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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Emanuel Dale Stump III, of 224 Chestnut St., Box 20, Bainbridge, and Anna Mary Greenfield, same address. Stump’s parents are Emanuel Stump Jr. and Ann Messner. Greenfield’s parents are John and Michelle Greenfield.

Matthew James Wade Jr., of 14 Fox Hollow Road, Apt. B, Pequea, and Jade Elizabeth Bencak, same address. Wade’s parents are Matthew James Sr. and Dawn Wade. Bencak’s parents are Raymond Jr. and Jodi Bencak.

Allen J. Sheffield, of 1363 N. 31st St., Philadelphia, and Stephanie Inez Lyons, same address. Sheffield’s parents are Richard Allen and Karen Lorrain Sheffield. Lyons’ parents are Michael Robert and Jennifer Inez Lyons.

Timothy Abraham Stover, of 111 Meadow Valley Road, Apt. 12, Ephrata, and Lisa Marie Gyenes, same address. Stover’s parents are Jeffrey and Maureen Stover. Gyenes’ parents are Terrance and Patricia Gyenes.

Patrick R. Carr, of 125 Oak View Road, and Amy L. Fanning, same address. Carr’s parents are John Michael and Mary Lou Carr. Fanning’s parents are Patricia Crouse and the late James W. Fanning.

Wesley David Hall, of 2258 Kilmer Road, Manheim, and Heather Jane Secord, of 194 Foxbury Drive, Elizabethtown. Hall’s parents are Richie Allen and Marlene Hall. Secord’s parents are Raymond John and Kathleen Jean Secord.

Clinton James Blough, of 4997 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown, and Lauren Renee Houseal, same address. Blough’s parents are Charles C. Cortini and Kimberly J. Blough. Houseal’s parents are Michael J. and Julia E. Houseal.

Zachary Ryan Shaffer, of 1236 Schwanger Road, Mount Joy, and Samantha Valerie Dreer, same address. Shaffer’s parents are Douglas S. and Robin L. Shaffer. Dreer’s parents are David A. Dreer and Dolores L. Motter.

Edwin David Rosario Ventura, of 2 Garden Court, and Yahaira Casiano-Vega, same address. Rosario Ventura’s parents are Marcelo Raymundo Rosario Martinez and Francis Heriberta Ventura Betances. Casiano-Vega’s parents are Efrain Casiano and Catherine Vega.

Matthew G. Swankler, of 155 S. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, and Sarah M. Mitchell, same address. Swankler’s parents are Gideon M. and Elizabeth R. Swankler. Mitchell’s parents are Steve L. and Melissa M. Mitchell.

Devin C. Orme, of 8 Hull Court, and Jillian Leigh Keiser, same address. Orme’s parents are Ray Thomas Orme and Beth Renee Sekerak Mobley. Keiser’s parents are Jeffrey Allen and Jalene Marie Keiser.

Geramane Durozia, of 304 Coral St., and Immacula Beausejour, same address. Durozia’s parents are Hermaine and Venante Durozia. Beausejour’s parents are Yoland N. Calixte and the late Lucia Petit-Homme.

Michael James Donnan, of 21665 Heather Acres Lane, Erieville, N.Y., and Athena M. Hall, of 22B Lyman St. Donnan’s parents are James Patrick and Deborah Marian Donnan. Hall’s parents are Daniel Timothy and Muriel Denise Hall.

Pankaj Gupta, of 23 River Birch Drive, Willow Street, and Jessica Katelyn Carlino, same address. Gupta’s parents are Suresh K. and Raj B. Gupta. Carlino’s parents are Luciano A. Carlino and Jennifer K. Henry.

Tyler Jeffrey Musser, of 1021 Walnut St., Columbia, and Sarah Elizabeth Leader, same address. Musser’s parents are Jeffrey R. Musser and Jill L. Albert. Leader’s parents are Charles E. and Kathryn L. Leader.

Kellen Robert Ball, of 1818 E. Madison St., Seattle, Wash., and Nathan Thomas Brodell, same address. Ball’s parents are Robert W. and Roberta S. Ball. Brodell’s parents are Robert T. and Linda P. Brodell.

Kimberly Sue Stricker, of 733 Pointview Ave., Ephrata, and Shawn Michael Schoenadel, same address. Stricker’s parents are Dorothy A. Stricker and the late Lester G. Stricker. Schoenadel’s parents are Michael J. and Eileen M. Schoenadel.

Lavon Nolt Huber, of 1069 Silver Hill Road, Narvon, and Julianna Beth Wise, of 915 Greenville Road, Denver. Huber’s parents are Leonard L. and Arlene M. Huber. Wise’s parents are Galen L. and Catharine W. Wise.

Teodoro Marcelino Tecua, of 123 Linville Drive, Mountville, and Lindsey Altagracia Cruz, same address. Marcelino Tecua’s parents are Esteban Marcelino and Justina Tecua. Altagracia Cruz’s parents are Roselio Llanos and Ana M. Molina.

Armando Mora Herrera, of 1921 Oregon Pike, Apt. H19, and Olga Lucia Gonzalez Tequia, same address. Mora Herrera’s parents are Margarita Mora and the late Jose Eusbio Mora. Gonzalez Tequia’s parents are Carlos Julio Gonzalez and Maria Francisca Tequia.

David Allen Hoffman, of 4006 Parkside Court, Mount Joy, and Katy Elizabeth Fischer, same address. Hoffman’s parents are Walter A. II and Pamela M. Hoffman. Fischer’s parents are Mark A. Fischer and Janet E. Eckert.

Trayce Dominic Weiler, of 226 Mayberry Drive, Lititz, and Taylor Marie Garner, of 508 S. Spruce St., Lititz. Weiler’s parents are Shane Ryan and Tania D. Weiler. Garner’s parents are Andrew L. and Rebecca Sue Garner.

Darren Michael Weidman, of 214 Parkside Drive, Winchester, Va., and Jacqueline Heisey Hemler, same address. Weidman’s parents are William and Bonnie Weidman. Hemler’s parents are Joseph Jr. and Audrey Hemler.

Lucas R. Bruzgulis, of 55 E. Kings Highway, Apt. 906, Maple Shade, N.J., and Kyle M. Davis, same address. Bruzgulis’ parents are Robert J. and Mary K. Bruzgulis. Davis parents are Stephen and Susan Davis.

Austin Reed Jowers, of 44 Peach Lane, and Jamie Lynn Harper, same address. Jowers’ parents are Brian Joseph and Cynthia Grace Jowers. Harper’s parents are Keith Allen and Linda Carol Harper.

Michael Ryan Vanaskie, of 1551 W. 43rd Ave., Denver, Colo., and Carolyn Stonerook, same address. Vanaskie’s parents are Daniel and Margaret Vanaskie. Stonerook’s parents are Thomas and Kendall Stonerook.

Marvin A. Edwards II, of 125 Woodmeadow Drive, Denver, and Keisha N. Rose, same address. Edwards’ parents are the late Marvin A. Edwards Sr. and the late Jennifer McGibbon. Rose’s parents are Noel Rose and Sandra Russell.

Jonathan Mark Talmadge, of 412 Indian Rock Circle, Elizabethtown, and Katelyn Elizabeth Kindt, same address. Talmadge’s parents are Frederick Talmadge Jr. and Jeane Oellig. Kindt’s parents are Charles Jr. and Elizabeth Kindt.

Timothy Shawn Kelley, of 16 Chamberlain Lane, Millersville, and Alexa Marie Bryant, same address. Kelley’s parents are John III and Michelle Kelley. Bryant’s parents are David and Carrie Bryant.

Heriberto Pabon, of 435 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Karen Lynn Martis, same address. Pabon’s parents are Evelia Martinez and the late Concepcion Pabon. Martis’ parents are Ronald Freiberg and the late Mary Jane Freiberg.

Robert Lee Eshleman, of 93 Den Mar Drive, Holtwood, and Lisa Joan Denlinger, same address. Eshleman’s parents are Dennis R. Eshleman and the late Tammy J. Eshleman. Denlinger’s parents are Keith R. and Doreen L. Denlinger.

Jonathan D. Stutzman, of 372 Coachman Lane, Palmyra, and Heather Gabrielle Fox, of 233 Meadowlark Drive, Ephrata. Stutzman’s parents are Robin L. Stutzman and the late James M. Stutzman. Fox’s parents ae Steven T. and Jill R. Fox.

Matthew Michael Schmidt, of 28 N. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Melissa Ann High, same address. Schmidt’s parents are Richard J. Schmidt and Barbara L. Woolwine. High’s parents are Marsha L. Klee and the late Michael B. Klee.

Ryan Lamar Hoover, of 240 Sheaffers School Road, Ephrata, and Sandra Martin Reiff, of 72 Balmertown Road, Leola. Hoover’s parents are Noah Shirk and Susan Zimmerman Hoover. Reiff’s parents are Alvin Burkholder and Vera Mae Reiff.

Dan Edison Mason Jr., of 4 Kimberly Lane, Newark, Del., and Andrea Lyn Eddy, of 7 Peter Christopher Drive, Landenberg. Mason’s parents are Dan E. and Janet E. Mason. Eddy’s parents are Jon D. and Jody L. Eddy.