Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Stephen Ross Herr, of 163 W. Main St., Salunga, and Natausha Lew Rhen, same address. Herr’s parents are Robert J. Herr and Sylvia Jeanne Weit. Rhen’s parents are William Arthur and Nona Lee Martin.

Humam Ehsan Al-Hussani, of 215 Hostetter Lane, and Shatha Ibrahim Salemn, of 7100 Large St., Philadelphia. Al-Hussani’s parents are Eshan and Nada Al-Hussani. Salemn’s parents are Ibrahim Salman and Muna Saleh Ali.

Eric L. Johnson, of 19 Laurel Hill, Quarryville, and Crystal L. Stoner, same address. Johnson’s parents are Tony William and Lorrie Lee Johnson. Stoner’s parents are Larry Vernon and Lori Ann Stoner.

Joseph K. Cammerota, of 119 Ashley Drive, Ephrata, and Krista Sue Williamson, same address. Cammerota’s parents are Joseph K and Emily K. Cammerota. Williamson’s parents are Merritt Russell and Marlene Elizabeth Williamson.

Roberta A. Jones, of 110 Green St., Christiana, and Christine Marie Mooney, same address. Jones’ parents are Edward L. and Gloria Jean Jones. Mooney’s parents are Lawrence Roy Mooney and Elizabeth Ann Burkett.

Wiliam Richard Skaggs, of 10 S. Fulton St., Strasburg, and Rachel Ann Hauser, same address. Skaggs’ parents are Melvin Kay and Cynthia Elaine Skaggs. Hauser’s parents are Craig Stewart Hauser and Colleen McDermott-Hauser.

Brandon Michael Kay, of 88 Diller Ave., Lot 11, New Holland, and Nicole Lynn Klee, same address. Kay’s parents are Charles W. Hendricks and Jamie R. Hess. Klee’s parents are Jeffrey Michael Klee and Paula Lynn Nebroskie.

Kenneth Matthew Minnick, of 51 Mollie Drive, Ephrata, and Sara Alana Hunter, of 114 N. 10th St., Akron. Minnick’s parents are Gregg Alan and Sandra Lynn Minnick. Hunter’s parents are Bruce Alan Allwein and Susan Diane Hunter.

Edward A. Bondarkeno, of 921 Eshleman Drive, Akron, and Alina R. Chernigina, of 228 Gristmill Road, New Holland. Bondarkeno’s parents are Anatoly and Valentina Bondarkeno. Chernigina’s parents are Roman Chernigina and Svetlana Chernigina.

Austin Glenn Geib, of 1914 St. Regis Lane, and Kiley Jo Buckley, same address. Geib’s parents are Neil Isaac and Kelly Jo Geib. Buckley’s parents are Alan Dale and Jennifer Joy Buckley.

Ariel Victor Torres, of of 2321 Fruitville Pike, and Franceshia Marie Ortiz Rodriguez, same address. Torres’ parents are Ariel Rueben Torres and Beunice Mendez. Ortiz Rodriguez’s parents are Francis Ortiz and Jahaira Montanez.

Kenton Andrew Belmont, of 10 Old English Lane, Elizabethtown, and Hannah Louise Ogilvie, of 236 N. Locust St., Elizabethtown. Belmont’s parents are Kirk Edward and Valerie Kou Belmont. Ogilvie’s parents are Peter Owen and Sharon Louise Ogilvie.

Josiah Randal Sauder, of 11 Homestead Drive, Denver, and Marisa Kay Horst, same address. Sauder’s parents are Randal B. and Karen Jo Sauder. Horst’s parents are Dwayne Richard and Paula Jean Horst.

Daniel Joseph Pezzulo, of 154 Esther Drive, and Suzanne Mary Oberholtzer, same address. Pezzulo’s parents are Angelo Joseph and Emily Katherine Pezzulo. Oberholtzer’s parents are Andrew John and Sondra Ann Ferenchak.

Aaron K. Fisher, of 143 Scenic View Drive, Ephrata, and Kelsey Renee Copenhaver, of 625 S. Sixth St., Reading. Fisher’s parents are Henry K. and Annie K. Fisher. Copenhaver’s parents are Craig Steven and Kristen Louise Copenhaver.

Derrick Todd Bruckhart, of 633 Meetinghouse Road, Gap, and Rachel Elizabeth Umholtz, of 646 E. Market St., Marietta. Bruckhart’s parents are Randall Glen and Julie Ann Bruckhart. Umholtz’s parents are Eric Lee and Karen Eileen Umholtz.

Edward Richard Facer, of 80 Witmer Road, Conestoga, and Jenna Renee Hardy, same address. Facer’s parents are Thomas Albert and Mary Ann Facer. Hardy’s parents are Thomas William and Darlene Michelle Hardy.

Matthew R. Haverstick, of 5 Townsend Court, and Elizabeth Mary Koch, same address. Haverstick’s parents are John Richard and Kimberly Elizabeth Haverstick. Koch’s parents are William Michael and Kelly Anne Koch.

John William Crawford, of 2412 New Holland Pike, and Jennifer Lynn Foster, same address. Crawford’s parents are William F. and Nancy . Crawford. Foster’s parents are Carl Eugene Kissinger and Patricia Elaine Nauman.

Tyler Morris Russell, of 1000 N. Market St., Elizabethtown, and Jocelyn Beatrice Stewart, of 9207 Riverside Parkway, Apt. H, Tulsa, Okla. Russell’s parents are Morris H. Russell and Chantel P. Ebanks. Stewart’s parents are Norman L. Stewart and Bridgette R. McGee.

Moises Barwis Trejo, of 399 Primrose Lane, Mountville, and Chelsey Elizabeth Johnson, same address. Trejo’s parents are Castulo Barwis Mendez and Petra Altagarcia Trejo de Barwis. Johnson’s parents are Gary Leon and Mary Lynne Johnson.

Michael Corey Neff, of 179 N. Grant St., Manheim, and Deborah Ann Trusch, same address. Neff’s parents are George Henry and Susan Jane Neff. Trusch’s parents are Richard and Carol Ann Landis.

Luis Javier Berlingeri, of 1352 Orchard St., and Dawn Corrinne Keyes, same address. Berlingeri’s parents are Ramon Berlingeri and Mika Rosario-Rivera. Keyes’ parents are Gerald Calhoun Keyes and Wendy Hauck.

James Alden Hutchinson, of 1696 S. Pifer Road, Star Tannery, Va. and Elizabeth Alyonna King, of 85 Beattys Tollgate Road, Marietta. Hutchinson’s parents are William Winton and Robin Alden Hutchinson. King’s parents are John Allen and Karen Louise King.

Joshua Eugene Jenkins, of 33 E. Frederick St., and Cassandra Ronni Barrett, same address. Jenkins’ parents are Kevin Eugene and Jennie Jenkins. Barrett’s parents are Scott Lynn Barrett and Valari Lynn Boland.

Brandon Joseph Herr, of 114 Twin Country Road, Morgantown, and Jessica Mae-Ling Wilson, of 3524 Norwood Ave., Downingtown. Herr’s parents are Kenneth L. and Elnoire B. Herr. Wilson’s parents are John R. Wilson and Susan K. Moll.

Jeffrey D. Martin, of 1732 Temple Ave., and Jennifer Dawn McCormick, same address. Martin’s parents are Vernon David and Tamara Lu Martin. McCormick’s parents are Frankin William and Judith Kester McCormick.

Aaron Joseph Crossen, of 89 Bimini Drive, Manheim, and Emma Lee Rissinger, same address. Crossen’s parents are John David and Lisa Diane Crossen. Rissinger’s parents are Troy Randal and Robyn Michelle Rissinger.

Clifford Jon Wagler, of 6 Bradford Drive, Leola, and Esther Renae King, of 112 Skyline Drive, New Holland. Wagler’s parents are Stephen and Wilma Wagler. King’s parents are David and Kathy King.

Kevin Michael Corcoran, of 133 River Birch Drive, Lititz, and Farm and Allison M. Barotti, same address. Corcoran’s parents are Francis T. and Suzanne F. Corcoran. Barotti’s parents are Gerald Minogue and Sandra Doepper.