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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Eduardo Valentin Jr., of 1352 W. Gordon St., Allentown, and Damaris Alvarado, of 232 Herr Ave., Millersville. Valentin’s parents are Eduardo Sr. and Sonia Valentin. Alvarado’s parents are Cruz Alvarado and Carmen Sanchez.

Alejandro Luna Castro, of 162 Foal Court, and Yahaira Lizeth Lopez, of 3843 Columbia Ave., Mountville. Luna Castro’s parents are Florencio Luna-Camarillo and Felipa Castro-Rossini. Lopez’s parents are Marcos and Juana Lopez.

Kevin Alan Byler, of 20704 Hellwig Road, Utica, Ohio, and Rhoda Lynn King, of 218 S. New Holland Road, Kinzers. Byler’s parents are Alan and Audrey Byler. King’s parents are Ivan King and the late Barbara King.

John McNeill Martin, of 4426 Marietta Ave., Columbia, and Anna Kolomenskaia, of 2314 Orchard Hill Circle, Warrington. Martin’s parents are Margaret Martin and the late Robert Martin. Kolomenskaia’s parents are Boris and Vare Kolomenskaia.

Charles Griffith Spencer, of 1509A Lampeter Road, and Danielle Page Ober, same address. Spencer’s parents are Milton and Linda Spencer. Ober’s parents are Charles Whiteman and Laurie Bryson.

Tanner Scott Kennedy, of 304 Blossom Trail, Mount Joy, and Jennifer Catherine Bennis, same address. Kennedy’s parents are Brian and Pamela Kennedy. Bennis’ parents are Steven and Elaine Bennis.

Chance Matthew Lehman, of 180 Daplin Ave., Marietta, and Maria Alejandra Anleu, same address. Lehman’s parents are Patrick Adam Lehman and Dawn Nadine Suter. Anleu’s parents are Jose Mauricio and Iyonne Blanca Anleu.

Andrey Alekseyevich Sholka, of 17 Hoover Road, and Nataliia Senchuk, same address. Sholka’s parents are Aoleksa and Kateryna Sholka. Senchuk’s parents are Pedtro Senchuk and Tetyana Fedorchuk.

Stephen Thomas Morley, of 219 W. Sun Hill Road, Manheim, and Judy Lewis Danberry, of 365 Hollow View Drive, Manheim. Morley’s parents are the late Edward Morley and the late Olga Morley. Danberry’s parents are the late Bruce Lewis and the late Willi Lewis.

Dmytro Sholka, of 17 Hoover Road, and Hanna Moroz, same address. Sholka’s parents are Oleska and Kateryna Sholka. Moroz’s parents are Oleksandr and Oksana Moroz.

David L. Hoffman, of 31 E. Main St., P.O. Box 443, Adamstown, and Tracy L. Bear, same address. Hoffman’s parents are Deb Tyler and the late David Hoffman. Bear’s parents are Deborah Burkholder and the late Donald Burkholder.

Adonis Jordan Ramos, of 30 Rebecca Drive, Denver, and Angel Cynthia Fabiani, of 721 Walnut St., Denver. Ramos’ parents are Aaron Michael Ramos and Amy Elizabeth Sparr. Fabiani’s parents are Dominic Anthony and Melanie Celestine Fabiani.

Andrew James Kinsey, of 1141 Millersville Pike, and Dreahna Natasha Lewis, same address. Kinsey’s parents are Ken Gillim and Leslie A. Foley. Lewis’ parents are Rhonda M. Easley and the late David A. Lewis.

David M. Blore, of 463 Little Britain Road South, Peach Bottom, and Roselle C. Ignacio, same address. Blore’s parents are Wallace and Judith Blore. Ignacio’s parents are Ceaser Aberin and Duendolina Ignacio.

Brett James Dunbar, of 2823 Marietta Ave., and Marena Nabih Fares, same address. Dunbar’s parents are James B. Dunbar and Cynthia M. Bocchino. Fares’ parents are Nabih F. Abdel-Maseh and Isis B. Rizk.

Todd L. Carvell, of 217 Hill Road, New Holland, and Maritza Paniaqua, same address. Carvell’s parents are Joyce Hahn and the late Jerry Carvell. Paniaqua’s parents are Maria Ubiera and the late Arturo Olea.

Spanky Davido, of 203 Eastbrook Road, Smoketown, and Jordane A. Paolilli, of 2608 Northfield Drive, East Petersburg. Davido’s parents are Josephine Davido and the late Tedor Davido. Paolilli’s parents are John and Kathryn Paolilli.

Jonah M. Sensenig, of 239 S. State St., Ephrata, and Holly R. Stoltzfus, of 833 Pequea Ave., Apt. 10, Leola. Sensenig’s parents are Fred Sensenig and Wendy Cowden. Stoltzfus’ parents are Vicki Wright and the late Melvin Miller.

Patrick Blake Leeper, of 325 Hidden Farm Drive, Exton, and Kristen Nicole Brosie, of 1070 Chapel Forge Drive. Leeper’s parents are Randall and Donna Leeper. Brosie’s parents are Keith and Denise Brosie.

Ethan Kyle Ressler, of 26 S. Fourth St., Denver, and Kayla Jean Ditzler, of 135 N. Clay St., Lititz. Ressler’s parents are Norman Ressler and Teresa Readinger. Ditzler’s parents are Billy and Lori Ditzler.

Jason Douglas Price, of 9525 Sylvan Still Road, Apt. B, Laurel, Md., and Elizabeth Joy Wolfe, of 240 Hickory Drive, Lititz. Price’s parents are Kevin and Faye Price. Wolfe’s parents are Kirk and Susan Wolfe.

Richard Arthur Hackman, of 218 Colonial Drive, Akron, and Vicki Lynn Reider, same address, Hackman’s parents are the late Richard Hackman and the late Jacqueline Hackman. Reider’s parents are the late Donna Sweigart and the late Warren Sweigart.

Cordell Andrew Good, of 97 Millstone Drive, Denver, and Lacole Brooke Brubaker, of 371 Trostle Road, Loysville. Good’s parents are Clair and Geraldine Good. Brubaker’s parents are David and Rhonda Brubaker.

Steve Thatcher, of 1707 Temple Ave., and Ponzell T. Thedford, same address. Thatcher’s parents are Cheryl Thatcher and the late Donald Thatcher. Thedford’s parents are the late Willie Thedford and the late Tommie Thedford.

Jonathan M. Kohn, of 124 Union Ave., Amityville, N.Y., and Elizabeth M. Hansen, same address. Kohn’s parents are Lawrence Jay Kohn and Noemi Scharer. Hansen’s parents are Maureen Cecilia Hansen and the late Thomas Richard Hansen.

Matthew Landan Esh, of 3623 Rose Ave., Gordonville, and Krystalyn Joy Stoltzfus, of 192 Eby Road, Leola. Esh’s parents are Kenneth E. and Deann Renae Esh. Stoltzfus’ parents are Marvin Ray and Ruth Stoltzfus.

Richard Alan Kreider Jr., of 129 S. Barbara St., Mount Joy, and Liz Marie Santiago, same address. Kreider’s parents are Richard Sr. and Michele Kreider. Santiago’s parents are Luis Santiago and Lee Caraballo.

Steven R. Andrews, of 5428 Valley View Drive, Gap, and Julia Michelle Coblentz, same address. Andrews’ parents are Richard Andrews and the late Donna Andrews. Coblentz’s parents are Timothy and Michelle Coblentz.

David J. Johnson, of 119 Washington Ave., Ephrata, and Shelley J. Fausnight, same address. Johnson’s parents are Victor Johnson and the late Marguerite Flangan. Fausnight’s parents are the late George Hickman and the late Patricia Hickman.

Tyler Dean Athey, of 3063 Buckthorn Drive, and Kaitlyn Grace Lyons, same address. Athey’s parents are Eric Athey and Christine Betz. Lyons’ parents are Patrick and Sheri Lyons.

Brigham Eric Lewis, of 899 Fairhill Road, Sellersville, and Brittany Lynn Brubaker, of 3255 Pleasant View Drive, Manheim. Lewis’ parents are Brooke and Holly Lewis. Brubaker’s parents are Dave and Deb Brubaker.

Jared Evan Coleman, of 147 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, and Davina Marie Gerz, of 22 Janet Ave., Strasburg. Coleman’s parents are John Jr. and Donna Coleman. Gerz’s parents are David and Regina Gerz.

Peter Marcus Wisniewski, of 626 Columbia Ave., Apt. 4A, and Rachel Marie Carson, of 209 Lehman Court. Wisniewski’s parents are John Wisniewski and the late Karen Wisniewski. Carson’s parents are Douglas and Donna Carson.

Jacob Wilhelm Koerber, of 129 Welsh Drive, Apt. A, and Kelsey Jane Shank, of 62 W. Roseville Road. Koerber’s parents are Frank and Laurie Koerber. Shank’s parents are Douglas and Marjorie Shank.

Steven Child Robinson, of 730 Skywalk Lane, and Kelsey Jo Herbst, same address. Robinson’s parents are John and Gail Robinson. Herbst’s parents are William and Judith Herbst.

Roberto Santiago, of 860 Marjory Terrace, and Denise DeJesus, same address. Santiago’s parents are Edwardo Santiago and Andrea Antuna. DeJesus’ parents are Juan DeJesus and the late Maria Ruiz.

Gregory Paul Dommel Jr., of 143 Silver Spring Road, Landisville, and Keri Marie Kohlmaier, same address. Dommel’s parents are Gregory Sr. and Carla Dommel. Kohlmaier’s parents are George and Susan Kohlmaier.

Joshua M. Gantz, of 1180 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, and Sarah R. Martin, same address. Gantz’s parents are Ricky Gantz and Susan Williams. Martin’s parents are Robert and Jodi Humbert.

Jacob Bryce Kephart, of 118 W. Strawberry St., and Julia Michelle Rivera, same address. Kephart’s parents are Stephen and Susan Kephart. Rivera’s parents are Nelson and Deborah Rivera.

Alexander Ortiz, of 309 Pisgah Place, Mountville, and Whitney E. Baker, same address. Ortiz’s parents are Alexandra Matos and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Baker’s parents are Frank Colon and Julia Baker.

Benjamin Michael Miller, of 790 Hilltop Drive, Mount Joy, and Victoria Ann Rineer, of 126 Madge Drive. Miller’s parents are Michael and Sarah Miller. Rineer’s parents are Ronald and Jessie Phillips.

Owen Michael Collins, of 17 Mohns Hill Road, Apt. D, Reinholds, and Michaiah Marie Messner, of 354 W. Swartzville Road, Reinholds. Collins’ parents are Meschel Levesque and Clare Makibbin. Messner’s parents are Charles Messner and the late Beverly Messner.

Hunter Wade West, of 3532 Buckenham St., Norfolk, Va., and Gilmarie Perez DeJesus, of 1186 Maple Ave. West’s mother is Susan West. Perez DeJesus’ parents are Luis Perez and Grisel DeJesus.