Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Justin Kenneth Fisher, of 1524 Santa Barbara Drive, and Alexis Nicole Szymanski, of 1011 Fountain Ave. Fisher’s parents are Scott and Amy Fisher. Szymanski’s parents are Leonard and Wendy Szymanski.

Shane Michael Holbein, of 1544 Vista Road, and Bridget Marie Hendrick, same address. Holbein’s parents are Shawn Holbein and Robin Reed. Hendrick’s parents are Edward and Mary Hendrick.

Andrew Michael Schreiner, of 140 Skymeadow Lane, Leola, and Amy B. Girvin, same address. Schreiner’s parents are Michael and Barbara Schreiner. Girvin’s parents are Robert and Pamela Girvin.

Justin Lee Beiler, of 108 Ashley Drive, Ephrata, and Kassandra Bridget Shaw, same address. Beiler’s parents are David and Martha Beiler. Shaw’s parents are Kenneth and Donna Shaw.

Janice Marie Bechtel, of 114 Meadowcroft Drive, and Regina Marie Begley, same address. Bechtel’s parents are Delores Bechtel and the late Thomas Bechtel. Begley’s parents are Dorothy Begley and the late Walter Begley.

Robert S. Conlin, of 3018 Newport Road, Lititz, and Kristy Ann Hassler, same address. Conlin’s parents are Robert Conlin Jr. and Sandra Fogg. Hassler’s parents are James and Heidi Hassler.

Zachary Lee Eisenhower, of 793 Cloverleaf Road, Apt. 1, Elizabethtown, and Paige Andrea Leblanc, same address. Eisenhower’s parents are Glenn and Lynn Eisenhower. Leblanc’s parents are Phyllis Leblanc and the late Martin Leblanc.

James B. Pridgen Jr., of 616 S. West End Ave., Apt. 23, and Lena M. Slaymaker, same address. Pridgen’s parents are the late James B. Pridgen Sr. and the late June Pridgen. Slaymaker’s parents are Edward Nordisck and the late Roberta Ott.

Aleksandr Leonidovich Zakusilo, of 924 Sandemara St., Sacramento, Calif., and Diana Kazimirova, of 207 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata. Zakusilo’s parents are Leonid and Antonina Zakusilo. Kazimirova’s parents are Igor and Oksana Kazimirova.

Mark Dante Ippolito, of 1104 E. Newport Road, Lititz, and Devin Elizabeth Simpson, same address. Ippolito’s parents are Mark and Donna Ippolito. Simpson’s parents are Susan Simpson and the late John Simpson.

Shaun Michael Horst, of 1212 Creek Road, Lititz, and Danielle Joyce Kunkle, of 344 Maple St., Apt. D, Columbia. Horst’s parents are Gerald and Susan Horst. Kunkle’s parents are Bradley and Dana Kunkle.

Matthew Lee Malloy, of 848 Lehigh Ave., and Emily Kathryn Shetromph, same address. Malloy’s parents are Mark and Sandi Malloy. Shetromph’s parents are John and Jennifer Shetromph.

Chad Michael Zunich, of 33 N. Main St., Manheim, and Emily Anne Dorwart, same address. Zunich’s parents are Mark and Deborah Zunich. Dorwart’s parents are Tom and Sara Dorwart.

John Anthony Spero, of 1247 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, and Ariel Rose Geib, same address. Spero’s parents are Gerardo and Izabella Spero. Geib’s parents are Baron and Renee Geib.

Eric S. Flick, of 1322 Greystone Road, Apt. A, Manheim, and Morgan Louise Rice, of 6451 Jeanette Drive, East Petersburg. Flick’s parents are Randall and Kristy Flick. Rice’s parents are Kent and Karen Rice.

William Sean Copeland, of 14 E. Market St., Apt. 2, Marietta, and Danielle Yvette Weller, of 239 Rapho St., Manheim. Copeland’s parents are William Copeland Jr. and Roxanne Kilgore. Weller’s parents are Darren and Jennifer Weller.

String William Lutz, of 18 Byers Drive, Quarryville, and Andrea Marie Harnish, same address. Lutz’s parents are Glenn and Debbie Lutz. Harnish’s parents are James and Susan Harnish.

Henry Camacho, of 75 Hilldale Drive, Ephrata, and Tiffany Lashawnda Tanner, same address. Camacho’s parents are Carl Henry Tapley and Lillian Mayris. Tanner’s parents are Edward Robert and Dianna Lynn Howell.

Jeremy Reed Ferenczy, of 636 W. Walnut St., and Nina Karisssa Estomaguio Gonzalez, same address. Ferenczy’s parents are Sandor Robert and Laura Lynn Reed Ferenczy. Estomaguio Gonzalez’s parents are Nortberto Dizon Gonzalez and Herminda Estomaguio Gonzalez.

Bryan Onel Rivera Rosario, of 133 Bayberry Drive, and Gabriella Thalia Spinello, of 221 E. Ross St. Rivera Rosario’s parents are Pedro Rivera and Socorro Rosario. Spinello’s parents are Anthony II and Trinidad Spinello.

Donald L. Kreider, of 336 Harvest Drive, Lititz, and Connie L. Ruther ford, of 1104 Crestwyck Circle, Mount Joy. Kreider’s parents are the late Arthur D. Kreider and the late Theda M. Kreider. Rutherford’s parents are Brinton and Pearl Rutherford.

Zachary Michael Pelliccio, of 5044 White Oak Road, Reinholds, and Yasmin Esquivel, of 108 W. State St., Quarryville. Pelliccio’s parents are Marie Pelliccio and the late James Pelliccio Jr. Esquivel’s parents are Boanerges Esquivel and Elida Escobar.

Michael D. Huller, of 405 S. Summit Ave., Quarryville, and Jennifer D. Herr, same address. Huller’s parents are Thomas Ferald Sr. and Eileen Patricia Huller. Herr’s parents are Michael Allen and Sharon Dee D’Angelo.

Kenneth James McFadden, of 32 Locust Grove Road, Apt. 3, Bainbridge, and Samantha Davin Sparks, same address. McFadden’s parents are James McFadden and Tammy Kipp. Sparks’ parents are Samuel Mutzabaugh and Robin Espenshade.

Justin Daniel Groff, of 237 E. Jackson St., Apt. 2, New Holland, and Elisa N. Perez, same address. Groff’s parents are Richard and Patsy Groff. Perez’s mother is Kelly Allen.

Alexander John Arseneau, of 64 N. Broad St., Lititz, and Gabrielle Cecelia Brubaker, of 121 New Haven Drive, Lititz. Arseneau’s parents are David John Arseneau and Laura Marie Heyer. Brubaker’s parents are Steven Edward and Kerry Anderson Brubaker.

George Ashton Taughinbaugh, of 680 Walnut Drive, Manheim, and Alison Marie Dowdrick, same address. Taughinbaugh’s parents are George and Diane Taughinbaugh. Dowdrick’s parents are Joseph Jr. and Joan Dowdrick.

Benjamin Isaac Lapp, of 1 N. Fulton St., Manheim, and Corinne Renee Henry, same address. Lapp’s parents are Joseph Lester and Constance Lee Lapp. Henry’s parents are Douglas Alan and Kathleen Mary Henry.

Drew Edward Shirk, of 129 Colebrook St., Manheim, and Autumn Lynn Barnett, same address. Shirk’s parents are Dwayne Shirk and Heidi Scott. Barnett’s parents are Jeremy Barnett and Lori Urban.

Francis Joseph Caravella, of 1389 Old Line Road, Manheim, and Shenna Cherrie Shirk, same address. Caravella’s parents are Francis and Elizabeth Caravella. Shirk’s parents are Richard and Mildred Kauffman.

Connor Joseph Lefever, of 3280 Bermuda Isle Circle, Apt. 526, Naples, Fla., and Rachel Alyssa Symer, same address. Lefever’s parents are Gregory and Carol Lefever. Symer’s parents are David Symer and Judith Minch.

Travis Lynn Hurst, of 282 Black Creedk Road, East Earl, and Kara Suzanne Sensenig, of 442 Old Henry Path Road, New Enterprise. Hurst’s parents are Daryl and Elaine Hurst. Sensenig’s parents are Jason and Janet Sensenig.

Paul Andrew Rabold, of 132 Main St., Refton, and Dana Shea Styer, of 703 Drytown Road, Holtwood. Rabold’s parents are Paul and Carol Rabold. Styer’s parents are Steven and Brenda Styer.

William Leslie Hicklin III, of 618 N. Jefferson St., and Kara Ann Pflumm Overmeyer, of 1503 Long Lane, Millersville. Hicklin’s parents are William Jr. and Susan Hicklin. Overmeyer’s parents are Gordan and Coreen Overmeyer.