Lorraine Wise and the late Leroy Wise. Leininger’s parents are Carol Ravel and the late Floyd Ravel.

Michael Kirby Foley, of 355 E. Chestnut St., and Hayley Elizabeth Fornoff, same address. Foley’s parents are Thomas Raymond and Ann Foley. Fornoff’s parents are Stuart and Adrienne Fornoff.

Wesley N. Seibel, of 40 Central Ave., Elmer, N.J, and Karen Louise Auker, of 130 Greenville Road, Denver. Seibel’s parents are Michael and Lois Seibel. Auker’s parents are W. Jay and Carol Auker.

Matthew Benjamin Shroyer, of 125 Roosevelt Blvd, and Adriane Joy Lien, same address. Shroyer’s parents are Wayne and Pam Shroyer. Lien’s parents are Michael and Kimberly Lein.

Kevin Ray Kreider, of 175 Oak Bottom Road, P.O. Box 322, Quarryville, and Courtney Elizabeth Ross, of 270 Little Creek Road. Kreider’s parents are Ray and Bessie Kreider. Ross’ parents are William and Linda Ross.

Chad David Alshouse, of 1817 Old Farm Lane, and Natalie Lynn Good, of 203 S. 10th St., Akron. Alshouse’s parents are David and Renee Alshouse. Good’s parents are Myron and Nevada Good.

Russell Devon Blake, of 113 S. Third St., Columbia, and Caitlin Patricia Brian, same address. Blake’s parents are Russell R. and Wendy G. Blake. Brian’s parents are Dean and Latisha Brian.

Jared Thomas Berner, of 647 High St., and Rachel Leanne Ford, same address. Berner’s parents are Christopher and Andrea Berner. Ford’s parents are Walter and Dawn Ford.

Joel Landis Martin, of 260 Galen Road, Reinholds, and Kayla Joy Haines, of 215 N. Fifth St., Denver. Martin’s parents are Merle and Donna Martin. Haines’ parents are William and Dawn Haines.

Dennis Lee Kreider, of 1001 Chestnut Level Road, Quarryville, and Jill McCleary, same address. Kreider’s parents are the late Clair Kreider and the late Betty Kreider. McCleary’s parents are the late John McCleary and the late Mina McCleary.

David Robert Nicholl, of 74 Pine Grove Road, Nottingham, and Michelle Grace Miller, same address. Nicholl’s parents are William Joseph and Elaine Joyce Nicholl. Miller’s parents are Charles Coleman and Elizabeth Allyn Miller.

Shawn Robert Kaley, of 1176 N. Stricker Road, Manheim, and Kendra Nicole Olson, same address. Kaley’s parents are Robert R. and Renee V. Kaley. Olson’s parents are Tracey N. and Elayne C. Olson.

Scott Elmer Glick, of 314 Beaver Valley Pike, Willow Street, and Cassandra Marie Ippolito, of 129 Chelsea Loop. Glick’s parents are Samuel Lantz and Suzanne Marie Glick. Ippolito’s parents are Frank Peter and Karen Marie Ippolito.

Logan David Dienner, of 1548 Lampeter Road, and Erin Madison Rutt, same address. Dienner’s parents are David and Verna Dienner. Rutt’s parents are David and Melissa Rutt.

Andrew Jacob Zubaly, of 307 Newport Road, Leola, and Jessica Ann Pontius, same address. Zubaly’s parents are William H. and Catherine A. Zubaly. Pontius’ parents are Robert W. Pontius and Margaret A. Glassmyer.

Trevor Elliott Plumley, of 609 Fannie Dorsey Road, Sykesville, Md., and Megan Eileen Fabie, of 148 Ackwood Drive, Seven Valleys. Plumley’s parents are Alan and Carol Plumley. Fabie’s parents are Robert and Jennifer Fabie.

Kevin Charles Lee, of 761 Farnum Road, Lititz, and Melissa Susan Dorsey, same address. Lee’s parents are Ronald and Leslie Lee. Dorsey’s parents are John and Tracy Dorsey.

John Michael Camilleri Jr., of 509 Big Bend Road, and Katrina P. Kresge, same address. Camilleri’s parents are John Sr. and Theresa Camilleri. Kresge’s parent are Phillip and Desi Kresge.

Joshua Michael Resh, of 1908 Old Taneytown Road, Westminister, Md., and Braedyn Elizabeth Gallagher, of 1110 S. Pleasant Valley Road, Westminister, Md. Resh’s parents are James Milton and Zondra Nussbaum Resh. Gallagher’s parents are James Randall and Melissa Ann Gallagher.

Riley Christopher Hearn, of 1935 Wheatland Ave., and Sara Elizabeth Gallo-Cornell, same address. Hearn’s parents are James J. Jr. and Barbara J. Hearn. Gallo-Cornell’s parents are Glenn C. and Amy C. Gallo-Cornell.

Kevin Matthew Garner, of 202 Akron Road, Ephrata, and Crystal G. Bryan, same address. Garner’s parents are David and Karen Garner. Bryan’s parents are Thomas and Sharon Brown.

Anthony David Sinopoli, of 729 Walnut St., Columbia, and Brandie L. Travis, same address. Sinopoli’s parents are David Sinopoli and Debra Rottmund. Travis’ parents are Richard Sturgeon and the late Alicia Zink.

Tommy Lynn Wingard Jr., of 128 Black Bear Road, Apt. A, Quarryville, and Brittany Ann Rhodes, same address. Wingard’s parents are Tommy Wingard Sr. and Tammie Teaman. Rhodes’ parents are James and Lenora Rhodes.

Jeffrey Harold Conners, of 6309 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, and Sheena Faye Nauss, same address. Conners’ parents are Harold and Marie Conners. Nauss’ parents are Stephen Kissinger and Melody Hostetter.

Dylan Delmar Martin, of 1340 Mount Airy Road, Stevens, and Danita Marie Sauder, of 125 Edgewood Drive, New Holland. Martin’s parents are Delmar and Renita Martin. Sauder’s parents are Richard and Barbara Sauder.

Christopher Jacob Barnes, of 3581 Mountain View Drive, Mountville, and Amanda L. Snyder, same address. Barnes’ parents are Albert and Lauren Barnes. Snyder’s parents are Robert and Annette Snyder.

Matthew Craig Seeley, of 313 South Courthouse Road, Arlington, Va., and Jillian Elyse Casey, same address. Seeley’s parents are Harry and Debrogh Seeley. Casey’s parents are Joseph Casey and Diane Grochowski.

David Edwin Giberson, of 204 N. Barbara St., Ephrata, and Jill E. Nye, same address. Giberson’s parents are Mildred Sevast and the late Edwin Giberson. Nye’s parents are James Stettler and Carol Lucas.

Tristan Drew Hertzler, of 3703 Spring Hill Road, Staunton, Wash., and Vanessa Jolene Fisher, of 631 E. Pleasantville Road, Manheim. Hertzler’s parents are Russell A. and Julie M. Hertzler. Fisher’s parents are Reuben E. and Rosella M. Fisher.

Bryan A. Ortenzio, of 675 Royal View Drive, and Catherine Marie Neville, same address. Ortenzio’s parents are Robert and Angela Ortenzio. Neville’s parents are James and Kim Neville.

Benuel Judah Zuck, of 1657 N. Penryn Road, Manheim, and Moriah Lael Ulrich, of 250 Pine View Drive, Denver. Zuck’s parents are Dale T. and Luanne H. Zuck. Ulrich’s parents are Jason J. and Mandy S. Ulrich.

Franklin Henriquez, of 104 Jagger Lane, and Lysandra Felicia Ortiz, of 931 Ironville Pike, Columbia. Henriquez’s parents are Jose Oscar Henriquez and Ruth Estele Argueta. Ortiz’s parents are Rose DeJesus and the late James Ortiz.