Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

n Caleb Seth Nolt, of 641 W. Sunhill Road, Manheim, and Karlie Ellen Nolt, of 6678 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim. Caleb Nolt’s parents are Richard Mark and Julia Lynn Nolt. Karlie Nolt’s parents are Jason Matthew and Tina Alean Nolt.

n Devin Jay Emenheiser, of 1798 Campus Road, Elizabethtown, and Katelyn Amber Wertz, same address. Emenheiser’s parents are Jay Marlin and Deidre Louise Emenheiser. Wertz’s parents are Scott Michael and Tammy Lynn Wertz.

n Joseph R. Fisher, of 3817C Ridge Road, Gordonville, and Krista Joy Riehl, of 208A Hillcrest Road, New Holland. Fisher’s parents are Joseph R. and Faith Marie Riehl. Riehl’s parents are Sylvan B. and Rebecca Faye Riehl.

n Justin Daniel High, of 328 Nolt Ave., Willow Street, and Shayla Lee Riley, of 25 E. Cottage Ave., Apt. A, Millersville. High’s parents are Timothy Gene and Anita Faye High. Riley’s parents are Steven Allen Riley and Karen Sue Heck.

n Alison Marie Youtz, of 4148 Magnolia Drive, Mount Joy, and Dawn Marie Watson, same address. Youtz’s parents are Ronnie Lee Youtz and Anita Louise Mowrer. Watson’s parents are Larry Joseph and Joyce Elaine Watson.

n Adam Robert Hostetter, of 110 Pebble Run, and Anna Elizabeth Snader, of 235 Raspberry Road, Leola. Hostetter’s parents are Jeffrey Lee and Diane Lynn Hostetter. Snader’s parents are Brian Lee and Stephanie Lynn Snader.

n Jared Thomas Long, of 29 Hereford Road, Elizabethtown, and Danielle Carin Fittery, of 404 W. High St., Manheim. Long’s parents are Kenneth Eugene and Renee Susan Long. Fittery’s parents are Larry Brian and Heather Renee Fittery.

n Dwight Carlos Martin, of 1245 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Sheri Lynell Martin, of 261 Covered Bridge Road, Ephrata. Dwight Martin’s parents are David Lamar and Sharon H. Martin. Sheri Martin’s parents are Jeffrey W. and Janelle S. Martin.

n Josiah Paul Donaldson, of 1734 Rockvale Road, and Elizabeth Mae Devonshire, same address. Donaldson’s parents are Samuel Leonard and Karen Beth Donaldson. Devonshire’s parents are Robert Reed and Cheryl Jean Devonshire.

n Lester R. Potteiger, of 509 E. Market St., Marietta, and Katelyn Marie Bresch, of 9 Foxfield Lane, Elizabethtown. Potteiger’s parents are Lester R. and Lori Potteiger. Bresch’s parents are Stephen A. Bresch and Cherri A. Degroat.

n William G. Weisser, of 310 E. Orange St., and Allison Lane Welch, same address. Weisser’s parents are William Gerald and Carol MapleWeisser. Welch’s parents are Anthony Edward and Lanette Burkepile Welch.

n Darren Ray Martin, of 31 Woodcrest Drive, Ephrata, and Carla Lynae Burkholder, of 211 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata. Martin’s parents are Timothy N. and Marelda Joy Martin. Burkholder’s parents are Daniel Ray and Shawn Dawn Burkholder.

n Josiah Curtis Kratz, of 811 Colebrook Road, Mount Joy, and Katie Rae Ashley, of 1408 Nissley Road, Landisville. Kratz’s parents are Ronald Dean and Laurel Ann Kratz. Ashley’s parents are Mark Norman and Judith Carol Ashley.

n David W. Enterline, of 903 State St., and Kristen Janel Schaeffer, of 419 Manor View Drive, Millersville. Enterline’s parents are J. Scott and Michelle R. Enterline. Schaeffer’s parents are David Michael and Kimbra Mann Schaeffer.

n Danon Craig Sensenig, of 3004 Pinch Road, Manheim, and Kaylee Nicole Ressler, of 101 Apple Blossom Circle, Lititz. Sensenig’s parents are Donald Jay and Debra Elaine Sensenig. Ressler’s parents are Loren Ray and Fannie Kay Ressler.

n Jeremy Lynn Crills, of 201 N. 11th St., Akron, and Janessa Mariana Martin, of 3911 Oregon Pike, Leola. Crills’ parents are Harvey Lynn and Sandra Anne Crills. Martin’s parents are Gary Eugene and Krista Lynn Martin.

n Jonathan Andrew Canfield, of 103 Hallmark South, Hershey, and Olivia Sarah King, of 1220 Malleable Road, Columbia. Canfield’s parents are Larry and Anne Canfield. King’s parents are Gerald and Bonita King.

n Kalique Quamine Brown, of 1602 Colchester Drive, and Serena Lynn London, same address. Brown’s parents are Charles Lee Townsend and Valencia Renee Brown. London’s parents are Ernest Sylvester and Lessie Dale London.

n Steven Paul Ewell, of 6090 Lemon St., East Petersburg, and Rachel Fay Grubbs, same address. Ewell’s parents are Bruce Allen Ewell and Gina Marine. Grubbs’ parents are Dawson Trotman Grubbs and Veronique Borioli-Grubbs.

n Cory Robert Hurst, of 218 Cindalyn Drive, New Holland, and Brianna Jaclyn Norton, of 2122 Andrew Ave., Elizabethtown. Hurst’s parents are Edwin Leon and Diane Lynn Hurst. Norton’s parents are Robert Allen and Jeanette Faith Norton.

n Jeremy Arthur Coble, of 531 Madison Way, Manheim, and Nicole R. Nikolaus, same address. Coble’s parents are David Stanley and Sylvia Elaine Coble. Nikolaus’ parents are David Lyn West and Josette Marie Johnson.

n Miguel A. Rivera-Rivera, of 535 Kensington Road, Apt. 6, and Santa Caridad Heredia, same address. Rivera-Rivera’s parents are Miguel A. Rivera-Padro and Candida R. Rivera-Villanueva. Heredia’s parents are Juan Heredia and Santa Correra.

n Travis Eugene Byler, of 706 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Jennifer Z. Zimmerman, of 335 Linden Grove Road, Ephrata. Byler’s parents are William and Lydia Mae Byler. Zimmerman’s parents are Luke Roy and Anna W. Zimmerman.

n Eric Howard Hagans, of 15 Kimberly Ave., New Providence, and Edileuza Santiago Nascimento, same address. Hagans’ parents are Howard Burwood and Edith May Hagans. Santiago Nascimento’s parents are Otacilio Riberio Nascimento Sobrinho and Maria Das Gracas Santiago Nascimento.

n Javier DeJesus, of 1973 Wilderness Road, and Yesica Paola Gutierrez Melendez, same address. DeJesus’ parents are Juan DeJesus Rivera and Lydia DeJesus. Gutierrez Melendez’s parents are Julio Gutierrez and Carmen Melendez.

n Thomas P. Shenk, of 1862 Water St., Washington Boro., and Makenzie Ann Costarella, same address. Shenk’s parents are Dennis Leroy Shenk and Victoria Marie Nash. Costarella’s parents are John Phillip and Kristine Sue Costarella.

n Luis Manuel Rodriguez-Ortiz, of 205 Church St., Apt. 1, and Nomie Mendez, same address. Rodriguez-Ortiz’s parents are Luis Ruben Rodriguez and Aurea M. Ortiz. Mendez’s parents are Felix and Rosa E. Mendez.

n Richard W. Carey, of 63 Peach Lane, and Linda Jones McKee, same address. Carey’s parents are Richard Wilson and Elaine Inez Carey. McKee’s parents are Edmund and Adalyn P. Jones.

n Ryan David Stoltzfus, of 216 Stony Hill Road, Quarryville, and Katelyn Ann Smoker, of 5002 Strasburg Road, Kinzers. Stoltzfus’ parents are Daniel Ray and Sara Sue Stoltzfus. Smoker’s parents are John Mark and Rosana Mae Smoker.

n Aaron James Straubel, of 153 Skyline Drive, F, New Holland, and Amanda Grace Horst, of 1473 Hilltop Road, Narvon. Straubel’s parent James Paul Straubel and Lisa Marie Martin. Horst’s parents are John Irvin and Marjorie Sue Horst.

n Zane Alexander Harnish, of 47 E. Brandt Blvd, Landisville, and Amy Lyn Harrris, of 543 E. Lincoln Highway, Exton. Harnish’s parents are David Lamar and Brenda Jean Harnish. Harris’ parents are William George and Kathleen Marie Harris.

n Brandon E. Gibble, of 400 Pond Vista Lane, Apt. 5, Manheim, and Sheynelle Nichole Groff, same address. Gibble’s parents are Donald Eugene and Michelle Christine Gibble. Groff’s parents are Tony Lee and Paula Elaine Groff.

n Christian Savastano, of 553 E. Hummelstown St., Elizabethtown, and Laura Katrin Kleindienst, same address. Savastano’s parents are Alfred Phillip Savastano and Leah Marta Card-Savastano. Kleindienst’s parents are Bruce Alan and Kimberly Katrin Kleindienst.

n Buster P. Harris, of 2034 Main St., Apt. 3, Lititz, and Shauna Marie Jones, same address. Harris’ parents are Ricky Ray and Dorothy Diane Harris. Jones’ parents are Shawun David Jones and Patricia Mae Noll.

n Michael Sean Hamill, of 124 Cascade Court, Mountville, and Laura Jean Hess, same address. Hamill’s parents are John Patrick and Deirdre Leigh Hamill. Hess’ parents are John Wilfred and Rebecca Sue Hess.

n Mircha Grijincu, of 52 Karen Court, Lititz, and Rachel Joy Bjorkman, of 71 Magnolia Drive, Leola. Grijincu’s parents are Mircea Constantin and Lyubov Mikhaylovna Grijincu. Bjorkman’s parents are David Lynn and Beth Marie Bjorkman.

n Bryan William Eltman, of 3249 Lincoln East Highway, Paradise, and Alicia Ann Michaels, same address. Eltman’s parents are Kerry Edward and Kimberly Joy Eltman. Michaels’ parents are Lloyd John Jay Michaels and Karen Lynn Michaels.

n Joshua Neil Leid, of 1125 Poplar Drive, Narvon, and Katlyn Marie Lantz, of 212 Red Well Road, New Holland. Leid’s parents are Scott Alan and Colleen Joy Leid. Lantz’s parents are Levi Jacob and Tammy Lynn Lantz.

n Shemmarr Marrcuss Butler, of 401 Eden Road, Apt. X1, and Bianca Luz Orantes, same address. Butler’s parents are Eugene Henry and Tieisha Narray Butler. Orantes’ parents are Nahum Viteio Orantes and Blanca Iris Garzon.

n Garrett Michael Shenk, of 379 Main St., Apt. A, Landisville, and Trisha Joy Miller, same address. Shenk’s parents are Jeromy Neal and Kristina Joy Shenk. Miller’s parents are James Hershey and Lydia Miller.

n Douglas Scott Parry, of 314 W. Grant St., and Robin L. Milostan, same address. Parry’s parents are William Thomas and Alma Joan Parry. Milostan’s parents are Gorden Lesley and Carol Ann Book.

n Joshua Isaac Carr, of 1321 Timothy Drive, Landisville, and Hannah Nicole Raezer, of 128 N. Academy Drive, Ephrata. Carr’s parents are Timothy Carr and Pamela Sue Beaner Carr. Raezer’s parents are Steven Philip and Cynthia Jane Raezer.

n Brandon Michael Bertoli, of 3471 Crystal Lane, and Malia Monroe Kennedy, of 308 Talon Drive, Mountville. Bertoli’s parents are Brett Allen and Wendy Sue Bertoli. Kennedy’s parents are Kevin Wallace and Johanna Malia Kennedy.

n Benjamin Conrad Martin, of 725 Lime Valley Road, and Melody Joy Stahl, of 770 Jake Landis Road, Lititz. Martin’s parents are James Donald and Yvonne Sue Martin. Stahl’s parents are Joseph Andrew and Eileen Fern Stahl.

n Jeremy Fuentes, of 729 N. Reservoir St., and Jamilet Mendez, same address. Fuentes’ parents are German Rodrigues Fuentes and Edither Fernandez. Mendez’sparents are Hector Enrique Mendez and Leticia Ortiz.

n Christopher M. Grove, of 612 E. Reserve Way, Temple, and Katilyn Elizabeth Jordan, of 1709 Windy Hill Road. Grove’s parents are Randall Allen and Connie Lou Grove. Jordan’s parents are Dennis Willard and Beth Louise Jordan.

n Siegfried Andreas Ascherl, of 267 Wildflower Drive, East Earl, and Michelle Hull, of 614 Chatham Way, Lititz. Ascherl’s parents are Siegfried Andreas Ascherl and Carol Diane Blunt. Hull’s parents are Edmund Spinnenwber and Josephine Marietta Mahaney.

n Joseph Anthony Marlin, of 926 Birch Road, Hellertown, and Emma Frances Laube, of 434 Lefever Road, Mount Joy. Marlin’s parents are John E. and Stephanie J. Marlin. Laube’s parents are Samuel J. P. and Greta L. B. Laube.

n Jordan Martin Good, of 633 Yellow Hill Road, Narvon, and Rosalyn Fay Snyder, of 110 Black Horse Road, Reinholds. Good’s parents are Curvin Gingerich and Mary Martin Good. Snyder’s parents are Merle Martin and Charlene Hoover Snyder.

n Luke Michael Kerstetter, of 267 Kerstetter Road, Mount Pleasant Mills, and Samantha Joy Bleacher, of 2794 Safe Harbor Road, Millersville. Kerstetter’s parents are Kevin Lee and Carla Renee Kerstetter. Bleacher’s parents are Randall Lee and Angela Kay Bleacher.

n Douglas S. Miller, of 138 N. Liberty St., Lititz, and Janet Louise Zimmerman, same address. Miller’s parents are David H. and Gloria M. Miller. Zimmerman’s parents are Mervin G. and Nancy E. Nissly.

n Kyle Lee Baylor, of 11 Trading Post Lane, and Marissa Carol Warfel, same address. Baylor’s parents are Timothy Lee and Stephanie Ann Baylor. Warfel’s parents are Howard Bryan and Carol Sue Warfel.

n Shannon James Fairchild, of 405 Noank Ledyard Road, Apt. 3, Mystic, and Olivia Marie Hertzler, of 502 Long Lane. Fairchild’s parents are James William and Cindy Ann Fairchild. Hertzler’s parents are Paul Richard and Deeann Marie Hertzler.

n Timothy Paul Leggore, of 333 Florin Ave., Mount Joy, and Bethany Marie Gohn, of 245 Snyder Road, Mount Joy. Leggore’s parents are John Harvey and April Marie Leggore. Gohn’s parents Daniel Franklin and Kathryn Marie Gohn.

n John A. Landis, of 1232 Lincoln Heights Ave., Ephrata, and Annaruth Frisbie Diller, same address. Landis’ parents are Gary Robert and Brenda Jean Landis. Diller’s parents are Alan Robert Frisbie and Sandra Marie Terhune.

n Michael Edward Dwyer, of 504 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Emily Jacquelyn Allard, same address. Dwyer’s parents are Michael Daniel and Donna Marie Monaghan. Allard’s parents are Michael Steven Allard and Cheryl Lyn Dopp.

n Nelson Rivera, of 606 Springton Way, and Beth R. Reinhart, of 1711 Beaver Valley Pike, Strasburg. Rivera’s parents are Ramon Alier and Aria Rivera Molina. Reinhart’s parents are Richard Eugene and Mary Lou Miller.

n Ian E. Wilson, of 538 N. Elm St., Lititz, and Kayley Marie Ellis, same address. Wilson’s parents are Douglas Edward and Lori Ann Wilson. Ellis’ parents are Mark Alexander and Carole Lee Ellis.

n Sai Khi Nu, of 1809 Temple Ave., and Na Si Ye, same address. Nu’s parents are Min Ah Sha and Ah Ghee. Ye’s parents are Ah Dee Eliye and Char Mar Nu.

n Steven Haldeman, of 118 E. High St., Manheim, and Suzanne E. Hamme, same address. Haldeman’s parents are Ross Korte and Alice Mae Haldeman. Hamme’s parents are Ralph Eugene and Edna Elizabeth Hamme.

n Andrew M. Dougherty, of 335 N. Prince St., Apt. 412, and Dorothy P. Flowers, same address. Dougherty’s parents are Andrew M. and Dorothy Mae Dougherty. Flowers’ parents are Robert C. Wallace andJoycelette M. Ober.

n Clayton Lincoln Rathman, of 635 Water Edge Road, Lititz, and Amy Lin Hilner, same address. Rathman’s parents are Charles Robert Rathman and Patricia Louise Rathman-Smathers. Hilner’s parents are Dale Elwin Frost and Ann Patricia Schramm.

n Cameron Michael Snyder, of 444 Hillside Ave., Elizabethtown, and Kelsey Louise Ansell, same address. Snyder’s parents are Daniel Cameron and Teresa Michelle Snyder. Ansell’s parents are Robert Clarence and Michelle Ann Ansell.

n Aaron Michael Hiller, of 2012 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Breanna Lee Bergman, of 530 Pine Hill Road, Lititz. Hiller’s parents are Robert Michael and Susan Elaine Hiller. Bergman’s parents are Kevin Brett and Patti Lee Bergman.

n Justin Phillip Hoover, of 97 Scenic Drive, Denver, and Breanna Mae Wingenroth, same address. Hoover’s parents are Gary Paul and Carmella Frances Hoover. Wingenroth’s parents are Spencer Wiliam and Debra Lynn Wingenroth.

n Christopher Mark Taylor, of 912 E. Vernon Road, Philadelphia, and Rachel Cecelia Woods, of 48 S. Ninth St., Akron. Taylor’s parents are Christopher M. Taylor and Diane Acosta. Woods’ parents are John W. and Carolyn Woods.

n Alexander Allen Sanchez, of 2180 New St., East Petersburg, and Britney Nychole Mathis-Cook, same address. Sanchez’s parents are Alberto Sanchez and Ivette Rodriguez. Mathis-Cook’s parents are Jeffrey Lamont Cook and Carolyn Mathis.

n Jeremy Michael Hull, of 138 Tumblestone Drive, Mount Joy, and Amber Nicole Adams, same address. Hull’s parents are Christopher Michael and Kelly Ann Hull. Adams’ parents are Bradley Keith Adams and Lisa Marie Overbay.

n Thurlow Eric Smith, of 3561 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown, and Gail A. Marino, 683 E. Market St., Marietta. Smith’s parents are Thurlow G. and Marlene A. Smith. Marino’s parents are Bruce Frederick and Susan Margaret Marino.

n Jomar Nazario-Melendez, of 30 Hemlock Acres Court, Manheim, and Frances Earline Torres, same address. Nazario-Melendez’s parents are Hector Nazario and Ada Melendez.

n Gregory Lee Steich, of 36 Colonial Crest, and Jenna Macy Parke, same address. Steich’s parents are Gregory Lee and Deanna Jeanna Steich. Parke’s parents are Vincent Macy and Andrea Marcell Parke.

n Gideon Lee King, of 11 Beiler Lane, Lititz, and Kayla Lynne Middleton, same address. King’s parents are Samuel L. and Malinda King. Middleton’s parents are Dennis Alan Nesbit and Tambra Lynne Jones.

n Zachary Robert Fisher, of 1928 Farnam St., Davenport, Iowa, and Kaylee June Haller, of 123 Second Avenue, Reisterstown, Md. Fisher’s parents are Daniel Harland and Jenell Marie Fisher. Haller’s parents are Lloyd Elton and Shelley Ann Haller.