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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Jon Thomas French, of 310 Rider Ave., and Kara Lynn Newcomer, same address. French’s parents are John William French and Rebecca Grace Larkin. Newcomer’s parents are Walter Wagner and Linda Irene Newcomer.

Terry Alan Confer, of 903A Sunrise Lane, York, and Darla Kay Confer, of 481 Plum St., Bellefonte. Terry Confer’s parents are Linda Beile Confer and the late Howard Carl Confer. Darla Confer’s parents are Kenneth James Branter and the late Joy H. Branter.

Evan Alexander Whitmoyer, of 493 Boar Road, Leesport, and Nicole Shiree Miller, of 195 Root Road, Manheim. Whitmoyer’s parents are Jeffrey G. and Cydney A. Whitmoyer. Miller’s parents are Keith E. and Tonya S. Miller.

Michael K. Radzik, of 948 W. Bainbridge St., Elizabethtown, and Rebecca L. Diffenderfer, same address. Radzik’s parents are Gabriel J. III and Linda S. Radzik. Diffenderfer’s parents are Donald J. Diffenderfer and Jeanette F. Good.

Lucas Keith Millhouse, of 81 October Glory Trail, Ephrata, and Melissa Curley, same address. Millhouse’s parents are Douglas K. and Cynthia L. Millhouse. Curley’s parents are Carl T. and Irma Curley.

Troy Michael Krimes, of 302 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Renalyn M. Bonzato, same address. Krimes’ parents are Ronald G. Krimes and Frances Gelston. Bonzato’s parents are Medel and Elma Bonzato.

Clifford Lane Huntington, of 335 S. Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Fla., and Avery Hunter Weidman, same address. Huntington’s parents are William S. and Leslie P. Huntington. Weidman’s parents are Doug P. Weidman and Linda Lestz.

Steven Lee Becker, of 68 Acorn Blvd, and Jill M. Rodger, same address. Becker’s parents are Robert L. Becker and Thalia M. Croy. Rodger’s parents are Frederick J. Rodger and Kathy L. Ridinger.

Ian Fitzpatrick Gumbert, of 2103 Sheri Lane, Mount Joy, and Rebecca Katie Moyer, same address. Gumbert’s parents are Jerry F. and Marie Gumbert. Moyer’s parents are Robert P. and Kristin K. Moyer.

Brett C. Herbert, of 145 Plum Hill Road, Peach Bottom, and Linda J. Ealy, same address. Herbert’s parents are Harry M. Herbert and Sandra J. Foti. Ealy’s parents are Thomas P. and Carol L. Busch.

Jared Scott Geissinger, of 564 1/2 N. Plum St., and Audrey Elise Stoltzfus, of 14 Caroline St. Geissinger’s parents are Darwin Lamar and Marlene M. Geissinger. Stoltzfus’ parents are Daniel K. Jr. and Sandra K. Stoltzfus.

Andrew Paul Erb, of 3860 Main St., Conestoga, and Jamie Laurin Paxton, same address. Erb’s parents are Gary Bruce and Jean Marie Erb. Paxton’s parents are Alan Wayne and Belinda Sue Paxton.

Jack K. Haar, of 15 Laurelgate Place, Millersville, and Theresa Conroy, same address. Haar’s parents are the late Kenneth W. Haar and the late Jacqueline K. Haar. Conroy’s parents are the late John L. Conroy and the late Rebecca A. Conroy.

Daniel A. Campos Palacios, of 1024 Hilmar Circle, Columbia, and Gilmarie Rosario Santiago, same address. Campos Palacios’ parents are Eduardo Palacios and Idalia Campos. Rosario Santiago’s parents are Gil Enrigue Rosario and Maria Isabel Santiago.

Matthew Jason Umstead, of 4315 Ridgeway Terrace, Prince Frederick, Md., and Charlee Rae Summers-Glennon, same address. Umstead’s parents are Mark Kevin and Donna Marie Umstead. Summers-Glennon’s parents are Patrick William Glennon and Crystall Louise Thompson.

Michael Andrew Robinson, of 612 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Katherine Ilona Kapelsohn, of 54 Winston Drive, Lillington, N.C. Robinson’s parents are David B. and Sherilyn A. Robinson. Kapelsohn’s parents are Emanuel and Barbie F. Kapelsohn.

Shawn Douglas Bagnall, of 107 Slackwater Road, Millersville, and Courtney Faye Todd, of 905 W. Penn Grant Road, Willow Street. Bagnall’s parents are William W. and Sheryl Bagnall. Todd’s parents are Scott Allen and Amanda Prudence Todd.

Kevin Rivera, of 313H Eden Road, and Kritcia M. Mendez, same address. Rivera’s parents are Ervin Rivera and Maria H. Feliciano. Mendez’s parents are Pedro Cardona and Vilma S. Mendez.

Dennis E. Reider Jr., of 14 N. Queen St., Box 158, Maytown, and Meeghan A. Clark, of 227 N. Duke St., rear. Reider’s parents are Dennis E. Sr. and Mary C. Reider. Clark’s parents are Dennis M. and Elizabeth A. Clark.

Ryan Andrew McNeil, of 37 W. Farnum St., and Milagro L. Cartagena, same address. McNeil’s parents are the late William S. McNeil Sr. and the late Georgette Schickel.

Arnaldo Fernandez, of 19 Hill Top Drive, Ephrata, and Jennifer Lyn Harding, same address. Fernandez’s parents are Juan Antonio Fernandez and Noris Rodriguez. Harding’s parents are Lisa Hartman and the late Stanton Harding.

Zachary Christian Watson, of 3204 Woolen Way, Newark, Del., and Kasey Sue Greenplate, of 6 Darlington Road, New Castle, Del. Watson’s parents are Gregory Matthew and Julianna Watson. Greenplate’s parents are Alvin Eugene Jr. and Glenda Sue Greenplate.

Mervin Lee Beiler, of 112 Glenbrook Road, Leola, and Brittany Diane Gehman, same address. Beiler’s parents are David K. and Arie S. Beiler. Gehman’s parents are Carl L. and Sheryl D. Gehman.

Richard C. Swain, of 1604 Butter Road, and Cheryl A. Hojnacki, of 500 Bush St., Bridgeport. Swain’s parents are the late Richard Robert Swain and the late Emily Mae Swain. Hojnacki’s parents are the late Joseph Charles Hojnacki Sr. and the late Mary Antonio Rita Hojnacki.

Alex Michael Weaver, of 1088 Main St., Blue Ball, and Amber Leigh Smith, of 240B W. High St., Manheim. Weaver’s parents are Carl Paul Weaver Jr. and Lindsay Rae Wright. Smith’s parents are Lary Lee Sr. and Mary Jane Smith.

Matthew J. Nowicki, of 5214 Summerfield Drive, Mount Joy, and Stefanie K. Baldassano, same address. Nowicki’s parents are Richard V. Jr. and Sherri A. Nowicki. Baldassano’s parents are Lawrence and Kathy L. Baldassano.

George William Allison Bartholomew, of 314 Sackett St., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Amy Lynn Young, same address. Bartholomew’s parents are George Michael and Julia Allison Bartholomew. Young’s parents are Gary Allen and Kathy Getz Young.

Douglas E. Goshert, of 129 Windsock Way, New Holland, and Melinda B. Heinlein, same address. Goshert’s parents are Eugene Gerhart Goshert and Barbara Marie Hollinger. Heinlein’s parents are the late Harold Calvin Baird and the late Kathleen Ann Pielmeier.

William Robert Miller, of 902 Jefferson St., NW, Washington D.C., and Anna Elizabeth Waterfield, same address. Miller’s parents are Keith R. Miller and Elizabeth Masciti-Miller. Waterfield’s parents are Charles W. and Susan M. Waterfield.

Karl Zimmerman Weaver, of 29 E. Burkholder Drive, Lititz, and Janet Ruth Martin, of 1334 Pine Hill Road, Lititz. Weaver’s parents are Mark Z. and Marie W. Weaver. Martin’s parents are Jesse H. and Ella R. Martin.

Nicholas Charles Chipriano, of 5522 Duxbury St., Houston, Texas, and Cristina Margarita Flores, same address. Chipriano’s parents are Janet L. Chipriano and the late Henry J. Chipriano. Flores’ parents are Carlos and Celia Flores.

Nelson Mussa Sabil, of 52 Tupelo St., Lititz, and Nichole Mobley, same address. Sabil’s parents are Fatima Sadiq and the late Mussa Sabil. Mobley’s parents are Antoinette Washington and the late George Avent.

Edward J. McCauley Jr., of 133 S. Fourth St., Columbia, and Emiley M. Stump, same address. McCauley’s parents are Brenda Urban and the late Edward J. McCauley Sr. Stump’s parents are Emanuel Stump and Sherry Broome.

Kareem W. Baylis, of 141 S. Prince St., Apt. 1, and Tara N. Miller, same address. Baylis’ parents are Walter Jackson and Debra Baylis. Miller’s parents are are Felix Garcia and Kathryn Ridel-Moffett.

Daxton Joshua Shirk, of 836 Mount Zion Road, Narvon, and Oceana Katherine Ringler, of 324 Boot Jack Road, Narvon. Shirk’s parents are Roger M. and Ruth E. Shirk. Ringler’s parents are Leon L. and Juanita F. Ringler.

Jordon T. Giffing, of 135 Scott Road, Nottingham, and Chloe Emmaline Downey, of 9 Natures Way, Quarryville. Giffing’s parents are Charles A. Sr. and Kathleen M. Giffing. Downey’s parents are Michelle L. Downey and the late William A. Downey.

Shane Scott Kuhns, of 255 Shenk Ave., Strasburg, and Ashley Lauren Ellison, same address. Kuhns’ parents are Karen Lenora Kennedy and the late Glen Scott Kuhns. Ellison’s parents are Ronald Ray Ellison and Deirdre Jeanine Remollino.

Shaun Matthew Gordon, of 3 Windolph Court, Lititz, and Sandra Jayne Davis, same address. Gordon’s parents are Jacki Lee and Terry Lynn Gordon. Davis’ parents are Carl Sandord II and Denise Michelle Davis.

Bryant James Myer, of 237 E. Main St., Mechanicsburg, and Abbey Leigh King, of 23 Oak Lane Drive, Carlisle. Myer’s parents are Gary M. and Christine M. Myer. King’s parents are Christopher L. and Jennifer K. King.

Matthew Anthony Miller, of 516 Mohns Hill Road, Reading, and Brianna Marie Rissler, of 37 Parkview Drive, Reinholds. Miller’s parents are Anthony R. Miller and Kathy A. Keith. Rissler’s parents are Todd R. Rissler and Marcolina C. Navedo.

Santiago Chaparro Jr., of 1640 Lincoln Highway East, and Jahaira Marie Martinez, same address. Chaparro’s parents are the late Santiago Chaparro Sr. and the late Ada M. Chaparro. Martinez’s parents are Mamento Gonzalez and Maria Margarita Ramos.

Jeremy Charles Wilson, of 2223 Coventry Road, and Alisha Marie Zeiset, of 13 Runway Ave., New Holland. Wilson’s parents are Marla C. Wilson and the late Parke D. Wilson. Zeiset’s parents are Vernon L. and Paula M. Zeiset.

Arlen James King, of 6112 Wanner Road, Narvon, and Hannah Morgan Weaver, of 906 Spring Valley Road, Quarryville. King’s parents are Daniel Alvin and Rose Anna King. Weaver’s parents are Herburt Lee and Glenda B. Weaver.

Brett A. Truluck, of 4002 Holly Drive, Columbia, and Angela V. Rysak, same address. Truluck’s parents are Laurie Marguerite Truluck and the late Larry Dean Truluck. Rysak’s parents are Dorothy Ann Rysak and the late Matthew Joseph Rysak.

Matthew C. Mayer, of 317 Headhouse Court, Wayne, and Stephanie Lynn Fleetman, of 205 E. Ross St. Mayer’s parents are Philip R. and Ginny S. Mayer. Fleetman’s parents are Paul W. and Kathy S. Fleetman.

Matthew Thomas Kilby, of 120 Lakewood Drive, Pequea, and Crystal Linda Sensenig, same address. Kilby’s parents are Matthew R. and Connie M. Kilby. Sensenig’s parents are Robert L. and Linda L. Sensenig.

John William Ambrose Jr., of 4 Park St., Stewartson, and Chelsea Lynne Jeppi, of 2609 Ady Road, Forest Hill, Md. Ambrose’s parents are John William and Dawn Marie Ambrose. Jeppi’s parents are Richard Joseph Jeppi and Carol Ann Cullum.

Dawson Reed High, of 1191 Rabbit Hill Road, Lititz, and Michele Renee Diem, of 701 Weavertown Road, Myerstown. High’s parents are Dennis Musser and Donna Jean High. Diem’s parents are Ronald Lee and Nancy Jane Diem.

Cody Allen Zink, of 340 Curby Drive, Mountville, and Nicole Amber Bowman, same address. Zink’s parents are McKeaver Allen Zink and Stacy Ann Matthews. Bowman’s parents are Henry Walter Bowman III and Natalie Jean Wise.

Seth Jordon Crossley, of 31 Ramsgate Lane, and Samantha Khrystyne Hafer, same address. Crossley’s parents are Steven David Crossley and Anne Marie Donato. Hafer’s parents are Paul James and Christine Marie Hafer.

Ethan Todd Robbins, of 231 Farmdale Road, Kirkwood, and Chelsea Anna Tice, same address. Robbins’ parents are Jeffery T. and Cynthia L. Robbins. Tice’s parents are Daniel P. and Maryann Tice.

Matthew Lamar Ringler, of 279 E. Black Creek Road, East Earl, and Lucinda Zimmerman Shirk, of 127 Bridgeville Road, East Earl. Ringler’s parents are Glen O. and Alice M. Ringler. Shirk’s parents are David M. and Mary R. Shirk.

Howard S. Main Jr., of 404 Black Road, Quarryville, and Stacy J. Hollinger, of 113 Crystal Drive, Holtwood. Main’s parents are Howard S. Sr. and Betty Jane Main. Hollinger’s parents are John Milton and Sandra Sue Richards.

Jason Alexander Brault, of 173 Old Mill Road, Apt. 7, Ephrata, and Lea Renee Harnish, of 771 Wallace Road, New Holland. Brault’s parents are Claude Roland and Diane Theresa Brault. Harnish’s parents are Eugene S. and April L. Harnish.

Darren Joseph Pickel, of 1280 Brenneman Road A, Conestoga, and Kathleen Michelle Adams, of 675 Woodlawn Ave., Ephrata. Pickel’s parents are Walter Douglas and Lori Maureen Pickel. Adams’ parents are Michael Todd and Susan Doris Adams.

Cody Anthony Perry, of 326 E. High St., Elizabethtown, and Courtney Lynn Fivecoat, same address. Perry’s parents are Charles H. Perry and Loretta A. Pedigree. Fivecoat’s parents are Frederick D. Jr. and Melanie A. Fivecoat.

Christopher N. Vitale, of 10 W. New St., and Denise Y. Black, of 709 Garnet Ave. Vitale’s parents are James Vitale and the late Jane Roney. Black’s parents are Judith L. Black and the late Edwin E. Black.

Todd R. Stoltzfus, of 762 Guilford St., Lebanon, and Kristin Lynn Marie Schneck, of 62 E. Main St., Adamtown. Stoltzfus’ parents are Stephen R. and Lorraine Stoltzfus. Schneck’s parents are David R. Schneck and the late Jean V. Schneck.

Andrew Neil Cassel, of 947 Rettew Mill Road, Ephrata, and Kimberly Brianne Zimmerman, of 485 Wissler Road, Lititz. Cassel’s parents are Steven Neil and Jennifer Lynn Cassel. Zimmerman’s parents are Nevin Weaver and Alma Shirk Zimmerman.

Jeffrey Lynn Sweigart, of 111 W. Franklin St., Ephrata, and Julia W. Wolcott, same address. Sweigart’s parents are the late Harry R. Sweigart and the late Sylvia E. Sweigart. Wolcott’s parents are the late William J. Wolcott and the late Jeryldine P. Wolcott.

Drew Thomas Law, of 20 Miller St., Strasburg, and Kaylina Anne Brown, same address. Law’s parents are Thomas E. and Vivien R. Law. Brown’s parents are Charles W. and Linda K. Brown.

George T. Weihermuller, of 213 Hahnstown Road, Ephrata, and Carole A. Kredak, same address. Weihermuller’s parents are Suzanne R. Weihermuller and the late Peter G. Weihermuller. Kredak’s parents are the late Vincent W. Kucinskas and the late Ellen M. Kucinskas.

Richard David Smith, of 1623 Newport Road, Manheim, and Deborah C. Bowerson, of 268 Fairland Road, Manheim. Smith’s parents are the late Warren J. Smith and the late Kathryn Smith. Bowerson’s parents are the late Robert P. Crist and the late Marion S. Crist.