Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Barry M. Frazier, of 310 N. Second St., Columbia, and Tira E. Wooten, same address. Frazier’s parents are Edward and Allier M. Frazier. Wooten’s parents are William Wooten and Barbara McCloud.

Anthony Salvatore Leanza, of 182 Timothy Lane, and Kristine Resch Stein, same address. Leanza’s parents are Albert Martin and Dolores Ann Leanza. Stein’s parents are Robert Charles and Judy Dearolf Resch.

Shamar Devon Brooks, of 13 Pearl St., Apt. 3, and Lenaya Lynn Stallworth, same address. Brooks’ parents are Jasper Barney Brooks and Dawn Chamille Williams. Stallworth’s parents are Leroy and Natasha Lynn Blanche Stallworth.

Stephen Edward Simons, of 81 S. Reamstown Road, Stevens, and Robin Ann Abdelmassih, same address. Simons’ parents are James Henry and Harriett Mildred Simons. Abdelmassih’s parents are Joseph Anthony and Ann Marie Acampora.

Heriberto Antonio Fernandez Casado, of 250 W. King St., Apt. 415, and Haydee Evangelista, same address.

Joseph David McAndrews, of 115 Fishermans Lane, Wrightsville, and Alyssa Saige Tassia, of 152 New Haven St., Apt. C, Mount Joy. McAndrews’ parents are Michael and Carol McAndrews. Tassia’s parents are John Joseph and Michele Marie Tassia.

Charles Edward Rapp, of 3531 Rothsville Road, Ephrata, and Tara L. Parmer, same address. Rapp’s parents are Charles Edward Rapp and Linda Gap Estep. Parmer’s parents are Barry Lee and Cheryl Ann Brubaker.

Aaron Michael Culp, of 690 Kraybill Church Road, Mount Joy, and Katie Annmarie Sprenkle, same address. Culp’s parents are James Senter and Wendy Miller. Sprenkle’s parents are William H. Sprenkle and Debra L. Markle.

Juan E. Carro, of 1316 Kenstar Drive, Landisville, and Josyane B. Carro, of 420 Prospect St.

Tommy Lee Gustafon, of 121 Pleasant View Drive, Lititz, and Houa Vue, same address. Gustafon’s parents are William Owen Gustafon and Darla Gean Michael. Vue’s parents are Yamee Lee and Xai Dang Vue.

Stephen Michael Hess, of 114 Elizabeth St., Millersville, and Jessica Marie Jacobs, same address. Hess’ parents are Stephen Michael and Susan Gloria Hess. Jacobs’ parents are Mark Steven and Jeanne Marie Breittigan.

Eric Todd Skelton, of 2163 Old Philadelphia Pike, and Erin Nicole Lewis, of 854 E. Schuykill Road, Apt. 311, Pottstown. Skelton’s parents are Eric Todd and Lisa Elizabeth Skelton. Lewis’ parents are Allan David and Mary Lalonde Lewis.

Daniel Thomas Weigel, of 4 Claredon Drive, and Ashley Jane Braungard, same address. Weigel’s parents are John Michael and Jane Marie Weigel. Braungard’s parents are Michael David Braungard and Catherine Lynne Carl.

Colin James Patchell, of 1316 Sawgrass Court, Mays Landing, and Holly Ann Salter, same address. Patchel’s parents are Reginald Malcolm Patchel and Melissa Mae Ball. Salter’s parents are James Paul and Catherine Anne Salter.

Nikolas Howard Hanselman, of 758 Hamilton St., and Grace Anna Kensinger, same address. Hanselman’s parents are Larry Lee and Vicki Lee Hanselman. Kensinger’s parents are Seth Hagen and Diane Lee Kensinger.

Michael Jon Himes, of 227 Grant St., New Holland, and Janelle Marie Sweigart, same address. Himes’ parents are Mark Anthony Hines and Margaret Mary Furman. Sweigart’s parents are Chris Warren and Theresa Marie Sweigart.

Wayne Anthony Bawell, of 3610 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, and Simeris Mercado Liz, same address. Bawell’s parents are John Richard and Kathleen F. Bawell. Mercado Liz’s parents are Simeon de Jesus Mercado and Oneida Altagarcia Liz de Mercado.

Cody Allen Scheid, of 43 RIdgeview Drive, Quarryville, and Emily Nicole Davis, of 61 Little Britain Road, Nottingham. Scheid’s parents are David Scheid and Keri Raugh. Davis’ parents are Lester and Barbara Davis.

Nhan Chung, of 25 Stephanie Lane, Croton on Hudson, N.Y., and Phong Dai Do, of 21-33 23rd St., second floor, Queens, N.Y. Chung’s parents are Huy Chung and Van Huyen. Do’s parents are Tan Van Do and Hoa Ky Dai.

Christopher Schockley, of 29083 Discount Land Road, Laurel, Md., and Christine Marie Geiger, same address. Schockley’s parents are Dennis and Sharon Shockley. Geiger’s parents are Joseph and Sarah Greis.

Wesley Martin Zimmerman, of 1850 Diamond Station Road, Ephrata, and Leanna Reiff, of 323 Peace Road, Leola. Zimmerman’s parents are Ivan Nolt and Lucy Martin Zimmerman.

Andrew I’anson Bulat, of 37 Longenecker Road, Lititz, and Kathleen L. Morris, same address. Bulat’s parents are Walter Peter and Elizabeth Marie Bulat. Morris’ parents are Douglas Scott and Susan Lynne Morris.

Amos R. Ressler, of 65 Ridge View Drive, Leola, and Netsanet Andualem Gelaye, same address. Ressler’s mother is Anna Kilmer Ringler. Gelaye’s mother is Andualem Gelaye Asene.

Ray A. Vaughn, of 601 Hannum Ave., Apt. 28, West Chester, and Deatra R. Harris, same address. Vaughn’s mother is Pauline Addy. Harris’ parents are Drew S. and Donnetta Harris.

Eliezer Torres, of 7335 Castanea Drive, Port Richey, Fla., and Lisa Marie Rodriguez, same address. Torres’ parents are Mariano Ulyssis Torres and Nilda Gerena. Rodriguez’s parents are Ismael Rodriguez and Norma Antonia Rivera.

Jaleel Anthony Williams, of 113 Knollwood Drive, and April Azelene Fulton, same address. Williams’ parents are Alonzo Williams and Lisa Broady. Fulton’s parents are James Battles and Norvella Kennedy.

Gregory Philip Thomas Bowman, of 1547 S. Jefferson Court, and Tinae Corrine Gieniec, same address. Bowman’s parents are Thomas Albert Bowman and Ann Glatfelter Hopkins. Gieniec’s parents are Jeffrey Lee Gieniec and Cindy Lynn Wettig.

Candido Anthony Rivera, of 208 E. Main St., Apt. 3, Ephrata, and Danielle Nicole Johnson, same address. Rivera’s parents are Robert and Jackie Gonzalez. Johnson’s parents are James Steven Weitzel and Breanna Louise Ober.

Elligah Jordan Smith, of 16B S. Cluster Ave., New Holland, and Brookelyn Victoria Dickson, of 298 Rathton Road, York. Smith’s mother is Tyronda Umika Smith. Dickson’s parents are Henry Leon Dickson and Amy Lynn Lemus.

Jared Jay Powell, of 218 Summitville Road, New Holland, and Jennifer Ann Hershman, same address. Powell’s parents are Lewis Powell and Pamela Robinson. Hershman’s parents are Michael and Denise Martin.

Carlos Victor Cornielle, of 120 N. Cedar St., Lititz, and Breanne Lee Zipko, same address. Cornielle’s parents are Carlos Fernando Cornielle Mendoza and Mayra Yiranis Vazquez Reyes. Zipko’s parents are Kenneth and Dawn Zipko.

Cody Charles Rittenhouse, of 25 Bridge Valley Road, Pequea, and Kimberly Lynn Garrett, same address. Rittenhouse’s parents are Charles Edward and Shellene Ann Rittenhouse. Garrett’s parents are George Harry and Virginia Lynn Garrett.

Nathan Wayne Stoltzfus, of 321 Churchtown Road, Narvon, and Rebecca Jane Esh, of 3829 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gordonville. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel J. and Rosanna Kay Stoltzfus. Esh’s parents are Jacob L. and Anna S. Esh.

John Cornelius Greene, of 764 Fremont St., and Dawn Sheri Smith, same address. Greene’s parents are Rayford Francis Greene and Diane Delores Roach.

Keith Lynwood Harvey, of 92 Chesapeake St., and Monica M. Gray, same address. Harvey’s parents are Lynwood and Grace Harvey. Gray’s parents are Joseph Warn and Doris Morales.

Jacob David Long, of 899 Grandview Road, Altoona, and Naomi Olivia Kuhns, of 53 W. Main St., Leola. Long’s parents are David Charles and Christina Michelle Long. Kuhns’ parents are Jeffrey Noel and Elizabeth Anne Kuhns.

Israel Santiago, of 5241 Bossler Road, Ephrata, and Lisa Marie Schmitt, same address. Santiago’s parents are Israel Santiago Perez and Haydee Delgado Martinez. Schmitt’s parents are Ray Shearer and Susan Audrey Smith.

Josiah Drew Willis, of 1203 Wiltshire Drive, Carrollton, Texas, and Madison Elizabeth Leisey, of 28 Leaman Road. Willis’ parents are Eric and Jennifer Willis. Leisey’s parents are John Richard and Michelle Lynn Leisey.

Santiago Herrera, of 325 N. Queen St., Apt. 312, and Jessica Carmen Delrosario, same address. Herrera’s parents are Herman Herrera and Monica Alarcon. Delrosario’s parents are Russell Anthony and Amy Delrosario.

Jose Juan Rivera-Ramos, of 1439 College Ave., York, and Moraima Ramos, same address. Rivera-Ramos’ parents are Jose Juan Valles and Iraida Ramos. Ramos’ parents are Wilfredo Correa and Enid Morales.

Daniel Gene Michels, of 165 Main St., Warnersville, and Lorie Ann McBride, of 3629 Marietta Ave. Michels’ father is David Michels. McBride’s parents are Lonnie Charles Brown and Diane Shope.

Adrianna Mae Boyer, of 2930 Marietta Ave., and Tania Ivette Morales, same address. Boyer’s parents are Arthur Thomas Boyer and Maribel Santel-Rivera. Morales’ parents are Jose Luis Diaz and Rosa Rivera.

Leon Ray Good, of 320 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Jennifer Marie Beard, same address. Good’s parents are Irvin and Alta Good. Beard’s mother is Thelma Joan Leppo.

Smath Andre Pierre-Bellegarde, of 825 Dawn Ave., Apt. 120, P.O. Box 4382, and Michelle Nicole Prokuart, same address.

Jose Antonio Vazquez Ortiz, of 506 N. Queen St., Apt. 3, and Laura de Delvalle, same address. Vazquez Ortiz’s parents are Jose Vazquez and Carmen Ortiz. Delvalle’s parents are Jesus Delvalle and Zoraida Alicea.

Richard Bentley McDonough, of 227 Magnolia St., Manheim, and Lorraine Jewel Coldren, same address

Sebastian Michael McLimans, of 378 Deerfield Drive, Mount Joy, and Ariana Jacqueline Repine, same address. McLimans’ parents are Michael Andrew McLimans and Jennifer Marie Quickel. Repines’ parents are Paul Brian and Jennifer Aileen Repine.

Andrew Lee Lowans, of 256 S. Fifth St., Columbia, and Chelsie Mae Binkley, same address. Binkley’s parents are Jeffrey Scott and Leann Renee Binkley.

John K. Demko, of 344 N. George St., Millersville, and Sheri Lynn Williams, same address. Demko’s parents are Bernard and Debra Demko. Williams’ parents are Dale and Janet Miller.

Collin Joseph Olson, of 417 Baldwin Path, Deer Park, N.Y., and Michelle Lynn Spirio, of 43 Baywood St., West Babylon, N.Y. Olson’s parents are Kenneth and Elizabeth Anne Olson. Spirio’s parents are Joseph and Florence Spirio.

Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers, of 722 Gridley St., and Addison Martin Good, same address. Rodgers’ parents are Steven Samuel and Lori Ann Rodgers. Good’s parents are Abraham Martin and Amy Marie Good.

Matthew Walter Young, of 710 Columbia Ave., Temple, and Holly L. Bosler, of 180 Popodickon Drive, Boyertown. Young’s parents are John W. and Nancy A. Young. Bosler’s parents are William H. and Cheryl M. Long.

Kyle Andrew Weaver, of 2 Horse Shoe Drive, Lititz, and Denae Potteiger, of 12 Pennwick Drive, Lititz. Weaver’s parents are Lamar and Monica Weaver. Potteiger’s parents are Dean and Dorlina Potteiger.

Drew Wiley, of 5828 Clarkson Drive, East Petersburg, and Jill Ann Beezer, same address. Wiley’s parents are Terry Wiley and Martha Aierstuck. Beezer’s parents are Bruce and Sheri Beezer.

Jason Bradley Decassios, of 37 Laurie Lane, Lititz, and Shelby Rae Kathleen Smith, same address. Decassios’ parents are Orlando Jose Decassios and Janice Laruth. Smith’s parents are Todd Jeffrey and Kristina Gail Smith.