Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Timothy Tlumach, of 175 Old Mill Road, Apt. 10, Ephrata, and Stephanie Palashnyuk, same address. Tlumach’s parents are Ivan and Tatyana Tlumach. Palashnyuk’s parents are Valeriy and Vera Palashnyuk.

Spencer Paul Kling, of 5 Meadow Lane, Smoketown, and Victoria Elizabeth Stump, of 630 Bentley Ridge Blvd. Kling’s parents are Gerald Frey and Doris Jean Kling. Stump’s parents are Dale Michael Stump and Sharon Kathleen Williams.

Matthew Russell Felter, of 80 W. Main St., Landisville, and Elizabeth Ashton Detwiler, of 909 Harvestview N., Mount Joy. Felter’s parents are Russell Felter and Susan Struckus. Detwiler’s parents are Richard Reynolds Detwiler and Nikki Jo Mendoza.

Jane Elizabeth Snyder, of 548 Northlawn Court, and Brett Edgar Cutshall, same address. Snyder’s parents are Dustin Jane Hess and Thomas David Snyder. Cutshall’s parents are Edgar and Linda Ralph Cutshall.

Michael Tyler Wissler, of 288 Cambridge Lane, Lititz, and Kristen Nicole Derrick, of 748 Woodside Ave. Wissler’s parents are Elvin Thomas and Judith Ann Wissler. Derrick’s mother is Patricia Anne Windham.

Alison Marie Oxley, of 2251 Hollinger Road, and Brock Trevis Snider, same address. Oxley’s parents are Robert and Joanne Marie Oxley. Snider’s parents are Garry and Cindy Snider.

Christian Fink, of 76 Mountain Lane, Drums, and Valerie Jane Stanley, of 1518 Cedar Road. Fink’s parents are Conrad John and Mary Anna Fink. Stanley’s parents are Samuel David and L. Elaine Stoltzfus.

Jessica Lynn Stanwood, of 14 Oriole Drive, Ephrata, and Steven Michael Stohr, same address. Stanwood’s parents are Joseph Reed Stanwood and Susan Edith Richardson.

David Merle Witmer, of 2600 SE Ocean Blvd, JJ11, Stuart, Fla., and Joy S. Gehman, of 846 Eden Road. Witmer’s parents are H. Howard and Miriam Mohler Witmer. Gehman’s parents are Mark Clemmer and Grace Detwiler Gehman.

George Phillip Remhof, of 12 Griest Road, Nottingham, and Catharina Elisabeth Huyser, same address. Remhof’s parents are Harold Ray and Etta Muriel Remhof. Huyser’s parents are Johannes and Maria Elisabeth Lange.

Julia Renae Ober, of 2398 Risser Mill Road, Mount Joy, and Brian James Sands, of 1018 Homeland Drive. Ober’s parents are Gerald C. and Beverly Jean Ober. Sands’ parents are Harold E. Sands and Donna H. Sensenig.

Amanda Vanessa Nieves, of 107 Spring Ridge Court, and Stephen Canelo, same address. Nieves’ parents are Donald and Donna Wolfe. Canelo’s parents are Patria Lozano and Manuel Canelo.

Charles Daniel Celotti, of 535 Church St., Apt. 5, and Joscelyn Marie Ramirez, same address. Celotti’s parents are Frank Paul and Donna Jean Celotti. Ramirez’s parents are Jose Maria Ramirez and Carmen Elena Serrano.

Samuel Jonathan Lopez Cordero, of 650 Florence St., Apt. 1, Columbia, and Melanie Rodriguez, same address. Lopez Cordero’s parents are Samuel Antonio Lopez and Ana Elizabeth Cordero de Lopez. Rodriguez’s parents are Margaro Rodriguez and Carmen Louisa DeLeon.

Tyler John Maginnis, of 260 Kinseyville Road, Nottingham, and Christina Lynne Swanson, same address. Maginnis’ parents are Darren Edward Maginnis and Pamela Lynn Pritchard. Swanson’s mother is Leslie Lee Swanson.

Brian Patrick Clark, of 335 Cedar Hollow, Manheim, and Hayley Andrea Hassinger, same address. Clark’s parents are Daniel Francis and Lisa Beth Clark. Hassinger’s parents are Harry Matthew and Molly Ann Hassinger.

Jason Edward Bacon, of 421 Station Square Blvd, Lansdale, and Katie Lynn Brode, same address. Bacon’s parents are David Brian and Katherine A. Bacon. Brode’s parents are Jeffrey Edward and Brenda Greene.

Shane Michael Benfer, of 561 Creekside Lane, Mount Joy, and Heather Lynn Trimble, same address. Benfer’s parents are Charles Howard and Judith Ann Benfer. Trimble’s parents are Robert Guy Trimble and Debra Rae Stauffer.

Michael Anthony Anania, of 30 N. Church St., Ephrata, and Jenn Noelle Bonavita, same address. Anania’s parents are Anthony Frank Anania and Carmelina Barberi. Bonavita’s parents are Larry L. and Yvonne Line.

Ryan Martin Sorensen, of 269 Bethesda Church Road, W., Holtwood, and Katelynn Elizabeth Funari, same address. Sorensen’s parents are Stephen Douglas and Jennifer Marie Sorensen. Funari’s parents are Anthony David Funari and Heather Helm Rowell.

James Conrad Ulrich, of 300 Heritage Drive, New Holland, and Brianna M. Lively, of 430 Stone Health Lane, Wrightsville. Ulrich’s parents are Roy Edward and Nancy Louise Ulrich. Lively’s parents are Mark Anthony Lively and Melissa Ann Waggner.

Curvin S. Zimmerman, of 884 Center Church Road, East Earl, and Kerri Janese Zimmerman, of 389 Mill Way Road, Ephrata. Curvin Zimmerman’s parents are John W. and Emma F. Zimmerman. Kerri Zimmerman’s parents are Elam Ray and Karen Louise Zimmerman.

Kollin E. Bordner, of 226 E. Main St., P.O. Box 658, Adamstown, and Kristy Lynn Brown, of 8 E. Summit Drive, P.O. Box 658 Stevens. Bordner’s parents are Chris Allen Bordner and Tammy Lee Stehr. Brown’s parents are Ricky Lee and Kathleen Mary Levan.

Travis Daniel Good, of 1802 Brunnersville Road, Lititz, and Katelyn Rebecca Bollinger, of 744 Reinholds Road, Denver. Good’s parents are Timothy Daniel and Pearl S. Good. Bollinger’s parents are Randall Scott and Rebecca Lou Bollinger.

Joshua Michael Fernback, of 1960 Mill Road, Elizabethtown, and Jenn Rae Styer, same address. Fernback’s parents are Robert Scott and Carolee Ann Fernback. Styer’s parents are Michael Raye and Andrea Eberly Styer.

Ian Anthony Pammer, of 1 Sharp Ave., Denver, and Breanna Anne Woodcraft, same address. Pammer’s parents are Charles Anthony Pammer and Carol Elizabeth Valentino. Woodcraft’s parents are Brian Michael and Cindy Anne Woodcraft.

James Vanleer, of 94 Marion Terrace, Ephrata, and Kristen Nicole Parker, same address. Vanleer’s parents are Steven Edwin and Renee Ann Vanleer. Parker’s parents are Thomas Horace and Georgia Jean Parker.

Jacob Shechtman, of 1312 Hillside Road, Wynnewood, and Morgyn Siegfried, of 33 Royal Drive, Lititz. Shectman’s parents are Charles and Ellen Shectman. Siegfried’s parents are Mike Siegfried and Cheryl Champion.

Logan Andrew Eby, of 37 N. Whisper Lane, New Holland, and Erika Zari Wandel, of 1536 W. Main St., Apt. 1, Ephrata. Eby’s parents are Galen Lynn and Kimberly Kae Eby. Wandel’s parents are Hendrik MJ and Audrey Jean Wandel.