Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

James Eugene Standford, of 11 Georgetown Court, Mountville, and Tiffany A. Brown, same address. Standford’s parents are William A. and Katherine E. Stanford. Brown’s parents are Edward C. and Tami L. Mitchell.

James R. Cheunes, of 658 Sylvan Drive, Stowe, and Nichole Bethany Bohart, same address. Cheunes’ parents are James Francis Cheuenes and Barbara Ann Mahon. Bohart’s parents are Mark Lewis and Cara Marie Bohart.

Jacob Carl Voelp, of 21 Nicholson Drive, Pasadena, Md,, and Hannah Liese Northup, of 906 Dawn Ave., Ephrata. Voelp’s parents are William George and Brooke Lauri Voelp. Northup’s parents are Jonathon Lyle and Sarah Jane Northup.

Rafael Ruiz, of 200 N. Duke St., York, and Margarita Guzman, of 214 Malt Ave., Columbia. Ruiz’s parents are Lepoldo Ruiz-Ruiz and Maria Ruiz. Guzman’s parents are Anastacio Guzman and Felicita Ramirez.

Daniel Lee Fisher, of 2799 Church Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Linda Rose Esh, of 876B Strasburg Road, Paradise. Fisher’s parents are David G. and Barbara L. Fisher. Esh’s parents are Ervin J. and Rosanna Esh.

Ryan Thomas Bailey, of 130 Honeysuckle Drive, Marietta, and Katlynn Marie Benhardt, same address. Bailey’s parents are Thomas Frederick and Brenda Jean Bailey. Benhardt’s parents are John Steven and Donna Lynn Benhardt.

Megan Janelle Sechrist, of 2326 Middlegreen Court, and Leigh-Anne Rachel Yeager, same address. Seachrist’s parents are William Seachrist and Theresa Adams. Yeager’s parents are Glen Yeager and Linda Wheeler.

Joel Lamourt, of 1552 Manor Blvd, and Saroeun Chea, same address. Lamourt’s parents are Arnaldo and Maryline Lamourt. Chea’s parents are Rong Nhi and Saveth Chea-Nhib.

Marilyn Michelle McNeil, of 1521 Passey Lane, and Nadia Atia Turner, same address. McNeil’s mother is Marilyn Ann McNeil. Turner’s mother is Thamar Ladawn Taylor.

Jeffrey R. Nolt, of 535 Fruitville Pike, Manheim, and Maria Anne Thompson, of 20 Highland Drive. Nolt’s parents are Clair and June Nolt. Thompson’s parents are David and Audrey Thompson.

Spenser B. Strickler, of 1006 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Melanie Lynn Pritt, same address. Stricker’s parents are Scott Allen Strickler and Teresa Lee Battisti. Pritt’s parents are Scott William and Dawna Lou Pritt.

Trevor Ryan Coble, of 1140 Ole Hickory Road, and Colleen Marissa Moore, same address. Coble’s parents are Matthew Vanlear Coble and Karen Carson Shipley-Coble. Moore’s parents are Richard Warren and Bernadette Marie Moore.

Gregory Scott Hauser, of 108 West View Drive, Akron, and Holly Marie Owens, same address. Hauser’s parents are Gregory Scott and Judy Mary Hauser. Owens’ parents are Robert Angeloand Tina Marie Owens.

Jabez Charles Kreiser, of 2 Goodeyar Lane, Newmanstown, and Sunshine Summer Lewis, of 13 W. Gamby St., Manheim. Kreiser’s parents are Patrick Todd Kreiser and Shawn Yevette Gerhardt-Kreiser. Lewis’ parents are Eric Michael and Jennifer Lee Lewis.

Derrick Loser, of 109 Commodore Drive, Bainbridge, and Janelle Marie Brady, same address. Loser’s parents are Jeffrey Harry Loser and Cindy Rapp. Brady’s parents are Glen Warren Brady and Jodie Lyn Heistand.

Enrique Daniel Camara, of 614 S. Ann St., and Noelani Chantel Wingenroth, same address. Camara’s mother is Sadie Devon Camacho. Wingenroth’s mother is Charmaine Cepeda-Wingenroth.

Jaden Nathaniel McMellen, of 16 W. Lemon St., Apt. 2, Lititz, and Charis Victoria Alkinburgh, same address. McMellen’s parents are Jason Phillip and Julie Marie McMellen. Alkinburgh’s parents are Noah Jay and Wendy Alkinburgh.

Evan William Berkheiser, of 113 Birch St., Denver, and Christy Lynn Hixson, same address. Berkheiser’s parents are Harold Russell and Janis Lee Berkheiser. Hixson’s parents are Dennis Gene and Lina Beth Hixson.

Arno Bernadin, of 11 Dauphin St., and Gail L. Hoover, same address. Bernadin’s parents are Ermaine and Andriese Bernadin. Hoover’s parents are Larry Gene and Virginia Lee Hoover.

Matthew Back, of 3187 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise, and Crystale N. Manning, same address. Back’s parents are Matthew Back and Barbara Ann Stanley.

Jared Ryan Smith, of 515 Main St., Denver, and Grace Helen Shober, same address. Smith’s parents are Wayne Allen Smith and Donetta Marie Dinnocenzo. Shober’s parents are Philip Brian and Gerarda Ann Shober.

Luis Miguel Mercado-Bonilla, of 31 N. Broad St., Apt.1, and Diana Del Rosario Devora, same address. Mercado-Bonilla’s parents are Luis Alberto Mercado and Mayra Alejandra Vasquez Bonilla. Del Rosario Devora’s parents are Diogenes Del Rosario and Griny Devora.

Timothy Brian Lehman, of 1051 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Susanne F. Yoder, same address. Lehman’s parents are Melvin G. and Gwendolyn Norlene Lehman. Yoder’s parents are David S. and Kathryn G. Auker.

Tyler Matthew Barnett, of 25 Carriage House Drive, Willow Street, and Kyra Jo Butzer, same address. Barnett’s parents are Charles Michael and Patricia Ann Barnett. Butzer’s parents are Joseph A. and Lisa Marie Butzer.

Williamson Valerice, of 625 Warmister Lane, Lititz, and Rebecca Elizabeth McIntosh, of 338 Dohner Drive. Valerice’s parents are Andre Wilson and Mimose Valerice. McIntosh’s parents are Rodney Lee and Patricia Elizabeth Shupp.

Thomas James Walker, of 319 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Morgan Julia Rose, same address. Walker’s parents are Donald Edward and Carrie Sue Walker. Rose’s parents are Kenneth James Rose and Colleen Evelyn Mackison.

Shaun Paul Schulze, of 353 Twin Country Road, Lot 10, Morgantown, and Angie Marie Thompson, same address. Schulze’s parents are Donald Paul Smith and Vicki Wright. Thompson’s parents are Vernon Perry Thompson and Anna Elizabeth Keffer.

Matthew J. Klinger, of 2751 Maytown Road, Marietta, and Michele Lee Johns, same address. Klinger’s parents are Dennis Gregory and Susan Elizabeth Klinger. Johns’ parents are Ronald Eugene Johns and Sandra Lee Stahl-Johns.

William Charles Schuler, of 62 Westpointe Drive, Ephrata, and Cynthia J. Wright, of 106 Vine St., East Earl. Schuler’s parents are Kenneth and BettyJane Schuler. Wright’s parents are Donald and Josephine Mary Smart.

Patrick Dennis Renshaw, of 1543 Manor Blvd, and Patricia Ann Brown, same address. Renshaw’s parents are William Edward and Lillian Ruth Renshaw. Brown’s parents are Ivan Fremont and Lois Rae Brown.

Eduardo Alfredo Cabezas, of 127 Cobblestone Lane, and Maureen Elaine Baer, same address. Cabezas’ parents are Jose Roberto Cabezas and Sara Cabezas Morales. Baer’s parents are Michael John and Joan Elaine Cabry.

Nathaniel Peter Schenke, of 9 Laurel Trail, Fairfield, and Elizabeth Anne Terschuur, of 12 Yorktowne Court, Littletown. Schenke’s parents are Matthew Peter and Melissa Madeline Shank. Terschuur’s parents are August Edward and Margaret Ruth Terschuur.

Andrew Justin Hess, of 245 Hilldale Road, Pequea, and Allison Paige Whitehead, of 507 Woodcrest Drive. Hess’ parents are Paul Marshal and Cheryl Ann Hess. Whitehead’s parents are John William and Lisa Lynn Whitehead.

Enrique Williams Rosario, of 429 Pearl St., and Kemelly Pimentel, same address. Rosario’s mother is Gloria Yvetta Rosario. Pimentel’s parents are Kemil Pimentel and Emely Acosta.

Edward DeLeon, of 1728 Windsor Ave., and Cherlie Lea Henry, same address. Henry’s parents are Frank and Mary Ella Morone.

Vielsa Dailey, of 4011 Lasher Road, Drexel Hill, and Sharon Abraham Gough, same address. Gough’s mother is Marve Kelly.

Zachariah David Harper, of 1274 E. Oregon Road, Lititz, and Tiffany Dawn Hurst, of 305 E. Meadow Valley Road, Lititz. Harper’s parents are Ronald Preston and Melody Faye Harper. Hurst’s parents are Victor Martin and Beverly Ann Hurst.

John Michael Hollingsworth, of 100 W. Charlotte St., Unit 111, and Catherine Dempsey Shehan, of 1060 N. Charlotte St., Unit 11. Hollingsworth’s parents are John Patrick Hollingworth and Leslie Benedetti. Shehan’s parents are Jamie Clayland Shehan and Leslie Janet Rice.

Luis A. Villegas-Elizondo, of 3445 Old Philadelphia Pike, Apt. 1, Ronks, and Maria Ramona Gonzalez Manriquez, same address. Villegas-Elizondo’s parents are Gerardo Villegas and Cinis Miranda. Gonzalez Manriquez’s parents are Ezequiel Gonzalez Contreras and Ma Santos Manriquez Gallegos.

Eric William Stump, of 350 N. Mary St., and Elizabeth Rose Keener, 758 Hamilton St. Stump’s parents are William Henry and Crystal Rae Stump. Keener’s parents are Williard and Barb Keener.

Derek Steven Marshall, of 4006 Charity Drive, Red Lion, and Tammie Ann Garcia, same address. Marshall’s parents are Mike and Linda Marshall. Garcia’s parents are Robert and Linda Modic.

Terry A. Zerphey, of 236 E. Orange St., and Meagan Kristy Alan, same address. Zerphey’s parents are Charles Henry and Marilyn Janice Zerphey. Alan’s parents are William Alan and Sharon Louise Renninger.

Mark Forrest Walmer, of 616 Brentwood Drive, Lititz, and Elaine J. Jones, of 316 White Chapel Road. Walmer’s parents are Jay Forrest and Bonnie Lee Walmer. Jones’ parents are James Allen and Pauline C. Sottek.

Dwight Jay Martin, of 751 Wallace Road, New Holland, and Trudy Lynn Wagner, 751 Wallace Road, P.O. Box 336, New Holland. Martin’s parents are Leroy Alvin Martin and Edith Erb Sauder. Wagner’s parents are Gerald Richard Schnader and Sylvia Jean Clark.

Michael Vincent Kowalick, of 2308 Bob White Lane, and Emily Ann Moon, of 8 Clearview Road, P.O. Box 173 Willow Street. Kowalick’s parents are Michael Vincent Kowalick and Renee Kowalick Darkey. Moon’s parents are Harry John and Marie Arlene Moon.

Jason Michael Racine, of 82 Lamppost Lane, and Tiffany M. Wolfe, same address. Racine’s parents are Todd Shane Racine and Harriet Jane King. Wolfe’s mother is Ada Rose Vuxta.

Wandy Manuel Taveras Tavarez, of 180 W. Main St., Salunga, and Neroliza Estevez Vicioso, same address. Taveras Tavarez’s parents are Manuel Tavares Felix and Ramona Zaez Pichardo. Estevez Vicioso’s parents are Ramon Amparo Estevez and Marcelina Vicioso Garcia.

Gregory Michael Leto, of 1028 Kaitlin Alley, Apt. D, Mount Joy, and Carla Johanna Robles, same address. Leto’s parents are Michael Vito and Gloria Jean Leto. Robles’ parents are Carlos Enrique and Janeth Esther Robles.

Dylan Jacob Campbell, of 75 Thompson Road, Cochranville, and Mackenzie Paige Brubaker, of 2871 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim. Campbell’s parents are Brian Keith and Linda Jean Campbell. Brubaker’s parents are Robert Lee and Andrea Renee Bruabker.

Fernando Jose Martin, of 658 Oakwood Lane, and Melanie Ruth Weaver, same address. Weaver’s parents are James Walter and Naomi Ruth Walter.

Alex Keith Good, of 325 West View Drive, Akron, and Maci Renae Seibel, same address. Good’s parents are Curvin W. and Joy L. Good. Seibel’s parents are Chad Raymond and Penny Jane Seibel.

Brandon Joseph Boose, of 470 Charles Drive, Manheim, and Tiffani Lynn Gladfelter, same address. Boose’s parents are Joseph Allen and Leann Marie Boose. Gladfelter’s parents are Mark Allen and Judy Lynn Gladfelter.

J. Kristopher Bracklin, of 48 Hilldale Drive, Ephrata, and Francine Milano, same address. Bracklin’s parents are Kurt L. Bracklin and Janet Carroll Nguyen. Milano’s parents are Rocco F. and Gloria Milano.

Kendel Donte Dixon, of 726 E. Chestnut St., and Stephanie Joy Scanish, same address. Dixon’s parents are Frank McDonald and Richelle Dixon. Scanish’s parents are James and Elisa Scanish.

Steven Richard Orpneck, of 28 Grandview Lane, Conestoga, and Alexis Hang Le, same address. Orpneck’s parents are Richard Michael and Karen Marie Orpneck. Le’s parents are Cat Van and Tuyen Kim Ho Le.

Taylor James McDuffie, of 2271 William Penn Way, and Kathleen Michele Shifflet, same address. McDuffie’s parents are Barry Franklin Hawkins and Jennifer Rebecca Welk. Shifflet’s parents are Michael Joseph and Paula Lee Shifflet.

Rwamucyo Karekezi, of 645 Wyncroft Lane Apt. 4, and Jocelyn Noel Mylin, of 29 Sprecher Road, Willow Street.

Salome Perez Robledo, of 342 Eby Chiques Road, Mount Joy, and Marianela Ayala, same address. Perez Robledo’s parents are Jesus Perez and Raquel Robledo. Ayala’s parents are Manuel M. and Ines Ayala.

Austin Dean Zimmerman, of 1098 Pleasant Hill Road, Fleetwood, and Gina Martin Zimmerman, of 309 Clearfield Road, New Providence. Austin Zimmerman’s parents are Eli C. Zimmerman and Barbara S. Seibel. Gina Zimmerman’s parents are Robert Lamar and Loretta Burkholder Zimmerman.

Todd Dylan Shertzer, of 300 Black Oak Drive, and Makayla Ruth Horning, of 425 W. Metzler Road, Ephrata. Shertzer’s parents are Todd Darren and Twila Jean Shertzer. Horning’s parents are Jonathan Mark and Kristina Joy Horning.

Ricardo Luis Ruiz, of 880 Prospect Road, Columbia, and Brittany Ann Flear, same address. Ruiz’s parents are Roberto Luis and Provienca Ruiz. Flear’s mother is Christina Marie Kitch.

Jimmie Craig Keith, of 53 Horseshoe Drive, Ephrata, and Nessiyah Amani-Elijah Marcellus, same address. Keith’s parents are Ray Keith and Calynda Anne Hineline. Marcellus’ parents are Pascal J. Marcellus and Nadia Bernabe.

Roberto Adonay Salazar Galvez, of 2210 Oak Hollow Drive, Columbia, and Olga Lidia Montano-Malagon, same address. Salazar Galvez’s parents are Zair Galvez and Ana Salazar. Montano-Malagon’s parents are Carlos Montano and Lidia Malagon.

Brian F. Shopf, of 580 Old Market St., Mount Joy, and Betsy Ellen Grady, same address. Shopf’s parents are Bruce Frank Shoph and Audrey Lou Zart. Grady’s parents are Sheldon Epstein and Barbara Epstein.

Matthew Lee Keary, of 314 Sowle Court, Willow Street, and Ashley Madeline Hemmelstein, same address. Keary’s parents are Wayne Lee Keary and Kathy Lynn McKeown. Hemmelstein’s parents are Gary Joseph and Leann Hemmelstein.

Michael Ray Cinqmars, of 21 S. Reamstown Road, Steven, and Richard Bruce Sturgill, same address. Cinqmars’ parents are Michael Ray and April Dawn Cinqmars. Sturgill’s parents are Richard Bruce and Donna Sturgill.

Jaime A. Zelaya Lopez, of 110 Stevens Ave., Apt. 3, and Judith Olavarria Velez, same address. Zelaya Lopez’s parents are Jaime A. Zelaya Lopez and Judith Olavarria Velez.