Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Benjamin Michael Kreider, of 1666 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood, and Autumn Nicole Ward, same address. Kreider’s parents are Donald Michael and Dawn Michele Kreider. Ward’s parents are John Allen Ward and Veronica Faith Kuhn.

John B. Wolfe, of 88 Brookside Place, Nottingham, and Jessica Lynne Wilkes, of 12 Phillip Drive, Kirkwood. Wolfe’s parents are John Bayne and Nancy Joy Wolfe. Wilkes’ parents are Donald Wilkes and Jennifer Finzer.

Felipe Zuniga Naranjo, of 1300 N. Limestone Road, Parkesburg, and Iris Johanna Corujo, same address. Zuniga Naranjo’s parents are Jorge Trinidad Zuniga and Maria Isabel Naranjo.

Roland D. Forrest, of 912 Houston St. Columbia, and Jewel Sharon Daley, same address. Forrest’s parents are David Forrest and Lavonne Peters. Daley’s parents are Russel Elwood Daley and Denise Lynn Baker.

John-Paul Duquette, of 30 E. Ross St., and Jessica Lynn Peach, same address. Duquette’s parents are David Roger and Kathleen Ann Duquette. Peach’s parents are Robert Theodore and Judith Arlene Peach.

Vince Paul Price, of 230 S. Duke St., Ephrata, and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Jones, same address. Price’s parents are William Rudolph Price and Leslie Germaine Benfield. Jones’ parents are William Edward and Kelly Anne Jones.

Jake Mouliert, of 617 N. Franklin St., and April Summers, of 305 E. Meadow Valley Road, Lititz. Mouliert’s parents are Mat and Yvette Mouliert. Summers’ parents are Kit and Maryellen Summers.

Salman Ahamed Ismat, of 526 Lancaster Ave., and Jillian Schreib, same address. Ismat’s parents are Ismat and Rafia Ullah. Schreib’s parents are Kurt Schreib and Elizabeth Shafferty.

Stephen Donovan Alberts, of 1110 Watson Ave., and Marisa Renee Smith, same address. Alberts’ parents are Harry H. and Elizabeth D. Alberts. Smith’s parents are Charles Earl and Frances Marie Smith.

Tyler Austyn Lister, of 404 E. Clay St., and Mary Kathryn Freeman, same address. Lister’s parents are Dennis Eric and Violet Janice Lister. Freeman’s parents are William Thomas and Kathryn Feketie Freeman.

Andrew John Warfel, of 4007 Parkside Court, Mount Joy, and Ashley M. Miller, same address. Warfel’s parents are Adam Abram and Juli Ann Warfel. Miller’s parents are Michael James and Sarah Ruffhead Miller.

Kyle Nelson Ulrich, of 159 Mohns Hill Road, Reinholds, and Jordan Jo Hetrich, same address. Ulrich’s parents are Donald and Linda Ulrich. Hetrich’s parents are Gary Lynn and Lori Lee Hetrich.

Jonathan Nieves Illa, of 511 Laurel St., and Yanira Quinones Pereira, same address. Nieves Illa’s parents are Felix Nieves and Jeanette Illa. Quinones Pereira’s parents are Carlos Augusto Quinones Rios and Luz Aida Pereira Ramos.

Dwayne Anthonoy Hardy, of 517 W. Marion St., Lititz, and Dellica A. Vaughn, same address. Hardy’s parents are Ernest Tucker and Patricia Smith. Vaughn’s parents are Alfred W. Vaughn and Frances A. Brown.

Jason Kraft, of 200 N. Biddle St., Marietta, and Lydia Rose Greinermiller, same address. Kraft’s mother is Lynn Marie Espenshade. Greinermiller’s parents are Jack Theodore Miller and Lucy Jean Greiner-Hummel.

Ruben Darion Nunez, of 200 N. Biddle St., Marietta, and Johanna Frances Arias, of 721 Euclid Ave. Nunez’s parents are Ruben Dario Nunez and Rebecca Vez. Arias’ parents are Raymond Arias and Johanna Minerva.

Wilmer Joel Santiago Sanchez, of 709 N. Franklin St., and Bethzaida Marrero, same address. Santiago Sanchez’s parents are Edwin Santiago and Juana Joan Sanchez. Marrero’s parents are Edwin Colon Lopez and Zaida Iris Rodriguez.

Madhusudhan Reddy Vanter, of 634 Goldfinch Lane, Manheim, and Partichaya Subedi, same address. Vanter’s parents are Mohan Reddy and Bhagyamma Vanter. Subedi's parents are Chandra Prasad and Chandra Kala Subedi.

Dylan Michael Roslan, of 203 Wilson Road, Quarryville, and Katelyn Elizabeth Mecouch, same address. Roslan’s parents are John Adam Roslan and Barbara Jean Burke. Mecouch’s parents are Steven Edward and Kathleen Mecouch.

Jeremy L. Thompson, of 955 Wollups Hill Road, Trailer 3, Stevens, and Shyanne Lee Troop, same address. Thompson’s parents are Jeremy Lee Thompson and Lori Ann Englerth. Troop’s parents are Ronnie Lee and Michelle Lee Simmons.

Jonathan Theophilus Reese, of 425 Judie Lane, Apt. L, and Erin Renee Lindenmuth, of 2717 Kreider Road, Lititz. Reese’s parents are Terry Lynn and Peggy Marlene Reese. Lindenmuth’s parents are Darryl Gene and Marjorie Susan Lindenmuth.

Frederick J. Colkitt, of 3201A Lincoln Highway, Paradise, and Denise Ann Logan, same address.

Dustin Everett Mohler, of 15 Hopewell St., Mount Joy, and Katrina Alexandra Aquino, same address. Mohler’s parents are Thomas C. and Pamela Sue Mohler. Aquino’s parents are Abel Aquino and Wanda Gonzalez Bortzel.

Shaun Martin Ulmer, of 5401 Oxford Drive, Apt. 6, Mechanicsburg, and Christin M. Brennan, same address. Ulmer’s parents are Robert Glenn and Maureen Ann Ulmer. Brennan’s parents are Gerald Thomas Brennan and Donna Marie Briddock.

Keith J. Sauder, of 708 New St., Akron, and Brianna Leigh Redcay, same address. Sauder’s parents are Kevin and Kelli Jill Sauder.

Evan Joseph Peppers, of 575 Church St., Landisville, and Molly Elizabeth Yanchuk, same address. Yanchuk’s parents are Michael Francis and Patti Ann Yanchuk.

Christopher M. Lenker, of 236 S. Eighth St., Columbia, and Amanda Janel Warren, same address. Lenker’s parents are John Lenker and Pamela Sheatler. Warren’s parents are Philip and Vicki Warren.

Edelmiro Santiago-Rosa, of 815 Manor St., and Maria J. Torres, same address. Santiago-Rosa’s parents are Blasino Santiago and Carmen Luz Rosa. Torres’ parents are Enrique and Sonia Esther Torres.

Ariel Juan Carlos Ruiz Cruz, of 3742 N. Darien St., Philadelphia, and Nestlie Jannel Santiago, same address. Ruiz Cruz’s parents are Rafael Ruiz Guzman and Maria del Pilar Cruz Matos. Santiago’s parents are Jorge Luis Santiago and Maritza Maldonado.

Luke Arthur Lavin, of 157 E. Chestnut St., Apt. 1A, and Caitlin Elizabeth Russell, same address. Lavin’s parents are Kevin Joseph and Moraima Lavin. Russell’s parents are James John and Judith Ann Russell.

John Daniel Kasprzak, of 9 Laurel Lane, Reinholds, and Sarah Anne Feick, same address. Kasprzak’s parents are Anthony John and Tara Lynn Dougherty. Feick’s parents are Chris William Lafayette Feick and Paula Marie Kasprzak.

Shawn Gregory Newlin, of 535 W. Market St., Marietta, and Katelyn Leah Marrello, same address. Newlin’s parents are Gregory Joe and Laura Pfautz Newlin. Marrello’s parents are David and Kathleen Gail Marrell.

Eric Alexander Hess, of 357 Pitney Road, Apt. 218, and Michelle Lynn Sensenig, same address. Hess’ parents are James Richard and Ann Louise Hess. Sensenig’s parents are Richard Hale Nauman and Lynda Louise Bookman.

Michael Andrew Cardina, of 293 Raspberry Road, Leola, and Alexandra Nicole Hargraves, same address.

David Andreyevich Demidovich, of 631 1/2 W. Orange St., Lititz, and Ruth V. Sayevskiy, of 80 S. Heck Road, Lititz. Demidovich’s parents are Okxana V. and Andrey A. Demidovich. Sayevskiy's are Vladimir S, and Anna I. Sayevskiy.

Robert Joseph Grab, of 4431 Fairview Road, Columbia, and Pam Sue Helm, same address. Grab’s parents are Robert Fermont and Anita Catherine Grab. Helm’s parents are Charles Richard and Shirley Mae Helm.

Scott James Imler, of 1071 Centervilel Road, and Lauren Michon Debord, same address. Imler’s parents are James Irvin and Nancie Lynn Imler. Debord’s parents are Guy Michael and Lucinda Sue Debord.

Matthew Thomas Kingston, of 2147 Meadow Ridge Drive, and Jenell Kimberly K, same address. Kingston’s parents are Thomas Joseph and Kathleen Margaret Kingston. K’s parents are Gary Lee Baldwin and Debra Jean Scheuerlein.

Austin Kyle Gehman, of 122 E. Maple Grove Road, Narvon, and Brindy Shea Nolt, of 1 Hostetter Lane, Newmanstown. Gehman’s parents are Wilmer Earl and Lindell Joy Gehman. Nolt’s parents are Steve and Julia Nolt.

Benjamin Murray McNece, of 836 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Kiley Eden Kreider, of 234 Westview Drive, Elizabethtown. McNece’s parents are Brian Keith and Andrea Karen McNece. Kreider’s parents are Randy and Cynthia Kreider.

Daniel Christian Eschbach, of 46 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Abby Rose Ort, same address. Eschbach’s parents are Eric and Leslie Eschbach. Ort’s parents are Mark and Tracy Ort.

Anthony Joel Rhen, of 408 Maple St., Box 28, Terre Hill, and Brooke Nicole Gossert, same address. Rhen’s parents are Randy and Carol Taylor Rhen. Gossert’s parents are Vance W. Gossert and Dawn F. Dornes.

Michael James Van Horn, of 2324 Wood St., and Cassandra Jean Ernest, same address. Van Horn’s parents are James Jonathan and Amy Elizabeth Van Horn. Ernest’s parents are Terry William and Melanie Jean Brown Ernest.