Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Dallas Vance Neuschwander, of 226 Hahnstown Road, Ephrata, and Hanna Marie Zimmerman, of 1299 Reading Road, Ephrata. Neuschwander’s parents are Todd E. and Anita J. Neuschwander. Zimmerman’s parents are Ernest J. and Sherri L. Zimmerman.

Michael Anthony Burkholder, of 53 Leacock Road, Gordonville, and Sheryl L. Baldwin, same address. Burkholder’s parents are Elmer Burkholder and Dottie Carr. Baldwin’s parents are James Roger and Patricia A. Collins.

Stephanie L. Keller, of 849 Pleasure Road, Apt. C35, and Jessica Lynn Miller, same address. Keller’s parents are David Lawrence Keller and Betty Marie Keller-Lightcap. Miller’s parents are Brian Miller and Doris Marie Carroll.

Bryce Daniel Troxell, of 820 N. Plum St., and Erin Marie Gorrell, same address. Troxell’s parents are Daniel James and Claudia Jean Troxell. Gorrell’s parents are David Brian and Stephanie Ann Gorrell.

Juan Luis Arias, of 406 N. Queen St., Apt. 2, and Dalmaliz Andrea Figueroa Munoz, same address. Arias’ parents are Juan Arias and Zunilda Peralta. Figueroa Munoz’s parents are Julio Arturo Figueroa Torres and Dalma Lizette Munoz Rivera.

Matthew Scott Boughter, of 6075 White Pine Drive, Elizabethtown, and Bonnie Ann Usko, same address. Boughter’s parents are Ronald Edward and Linda Eileen Boughter. Usko’s parents are Jesse Ray and Kathleen Marie Levan.

Eric J. Good, of 1416 Lincoln Heights Ave., Trailer 234, Ephrata, and Brittany Lee Bills, same address. Good’s parents are Troy and Michele Good. Bills’ parents are Richard L. Finger and Nancy A. Bills.

Albys Sabille Paulino Lantigua, of 2B Foal Court, and Ana Yesenia Romero Manzano, same address. Paulino Lantigua’s mother is Maria Dolores Lantigua. Romero Manzano’s mother is Ana Manzano.

Frank M. Bagley, of 1344 S. Fourth St., Philadelphia, and Dawn D. Beatty, of 258 W. Berkley St., Philadelphia. Bagley’s parents are Frank and Bernice Bagley. Beatty’s parents are Charles R. and Denise E. Beatty.

Philip Rodney Rooney, of 625 Hamilton St., and Michael Anthony Garland, same address. Rooney’s parents are Daniel Edward Rooney and Alma Warren. Garland’s parents are Richard Bradley and Annette Christine Garland.

Shawn Michael Snyder, of 274 Pine Bridge Lane, and Jennifer L. Hutchinson, same address. Snyder’s parents are Melvin Joseph and Ronda L. Snyder. Hutchinson’s parents are Michael Gene Smith and Rosemarie Hoffman.

Justin Keith Sanderson, of 109 Sherfield Court, Elizabethtown, and Alicia Leilani Van Leuven, same address. Sanderson’s parents are Neil Sanderson and Dene M. Boushell. Van Leuven’s parents are Paul Calvin and Lois Darlene Van Leuven

Zachary Robert Yiengst, of 450 Scenic View Lane, Palmyra, and Blair Ainsley Larson, same address. Yiengst’s parents are Kevin Robert and Shari Lin Yiengst. Larson’s parents are Robert William Larson and Holly Ellen Myers.

Joshua Daniel Morgan, of 631 Walnut St., Denver, and Shantell Bernice Jones, of 37 Hilltop Mobile Home Park, Schuylkill Haven. Morgan’s parents are James and Flotine Lau. Jones’ parents are Ronald David Jones and Jessica Ann Smith.

Ian Francis Krizner, of 111 W. High St., Elizabethtown, and Cecilia Bove, same address. Krizner’s parents are Francis Bernard Krizner and Linda Glah. Bove’s parents are Paolo Bove and Gabriella Balsorio.

Jason Arthur Eckman, of 234 School House Road, and Kelleigh Dawn Leggett, same address. Leggett’s parents are Jeffrey Leggett and Miriam Remington. Eckman’s parents are Daniel and Sheila Eckman.

James F. Wild, of 103 Dianne Circle, Willow Street, and Morgan L. Feiner, same address. Wild’s parents are James F. and Dorothy Ann Wild. Feiner’s parents are Leo R. and Dawn Marie Scaccia.

Zachary T. Musser, of 3828 Concordia Road, Columbia, and Ashley Shannon Hendershott, same address. Musser’s parents are Peter Todd and Debra Kay Musser. Hendeshott’s parents are Randy Lee and Barbara Elaine Hendershott.

Aaron Hugar, of 131 Princess St., P.O. Box 34, Brisbin, and Renee Gleissl, of 63 Pennwick Drive, Lititz. Hugar’s parents are Ronald and Roberta Hugar. Gleissl’s parents are William J. and Lana Yanalavage.

Lucas Stephen Bates, of 1553 Hickory Run Court, Elizabethtown, and Amanda Denise Davis, same address. Bates’ parents are Dwight Stephen Bates and Linda Catherine Schneiders. Davis’ parents are Larry Gordon and Donna Louise Davis.

Carl Dice Melton, of 30 S. Mount Joy St., Elizabethtown, and Klarissa Kayla Musser, same address. Melton’s parents are Joseph Carl Melton and Janet Gross. Musser’s parents are Brett and Kelly Shewbridge.

Casey Jenkins, of 2270 Risser Mill Road, Mount Joy, and Katie Dienner, same address. Jenkins’ parents are Bruce Lawrence and Kerri Lynn Jenkins. Dienner’s parents are John and Thelma Dienner.

Benjamin Ryan Glessner, of 103 Knollwood Court, Fountain Inn, S.C., and Mary Sandra Siegel, of 697 Wallace Road, New Holland. Glessner’s parents are Ronald Dale and Lisa Renae Glessner. Siegel’s parents are Henry Frederick and Kristen Kay Siegel.

Begna D. Juke, of 434 Banyan Circle Drive, and Aster A. Woyessa, same address. Juke’s parents are Firaoli and Oliya Duressa. Woyessa’s parents are Filipos and Miriyame Keno.

John Harrison Struble, of 1168 Elm Ave., and Kathleen Lorraine Barker, same address. Struble’s parents are John Harrison and Ellen Struble.

Lester Barry Wilson, of 4 Pine Lane, Willow Street, and Betsy Crespo, same address. Wilson’s parents are Gene Harl Wilson and Darlene Faye Chapman. Crespo’s mother is Iris Margarita Crespo.

Brent Anthony Hershey, of 419 Lampeter Road, and Casey Annalee Alkins, same address. Hershey’s parents are Randall and Penny Hershey. Alkins’ parents are Frank and Laurie Alkins.

Tyray Lamont Brooks, of 1815 Hidden Lane, and Adelairis Elena Camuy Rodriguez, same address. Brooks’ parents are Charles Brooks and Stephanie M. Gray. Rodriguez’s parents are Javier Cumuy Santiago and Iris Anaida Rodriguez Velez.

Matthew John Stouch, of 119 Willow Valley Drive, and Kailey Marie Fesenmeyer, same address. Stouch’s parents are John Stouch and Denise Durison. Fesenmeyer’s parents are Frederick Wayne and Ann Terese Fesenmeyer.

Eric Wylie Lindsey, of 1909 Bloomingdale Ave., and Vinh Vincent Liang, same address. Lindsey’s parents are Thomas and Patricia Lindsey.

Brett Owen Baronner, of 569 S. 13th St., Columbia, and Casey Lynn Thomas, same address. Baronner’s parents are Bruce and Karen Ruth Baronner. Thomas’ parents are William Daniel and Amy Lynn Thomas.

Brandon Ortiz, of 422 Rockland St., and Julie Kathleen Molinaro, of 3817 Raymond St., Reading. Ortiz’s parents are Jose Luis Ortiz Rosa and Ecliset Ortiz. Molinaro’s parents are David Molinaro and Annette Alicia Bescript.

Michael Dillon Bair, of 153 E. Main St., P.O. Box 735, Adamstown, and Elizabeth Katherine Zimmerman, same address. Blair’s parents are Brent Michael Bair and Kathy Joe Meyer. Zimmerman’s parents Michael Raymond and Ava Zimmerman.

Alexander Riley Garman, of 1060 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Tisha Ariel Buch, of 340 Indian Run Road, Stevens. Garman’s parents are John Douglas and Jill Nicole Garman. Buch’s parents are Jeffrey Lynn and Jenette Sue Buch.

Tanner Owen Squibbs, of 205 Heathersage Drive, Marietta, and Alexis Paige Miller, same address. Squibbs’ parents are Scott Owen and Carrie Dawn Squibb. Miller’s parents are Todd Richard and Holly Ann Miller.

Nicholas Tyler Gross, of 674 Church Road, Quarryville, and Courtney Sophia Myers, of 254 Maple Shade Road, Christiana. Gross’ parents are Michael Christopher Gross and Sinsea Rae Norris. Myers’ parents are Steven Clinton and Danielle Marie Myers.