Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Derek Lee Eisenhour, of 602 Courthouse Circle, Lititz, and Sara Martin, of 531 Chestnut St. Eisenhour’s parents are Joseph and Marcia Eisenhour. Martin’s parents are John and Lena Martin.

Brandon Douglas Engle, of 320 Cedar Hollow, Manheim, and Rachel Nicole Engleman, same address. Engle’s parents are Douglas Lloyd and Susan Engle. Engleman’s parents are James Thomas and Susan Anna Engleman.

Eric Daniel Snyder, of 98 West Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, and Kathryn Mary Olko, of 304 Sunrise Blvd, Elizabethtown. Snyder’s parents are Roger Micheel and Cheryl Ann Snyder. Olko’s parents are John and Teresa Olko.

Tanner David King, of 402 Sutter Place, Lititz, and Rachel Lorraine Lapp, of 211 Lakeside Crossings, Mount Joy. King’s parents are Donald Glenn and Lori Ann King. Lapp’s parents are Joseph Lee and Constance Lee Lapp.

John David Story Corliss, of 54 River View Road, Laramie, Wyo., and Amanda Nicole Funk, of 2329 River Road, Washington Boro, Corliss’ parents are Robert Wells and Susan Ann Corliss. Funk’s parents are Daniel Barley and Janelle Rae Funk.

n Nicholas Michael Girken, of 211 Bethel Drive, and Amanda Frances Dargay, same address. Girken’s parents are Michael Wayne and Karen Constantine Girken. Dargay’s parents are Peter Brian and Kathleen Dargay.

Norberto Manuel Guzman, of 545 S. Market St., Apt. 101, Elizabethtown, and Madeline Taylor Kuzo, same address. Guzman’s parents are Norberto Guzman and Gloria Khodai. Kuzo’s parents are Ronald John and Jennifer Catherine Kuzo.

Matthew Dennis Barcaro, of 22 Pennridge Ave., Mountville, and Jessica Rein Wise, same address. Barcaro’s parents are Dennis and Janet Barcaro. Wise’s parents are David and Susan Wise.

Joseph Anthony Devoy, of 350 W. Orange St., and Dana Beth Paparo, same address. Devoy’s parents are Joseph and Teresa Devoy. Paparo’s parents are Edmund and Lori Paparo.

Omoyele David Okusaio, of 3507 Beagle Lane, Apt. 302, Randellstown, Md., and Lauriette Trenae Alexander, of 1135 Wabank Road, Apt. G-201. Okusaio’s parents are Olushola Sabiu and Aderonke Okusaio. Alexander’s parents are Gerard Allwyn and Ida Demetri Alexander.

Kyle Brandon Beissel, of 319 Kilgannon Lane, and Hannah Mae Beatty, same address. Beissel’s parents are Ronald C. and Denise Beissel. Beatty’s parents are Paul E. and Kathy A. Beatty.

James Buchanan Garvin, of 270 Merchant Ave., Mount Joy, and Michelle Renee Travers, same address. Garvin’s parents are James Edwin and Patricia Hoch Garvin. Travers’ parents are George William and Esther Mary Travers.

Benjamin Steve Burton, of 2348 Coventry Road, and Jaime Ann Buseman, same address. Burton’s parents are Daniel Leroy and Linda Martha Burton. Buseman’s parents are Raymond Richard and Lisa Ann Buseman.

Matthew Loyal Fisher, of 35 Mazzotta Road, Stevens, and Christine Leslie Jayne, of 308 Lake St., Ephrata. Fisher’s parents are Mahlon Lee and Martha Ann Fisher. Jayne’s parents are Leslie Duane Jayne and Antoinette Evelyn Dewart.

Aiden Jeffrey Lefever, of 910 Glennwood Drive, Ephrata, and Rachel Elizabeth Rittenhouse, of 545 Delp Road, Souderton. Lefever’s parents are Jeffrey David and Betty Jo Lefever. Rittenhouse’s parents are John Leigh and Janelle Faye Rittenhouse.

Shane D. Graybill, of 413 S. West End Ave., and Christina Mary Snyder, same address. Graybill’s parents are Douglas Scott and Kristine Mae Graybill. Snyder’s parents are Charles William Snyder and Katherine Louise Shahan.

Jeffrey Alan Groff, of 606 Penn Grant Road, and Debra A. Shank, of 513 Moreland Court N., Willow Street. Groff’s parents are Robert Stauffer and Louella Erma Groff. Shank’s parents are Anthony Archer and Dorothy M. Cross.

Tyler Matthew Smith, of 1031 W. Main St., Apt. 1, Mount Joy, and Alyssa Corrine Kurtz, same address. Smith’s parents are Matthew Brian and Dianne Elizabeth Smith. Kurtz’s parents are Robert Lee and Karen Sue Kurtz.

Kevin Thomas Stauffer, of 25 Mylin Ave., Willow Street, and Alexandra Marie Weaver, same address. Stauffer’s parents are Thomas Paul and Terrie Ann Stauffer. Weaver’s parents are Roger Eugene and Brenda Marie Weaver.

Jeffrey Scott Oberholtzer, of 910 Lebanon Road, Manheim, and Kristen Holweger Matthew, same address. Oberholtzer’s parents are Jay Marvin and Dawn Louise Oberholtzer. Matthew’s parents are Herbert Christian and Helen Maillie Holweger.

Timothy Joseph Sinnott and Patricia Kiecko. Sinnott’s parents are Timothy Gerard and Patricia Ann Sinnott. Kiecko’s parents are Zbigniew and Irena Kiecko.

Steven Joseph Costa, of 655 Amalie Court, Southampton, and Courtney D. Clark, of 454 Millcross Road. Costa’s parents are Alvaro Matos and Regina Marie Costa. Clark’s parents are Craig Dean and Christina Marie Clark.

Emmanuel Firoglanis, of 8 Spring Hill Lane, Mountville, and Amber Leann Fritsch, of 40 Dylan Drive, York. Firoglanis’ parents are Christos and Andriana Firoglanis. Fritsch’s parents are Terry Lee Stockholm and Tammy Grover Lupold.

Ronald Alan Wood, of 25 Ada Ave., Strasburg, and Aleesha Joyce Thomas, same address. Wood’s parents are Ronald Lee and Tina Lynn Wood. Thomas’ parents are Michael Wayne and Shari Lee Thomas.

Zachary Thomas Barstow, of 15 Conroy Road, Landisville, and Kalea Marissa Belville, of 2125 Shaaron Drive. Barstow’s parents are Robert Alan and Ruth Ann Barstow. Belville’s parents are Marty Scott and Regina Marie Belville.

Jerick Thomas Miller, of 20490 Batesville Road, Quaker City, Ohio, and Ruth Elaine Beiler, of 6148 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap. Miller’s parents are Enos A. and Kathryn A. Miller. Beiler’s parents are Calvin and Verna Beiler.