Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Rosemberg Vazquez Garcia, of 110 S. Prince St., and Rosalinda Lopez Vazquez, same address. Vazquez Garcia’s parents are Romiro Vazquez Morales and the late Odilia Garcia Hernandes. Lopez Vazquez’s parents are the late Noe Lopez Velazco and the late Luz Angelina Vazquez Espinoza.

Scott A. Neifert, of 1534 Willoughby Circle, Manheim, and Ashley Rose Daihl, same address. Neifert’s parents are Jeffrey and Lamae Neifert. Daihl’s parents are Michael Daihl and Tracy Stewart.

Nicholas E. Skiadas, of 406 Round Hill Lane, and Lisa Marie Houser, same address. Skiadas’ parents are Epamenondas and Patricia Ann Marie Skiadas. Houser’s parents are Larry and Donna Werner.

Alexis Gonzalez, of 402 Lemon St., Apt. 2, and Brenda L. Robles-Crespo, of 905 Union St. Gonzalez’s parents are the late Manuel Gonzalez and the late Carmen Mercodo. Robles-Crespo’s parents are Carlos Robles and Maria Crespo.

Rex Harlow Blevins Jr., of 383 Mill Lane, Port Royal, and Michot Solomon Haileselassie, of 22 Laurie Lane, Morgantown. Blevins’ parents are Rex and Billie Jo Blevins. Haileselassie’s parents are Solomon Haileselassie and Biruane Shibaaw.

Vibul Vick Chhouen, of 445 Judie Lane, Apt. A, and Breanna Rose Alexander, same address. Chhoeun’s parents are Thomas and Chandra Chhoeun. Alexander’s parents are Ricky Alexander and Denise Pyers.

Michael Ellis Harris, of 102 S. Spruce St., Lititz, and Brook Turnbull, same address. Harris’ parents are the late Truman Harris and the late Christen Harris. Turnbull’s parents are Henry and Kathleen Tobias.

Raul Alberto Rodriguez, of 2119 Swarr Run Road, and Summer Anne Wiker, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Raul and Ana Rodriguez. Wiker’s parents are Randy and Gayle Wiker.

Luis D. Rodriguez-Colon, of 24 S. Whisper Lane, New Holland, and Sandra David-Soto, same address. Rodriguez-Colon’s parents are Justo Rodriguez and the late Hilda Colon. David-Soto’s parents are Ramon David and the late Elsa Soto.

James C. Bell, of 4215 Heather Lane, Mount Joy, and Karen Ann Bell, same address. James Bell’s parents are Dale Edward Freeman and Ann L. Lougee. Karen Bell’s parents are Patrick Paul Guerrise and the late Helen Ann Roman.

Paul Michael Rose, of 401 Fairview Ave., Apt. 3, and Noemi I. Lausell, same address. Rose’s parents are Donald Rose and the late Sandra Rose. Lausell’s parents are Mereida Acabeo and the late Jose Rodriguez.

Luis O. Torres Jr., of 39 Coleman St., Apt. 3, Pawtucket, R.I., and Eloina M. Diaz, same address. Torres’ parents are Luis Torres Sr. and Madlyn Crespo. Diaz’s parents are Lucila Davila and the late Candido Diaz.

Jared Andrew Espenshade, of 514 Main St., Denver, and Cynthia Emaline Zander, of 130 Scott Road, York. Espenshade’s parents are Greg and Danielle Espenshade. Zander’s parents are Paul and Heidi Zander.

James Anthony Ellerby III, of 320 W. King St., and Rebekah D. Bell, same address. Ellerby’s parents are James Lester Ellerby Jr. and Carolyn Colbert. Bell’s parents are Stephen Michael and Pamela Ann Bell.

Jacob Alexander Hurst, of 379 Horseshoe Pike, Lebanon, and Faith Elizabeth Myers, of 45 Hoover Drive, Ephrata. Hurst’s parents are Chris and Christine Hurst. Myers’ parents are Matthew Myers and Renee Weaver.

Sumit Gandotra, of 603 Mederia Circle, Newark, Del., and Himadri Jayesh Patel, same address. Gandotra’s parents are Suresh and Adarsh Gandotra. Patel’s parents are Hayesh and Bharti Patel.

Luis Antonio Maldonado Jr., of 2494 Main St., Narvon, and Orquidea Castillo, same address. Maldonado’s parents are Luis Sr. and Onelia Maldonado. Castillo’s parents are Maria Hidalgo and the late Marcos Castillo.

Dominic Rutt, of 1685 Baker Road, Manheim, and Lisa Elizabeth Horst, of 326 McCabe Road, Landisburg. Rutt’s parents are Harold and Denzal Rutt. Horst’s parents are Norman and Elizabeth Horst.

Lexan Todd Delisio, of 3100 Woodridge Drive, Landisville, and Sheena Marie Grant, same address. Delisio’s parents are Ronald Delisio Jr. and the late Debra Delisio. Grant’s parents are Brenda Grant and the late James Grant.

Shawn Patrick McDowell, of 240 Morgan Drive, Leola, and Elizabeth Lucia Federici, same address. McDowell’s parents are Gregory and Patricia McDowell. Federici’s parents are Richard Federici and Elaine Masotti.

Brandon Michael Creasy, of 201 Conoy Ave., Elizabethtown, and Carrington Delane Williams, same address. Creasy’s parents are Frank Creasy and Sheila Hooten. Williams’ parents are Michael and Kirstie Williams.

Kory Paul Shissler, of 50 Kinseyville Road, Nottingham, and Samantha Lauren Showalter, same address. Shissler’s parents are Robert Roy Jr. and Judy Lynn Shissler. Showalter’s parents are Thomas Wade and Crystal Gail Showalter.

Jordan Martin Good, of 1092 N. Penryn Road, Myerstown, and Alison Renee Stoltzfus, of 1906 Airy Hill Road, Manheim. Good’s parents are David Good and the late Sylvia Good. Stoltzfus’ parents are Glenn and Melanie Stoltzfus.

Horatius Abeiku Odum Baidoo, of 176 Buch Ave., and Dora Frema Addo, same address. Baidoo’s parents are Matthew and Emma Baidoo. Addo’s parents are the late Samuel Addo and the late Comfort Baah.

Alex Tanner Krahulik, of 144 Amsterdam Road, and Shawnee Ann Kloppmann, of 225 Magnolia Drive, Holtwood. Krahulik’s parents are Keith and Sheryl Krahulik. Kloppmann’s parents are Jonathan Kloppmann and Chastity Fritz.

Lorman Lee Laird IV, of 1004 Woods Ave., and Jermel Lamar Barney, same address. Laird’s parents are Pamela Laird and the late Lorman Laird III. Barney’s parents are Johnny Barney and Fonda Wolterding.

Matthew William Roberto, of 211 Stonehouse Bend, Willow Street, and Stefanie Maria Mangir, same address. Roberto’s parents are Samuel and Janet Roberto. Mangir’s parents are Jon and Crystal Mangir.

Gregory Whitney, of 560 Merrick Road, Baldwin, N.Y., and Natalie N. Burk, of 733 High Ridge Road, Columbia. Whitney’s parents are Ralph Whitney and the late Margaret M. Whitney. Burk’s parents are Carol A. Burk and the late Clyde E. Burk Jr.

Timothy E. Hertzog, of 51 E. Chestnut St., Apt. B, Ephrata, and Linda A. Blauch, same address. Hertzog’s parents are the late Charles Hertzog and the late Cora Hertzog. Blauch’s parents are the late Dallas Weidman and the late Mary Lou Weidman.

Garibaldy O. Mosquea, of 6116 Monitor Place, West New York, N.J., and Maria Navarro, of 202 Bloomfield Ave., Apt. 307, Bloomfield, N.J. Mosquea’s parents are Orlando and Josefina Mosquea. Navarro’s parents are Juan and Epifania Navarro.

Willam Allen McConnell, of 106 Tapestry Way, Landsdale, and Sandra Cole Cantera, same address. McConnell’s parents are the late Elwood McConnell and the late Alice McConnell. Cantera’s parents are the late Franklin Cole and the late Karen Cole.

Chad M. Dippner, of 68 Akron Road, Ephrata, and Melissa Ann Speicher, same address. Dippner’s parents are Darell Dippner and Tracey Wettig. Speicher’s parents are Michael Speicher and Paula Knosp.

Christopher Joseph Reed, of 100 Walnut Drive, Lincoln University, and Marisa Grace Gialoreto, same address. Reed’s parents are Mike and Annmarie Reed. Gialloreto’s parents are Anthony and Brenda Gialloreto.

Carlos E. Rodriguez-Beltre, of 437 E. Mifflin St., and Leah Elizabeth Comiskey, same address. Rodriguez-Beltre’s parents are Jesus Rodriguez and Ramona Beltre. Comiskey’s parents are Bernard and Sharon Comiskey.

Thomas E. Swartz, of 335 N. Prince St., Apt. 101, and Sara Ashley Elkins, same address. Swartz’s parents are Debra Swartz and the late Thomas Swartz. Elkins’ parents are Lillian Elkins and the late Douglas Elkins.