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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Nathan Rene Martin, of 4610 Stiegel Pike, Newmanstown, and Emily Kathryn Alspaugh, of 203 Keener Road, Lititz. Martin’s parents are Darryl R. and Kaye L. Martin. Alspaugh’s parents are Andre Frank and Betsy Jo Alspaugh.

Jonathan Guy Heim, of 95 Chelmsford Drive, Marietta, and Adis Yuliza Ruiz Villegas, same address. Heim’s parents are Bernard Carver and Margaret Ann Heim. Ruiz Villegas’ parents are Hector Ramon Ruiz and Julia Villegas.

Manuel Octavio De La Cruz Collado, of 303 Pennridge Ave., Mountville, and Jenna Marie Stonesifer, same address. De La Cruz Collado’s parents are Jose Manuel De La Cruz and Cristina Collado. Stonesifer’s parents are Randall Douglas Stonesifer and Tracy Lynn Jennings.

Iris Rentas, of 630 S. 12th St., Columbia, and Virginia Ann Marie Creswell, same address. Rentas’ parents are Roberto T. Rentas and Maria F. Morales. Creswell’s parents are Calvin Lee Creswell and Susan Lynn Nixon.

Paul Louis Hammons, of 3220 Rock Creek Court, Abingdon, Md., and Ashley Elizabeth Fleetwood, same address. Hammons’ parents are Ronald and Kimberly Hammons. Fleetwood’s parents are Russell and Mary Fleetwood.

Brett Joseph Cataudella, of 727 Gault Road, Narvon, and Karly Renee Smith, same address. Cataudella’s parents are Mark Francis and Cynthia Ann Cataudella. Smith’s parents are Keith Edward and Michelle Smith.

Ryan Mitchel Sites, of 124 Pennsy Road, New Providence, and Heather Marie Sterbinsky, same address.

Brian Douglas Marks, of 812 S. Glover St., Baltimore, Md., and Ana Elizabeth Nunes, same address. Marks’ parents are William Douglas and Deborah Boss Marks. Nunes’ parents are Kenneth John and Christine Marie Nunes.

Michael George Schrader, of 155 Village Spring Lane, Reinholds, and Kelsey Nicole Overfield, same address. Schrader’s parents are George Lloyd and Frances Bernadette Schrader. Overfield’s parents are Kevin Charles and Holly Ann Overfield.

Rene Antonio Marin Sanchez, of 60 Fairview Ave., and Gloria Janet Delgado-Rosario, same address.

Lucas Antonio Ortiz, of 363 Main St., Leola, and Taylor Morgan Kilgore, same address. Ortiz’s parents are Juan and Laura Ortiz. Kilgore’s parents are Weslee A. and Christina J. Baker.

David Nelson Savery, of 12465 White Oak Cout, Dunkirk, Md., and Erin Noel Bensing, same address. Savery’s parents are Arthur Bob and Dynel Nelson Savery. Bensing’s parents are Ronald Jay and Linda Sue Bensing.

Cameron John Grill, of 8 Samuel Chase Drive, Port Deposit, Md., and Jayd Dianne Yancosky, same address. Grill’s parents are Eric John Grill and Lori Lynn Alexander. Yancosky’s parents are Calvin Nalla nd Linda Louise Yancosky.

Michael Joseph Medykiewicz, of 124 Pearl St., Apt. A, and Anne Elyse Feingold, of 6 Bennington Circle, Lititz. Medykiewicz’s parents are Ronald Anthony and Deborah Katherine Medykiewicz. Feingold’s parents are Jay Leon Feingold and Carroll Anne Truran.

Michael Irvin McCracken, of 4301 Verona Drive, Wilmington, Del., and Kellie Rose Walker, same address. McCracken’s parents are William Taylor and Deborah McCracken. Walker’s parents are John Joseph and Paula Ann Walker.

Chad Michael Slover, of 2040 Ursinus Ave., and Jennifer Lynn Miller, same address. Slover’s parents are Donald Wayne and Carolyn Virginia Slover. Miller’s parents are Dervin Musselman Miller and Sharon Marie Abel.

Christ Beiler, of 73 N. Oak St., Lititz, and Michelle L. Breuinger, same address. Beiler’s parents are David K. and Elsie Mae Beiler. Breuinger’s parents are Tyrone Breuninger and Nancy Marion Bradburd.

Joshua Dean Potter, of 126 W. Christine Road, Nottingham, and Amanda Elizabeth Swords, of 206 Crestview Drive, Lititz. Potter’s parents are Jackie Dean and Melissa Dawn Potter. Swords’ parents are Robert Steven and Elaine Swords.

Maxwell Scott Zeuner, of 998 Hammon Ave., Apt. 12, Ephrata, and Jenna Lynn Simcox, same address. Zeuner’s parents are Carl Werner Zeuner and Shawn Younis. Simcox’s parents are Edward Eugene Simcox and Tracey Lynn Lile.

Marco Antonio Caal Mo, of 310 Howard Ave., Apt. A, and Cruz M. Lopez Hernandez, same address.

Eric Jay Weber, of 325 E. Ross St., and Adrienne Kathleen Kuhlengel, of 407 Spruce Cirlce, Mountville. Weber’s parents are Timothy Jay and Dorothy Good Weber. Kuhlengel’s parents are Keith Ralph and Barbara Greif Kuhlengel.

Aaron James Marsh, of 140 Dickens Drive, and Danielle Kathrin Rothra, same address. Marsh’s parents are Gary Vance and Diane Marie Marsh. Rothra’s parents are Stephen Eric and Rebecca Lynn Rothra.

Matthew Alan Dietrich, of 1370 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim, and Taylar Lynne Barto, of 21 N. Main St., Apt. C, Manheim. Dietrich’s parents are Brad Alan Dietrich and Carol Ann Lawyer. Barto’s parents are Shawn Michael and Lisa Marie Barto.

Jordan Ryan Mosso, of 438 Stonegate Court, Millersville, and Kristina Marie Donohue, same address. Mosso’s parents are Christopher James and Laurie Ann Mosso. Donohue’s parents are William Joseph Donohue and Melissa Ann Hirsch.

Timothy William Kauffman, of 104 Saddleback Drive, Marietta, and Dawn Lee Barr, same address. Kauffman’s parents are Kerwin Ray Rineer and Allison Catherine Kauffman.

Damien A. Morales, of 606 Main St., Akron, and Amanda Michelle Wintersohl, same address. Morales’ parents are Thomas L. and Tammie L. Brown. Wintersohl’s parents are Randy D. Turk and Traci L. Troy.

Jeffrey John Stokes, of 11 Coastal Ave., Ephrata, and Brittnie Irene Frey, same address. Stokes’ parents are Jeffrey John and Rebecca Ann Stokes. Frey’s parents are William Russell and Debbie Sue Frey.

Conrad Drew Auker, of 11 Faust Lane, Stevens, and Olivia Katherine Longenecker, of 627 Lyman Ave., Womelsdorf. Auker’s parents are Kenneth and Joan Auker. Longenecker’s parents are Larry Lynn and Trisha Rae Longenecker.

Craig Michael Anderson, of 2247 Glen Cove Road, Darlington, and Gabrielle Bree Smith, same address. Anderson’s parents are Thomas and Deborah Anderson. Smith’s parents are John Joseph and Cynthia Ann Smith.

William Jared Malay Hoffman, of 1869 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Alyson Elizabeth Long, same address. Hoffman’s parents are Paul Eugene Delaney and Stacy Lynne Stine. Long’s parents are Jerry Leroy and Denise Kathleen Long.

Alexander John Sload, of 2452 Cypress Drive, and Erin Antoinette Henry, of 84 Victoria Lane. Sload’s parents are John Raymond and Crystal Ann Sload. Henry’s parents are Glenn William and Laura Ann Henry.

Randal Alan Baron, of 1326 Spruce St., Unit 503, Philadelphia, and Anthony Marino, same address. Baron’s parents are Ronald Bennett Baron and Fern Sandra Creelan. Marino’s parents are Anthony and Diana Blanche Marino.

Jeremy Ryan Good, of 325 N. Queen St., and Ashley Marie Weis, of 408 Ruby St. Good’ parents are Jeffrey and Patricia Good. Weis’ parents are Roebrty and Renee Hoy.

Andrew Donald Seidel, of 512 Fairview Ave., and Amber Marie Livengood, same address. Seidel’s parents are Donald and Bettina Seidel. Livengood’s parents are Thomas and Brenda Livengood.

Scott L. Blazina, of 343 Mount Olive Lane, Ephrata, and Kimberly Lynn Winters, same address. Blazina’s parents are Anthony L. and Gloria F. Blazina. Winter’s parents are Donald M. and Amy A. Hanna.

Jay Robert Wimer, of 2709 Columbia Ave., 2, and Shelbee Nychole Dyann Turner, same address. Wimer’s parents are Timothy Scott Wimer and Ulessia Lynn Barr. Turner’s parents are Jeffrey Turner and Kristyn Parrott.

Matthew Thomas Drumheller, of 3 Cedar Lane, Stewartstown, and Paxton Haley Beck, same address. Drumheller’s parents are Barry Lee Drumheller and Joan Elizabeth Kimsey. Beck’s parents are Robert Lee and Angela Sue Beck.

Manuel Rosa Arroyo, of 733 Euclid Ave., and Jamilah Lynn Ifera, same address.

John Harry Wiley, of 800 Ashville Road, Oxford, and Eliza Ann Yost, same address. Wiley’s parents are John Harry Wiley and Georgia Ann Sheets. Yost’s parents are Edward Yost and Chryl Lynn Shifflett.

John Michael Peck, of 120 Ore Mine Road, Mount Joy, and Breanna Nichole Bleacher, of 349 Radio Road, Lot 12, Elizabethtown. Peck’s parents are John Michael and Gina Marie Peck. Bleacher’s parents are Michael John Bleacher and Michelle Reena Kauffman.

Alexis Miranda, of 6460 Lemon St., East Petersburg, and Kristy Lynn Roberson, same address. Miranda’s parents are Jose Manuel and Damaris Miranda. Roberson’s parents are Barry Lynn and Sandra Lee Eckard.

Marvin Ray Beiler, of 1061 Hartman Station Road, and Rachel Abigail Newswanger, of 102 E. Donegal St., Mount Joy. Beiler’s parents are Eli Andrew and Sarah Ann Beiler. Newswanger’s parents are Keith Lamar and Jeannette Newswanger.

Matthew J. Lanza, of 1432 Stonemill Drive, Elizabethtown, and Megan E. Meinsler, same address. Lanza’s parents are Joseph Lanza and Jeannie Retherford. Meinsler’s parents are Scott Meinsler and Lisa Keefer.

Connor Mitchel Senft, of 417 Surrey Drive, and Elizabeth Joanne Jackson, same address. Senft’s parents are Greg Brent and Beck Ann Senft. Jackson’s parents are Gary Leroy and Judy Lee Jackson.

Timothy Allen Greenawalt, of 126 W. Main St., Terre Hill, and Kimberly Ann Sensenig, same address. Greenawalt’s parents are Robert Allen Greenawalt and Denise Ann Kline. Sensenig’s parents are Dendy Horne an Gertrude Roberts.

Devin Lee Hardy, of 49 W. Four Point Road, Womelsdorf, and Danielle Ashley Gehman, of 625 Paxton Place, Lititz. Hardy’s parents are Bruce Russell and Beverly Ann Hardy. Gehman’s parents are Dennis and Kimberly Sue Gehman.

Barbara Ann Voight, of 174 S. Eighth St., Columbia, and Melissa Anne Ford, same address. Voight’s parents are Robert Gordon and Dolores Mae Voight. Ford’s parents are Jeffrey Hartlaub and Dona Little.

Kyle James Soroka, of 132 Landis Drive, and Eva Ysabel Gimello, same address. Soroka’s parents are Gary Michael and Linda Marie Soroka. Gimello’s parents are Richard John and Jacqueline A. Gimello.

Luke Piper, of 21 Brookview Circle, Elizabethtown, and Elise Pure, same address. Piper’s parents are David Piper and Jill Earman. Pure’s parents are Leonard and Deborah Pure.

David Lee Bernhardt, of 801 Kreider Road, Lititz, and Barbara Marie Dipilla, of 1003 Spring Valley Road, Quarryville. Bernhardt’s parents are Richard Lee and Maria Ann Bernhardt. Dipilla’s parents are Richard and Barbara Nancy Dipilla.

David William Kriger, of 616 Somerstown St., Baltimore, Md., and Hailey Alexandra Aranowicz, same address. Aranowicz’s parents are John Joseph and Kimberley Anne Aranowicz.

Vincenzo Giuseppe Deleo, of 126 E. Lemon St., Apt. 2, and Margaret Marie Greiner, same address. Deleo’s parents are Alfred and P riscilla Deleo. Greiner’s parents are Ronald William Greiner and Mary Frances Mowery.

Matthw Scott Gue, 89 Mill St., Washington Boro, and Brionna McKenzie Kline, of 19 Peach Lane, Conestoga. Gue’s parents are Deron Scott and Judy Gue. Kline’s parents are Eric Kline and Ondrea Lee Marley.

Patrick Joseph Feeney, of 3545 Marietta Ave., Apt. N., and Michelle Elizabeth Weaver, same address. Feeney’s parents are Patrick Joseph Feeney and Vicki Sue Bakes. Weaver’s parents are Andrew Edwin Weaver and Bonnie Kay Harner.

Zachary Brian Huyard, of 19 Village Drive, Leola, and Hannah Rebecca Stoltzfus, same address. Huyard’s parents are Brian Eugene Huyard and Debra Scherer. Stoltzfus’ parents are Walter Eugene and Anne Stoltzfus.

Shane Joseph Rupert, of 95 River Bend Park, and Katie Anne High, same address. Rupert’s parents are Michael Lee and Shonna Kay Rupert. High’s parents are Jan Walter and Diane Deaver High.

Benjamin Monroe Krebs, of 470 Stabley Lane, Windsor, and Christine Lauren Yankowsky, same address. Krebs’ parents are Steven Leroy and Jean Marie Krebs. Yankowsky’s parents are Michael Anthony and Denise Ann Yankowsky.

Travis Scott Shireman, of 4 Harvestview South, Apt. A, Mount Joy, and Stephanie Nicole Gordon, same address. Shireman’s parents are Charles Dale and Diane Cheryl Shireman. Gordon’s parents are Richard Guy and Margie Lee Gordon.

Jacob Alden Harvey, of 1106 Spruce St., Columbia, and Abigail Elise Buckwalter, same address. Harvey’s parents are Christine and John Alden. Buckwalter’s parents are Shawn and Debra Lohr Buckwalter.

Raymond Lee Ball, of 331 W. Main St., Adamstown, and Madison Renee Diem, same address. Ball’s parents are Raymond Lee and Angela Sue Ball. Diem’s parents are Steven Eugene and Tina Lynn Diem.

Travis Mark Esh, of 511 Sawmill Road, New Providence, and Allison Erin Wagner, same address. Esh’s parents are Samuel Mark and Susan Alane Esh. Wagner’s parents are Kurt William and Megan Elizabeth Wagner.

Matthew David Bohlen, of 77 Park Ave., Apt. 7, Ephrata, and Arianna Elena Vargas, of 516 W. Chestnut St., Apt. 3. Bohlen’s parents are Jeffrey Gene Bohlen and Judith Frey. Vargas’ parents are David ad Maria Angela Vargas.

Donald H. Miller, of 6 Pleasant View Ave., Willow Street, and Ashlee R. Davis, same address. Miller’s parents are Donald and Tina Miller. Davis’ parents are William and Vickie Davis.

Alessandra J. P. Sandberg, of 1984 Edgemont Drive, East Petersburg, and Leila Rose Fleisher, same address. Sandberg’s parents are Perry Michael and Virginia Ricci Praca Sandberg. Fleisher’s parents are Jeffrey Craig and Gina Louise Fleisher.

Evan Marshall Brock, of 31 Wilson Drive, and Phoebe Phillips Harnish, same address. Brock’s parents are John Hugh and Marianne Brock. Harnish’s parents are James Scott Harnish and Mary Kay Phillips.

Brandon Keith Palmer, of 18 Brandon Court, and Kaitlin Elizabeth Bowen, same address. Palmer’s parents are Keith Norman Palmer and Prudence Schuchart. Bowen’s parents are Mark Patrick and Deborah Marie Bowen.

Michael Colin Deiter, of 25 Herrville Road, Willow Street, and Sarah Nicole Hess, of 1020 Penn Grant Road. Deiter’s parents are Kevin Eugene and Coleen Marie Deiter. Hess’ parents are Greg Robert and Sue Ann Hess.

Matthew John Weaver, of 520 Stony Fork School Road, Wellsboro, and Bethany Marie Noll, of 337 W. Texter Mission Road, Robesonia. Weaver’s parents are Jeffrey and Linda Weaver. Noll’s parents are David Eugene and Donna Marie Noll.

Samuel Lin Counts, of 10 Tamarack Drive, Denver, and Megan Brianna Booher, of 459 Meadowlark Lane, Manheim. Counts’ parents are Thomas Michael Counts and Leigh Anne Moser. Booher’s parents are Brian William and Yvoone Murial Booher.

Kevin Joseph Cardella, of 201 New St., P.O. Box 351, Terre Hill, and Samantha Virginia Glancey, same address.

Joseph Edward Borges, of 771 Wheatley Road, North East, Md., and Madeline Lane Baranski, of 107 Bowling Lane, Elkton, Md. Borges’ parents are Javier Edwardo Borges-Martin and Heather Elaine Crouse. Baranski’s parents are Gerald Daniel and Kellie Louise Baranski.

Bradford Christian Bormann, of 204 Guilford St., Bear, Del., and Brittany Anne Horn, same address. Bormann’s parents are Christian and Holly Bormann. Horn’s parents are Gerald Thomas Horn and Lisa Myers.

Joshua Ryan Wagner, of 50 N. Perry St., Elizabethtown, and Hilary Surak Kreider, same address. Wagner’s parents are Kevin Scott Wagner and Lorri Kaye Hengst. Kreider’s parents are Gary Michael and Royce Gean Surak.

Erick N. Rosado-Montes, of 114 Delancy Place, and Diana P. Baez-Leon, same address. Rosado-Montes’ parents are Humberto Rosado and Angelita Montes. Baez-Leon’s parents are Jaime Baez and Lilia P. Leon.

Curtis Benjamin Herr, of 139 Norlawn Circle, and Shanya Elizabeth Ressler, same address Herr’s parents are George Benjamin and Peggy Sue Herr. Ressler’s parents are Dale Jacob Ressler and Jennifer Michelle Stancliff.

Jason Timothy Showalter, of 508 W. Marion St., Lititz, and Maria Christina Tufano, same address. Showalter’s parents are Terry and Lisa Showalter. Tufano’s parents are Michael and Colleen Tufano.

Abraham Herrera Ramirez, of 1707 Newport Road, Wilmington, Del., and Brenda Alcantara Ruiz, same address.

Anthony Michael Maffei, of 2501 Porter Street NW, Apt. 208, Washington, and Brittany Marie Piccicacco, same address. Maffei’s parents are John and Helen Maffei. Piccicacco’s parents are Michael and Mary Piccicacco.

Jackie Ross Burton, of 26 N. Oak St., Ephrata, and Megan Haley Gleason, same address. Burton’s parents are Albert James King and Orah Lee Bell. Gleason’s parents are Mark Richard and Joanne Marie Gleason.

Tyler Nicholas Kramer, of 501 Constant Ridge Court, Abingdon, and Jacqulyn Kerri Draper, same address.

Kenneth Eugene Dommel, of 89 Covered Bridge Road, Pequea, and Renee Kynn Koutroulakis, same address. Dommel’s parents are Jack and Dorothy Dommel. Koutroulakis’ parents are John Walter Hawkins and Bertha Anna Hawkins.

Carmelo A. Diaz-Vazquez, of 1005 Monticello Lane, and Nancy Sanchez, same address.

Timothy J. Crank, of 224 Black Horse Drive, Strasburg, and Aime Lynn Ravert, same address. Crank’s parents are Kenneth Elmer and Debora Lynn Crank. Ravert’s parents are Jeffrey Russell and Christina Michelle Hoxworth.

Thomas Lloyd Aston, of 379 Frogtown Road, Pequea, and Hailey Nicole Hess, same address. Aston’s parents are Charles Michael and Deborah Jo Phenneger. Hess’ parents are Gregory Lavern and Heather Patricia Hess.

William S. Beck, of 122 Retherford Drive, and Angela N. Black, same address. Beck’s parents are Steven and Jodi Ann Beck. Black’s parents are William and Debby Ann Black.

Kyle David Jones, of 301 N. Elm St., Lititz, and Kourtney Joy Thalheimer, same address. Jones’ parents are David Michael Jones and Lori Lee Spence. Thalheimer’s parents are Timothy Richard Thalheimer and Kristine Joy Brubaker.

Matthew Frank Nadu, of 543 Hopkins Mill Road, Quarryville, and Hyacinth Cortez Valdez, of 25 Hurricane St., Unit 2, Marina Del Rey, Calif. Nadu’s parents are Frank John and Diana Marie Nadu. Cortez Valdez’s parents are Jose Lobaton Valdez and Helene Cortez Estes.

Stephan Laverne Smith, of 200 Perry St., Columbia, and Celeste Ann Arbutina-Brown, same address. Smith’s parents are Marcus Anthony Jones and Bonnie Lou Gilbert. Arbutina-Brown’s parents are Steven Paul and Carol Ann Arbutina.

Michael Timothy Stinley, of 463 S. Plum St., and Connor Lynn Dalbora, same address. Stinley’s parents are Marvin James and Eileen Gertrude Stinley. Dalbora’s parents are Thomas Burns and Tracy Ann Dalbora.

Tyler Craig Jepson, of 5970 Whelan Lane, Frederick, Md., and Madeline Elise Szekeres, same address. Jepson’s parents are Gerald Craig and Dawn Terese Jepson. Szekeres’ parents are Jon Harlacher and Kimberly Lynne Szekeres.

Cody Wyatt Patrick, of 565 Hall Court, Havre De Grace, and Taylor Danielle Cedrone, same address. Patrick’s parents are Gwyn Charles and Tammy Lynn Patrick. Cedrone’s parents are Daniel Joseph and Loretta Carol Cedrone.

Matthew Scott Hoertz, of 419 Corbin Road, York, and, Elizabeth Charlotte Kern, same address. Hoertz’s parents are Geoffrey Andrew and Linda Ann Hoertz. Kern’s parents are Erich D. and Ann C. Kern.

Thomas James Mancini, of 471 Crosswinds Drive, Lititz, and Shelby Marion Schreiber, same address. Mancini’s parents are Brian James and Linda Marie Mancini. Schreiber’s parents are Harry Edwin Schreiber and Lara Alexis Smith.

Aaron Z. Martin, of 1791 Cove Lane Road, Martinsburg, and Mary Z. Leid, of 2350 Division Highway, Ephrata. Martin’s parents are David K. and Lena Nolt Martin. Leid’s parents are John Jacob and Katie Nolt Leid.

Robert G. Cross, of 28 Horseshoe Road, Ephrata, and Gina L. Geib, same address. Cross’ parents are Harry H. and Janice G. Cross. Geib’s parents are Gene A. and Sylvia Y. Geib.

George Thomas Raber, of 2217 Manor Ridge Drive, and Emily Joyce Carrigan, same address. Raber’s parents are George T. and Marjorie Raber. Carrigan’s parents are Jeffrey Lee and Elaine Catherine Jackson.

Michael Ryan Snyder, of 233 Bender Road, Millersville, and Rebecca Marie Taylor, same address. Snyder’s parents are Randall Floyd and Deborah Theresa Snyder. Taylor’s parents are James Francis Taylor and Rosemary Hoffmann.

William Lee Kennedy, of 22 Hager St., and Natai Stewart, same address. Kennedy’s parents are William Henry Kennedy and Anna Marie Bailey. Stewart’s parents are Kaiki Monte Stewart and Rosita Megginson.

Charles Franklin Statler, of 442 Green Lane, Peach Bottom, and Madison Nicole Jackson, of 460 Green Lane, Peach Bottom. Statler’s parents are Richard Allen and Carol Faith Statler. Jackson’s parents are Randy Zane and Christine Jennifer Jackson.

Devin Casey Schnupp, of 62 E. Pleaseantview Road, Manheim, and Carlee Beaty, same address. Schnupp’s parents are Gary Lamar and Rhoda Renae Schnupp. Beaty’s parents are Kelley Wayne and Maria Dolores Beaty.

Evan John Flemming Buck, of 413 W. Orange St., Apt. 2, and Devon Alexandra Mathias, same address. Flemming Buck’s parents are Leslie Steven Buck and Cheryl Lynn Flemming-Buck. Mathias’ mother is Sarah Justen Lesniara.

John Fitzgerald Hyson, of 122 S. Arlington Ave., Harrisburg, and Ashley Lynn Atz, same address. Hyson’s parents are Thomas Barry Hyson and Emma Bernice White. Atz’s parents are Anthony John and Patricia Ellen Atz.

Catherine Marie Schwartz, of 3897 Pawnee Road, Columbia, and Gwydion Lucas Latham Grubbs, same address. Schwartz’s parents are Richard Alfred and Filomena Schwartz. Gubbs’ parents are David Lee Grubbs and Lucy Ann Latham.

Jason Gene Pratt-Hoover, of 932 Fountain Ave., 2B, and Trinity Richelle Bouman, same address. Pratt-Hoover’s parents are James Francisco Pratt and Denise Jean Hoover. Bouman’s parents are Jeffrey William and Heather Michelle Bouman.

Anthony Wayne Feronti, of 362 E. Fulton St., Ephrata, and Alexis Dawn Fernandez, same address. Feronti’s parents are Michael Wayne Feronti and Margaret Mary Miller. Fernandez’s parents are Eduardo A. Fernandez and Miranda Dawn Schurz.

Anthony James Burke, of 70 Baron Circle, Manheim, and Leigh Ann Smith, same address. Burke’s parents are James Burke and Tabatha Kemmick. Smith’s parents are Gregory Glenn and Nancy Lynn Shean.

Jonathan Dean Weaver, of 539 Yellow Hill Road, Newmanstown, and Jenna Rochelle Martin, of 264 Albright Road, Newmanstown. Weaver’s parents are Wilmer Z. and Carolin Z. Weaver. Martin’s parents are Burnell R. and Lisa R. Martin.

Brandon Louis Cosgriff, of 3170 Bricker Road, Manheim, and Brooke Ashley Sauer, same address. Cosgriff’s parents are Richard Louis Cosgriff and Terry Ann Massimini. Sauer’s parents are Gary Michael and Judith Ann Sauer.

Michael John Hawthorne, of 2054 Cleveland Ave., Reading, and Molly Olivia Jones, same address. Hawthorne’s parents are Roger Ken and Kelly Sue Hawthorne. Jones’ parents are Dennis and Becky Joe Jones.

Mitchell Allen Bernhard, of 740 N. Hanover St., Elizabethtown, and Jolynn Claire Prunoske, same address. Bernhard’s parents are Ronald Lee and Tonya Phyllis Bernhard. Prunoske’s parents are Joseph John and Julie Kay Prunoske.

Kyle Allen Bedwell, of 329 Winthrop Drive, and Allison Lynne Baker, same address. Bedwell’s parents are Allen Dale and Jackie Ann Bedwell. Baker’s parents are Bradley Roy and Andrea Lynne Baker.

Kobi Michael Biemesderfer, of 301 Northview Drive, Ephrata, and Brooke Ashly Stauffer, same address. Biemesderfer’s parents are George Charles and Kelly Biemesderfer. Stauffer’s parents are Eric Risser and Carolyn Sue Stauffer.

Kyle Anthony Reed, of 122 N. Eighth St., Columbia, and Morgan Renee Rendler, same address. Reed’s parents are George Kevin Reed and Rebecca Ann Bouder. Rendler’s parents are Lawrence Ray Dukeman and Brandi Lyn Rendler.

Taylor W. Mumma, of 2675 Graystone Road, East Petersburg, and Daneen S. Sensenig, of 6494 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim. Mumma’s parents are Jeff A. and Donna L. Mumma. Sensenig’s parents are Donald J. and Debra E. Sensenig.

Calvin Leinbach Zimmerman, of 931 Center Church Road, East Earl, and Joanne Sensenig Nolt, of 216 N. Linden Grove Road, New Holland. Zimmerman’s parents are John Isaac and Katie Weaver Zimmerman. Nolt’s parents are James Oberholtzer and Anna Mae Nolt.

Ezra Owens, of 16 Beaufort Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, and Estella Faye Heinrich, of 5805 Kingsfield Drive, Narvon. Owens’ parents are Graeme Victor and Laura Alicia Owen. Heinrich’s parents are Marlin David and Freida Mae Huyard.

Kelsey Marie Miller, of 232 Ruby St., and Emily Blair Krum, same address. Miller’s parents are Gordon Ray and Mary Costello Miller. Krum’s parents are Leighton Patrick and Brenda Lee Krum.

Gennaro Dominick Mucci, of 24 Rosewood Drive, and Melissa Celeste Wall, same address. Mucci’s parents are Louis John and Roseann Mucci. Wall’s parents are Tracey Wall and Rosemary Lane.

John Robert Thomas, of 2130 Lyndon Ave., and Anna Maria Fasciana, same address. Thomas’ parents are John Edward Thomas and M’Liss Halsey. Fasciana’s parents are John Rosario and Jean Fasciana.

Gregory Michael Altrichter, of 114 Woodcrest Drive, and April Nicole Hannum Kirk, same address. Altrichter’s parents are Michael Frederick and Linda Gail Altrichter. Kirk’s parents are Howard Thomas Kirk and Teresa Louis Hannum.

Austin James Eppenstein, of 14 Town Square Circle, 204, Stafford, Va., and Angela Wendland, of 2 Dabney Court, Fredericksburg, Va. Eppenstein’s parents are James Edward and Deborah Jane Eppenstein. Wendland’s parents are John Joseph and Sun Ok Wendland.

Logan Joseph Kane, of 316 Marine Ave., Apt. 1, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Megan Ann Roethlein, same address. Kane’s parents are Robert Joseph Kane and April Eileen Amdur. Roethlein’s parents are Regis Anthony Roethlein and Joni Ann Clemente.

Adam Joshua Siegrist, of 815 Camp Meeting Road, East Earl, and Mariah Ashley Hall, of 727 Parkside Lane, Lititz. Siegrist’s parents are Clair Herr and Marilyn Kay Siegrist. Hall’s parents are Michael David and Marcia Ann Hall.

Justin Shannon Jennings, of 1832 Driver Ave., and Christine Erin Rineer, same address. Jennings’ parents are Justin Scott and Diana Lynn Jennings. Rineer’s parents are Wayne Michael and Christy Lynn Rineer.

William Ray McCandles, of 328 E. Jackson St., New Holland, and Emery Allis Talada, same address. McCandles’ parents are Terry and Linda McCandles. Talada’s parents are William Lee and Robyn Leanne Talada.

James John White, of 7 Grouse Drive, Denver, and Jennifer Leigh Hennelly, of 436 Dallas St., Atglen. White’s parents are James John and Roseanne White. Hennelly’s parents are Mark Walter and Stephanie Marie Hennelly.

Kyle John Dixon, of 76 Park St., Stevens, and Abbey Rae Howe, same address. Dixon’s parents are Richard and Agnes Dixon. Howe’s parents are Milton and Shirley Howe.

Daniel Mackenzie Johnson, of 235 S. Cedar St., Lititz, and Brittany Renee Keifer, same address. Johnson’s parents are Thomas Harry and Kathleen Ann Johnson. Keifer’s parents are Charles Edward and Lisa Jean Keifer.

Michael Allen Zimmerman, of 64 Third St., Akron, and Stephanie Kay Ream, same address. Zimmerman’s parents are Hershey and Jeanette Zimmerman. Ream’s parents are Thomas and Susan Brossman.

Kenneth Lynn Rhodes, of 3828 Limestone Lane, Dayton, Va., and Amy Louise Nolt, of 4866 Honey Run Road, Dayton, Va. Rhodes’ parents are Wilson Showalter and Margaret Rose Rhodes. Nolt’s parents are James Zimmerman and Louise Burkholder Nolt.

Andrew Garrett Snyder, of 56 Akron Road, Ephrata, and Janae Rose Dombach, of 9 W. Franklin St., Apt. B, Strasburg. Snyder’s parents are Robert Clyde and Joyce Elaine Snyder. Dombach’s parents are Darell Lee and Carol Ann Dombach.

Brandon David Gornick, of 571 Highland St., Harrisburg, and Kelsi Jo Aherne, same address. Gornick’s parents are William and Bonita Sue Gornick. Aherne’s parents are Michael Gerard Aherne and Cindy Simms.

Benjamin James Hagan, of 2613 Northfield Drive, East Petersburg, and Carrie Elizabeth Martin, of 842 Farmingdale Road. Hagan’s parents are Robert Francis and Susan Elizabeth Hagan. Martin’s parents are Kevin Eugene and Sherrill Joann Martin.

Erik Michael Cianci, of 535 N. Pine St., and Kayla Ann Zwicharowski, same address. Cianci’s parents are Mark Louis and Tracy Norma Cianci. Zwicharowski’s parents are William David and Terese Marie Zwicharowski.

Dane August Jester, of 430 N. Pine St., and Meredith Paige Johnson, same address. Jester’s parents are Jim and Leslie Jester. Johnson’s parents are Stephen and Karen Johnson.

Alexander Michael Carlson, of 9 Dubiel Drive, Worcester, Mass., and Kristen Elizabeth Casale, of 1056 Buchanan Ave. Carlson’s parents are Jonathan Philip and Stephanie Abodeely Carlson. Casale’s parents are Paul Nicholas Casale and Alexandra Lynn Gibas.

Gregory Alan Buchkowski, of 649 Dorset St., Lititz, and Katharine John Snider, same address. Buchkowski’s parents are John and Patricia Ray Buchkowski. Snider’s parents are Kenneth Bruce John and Barbara Bastendorf.

Anthony L. Travers, of 480 New Holland Ave., Apt. 7304, and Tricia Ann Gibbs, same address. Travers’ parents are Robert Henry Coward and Audrey H. Mitchell. Gibb’s parents are James and Jasmine Gibbs.

David Lee Myerson, of 4600 Connecticut Ave., NW, Apt. 227, Washington, D.C., and Isabel Santamarina Maier, same address. Myerson’s parents are Judd Allan and Theresa Myerson. Maier’s parents are Daniel Joseph Maier and Xiomara Alice Santamarina.

Ricardo Antonio Ramos-Martin, of 636 Hebrank St., and Kelsey M. Hurley, same address. Ramos-Martin’s parents are Ricardo Albeto Ramos Hernandez and Teresa Wallace.

Joshua Thomas Bartholomew, of 130 Merion Lane, Reading, and Alyssa Marie Eberly, of 445 Reinholds Road, Denver. Bartholomew’s parents are Thomas Anthony and Laura Marie Bartholomew. Eberly’s parents are Troy Lee and Elizabeth Ann Eberly.

Jordan David Snyder, of 2619 Sutton Place, Apt. 3, Lititz, and Brittani Ann Funk, same address. Snyder’s parents are Thomas James and Tammy Teresa Snyder. Funk’s parents are Jason David Funk and Crystal Ann Bear.

Tyler David Schaeffer, of 1003 Northfield Drive, Elizabethtown, and Cassidy Rianne Cheddar, same address. Schaeffer’s parents are Joseph John and Nancy Maria Schaeffer. Cheddar’s parents are Robert Hohenstein and Denise Renee Cheddar.

Aaron Scott Bean, of 560 Candlewyck Road, and Kayla Elizabeth Walczer, same address. Bean’s parents are Randy Scott and Helene Margaret Bean. Walczer’s parents are Mark and Karen Walczer.

Joseph Domenic Mirabile, of 3416 E. Pratt St., Baltimore, Md., and Tyler Alexandra Sheldon, same address. Mirabile’s parents are Giuseppe Antonio and Maria Ann Mirabile.

Damaso Eli Maldonado, of 19 Plymouth Ave., and, Crystal M. Lopez, same address.

Samuel Brian Mosebarger, of 1051 Spring Grove Ave., and Hannah Rose Masser, same address. Mosebarger’s parents are Brian and Toni Mosebarger. Masser’s parents are Michael Dale and Molly Ann Masser.

Cody Alan Stiffler, of 324 Mill St., Hershey, and Courtney Elizabeth Kennedy, same address. Stiffler’s parents are David Stiffler and Shirley Ann Shifflett. Kennedy’s parents are Jeffrey D. and Karen Jane Kennedy.

Taylor Christian Martin, of 741 Lammey Road, Honeybrook, and Amy Elizabeth King, of 68 Bracken Lane, Mohnton. Martin’s parents are Earl Ray and Sue Martin. King’s parents are Daniel and Linda Marie King.

Joshua Verigood, of 3914 Blue Rock Road, and Morgan Shertzer, same address. Verigood’s parents are John and Robin Verigood. Shertzer’s praents are Kurt Shertzer and Carly Herr.

Nathaniel Wolfgang Oswald, of 7 Mellott Lane, Kirkwood, and Alayaha Dale-Marie Johnson, same address.

William Harold Richards, of 214 Pennsy Road, Holtwood, and Morgan Paige Kauffman, same address. Richards’ parents are William J. Richards and Christine L. Sawicki. Kauffman’s parents are David G. and Stacy L. Kauffman.

Allen Craig Carmichael, of 16 Cranberry Circle, Denver, and Cheryl Kay Koozer, same address. Carmichael’s parents are Allen Craig and Linda May Carmichael. Koozer’s parents are James Sheldon Koozer and Susan Lynn Koozer.

Brent Jay Eshleman, of 421 N. Oak St., Lititz, and Jessica Marie Stoner, same address. Eshleman’s parents are Jacob Jay Eshleman and Joyce Elaine Polkosky. Stoner’s parents are John Nogel and Kimberly Lee Fulgenzi.

Vernon R. Ace, of 97 Magnolia Drive, Leola, and Tracey Renee Ragland, same address. Ace’s parents are Vernon and Elizabeth Ace. Ragland’s parents are Dennis Charles and Judith Ann Devorchik.

Dane Michael Peck, of 610 Wyncroft Lane, 2, and Monica Michelle Mastropietro, same address. Peck’s parents are Donald Gerry Peck and Brenda Kay Esbenshade. Mastropietro’s parents are Nunzio Anthony and Charlene Kay Mastropietro.

Jayson Alvin Baker, of 1567 Slatehill Road, Peach Bottom, and Rachel L. Heiser, same address. Baker’s parents are Jay Leroy and Flora Mae Baker. Heiser’s parents are Robert Allen and Susan Carol Heiser.

Brandon James O’Reilly, of 2 Garden Spot Drive, Stevens, and Karly Olivia Werstler, same address. O’Reilly’s parents are James O’Reilly and Michelle Felker. Werstler’s parents are Warren Werstler and Lori Hope Webber.

Horace Stanton Lutz, of 240 School House Road, and Jaime B. Kellam, same address. Lutz’s parents are Horace Stanton and Kathleen Mary Lutz. Kellam’s parents are Leon S. Novicki and Susan J. Stephan.

Matthias Eisemann Hoffer, of 221 East Main St., Ephrata, and Kaitlin Lee Kreider, of 1719 Morningside Drive. Hoffer’s parents are Jeffrey Wayne and Jan Elise Hoffer. Kreider’s parents are Darrell Lee and Tiffany Danielle Kreider.

Jeremy David Reigle, of 997 East Main St., Apt. 117, Palmyra, and Samantha L. Townsend, same address. Reigle’s parents are George Allen Reigle and Kimberly Ann Fackler. Townsend’s parents are Robert Steven and Susan Lorraine Townsend.

Kerry P. Fontes, of 4361 Conewago Road, Dover, DE, and Vicki Lynn Howard, same address. Fontes’ parents are Robert Fontes and Kathleen Hughes. Howard’s parents are Robert Paul and Joyce Ann Shaffer.

John Paul Koch, of 528 S. 17th St., Reading, and Machelle Yvonne Koch, same address. John Koch’s parents are Franklin Nelson and Gloria Doris Miller. Machelle Koch’s parents are John Christian Koch and Evelyn Isabella Koch.

Axel Quinones-Rodriguez, of 28 Sturgis Lane, Lititz, and Luz America Carreno Benavidez, same address.

Gabriel Murray Luber, of 125 E. Main St., Apt. 5, Lititz, and Diana Smedley Egnatz, same address. Luber’s parents are Stephen Noah and Rosalie Ellen Luber. Egnatz’s parents are Michael Alexander Egnatz and Janet Elizabeth Smedley.

Brandon Alexander Brown, of 341 Jefferson Road, Reinholds, and Amanda Lee Hankin, same address. Brown’s parents are Michael Leon and Donna Marie Brown. Hankin’s parents are Brian David and Lisa Marie Hankin.

David Junior Lopez-Ortiz, of 420 E. Market St., Marietta, and Christina Luisa Hernandez, same address. Lopez-Ortiz’s parents are David Lopez and Norma Alverado. Hernandez’s parents are Orlando Hernandez and Michelle Schrader.

Nathan Curtis Eck, of 126 Roselawn Ave., and Alyssa Marie Leister, same address. Eck’s parents are Andrew James and Correen Eck. Leister’s parents are Wayne Scott and Donna Marie Leister.

Venice Sahar Paliangayan, of 827 E. Walnut St., and Erin Amelia Robertson, same address. Paliangayan’s parents are Jun and Eleanor Paliangayan. Robertson’s parents are George Louis and Diana Louise Robertson.

Keenan Matthew Reigel, of 331 Meetinghouse Lane, and Madeline Elizabeth Martin, same address. Reigel’s parents are Chad Michael and Angela Reigel. Martin’s parents are Garry Lester and Judith Ann Martin.

John Page Reynolds, of 630 Washington St., SW, Pritchard Hall, Room 2077, Blacksburg, Va., and Abigail Marie Goslin, same address. Reynolds’ parents are Scott Duane and Cathy Lynn Reynolds. Goslin’s parents are John William and Michelle Lynn Goslin.

Marvin Horning Brubaker, of 1294 Horning Road, Denver, and Nancy Hurst Hoover, of 499 Orchard Road, Reinholds. Brubaker’s parents are David Sauder and Marty Zimmerman Brubaker. Hoover’s parents are Allen Nolt and Rachel Marin Hoover.

William Richard Childs, of 58 Knollwood Road, Millersville, and Samantha Sue Hager, same address. Childs’ parents are Joseph and Andrea Childs. Hager’s parents are Jeffrey Paul and Karen Marie Hager.

Nolen Richard McElwee, of 17 Ingham Drive, Stevens, and Jaime Lyn Serianni, same address. McElwee’s parents are Richard Clark and McElwee and Janet Fitzgerald. Serianni’s parents are Rod Alan and Denise Lynch Serianni.

Brent Alan Billet, of 3513 Pleasant Valley Road, York, and Torriya Kai Hershey, same address. Billet’s parents are Ray Alan and Lori Ann Billet. Hershey’s parents are Shawn Lynn Hershey and Samantha Kai Pickel.

Arthur Dennis Woessner, of 36 Grove St., Sayville, N.Y., and Theresa Ann Goessmann, same address. Woessner’s parents are Arthur Dennis and Doreen Woessner. Goessmann’s parents are Henry Anthony and Joan Goessmann.

Eric Douglas Baxter, of 102 Shannon Drive, and Bailey Anne Zuzu, of 3127 Windon Ave. Baxter’s parents are Douglas Baxter and Debra Greenwood. Zuzu’s parents are Brian Edward and Annette Marie Zuzu.

Michael Anthony Klein, of 175 South Lime St., Quarryville, and Sarah Lynn Hillman, same address. Klein’s parents are Richard and Barbara Klein. Hillman’s parents are John Hillman and Debra Carey.

Javier Bernabe Reyes, of 9017 Contee Road, Apt. 101, Laurel, Md., and Pamela Plata Zayas, of 78 Foal Court. Plata Zayas’ mother is Louerdea Zayas Garcia.

David Aaron Guacci, of 344 Knollwood Road, Millersville, and Lea Ann Burkholder, same address. Guacci’s parents are John Nicholas Guacci and Mary Joyce Mitchell. Burkholder’s parents are Kerry Lynn Burkholder and Dawn Marie Garvin.

Matthew Wayne Riehl, of 21 Apple Blossom Drive, and Laurel Lynn Reifsnyder, of 129 N. Reamstown Road, Reamstown. Riehl’s parents are Amos S. and Martha Riehl. Reifsnyder’s mother is Sandy Marchini.

Paul J. Arteta, of 433 S. Queen St., Apt. 1, and Gissellie Ortiz, of 137 Poplar St., Reading. Arteta’s parents are Pablo A. Arteta and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Ortiz’s parents are Andres C. Ortiz and Gloria E. Cortes.

Elias Adalberto Ortiz Santos, of 649 Gap Newport Pike, Atglen, and Michelle Lopez Mozo, same address. Ortiz Santos’ parents are Florencio Ortiz and Rosa Santos. Lopez Mozo’s parents are Nicolas Lopez and Rosa Santos.

Ricky Lee Kachel, of 1775 Euclid Drive, Apt. 5, and Kathleen L. Boyd, same address. Kachel’s parents are Donald Lee and Betty Marie Kachel. Boyd’s parents are Jere Norman Trimble and Michelle Lynn Young.

Dylan Lee Shay, of 700 Pond Vista Lane, Apt. 2D, Manheim, and Sommer Lynn Wike, same address. Shay’s parents are Stephen Lee and Mary Catherine Shay. Wike’s parents are Kenney Lee and Becky Marie Wike.

Tyler James Minnich, of 605 Lincoln Road, Lititz, and Viorica Grace Frazier, of 1344 Pennryn Road, Manheim. Minnich’s parents are Hiram Hess and Lori Ann Minnich. Frazier’s parents are Robert and Janet Frazier.

Jordan Antonio Dasilva, of 263 E. Main St., Leola, and Brianna Catherine Tanya Yeager, of 1188 Penn Grant Road. Dasilva’s parents are Jose Antonio and Crystal Marie Dasilva. Yeager’s parents are Michael Henry and Lori Anne Yeager.

Leroy Shirk Zimmerman, of 312 Conestoga Creek Road, East Earl, and Marietta Reiff, of 637 Ranck Road, New Holland. Zimmerman’s parents are Allen Reif and Ella Mae Zimmerman. Reiff’s parents are Allen Nolt and Ada Mae Reiff.

Noah Tyler Vance, of 24 Maple Drive, Columbia, and Kate Elizabeth Hartman, same address. Vance’s parents are Jeffrey Matthew and Julie Anne Vance. Hartman’s parents are Jeffrey Scott and Christine Carole Hartman.

Ian Patrick Beaumont, of 145 Carol Drive, Washington Boro, and Nancy Kane Shipley, of 693 Eugenia Road, Vero Beach, Fla. Beaumont’s parents are John R. and Patrick Lynn Beaumont. Shipley’s parents are Joshua Beale and Linda West Shipley.

Brian David Thomas, of 3524 Main St., Conestoga, and Kayla Nicole Montgomery, same address. Thomas’ parents are Daniel Scott Thomas and Lisa Lois Koch. Montgomery’s parents are Robert K. and Jill B. Montgomery.

Nicholas Joseph Pastorino, of 407 W. Lemon St., and Skyelynn Bisson Miley, same address. Pastorino’s parents are Michael Joseph and Katherine Marie Pastorino. Miley’s parents are Timothy George Miley and Stefanie Bisson.

Dylan Ryan Holmes, of 14 Bethlehem Lane, Ephrata, and Samantha Elizabeth Wilt, same address. Holmes’ parents are Daniel Rae Holmes and Nanatte Johnson. Wilt’s parents are Norman Edgar and Julie Denise Wilt.

Daniel Joseph Zanone, of 470 Tamiami Drive, Lavallette, N.J., and Jessica Frances Barbo, of 240 W. Shore Road, Harrington Park, N.J. Zanone’s mother is Jeanne Marie Zanone. Barbo’s parents are Daniel Phillip and Patricia Ann Barbo.

Josiah Dean Stauffer, of 100 Hill Ave., Mohnton, and Rachel Brooke Miller, of 153 Bergman Road, New Holland. Stauffer’s parents are John Jacob and Lois Marie Stauffer. Miller’s parents are Leroy R. and Naomi Joy Miller.

Dalton Charles Dougherty, of 966 Green Terrace, and Lillian Larue Pakradooni, same address. Dougherty’s parents are Joseph James and Kimberly L. Dougherty. Pakradooni’s parents are Aram Jeffrey Pakradooni and Carol Jean Dupont.

Todd Michael McDonald, of 2355 Partridge Lane, and Lauren Elizabeth Hoffman, same address. McDonald’s parents are Michael James McDonald and Janice Katherine Decoster. Hoffman’s parents are Jeffrey Lane Hoffman and Gail Shuttlesworth.

Ronald Roy Wert, of 111 S. Market St., Apt. A, Ephrata, and Cheryl L. Swisher, same address. Wert’s parents are Ronald Roy Wert and Theresa Marie Johns. Swisher’s parents are Daniel Charles Swisher and Evelyn Jane Kautz.

Cortez Alexis Skipper, of 200 Riverwood Road, Apt. 206, North East, Md., and Natasha Kay Lehman, of 2139 Old Philadelphia Pike, Apt. B. Skipper’s parents are Kenneth Cortez and Laura Solis Skipper. Lehman’s parents are Daniel Clayton and Kristina Kay Lehman.

Christopher Michael Peuler, of 303 Duke St., Ephrata, and Jennifer Faun Snyder, same address. Peuler’s parents are Michael Henry Peuler and Margaret Schannauer. Snyder’s parents are James Arthur and Charleen F. Creasy.