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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Shaun M. Mains, of 1615 N. Reading Road, Stevens, and Sarah B. Flexer, same address. Mains’ parents are Gary J. and Patricia A. Mains. Flexer’s parents are Vincent E. Whitehawk Sr. and Traci L. Miller.

Lamar Z. Stauffer, of 162 E. Church St., Stevens, and Darlene M. Hoover, of 550 S. Fairview Road, Lititz. Stauffer’s parents are Floyd M. and Laura L. Stauffer. Hoover’s parents are Edwin S. and Naomi S. Hoover.

Michael E. Sevick, of 36 Elizabeth St., Landisville, and Pamela Anne Heinrichs, same address. Sevick’s parents are Myron E. and Darla M. Sevick. Heinrichs’ parents are Arlyn Jetson and Brenda Sue Heinrichs.

Caleb Michael Walters, of 8568 Rabbit Lane, Grantville, and Joelle Christina Skacel, of 268 Bloomfield Drive, Lititz. Walters’ parents are Steven Martin and Jeanette Michelle Walters. Skacel’s parents are Robert Karl Jr. and Marita Queen Skacel.

Alexander Eugene Dreher, of 485 Royer Drive, and Nicole Breanna Tomichek, same address. Dreher’s parents are Dana W. and Laura Dreher. Tomichek’s parents are David J. and Eleanor J. Tomichek.

Isaiah C. Hegedus, of 112 W. High St., Elizabethtown, and Angel Y. Stiner, same address. Hegedus’ parents are David and Heather Hegedus. Stiner’s parents are Carla Yvone Tobin and the late Joseph Elery Stiner.

Matthew Daniel Lane, of 231 Pine Bridge Lane, and Laura Helen Mayton, same address. Lane’s parents are Daniel R. and Kathleen M. Lane. Mayton’s parents are Jaclyn F. Stevener and the late Mark A. Mayton.

Paul Michael Wallace, of 18 E. Church St., Stevens, and Kelsey Lynn Barr, same address. Wallace’s parents are Michael E. and Carol J. Wallace. Barr’s parents are Michael D. and Leona J. Barr.

Troy N. Dragovich, of 342 Bridled Tern, Lititz, and Tracey V. Kurtz, same address. Dragovich’s parents are Stanley and Jean Marie Dragovich. Kurtz’s parents are Kenneth L. and Jane E. Allwein.

Luis Miguel Duenas-Hernandez, of 95 Clay School Road, Ephrata, and Keishla Fransuas Gonzalez, same address. Duenas-Hernandez’s parents are Sara Elizabeth Hernandez and the late Miguel Angel Duenas. Gonzalez’s parents are Hector Gonzalez and Madeline Rodriguez.

Michael S. Kuhns, of 1827 Woodlawn Ave., and Sarah Elizabeth Fritz, same address. Kuhns’ parents are Lloyd J. and Goldie Plank Kuhns. Fritz’s parents are David Michael and Nancy Elizabeth Fritz.

Kenneth E. Quenzer, of 982A Gypsy Hill Road, and Heather L. Nahm, of 653 Bumgarder Road. Quenzer’s parents are Elma Quenzer and the late Kenneth F. Quenzer. Nahm’s parents are Daniel and Linda Boone.

Eric William Heckman, of 1801 Bowmansville Road, Mohnton, and Katelyn Rose Horst, same address. Heckman’s parents are Willis Leroy Jr. and Lisa K. Heckman. Horst’s parents are Mervin Leinbach and Jody Lynn Horst.

Andrew D. Schwebel, of 421 College Ave., and Ashley Michlle Scherer, same address. Schwebel’s parents are Donald L. and Joan M. Schwebel. Scherer’s parents are Michael S. and Christine J. Schrerer.

Daniel Michael Plumby, of 622 Second St., and Emily Marie Smith, same address. Plumby’s parents are Michael Don Plumby and Anne Elizabeth Sibek. Smith’s parents are Timothy Ray and Deidre Lynn Smith.

Calvin A. Santiago, of 1399 Ship Road, West Chester, and Ashley Avenoso, of 1728 Church Road, Hershey. Santiago’s parents are Carlito A. and Flordeliza B. Santiago. Avenoso’s parents are John and Georgette L. Avenoso.

Joshua Gerald Peters, of 128 E. Walnut St., Apt. 2, and Taylor Coan Luckenbill, same address. Peters’ parents are Christ and Delores Peters. Luckenbill’s parents are Duane and Coanne Luckenbill.

Sotheavat Van Tan, of 409 Surrey Drive, and Sovichia Kong, same address. Van Tan’s parents are the late Voeun Von and the late Hun Kolyan Tang. Kong’s parents are Chetaa Ok and the late Soon Kong.

Victor Luis Guzman, of 571 Kensington Terrace, and Kayla Liz Santana, same address. Guzman’s parents are Victor Guzman and Clarisa Torres. Santana’s parents are Chris Santana and Arlene Ivette Rodriguez.

Ramon J. Pabon II, of 1128 Willow Street Pike, and Audrey L. Shenk, same address. Pabon’s parents are the late Ramon Pabon Sr. and the late Altagarcia Alicea. Shenk’s parents are Thomas and Theresa Parmarter.

David Richard Howell Long, of 887 Buck Road, Quarryville, and Allison Marie Brown, of 6441 Jeanette Drive, East Petersburg. Long’s parents are Gary and Debra Long. Brown’s parents are Edward and Barbara Brown.

Timothy Lynn Weaver, of 1681 Hossler Road, Manheim, and Heather Renee Zimmerman, of 2156 Mount Joy Road, Manheim. Weaver’s parents are Kevin and Delis Weaver. Zimmerman’s parents are Joseph and Brenda Zimmerman.

Andrew Curtis Seaburg, of 420 Windsor Court, Columbia, and Noelle Gabrielle Lorson, of 545 Bake St., Seaburg’s parents are Curtis Irving and Pamela Jean Seaburg. Lorson’s parents are Douglas James and Christine Noel Lorson.

Kirk D. Schlotzhauer, of 304 Weatherfield Place, and Pamela M. Zablocki, same address. Schlotzhauer’s parents are Karl D. and Patricia B. Schlotzhauer. Zablocki’s parents are Caroline R. Zablocki and the late Peter P. Zablocki.

Jonathan K. Fisher, of 343 Centerville Road, Gordonville, and Carolyn Newswanger Zimmerman, of 417 Centerville Road, Gordonville. Fisher’s parents are David S. and Emma S. Fisher. Zimmerman’s parents are John David and Amy Newswanger Zimmerman.

Erich James Carroll, of 10 Hull Court, and Amanda Lynn Metzler, of 729 W. Sunhill Road, Manheim. Carroll’s parents are James and Ruth Carroll. Metzler’s parents are Mark and Kimberly Metzler.

Thomas W. Smith, of 174 Cocalico Creek Road, Ephrata, and Karen A. Martin, same address. Smith’s parents are Judith Lynn Smith and the late Kevin Robert Smith. Martin’s parents are Laurence Hoover Martin and Marlene Zeiset Leinbach.

Mitchell Reed Moore, of 50 Saddler Drive, Christiana, and Heather Lynn Kauffman, same address. Moore’s prents are Danny R. and Phyllis A. Moore. Kauffman’s parents are Jerry W. Mellinger and Dorothy I. Dorn.

Caleb Eugene Kover, of 927 Spruce St., Columbia, and Amber Charlyn Marie Walton, same address. Kover’s parents are Caleb Kenneth and Jennie Carol Kover. Walton’s parents are Jody Warren Walton and Valetta Grace Ghee.

Garrett Emory Fry, of 2709 Willow Street Pike, Willow Street, and Aubrie Nicole Bunnell, of 11 Echo Valley Drive, New Providence. Fry’s parents are Loren E. and Kyra K. Fry. Bunnell’s parents are Kevin L. and Michelle M. Bunnell.

Jacques James Charlebois, of 3521 Sea Gull Road, Virignia Beach, Va., and Molly Elizabeth Jarrett, same address. Charlebois’ parents are Daniel Albert and Julie Marie Charlebois. Jarrett’s parents are David Deford and Anne Oswald Jarrett.

Michael Christopher Haines, of 14 Ascot Drive, Riverton, N.J., and Caitlyn Nicole Fuller, of 5119 Little Creek Drive, Ellicott City, Md. Haines’ parents are Michael Bruce and Joan Lisa Haines. Fuller’s parents are Kenenth Donald and Judith Stover Fuller.

David Alvarez, of 2191 Coventry Road, and Jezina Lynn Rodriguez, same address. Alvarez’s parents are Manuel D. Marmolejos and Maria G. Alvarez. Rodriguez’s parents are David Rodriguez and Miriam Iris Figueroa.

Tyler Jeffrey Musser, of 1021 Walnut St., Columbia, and Sarah Elizabeth Leader, same address. Musser’s parents are Jeffrey R. Musser and Jill L. Albert. Leader’s parents are Charles E. and Kathryn L. Leader.

Kimberly Sue Stricker, of 733 Pointview Ave., Ephrata, and Shawn Michael Schoenadel, same address. Stricker’s parents are Dorothy A. Stricker and the late Lester G. Stricker. Schoenadel’s parents are Michael J. and Eileen M. Schoenadel.

James Dennis Spinola, of 660 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Kimberly Lauren King, same address. Spinola’s parents are James and Jill L. Spinola. King’s parents are Jeffrey S. and Janet S. King.