Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Nicholas Alexander Confer, of 5 Continental Court, Owings Mill, Md., and Allison Ann Weaver, same address. Confer’s parents are Greg Scott and Lois Renee Confer. Weaver’s parents are James Brian and Susan Marie Weaver.

Kirk Bakari Rodriguez Mulero, of 451 S. Queen St., and Yaniry Ventura Flores, of 421 Locust St. Rodriguez Mulero’s parents are Jose A. Rodriguez and Milagros Mulero. Ventura Flores’ parents are Raul Ventura and Yolanda Flores.

Tyler David Sheppard, of 275 Landis Drive, Landisville, and Rachel Christine Smith, of 275 Lania Drive, Landisville. Sheppard’s parents are Sidney Hosia Sheppard and Joan Lorraine Wheeler. Smith’s parents are Gary Morgan and Patti Lou Smith.

Angel A. Acevedo-Romero, of 101 Hoover Road, and Zainat Hernandez, of 101 Hampden Drive, Mountville. Acevedo-Romero’s parents are Migdalia Romero and the late Angel Manuel Acevedo-Rivera. Hernandez’s parents are Andres Hernandez-Almaguer and Maria Abull Hay.

Brent Matthew Martin, of 133R E. Church St., Ronks, and Sherry Burkholder Good, of 2248 Laurel Springs Road, Narvon. Martin’s parents are Lowell Musser and Carolyn Faye Martin. Good’s parents are Wilmer Horst and Julia Martin Good.

Richard Horst, of 28 Circle View Drive, Leola, and Ellen M. Gentile, of 450 E. High St., Pottstown. Horst’s parents are the late Elmer Horst and the late Lillie Horst. Gentile’s parents are the late Paul Decristoforo and the late Providence Decristoforo.

Joselito Tirado, of 1721 Haak St., Reading, and Maria Isabel Sepulveda, of 430 Euclid Ave. Tirado’s parents are Rosario Ramos and the late Juan Rosario Tirado. Sepulveda’s parents are Pablo Sepulveda and Norma Iris Bonilla.

Allison Marie Kane, of 4608 Prestwood Drive, Olney, Md., and Nicholas William Perehinec, same address. Kane’s parents are Dennis James and Carole Lynn Kane. Perehinec’s parents are Michael Charles and Susan Lynn Perehinec.

Benjamin R. Fisher, of 16 Lancaster Estate, Ephrata, and Cynthia Harden, same address. Fisher’s parents are the late Benjamin Fisher and the late Lovonia Olivia Fisher. Harden’s parents are the late Harold Williams and the late Minnie Wright.

Jeffrey Paul Martin, of 945 Indiantown Road, Ronks, and Kelsey Joelle High, of 255 Middle Creek Road, Lititz. Martin’s parents are Walter Zimmerman and Wilma Zimmerman Martin. High’s parents are Kenneth Hoover and Rachel Lori High.

Lawrence Leroy Witters III, of 1856 Sheaffer Road, Elizabethtown, and Monica Rae Guyer, same address. Witters’ parents are Judith Witters and the late Lawrence Leroy Witters Jr. Guyer’s parents are the late William Grove and the late Althea Grove.

Javon Dajane Cope, of 7412 Stenton Ave., Philadelphia, and Clinten Jephte Louiya II, same address. Cope’s parents are Sandra Holmes and the late Desmond Cope. Louiya’s parents are Jephte Louiya and the late Michele Baptist.

Lesly Bathelemy, of 808 Pintail Lane, Elizabethtown, and Denise Cynthia King, same address. Bathelemy’s parents are the late Vilburn Barthelemy and the late Roseline Figaro. King’s parents are the late Harold Thomas and the late Patrice Madeline Robinson.

Joseph Paul Santimays, of 62 Talister Court, Rosedale, Md., and Kelly Marie Jackson, same address. Santimays’ parents are Michael John and Frances Grace Santimays. Jackson’s parents are James Nelson and Cathylena Louise Brown.

Zarley William Binder, of 3220 Blue Rock Road, and Kristy Lynn Houck, same address. Binder’s parents are Edward Theodore Jr. and Denise Michelle Binder. Houck’s parents are Paul Harry Houck and Tracy Lynn Leibfried.

Herminio Vera, of 43 W. Vine St., and Elsa Ortiz, same address. Vera’s parents are the late Victor Vera Hernandez and the late Victoria Lorenzo Nieves. Ortiz’s parents are the late Pedro Azededo and the late Francisca Morales.

Kristin Anne Lambert, of 60 University Manor East, Hershey, and David Thomas Chismar, of 611 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh. Lambert’s parents are Thomas Richard and Brenda A. Lambert. Chismar’s parents are Thomas Joseph and Elizabeth Janice Chismar.

Reuben C. Stoltzfus Jr., of 456 Beechdale Road, Bird-in- Hand, and Rosanna K. Glick, of 788C Strasburg Road, Paradise. Stoltzfus’ parents are Reuben C. Sr. and Mary F. Stoltzfus. Glick’s parents are Mose L. and Mamie E. Glick.

Rafael Caraballo, of 256 S. Second St., Bainbridge, and Yolanda Bones, same address. Caraballo’s parents are the late Francisco Caraballo and the late Petra Villa. Bones’ parents are Alberto Bones and the late Carmen J. Cruz.

Quang Lam, of 1699 Westgate Drive, Apt. 203, York, and Nghi Dang, same address. Lam’s parents are Oanh Banh and Em Pham. Dang’s parents are Em Pham and Oanh Banh.

Daryl W. Hursh, of 60 Clearview Road, Ephrata, and Crystal Renee Martin, of 299 Highview Drive, Leola. Hursh’s parents are Elsie H. Hursh and the late E. Mervin Hursh. Martin’s parents are William Z. III and Marilyn K. Martin.

Gad Sano, of 1620 Sunset Ave., and Judith Izabayo, of 181 Loudon Road, Concord, N.H. Sano’s parents are Ancille Mukandou and the late Kayitana Faustina. Izabyo’s parents are Bagemahe Nkurunziza Michael and Mukandekezi Theresie.

Jesus Eduardo Hernandez Perez, of 229 Franklin St., Ephrata, and Yeny Ruth Hernandez, same address. Hernandez Perez’s parents are Alberto Hernandez and Efigernia Perez. Hernandez’s parents are Maria C. Sanchez and the late Heladio Hernandez.

Richard Edwin Ginn, of 1988 Lancaster Pike, Reinholds, and M. Marguerite Eichelberger, same address. Ginn’s parents are the late Edwin Hubert Ginn and the late Elizabeth Ginn. Eichelberger’s parents are the late Albert Lee Mulkey and the late Hazel Mulkey.

Daniel Aaron Stoltzfus, of 195 Laurel Road, East Earl, and Kathryn Sue Lapp, of 205 Linden Grove Road, New Holland. Stoltzfus’ parents are David Jay and Emma Stoltzfus. Lapp’s parents are Reuben Beiler and Mary Ann Lapp.

Jose A. Maldonado, of 520 Kensington Road, and Iliaris Navarro-Rosa, same address. Maldonado’s parents are Louis Maldonado and Ada Carattini. Navarro-Rosa’s parents are Israel Navarro and Ileana Rosa.

Keith Robert Wakefield Jr., of 22 S. Pitt St., Manheim, and Alexis Lynn Harrison, same address. Wakefield’s parents are Keith R. Wakefield Sr. and Ponzell Thatcher. Harrison’s parents are Matthew Harrison and Meloni Tuell.

Dau Van Ly, of 163 College Ave., Mountville, and Kim Tang Ly, same address. Dau Ly’s parents are the late Nam Ly and the late Muoi Huynh. Kim Ly’s parents are the late Sum Moc Tang and the late Thuyen Ton.