Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Sidney Cain Kreitzer, of 777 Drytown Road, Holtwood, and Suzanne Elainie Brown, of 110 White Tail Court, Kreitzer’s parents are David Kreitzer and Denise Kreitzer. Brown’s parents are Randall and Lisa Brown.

Antonio Quintan Gonzalez, of 328 Beaver St., and Zoraida Hernandez Cruz, same address. Quintana Gonzalez’s parents are Antonio Quintana and Lydia Gonzalez. Hernandez Cruz’s parents are Rosa Cruz and the late Edwardo Hernandez.

Andrew F. Marra, of 40 Conger St., Apt. 508A, Bloomfield, N.J., and Ariel E. Lefkovits, same address. Marra’s parents are Fred Marra and Donnamarie Carrai. Lefkovits’ parents are David and Sandra Lefkovits.

Austin John Achenbach, of 11828 Limoux Place, Woodbridge, Va., and Alexis Morgan Shaffer, same address. Achenbach’s parents are Tad and Maria Achenbach. Shaffer’s parents are Eric and Wendy Shaffer.

Brant Lavern Martin, of 135 Crest Road, Lititz, and Esther Lafaye Zimmerman, of 502 Cocalico Road, Denver. Martin’s parents are Dale and Mary Martin. Zimmerman’s parents are Laurence and Lisa Zimmerman.

Patrick J. Rodack, of 5558 Elizabethtown Road, Palmyra, and Laura E. Willmer, same address. Rodack’s parents are Richard and Susan Rodack. Willmer’s parents are Nancy Willmer and the late James Willmer.

Nicholas M. Lavenice, of 5739 Main St., East Petersburg, and Rose Marie Finley, of 2440 Butter Road. Lavenice’s parents are Michael and Deborah Lavenice. Finley’s parents are Robert and Alice Finley.

Conor Fallon Riley, of 5632 April Journey, Columbia, Md., and Katharine Brown Klukas, same address. Riley’s parents are John and Lesley Riley. Klukas’ parents are Robert and Susan Klukas.

Joseph Paul Valenta, of 107 Haby Drive, San Antonio, Texas, and Joanne Marie Hemperly, same address. Valenta’s parents are the late Joseph Valenta and the late Betty Valenta. Hemperly’s parents are Kenneth Seiple and the late Evelyn Seiple.

Dalton Matthew Hawk, of 12 S. Zinns Mill Road, Lebanon, and Elizabeth Ruth Greiner, of 634 Bayberry Ave., Manheim. Hawk’s parents are David and Sherry Hawk. Greiner’s parents are Calvin and Stephanie Greiner.

Noah Edward Jemison, of 128 Candelario St., Santa Fe, N.M., and Christine Elizabeth Syvertson, same address. Jemison’s parents are David Edward and Doreen Seitz Jemison. Syvertson’s parents are David Irwin and Suzanne Marie Syvertson.

Christopher Luis Ortiz, of 418 Rockland St., and Shelaine Marie Martinez, same address. Ortiz’s parents are Luis and Julia Ortiz. Martinez’s parents are Miguel Martinez and Sujiely Gonzalez.

Sean M. Hogan, of 3761 Northside Drive, Landisville, and Melissa A. Davey, same address. Hogan’s parents are James Stephen Hogan and Cherie L. Donovan. Davey’s parents are Stephen M. Sr. and Shirley M. Davey.

Logan Curt Snyder, of 61 Woods Lane, Newmanstown, and Aleina La Chelle Martin, of 200 Forest Road, Denver. Snyder’s parents are Curtis and Bethley Snyder. Martin’s parents are Douglas and Teresa Martin.

Donald M. Martzall III, of 222 S . Main St., Manheim, and Kelli Marie West, same address. Martzall’s parents are Donald Martzall Jr. and Marie Schraber. West’s parents are Steven West and Donna Karkoska.

Lavern N. Fox, of 1832 N. Churchtown Road, East Earl, and Elise Zimmerman Sauder, of 578 School Road, Denver. Fox’s parents are Clarence and Elma Fox. Sauder’s parents are Harvey and Ella Sauder.

Joshua Mendez, of 2449 Honeysuckle Lane, and Selmary Colon Alvarado, same address. Mendez’s parents are Hector and Yolanda Mendez. Colon Alvarado’s parents are Marcos Colon and Clarivel Alvarado.

Jacob Paul Dickinson, of 21 Georgetown Road, Unit A, Strasburg, and Amelia Anne Landis, of 20 Little Beaver Road, Strasburg. Dickinson’s parents are Stephanie Schaeffer and the late James Dickinson. Landis’ parents are Richard and Edith Landis.

Jerry D. Grissinger Jr., of 452 N. Mount Joy St., Elizabethtown, and Aletha Kreiser, same address. Grissinger’s parents are Margaret Grissinger and the late Jerry Grissinger Sr. Kreiser’s parents are Susan Schur and the late Thomas Kreiser.

Samuel William Taylor, of 29 Stoneridge Drive, Elverson, and Sierra Soleil Erwin, of 98 Ashlea Gardens, New Holland. Taylor’s parents are Richard and Judith Taylor. Erwin’s parents are Francis Robinson and the late Ricky Erwin.

Theron Matthew Lawrence, of 145 Wimbleton Way, Red Lion, and Madeline Virginia Ratcliff, of 3621 Peregrine Circle, Mountville. Lawrence’s parents are Michael and Crystal Lawrence. Ratcliff’s parents are Mark and Christine Ratcliff.

Nicholas Michael Potkovac, of 67 Petersburg Road, and Alyssa Taylor Evans, same address. Potkovac’s parents are Lori Potkovac and the late Michael Potkovac. Evans’ parents are Wayne and Mary Louise Evans.

Chad Allen Zimmerman, of 218 E. Maple Grove Road, Narvon, and Regina Marie Sauder, of 215 Marion Terrace, Ephrata. Zimmerman’s parents are Mark and Tammy Zimmerman. Sauder’s parents are Clifford and Anna Mae Sauder.

Ryan Bird Rafalski, of 401 Eden Road, Apt. E, and Hayley Sandra Bell, same address. Rafalski’s parents are Jeffrey and Linda Rafalski. Bell’s parents are Jody Lomas and the late George Bell.

Taylor James Geib, of 49 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim, and Sara Candace McKee, same address. Geib’s parents are Neal Issac and Kelly Jo Geib. McKee’s parents are Todd Patrick and Jill Lorene McKee.

Michael A. Tupek, of 520 W. Market St., Marietta, and Bethany J. Haneman, same address. Tupek’s parents are the late Drago Tupek and the late Lorraine Tupek. Haneman’s parents are David Haneman and Ramona Strayer.

Robert John Adams, of 21 N. President Ave., and Sharon M. Mellinger, same address. Adams’ parents are Arthur Adams and Theresa Specht. Mellinger’s parents are Donald and Alta Mellinger.

Randy L. Gutshall, of 958 Anderson Ferry Road, Mount Joy, and Jessica Lynn Lee, same address. Gutshall’s parents are Deborah Gutshall and the late Donald Gutshall. Lee’s parents are Joseph Lee and Jacqueline Waterworth.

Jared A. Hahn, of 2 Sensenich Drive, Lititz, and Alexandria Marie Parisi, same address. Hahn’s parents are Anthony and Donna Hahn. Parisi’s parents are Anthony and Raquel Parisi.

David Paul Evans, of 235 Strafford Drive, Hanover, and Joanne E. Mercer, of 24 Michael Court, Ephrata. Evans’ parents are Gilda Evans and the late Luman O. Evans. Mercer’s parents are the late Orie A. Kindy and the late Florence M. Kindy.