Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

James Allen Hess, of 276 Bender Road, Millersville, and Sherlyn S. Wolf, same address. Hess’ parents are the late William Miller Hess and the late Grace Elizabeth Hess. Wolf’s parents are Eunice Bertha Reinhart and the late Stephen L. Reinhart.

Jordan Michael Reasner, of 47 Orchard Road, Hummelstown, and Valerie Nicole Horst, of 1212 Creek Road, Lititz. Reasner’s parents are Michael G. and Wendy P. Reasner. Horst’s parents are Gerald L. and Susan M. Horst.

Aaron D. Smith, of 32 N. Spruce St., Elizabethtown, and McKenzie Eileen Pavlik, of 15 W. Stiegel St., Manheim. Smith’s parents are David J. and Lisa A. Smith. Pavlik’s parents are Richard D. and Jayne E. Pavlik.

Devon Charles Putt, of 2332 Hershey Ave., East Petersburg, and Kristin Mae Zerbe, same address. Putt’s parents are Dwayne Howard Putt and Renee Lynn Geist. Zerbe’s parents are Kevin Charles and Caroline Ann Zerbe.

Jonathan David Smoker, of 480 Horseshoe Trail Road, Denver, and Samantha Lauren King, of 118 Marshall St., Ephrata. Smoker’s parents are Thomas L. and Robin A. Smoker. King’s parents are Frank and Kimberlyann J. King.

Steven A. Molnar, of 79 Second St., Franklinville, N.J., and Kara M. Kilmer, of 15 E. Church St., Bordentown, N.J. Molnar’s parents are Daniel Joseph and Kathleen Ora Molnar. Kilmer’s parents are Gregory Walter and Peggy Louise Kilmer.

Trace Thomas Dickinson, of 402 Mount Olive Lane, Ephrata, and Elizabeth Anne Clouser, same address. Dickinson’s parents are Thomas E. Jr. and Sonja R. Dickinson. Clouser’s parents are Timothy J. and Belinda A. Clouser.

Christopher Dale Johnson, of 384 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Crystal Lyn Herman, of 301 W. High St., Elizabethtown. Johnson’s parents are Michael Lee and Cynthia Jane Johnson. Herman’s parents are Guy Dale Herman Jr. and Theresa Lyn Reisinger.

Casper Charles Wells, of 2902 S. Charles St., Baltimore, Md., and Aubrey Lynn Mahall, of 62 Boxthorn Road, Abingdon, Md. Wells’ parents are Casper Charles and Daivia Mary Wells. Mahall’s parents are Gregory John and Cindy Marie Mahall.

Kenneth R. Frazier, of 2031 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Kara Marie Devivo, same address. Frazier’s parents are Kenneth E. Frazier and Laurie M. Polacek. Devivo’s parents are Francis and Karen E. Devivo.

Clyde V. Bauman, of 501 Letort Road, Washington Boro, and Wanda J. Brehm, of 421 Meadow Lane, Shermans Dale. Bauman’s parents are the late Alvin H. Bauman and the late Edna B. Bauman. Brehm’s parents are John L. Diller and the late Jean I. Diller.

Connor Alexander Parson, of 35 Winterberry Lane, Etters, and Ashley Catherine Dziurzynski, of 451 Locust Road, New Cumberland. Parson’s parents are Steven K. and Marcy L. Parson. Dziurzynski’s parents are Michael J. and Karen Dziurzynski.

Dwylan Gene Dienner, of 103 Larkspur Drive, Quarryville, and Sydney Nicole McCluskey, of 3 Herling Road, Quarryville. Dienner’s parents are Gideon G. and Hanna Ruth Dienner. McCluskey’s parents are Arthur Thomas and Chantal McCluskey Steinhauer.

Frances C. Schrader, of 532 Wallingfod Road, and Nora Elia Medina de Flores, same address. Schrader’s parents are the late Bernard Thomas Schrader and the late Ella Delphine Schrader. Medina de Flores’ parents are the late Javier Alberto Medina Dias and the late Josefina Briseno Ruiz.

Anthony James Riggi, of 3341 Poplar Lane, Mountville and Kambria Marlane Helm, of 2623 Northfield Drive, East Petersburg. Riggi’s parents are MIchael Edward and Ruth Ann Riggi. Helm’s parents are Jason Lee Helm and Keri Marlane Martinez.

Shalva Jashiashvili, of 844 Vincent St., Philadelphia, and Natalya A. Novokreschenov, of 217 Riverview Drive, Ephrata. Jashiashvili’s parents are the late Mihael Jashiashvili and the late Hazi Jashiashvili. Novokreschenov’s parents are the late Anatoly Kyzel and the late Valentina Kyzel.

Ian Edward Ginder, of 14 Kenbridge Lane, Elizabethtown, and Katelyn M. Landis, same address. Ginder’s parents are Edward J. and Jane S. Ginder. Landis’ parents are Stephen L. and Debra H. Landis.

Lane Martin Noritsky, of 650 Chicadee Drive, Lititz, and Irene Mae Mckee, same address. Noritsky’s parents are Jerry Noritsky and the late Bernice Shirley Nortisky. McKee’s parents are the late Guy William McKee and the late Geraldine Elizabeth McKee.

William Michael Galebach, of 11 Touro Ave., Medford, Mass., and Justine H. Tien, same address. Galebach’s parents are Stephen H. and Diane W. Galebach. Tien’s parents are Yuh Ming Tien and Chufang Shao.

Cory Grimm, of 545 Convoy Ave., Elizabethtown, and Andrea Marie Pugliese, of 657 Hamaker Road, Manheim. Grimm’s parents are Donald P. and Judith A. Grimm. Pugliese’s parents are Joseph and Rosa Pugliese.

Luis Ramon Colon-Baez, of 232 S. State St., Ephrata, and Yaniret Rivera-Diaz, of 1013 Sterling Place. Colon-Baez’s parents are Luis R. Colon and Sonia Baez. Rivera-Diaz’s parents are Antonio Rivera and Ruth M. Diaz.

Justin Michael Martin, of 842 Farmingdale Road, and Kayla Rose Heine, of 328 E. Spruce St., New Holland. Martin’s parents are Kevin E. and Sherrill J. Martin. Heine’s parents are Robert L. and Jill K. Heine.

Miles Walter Noss, of 8 Bradford Drive, Leola, and Teresa Esmerald Caraballo, same address. Noss’ parents are Linda Catherine Riggle and the late David Wesley Noss. Caraballo’s parents are Francisco Aristides Caraballo and Maria Esperandza Ventura.

Richard Faus Herr, of 101 Cobbestone Lane, and \!q Amy C. Eckert, same address. Herr’s parents are Richard Faus Kile and Wilma Rae Myers. Eckert’s parents are Tammie Catherine Eckert and the late Anthony Scott Eckert.

Douglas Edward Race, of 6351 Jackson Drive, East Petersburg, and Diane Frances Bentley, of 1146 Olde Hickory Road. Race’s parents are Daniel E. and Dorla R. Race. Bentley’s parents are Frank J. and Carol J. Bentley.

John Abel Avala, of 805 Philadelphia Ave., Reading, and Anna Maria Cardoso, of 567 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 10. Ayala’s parents are Lila Feliz Roman and the late Juan Ayala. Cardoso’s parents are Barbara Perez Gonzalez and the late Cosme Martin Cardoso-Gonzalez.