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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Aaron Michael Patschke, of 123 Pennwick Drive, Lititz, and Chantelle Elyse Schwenn, same address. Patschke’s parents are Kurt Charles Patschke and Rose Marie Ness. Schwenn’s parents are Joshua Aaron and Stacey Jean Peev.

Michael Scott Benning Jr., of 63 Michelle Drive, and Jasmine Lee Vargas, same address. Benning’s parents are Michael Scott and Sharonda Lynn Bennett. Vargas’ parents are George Louis Vargas and Diana Sanchez.

William J. Borowski, of 480 New Holland Ave., and Tiffany W. Ngan, same address. Borowski’s parents are William A. and Susan D. Borowski. Ngan’s parents are Peter W. Ngan and Elizabeth C. Kao.

Justin Earl Trout Jr., of 29 Willow Valley Drive, and Paige J. Fulmer, same address. Trout’s parents are Justin Earl and Christine S. Trout. Fulmer’s parents are Christopher J. Fulmer and the late Maria E. Genoses-Fulmer.

Andrew J. Sparmblack, of 7 Patience Lane, Ephrata, and Heather Lynn Huber, same address. Sparmblack’s parents are John Andrew Sparmblack and Donna Leigh Green. Huber’s parents are Randall Lee Sr. and Gail Sharon Kerschner.

Derek Robert Beitz, of 6 Willow Ridge, Elizabethtown, and Kristin Marie Donohue, same address. Beitz’s parents are Russell W. and Donna M. Beitz. Donohue’s parents are John H. and Linda S. Donohue.

Kodi Craig Burns, of 2 Stratford Village, and Kelly Michele Culp, same address. Burns’ parents are Craig Matthew and Carol Lynne Burns. Culp’s parents are Mark David and Stephanie Gail Culp.

Alex Jonathan Swan, of 25 Cantebury Court, Lititz, and Sarah Elizabeth Baum, 1607 Chatham Road,Camp Hill. Swan’s parents are Kim A. and Susan M. Swan. Baum’s parents are Roy F. and Kelly A. Baum.

Brian Timothy Martin, of 1395 Bowmansville Road, Mohnton, and Hope Helen Lalone, of 46 E. Main St., Ephrata. Martin’s parents are Alvin T. and Julia T. Martin. Lalone’s parents are David A. and Susan J. Lalone.

Kevin Patrick McHale, of 2534 W. Cortland St., Chicago, Ill., and Madeline Marie Cox, same address. McHale’s parents are Robert J. and Barbara M. McHale. Cox’s parents are William T. and Darla M. Cox.

Vincent Joseph Mastandrea, of 3440 Main St., Conestoga, and Chelsea Lyn Borror, same address. Mastandrea’s parents are Robert A. Mastandrea and the late Julie M. Mastandrea. Borror’s parents are Catherine D. Raively and the late Michael L. Borror.

James Allen Rutter, of 1984 Water St., Washington Boro, and Venessa Lynn Ponicki, of 449 S. George St., York. Rutter’s parents are the late Jon Charles Rutter Jr. and the late Margaret Elizabeth Rutter. Ponicki’s parents are Christopher Michael Chadwick and the late Leslie Dian Haupt.

Douglas Alan Frey Jr., of 79B Valley Road, and Tiana Marie Wilson, same address. Frey’s parents are Douglas Alan Frey Sr. and Melissa Ann Kennsinger. Wilson’s parents are Marcus Scott Wilson and Brandy Lynn Cintron.

Cameron Jay Eisenhauer, of 1100 Jackson Blvd, Lebanon, and Melissa Frances Campbell, same address. Eisenhauer’s parents are Jay H. Jr. and Cheryl A. Eisenhauer. Campbell’s parents are William James and Karen Sue Campbell.

Robert A. Hoover III, of 730 Bridle Wreath Lane, and Rebecca A. Thomas, same address. Hoover’s parents are Robert A. Jr. and Linda E. Hoover. Thomas’ parents are Joseph A. and Karen E. Thomas.

John D. Freeman, of 305 Laurel Ridge Road, Reinholds, and Bri A. McKinney, same address. Freeman’s parents are Mary L. Freeman and the late Allen C. Freeman. McKinney’s parents are Brian P. McKinney and Sandra J. Sanchez.

Anthony J. Reichwaldt, of 4940 Thomasbrook Lane, Lincoln, Neb., and Sarah Ann Di Leo, of 1305 Hilltown Road, Biglerville. Reichwaldt’s parents are Ricky Lee Reichwaldt and Kelly Wray Anderson. Di Leo’s parents are Derek Andre and Rebecca Lynn Di Leo.

Javier Eulalio Guerra Castillo, of 640 N. Plum St., and Mirna Roman, same address. Guerra Castillo’s parents are Alberto Guerra and Maria Irene Castillo. Roman’s parents are Altagracia Arroyo Roman and the late Fernando Roman.

Bradley K. Schulz, of 339 Dover St., Manheim, and Kellie A. Williams, same address. Schulz’s parents are Brian K. and Robin S. Schulz. Williams’ parents are Karen A. Roschel and the late Kim A. Williams.

Noel Lopez-Carrasquillo, of 1351 Wabank Road, and Bedania Brito de Gutierrez, same address. Lopez-Carrasquillo’s parents are Ismael Lopez Colon and the late Gloria N. Carrasquillo Soto. Brito de Gutierrez’s mother is Teodora Brito Soto.

Gerald N. Hoover, of 140 Fairmount Road, Ephrata, and Ruth Ann Martin, of 438 Old Road, East Earl. Hoover’s parents are James G. and Lisa Z. Hoover. Martin’s parents are Henry H. and Mary A. Martin.

Nathan William Cooper, of 1199 Penn Grant Road, and Rujut Susanna Koivunen, of Revantie 181. Cooper’s parents are Matthew D. and Marie E. Cooper. Koivunen’s parents are Markku J. and Pirkko Aini Maria Koivunen.

Ethan Hursh Good, of 261 Swope Road, Bethel, and Katrina Rose Weiler, of 1243 Swamp Bridge Road, Denver. Good’s parents are Warren Zimmerman and Lois Nolt Good. Weiler’s parents are Neal Ray and Tina Mae Weiler.

Edwin Arroyo, of 116 S. Arch St., and Giovanny Suarez-Hernandez, same address. Arroyo’s parents are Miguel Arroyo and Sonia Idalia Vargas. Suarez-Hernandez’s parents are Fabio Suarez-Gomez and Enelin Hernandez.

Alexander Bradford Mearig, of 231 Ruby St., Apt. 2, and Kelsey Taylor Higgins, same adress. Mearing’s parents are Kriste Louise Williams and the late Bradford Paul Mearig. Higgins’ parents are Barry Nelson and Brenda Jean Higgins.

Benjamin Lee Goss, of 207 Norbury Circle, Willow Street, and Christina Elizabeth McLaughlin, of 27 E. Third St., Quarryville. Goss’ parents are Douglas L. and Kathleen J. Goss. McLaughlin’s parents are Timothy P. McLaughlin and Sabrina L. McLaughlin.

Wildred Omar Perez-Rivera, of 55 Michelle Drive, and Karin Jeannette Gonzalez, same address. Perez-Rivera’s parents are Wilfredo Perez-Nievez II and Maria Milagros Washington. Gonzalez’s parents are Luis Alberto Gonzalez and Carmen Milagros Ruiz.

Michael David Class, of 176 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Michaela Lynn Fry, of 1051 Henn Ave., Ephrata. Class’ parents are John G. and Kathryn D. Class. Fry’s parents are Robert M. and Debra M. Fry.

Freeman S. Tcheou, of 305 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata, and Casey Elaine Namiotka, same address. Tcheou’s parents are Man T. Tcheou and Ninh T. Tran. Namiotka’s parents are Gerard S. and Tara L. Namiotka.

Mark Blaise Balzano, of 4607 Gamma Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, and Cortney Ruth Stauffer, same address. Balzano’s parents are Mark Andrew and Margaret Annette Balzano. Stauffer’s parents are Dennis Earl and Dawn Louise Stauffer.