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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Robert W. Offerman, of 376 E. Main St., Lititz, and Leilani Schultz, same address. Offerman’s parents are the late William G. Offerman and the late Teresa M. Offerman. Schultz’s parents are the late Keith E. Stevens and the late Shirley C. Robinson.

Charles Robert Wolf III, of 518 Indian Rock Circle, Elizabethtown, and Kaylee Elizabeth Boose, same address. Wolf’s parents are Charles R. Jr. and Debra L. Wolf. Boose’s parents are Joseph A. and Leann M. Boose.

Jared J. Meshey, of 2227 Harmony Hill Drive, and Danielle Marie Barley, same address. Meshey’s parents are John Joseph and Linda Sue Meshey. Barley’s parents are Roy Edward Jr. and Tracy Lynn Barley.

Jesse L. Dinkel, of 146 Old Hershey Road, Elizabethtown, and Jessica N. Fultz, same address. Dinkel’s parents are Paul D. and Nancy D. Dinkel. Fultz’s parents are Richard S. Fultz and Ronna J. Gall.

Stanley Benson Butler Jr., of 63 Carriage House Drive, Willow Street, and Wendy Sue Faggart, same address. Butler’s parents are Stanley Benson Butler Sr. and the late Susan L. Butler. Faggart’s parents are Dennis R. Faggart and Geraldine M. Reed.

Nathan Lawrence Kirby, of 102 Miller St., Strasburg, and Jenna Marie Moyer, same address. Kirby’s parents are William C. Sr. and Donna F. Kirby. Moyer’s parents are Steven L. Moyer and Patricia A. Bacon.

Victor M. Rivera, of 1177 Edgemoor Court, and Claribel Rodriguez, same address. Rivera’s parents are Victor M. Rivera Sr. and Carmen S. Sanchez. Rodriguez’s parents are Eduardo Rodriguez Sr. and Sonia Morales.

Antonio de Jesus Lima Pineda, of 14 Church St., Lititz, and Yinet A. Diaz, same address. De Jesus Lima Pineda’s parents are Raul Lima and Margarita Rojas. Diaz’s parents are Jose Diaz and Germania Ovalles.

VIncent Raleigh Care, of 916 Rolridge Ave., and Emily Sara Adleblute, same address. Care’s parents are Terry James and Holley Bowman Care. Adleblute’s parents are Larry Edward and Karen Kay Adleblute.

Justin David Herbst, of 116 W. Maple Grove Road, Denver, and Tifanny Louise Taylor, same address. Herbst’s parents are Ernest Herbst and Linda Jean Gardner. Taylor’s parents are Craig Alan and Andrea Taylor.

Isaiah H. Pinkerton, of 4315 Green Park Drive, Mount Joy, and Amanda C. Hedge, of 1108 Crestwyck Circle, Mount Joy. Pinkerton’s parents are Sandra Pinkerton and the late Paul Pinkerton. Hedge’s parents are Steven and Marilyn Hedge.

Milton Almanzar Montilla, of 640 Walnut St., and Victoria May Matos, of 318 Wissler Way, Landisville. Almanzar Montilla’s mother is Izaida Montilla. Matos’ parents are Rafael Angel and Patricia Lynne Matos.

Sean D. Duke, of 124 Roslyn Ave., and Megan E. Reese, same address. Duke’s parents are Kenneth E. and Lori G. Duke. Reese’s parents are Ronald P. Reese and Julie K. Thompson.

Frederick Jackson Leyland, of 505 E. Main St., Ephrata, and Nadine Faith Zimmerman, same address. Leyland’s parents are Frederick A. Leyland Jr. and Helen B. Wensyel.\!q Zimmerman’s parents are Carl W. and Ruth B. Zimmerman.

Kent William Umberger, of 240 Townsend Drive, Hummelstown, and Hannah Elizabeth Brackbill, of 244 Silverwood Drive, Lititz. Umberger’s parents are Kory Douglas and Kathy Jean Umberger. Brackbill’s parents are Andrew Hoober and Pamela Courtney Brackbill.

Zachary Adam Kulp, of 326 Wickshire Circle, Lititz, and Whitney Boazuu Seina Pelissier, same address. Kulp’s parents are Curtis Eugene and Sally Kulp. Pelissier’s parents are Roland Wobil and Agnes Azumah Mosore.

Paul John Van Winkle, of 533 Lancaster Ave., and Kari Brianne Evans, same address. Van Winkle’s parents are Eric Steven Van Winkle and the late Laurie Ann Van Winkle. Evans’ parents are Duane Mark and Jill Sharlene Evans.

Daryl Shirk Hoover, of 1719 Main St., East Earl, and Susan Shirk Zimmerman, of 312 Conestoga Creek Road, East Earl. Hoover’s parents are Warren L. and Maryellen S. Hoover. Zimmerman’s parents Allen R. and Ella Mae S. Zimmerman.

Scott M. Creek, of 1250 Union St., and Bonnie Lee Derr, same address. Creek’s parents are Harry and Cristine Creek. Derr’s parents are Frederick Arthur and Margaret Mary Hawk.

Jonathan Christopher Stevens, of 145 Maple Lane, and Tabatha A. Ohlerking, same address. Stevens’ parents are William H. and Catherine T. Stevens. Ohlerking’s parents are Weston B. and Joanne M. Ohlerking.

Dominique Deonorea McElvene, of 2119 Sutter Parkway, Dublin, Ohio, and Rebecca Miriam Scott, of 166 San Diego Drive, Columbus, Ohio. McElvene’s parents are Raymond D. and Charma A. McElvene. Scott’s parents are Robert L. and Jeanette L. Scott.

Ram C. Gurung, of 602 N. Plum St., and Ram Maya Rai, same address. Gurung’s parents are Hari M. Gurung and the late Tul B. Gurung. Rai’s parents are Sue Bor and Chandra M. Rai.

Richard E. Brooks Jr., of 874 Winter Hill Road, Strasburg, and Linda G. Tragon, same address. Brooks’ parents are the late Richard E. Brooks Sr. and the late Ann E. Argires. Tragon’s parents are the late John Robert Tragon and the late Annabelle Rock.

Kevin Wayne Beiler, of 503 Rose Petal Lane, Mount Joy, and Jacqueline Marie Share, same address. Beiler’s parents are Alvin C. and Ruthie Beiler. Share’s parents are Peter William Share and the late Eileen A. Share.

Steven F. Heise, of 301 Linden St., East Earl, and Jaclyn Marie Guevara, same address. Heise’s parents are Steven M and Lois D. Heise. Guevara’s parents are Albert Jr. and Heidi J. Guervara.

Mark Tlumach, of 3138 Linden St., Terre Hill, and Vica Grabelink, of 40 Bethany Road, Apt. G, Ephrata. Tlumach’s parents are Ivan and Tatyana Tlumach. Grabelink’s parents are Sergey and Lyubov Grabelink.

Paul Simon Thompson, of Box 2159, Reston, Va., and Kimberly Dawn Stevenson, of 3051 Idaho Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. Thompson’s parents are Roger Kevin Russell and Elizabeth Joan Thompson. Stevenson’s parents are Suzanne Lynn Mandell and the late John Thomas Stevenson.

Dustin M. Forbes, of 200 Houck Drive, Apt. F, Manheim, and Ashley S. Hilton, same address. Forbes’ parents are Dwayne Alan and Melissa Renee Forbes. Hilton’s parents are Gary Alan Ackerman and Marie Edith Styer.

Travis Scott Dull, of 1919 Locust Grove Road, Manheim, and Stephanie Joy Balmer, of 7476 Elizabethtown Road, Elizabethtown. Dull’s parents are Larry Paul and Karen Louise Dull. Balmer’s parents are Kevin Scott and Tammy Fay Balmer.

Michael Joseph Meck, of 824 N. Duke St., and Kayla Tenee Brown, of 426 High St., Apt. 1. Meck’s parents are Robert Adrian and Sharon Lee Meck. Brown’s parents are Lorraine Dawn Brown and the late David Harrison Brown.

Andrew Thomas Galuppo, of 57G Barclay Place Court, Charlottesville, Va., and Jana Marie Franey, of 5029 Apple Lane, Mohnton. Galuppo’s parents are Joseph Thomas and Tammy Renee Galuppo. Franey’s parents are James Helverson II and Sharon Seibert Franey.

Jacobo Leonardo Bautista, of 546 S. Ninth St., Apt. 3, Lebanon, and Jenny Padilla Cruz, of 546 S. Fifth St., Lebanon. Bautista’s parents are Esparanza Bautista-Francisco and the late Jose Estanilau Leonardo. Cruz’s parents are Rosa Maria Cruz and the late Samuel Padilla Ramos.

Timothy Leigh Shoff, of 804 Overlook Lane, Wrightsville, and Kimberly Nicole Harris, of 2201 Berg Way, Edgewood, Md. Shoff’s parents are Caroll Ann Hershey and the late Leroy Junior Shoff. Harris’ parents are Roy Allen Harris and Robin Marie Kinsey.

James Michael Jacobs, of 2303 Marietta Ave., Apt. 2, and Sherrie Ann Bridgman, same address. Jacobs’ mother is Sarah Alleman. Bridgman’s parents are Stanley and Cathy Meyers.

Dan Beiler Esh, of 3459 W. Pequea Lane, Gordonville, and Lena S. Stoltzfus, of 248 Rippling Creek Lane, Blain. Esh’s parents are David Z. and Naomi Jane Esh. Stoltzfus’ parents are Phares Z. Jr. and Rebecca S. Stoltzfus.

Derrick Scott Smith, of 1175 Swamp Bridge Road, Denver, and Torey Reed Shotzberger, of 134 W. Girl Scout Road, Stevens. Smith’s parents are Scott A. and Trudy D. Smith. Shotzberger’s parents are Ted. L. and Teri M. Shotzberger.

Sean A. Mitchell, of 1306 Breneman Road, Manheim, and Amanda L. Miller, same address. Mitchell’s parents are Mike J. Mitchell and Paulette R. Holland. Miller’s parents are Ryan D. and Beth A. Miller.

Ryan L. Felpel, of 480 New Holland Ave., and Rachel E. Westbrook, same address. Felpel’s parents are the late Ronald L. Felpel and the late Carol Felpel. Westbrook’s parents are Albert H. Jr. and Joyce E. Westbrook.

David V. Ugrenyuk, of 401 Main St., Denver, and Helen J. Strunk, of 1197 Berne Drive, Auburn. Ugrenyuk’s parents are Vladmir L. and Vera N. Ugrenyuk. Strunk’s parents are Samuel H. III and Kellee K. Strunk.

Abraham A. Diaz Ruiz, of 101 Wellington Road, and Jennifer Angela Marie Marinari, same address. Diaz Ruiz’s parents are Daniel S. Diaz and Diosairiz Ruiz. Marinari’s parents are Michael J. Sr. and Janet M. Marinari.

Joseph K. Fisher, of 328 N. Belmont Road, Gordonville, and Anna Ruth Smucker, of 77 Esbenshade Road, Ronks. Fisher’s parents are John S. and Rachel Esh Fisher. Smucker’s parents are Eli K. and Katherine F. Lapp.

Andrew Richard Thiry, of 240 Charlotte St., and Samantha Lynn Christmann, same address. Thiry’s parents are Michael T. and Lisa J. Thiry. Christmann’s parents are Timothy J. and Tracy A. Christmann.

Tyler Lee Harris, of 1935 Pickering Trail, and Alyssa Christine Coleman, of 2816 Brookfield Road. Harris’ parents are Mark L. and Sue E. Harris. Coleman’s parents are Robert L. Jr. and Linda L. Coleman.