Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Joseph Alan Diehl, of 422 Stonegate Court, Millersville, and Morgan Rachelle Mock, same address. Diehl’s parents are Joseph Alan Diehl and Laura Murzynski. Mock’s parents are Charles William and Lisa Kaye Mock.

Alberto Lopez, of 2 Garden Court, Apt. 3, and Arelys Santiago, of 69 Colonial Crest Drive. Lopez’s parents are Hector Lopez and Raquel Rodriguez. Santiago’s parents are Angel Manuel Rodriguez and Ruth Santi.

Luis Angel Gonzalez, of 652 New Dauphin St., and Kiany Marie Vega, of 4446 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia. Gonzalez’s parents are Luis Gonzalez and Cameron Rolon. Vega’s parents are Hector Vega and Rosa Casiano.

Allen E. Stoltzfus, of 3116 Irishtown Road, Gordonville, and Esther S. Stoltzfus, of 5996 Buena Vista Road, Gap. Allen Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos G. and Martha Ann Stoltzfus. Esther Stoltzfus’ parents are Ervin K. and Annie Mae Stoltzfus.

Jordan Michael Houser, of 1093 N. State Route 934, Annville, and Emily Sue Dove, of 1401 E. Queen St., Annville. Houser’s parents are James Alvin and Lori Ann Houser. Dove’s parents are James Lee and Sharon Lynn Dove.

Cooper Layne Clark, of 116 N. Mary St., and Caitlin Elaine Hickey, of 413 Dolly Drive. Clark’s parents are Kent Allen and Connie Sue Clark. Hickey’s parents are Stephanie Ann and Toby C. Hickey.

Sean Michael Wineland, of 1236 Merganser Lane, Elizabethtown, and Abigail Victoria Emmons, same address. Wineland’s parents are Ronald Daniel and Brenda Louise Wineland. Emmons’ parents are John William and Alison Margaret Emmons.

Joseph James White, of 34301 Delaire Landing Road, Philadelphia, and Deborah Suzanne King, same address. White’s parents are Joseph James and Anna May White. King’s parents are David Edward and Dorothy Ann King.

Ryan Stuart Creal, of 4916 Painted Sky Road, Exeter, and Jenessa Almae Hosler, of 1204 Clay Road, Lititz. Creal’s parents are Mark and Barbara Creal. Hosler’s parents are Philip James and Sharon Kay Hosler.

Tyler John Martin, of 215 W. Main St., Newmanstown, and Kara Lynn Landis, of 1059 Mount Pleasant Road, Quarryville. Martin’s parents are Clair Martin and Charlene Hoover Martin. Landis’ parents are Jeffrey Kenneth and Kimberly Anne Landis.

Angel Jose Mateo-Viera, of 126 N. Prince St., 5, and Heather Anne Elliot, same address. Mateo-Viera’s parents are Jose Mateo and Wanda Viera. Elliot’s mother is Denise Anne Elliot.

Daniel Martinelli, of 104 Stonehenge Road, Milford, and Sara Musikoff, same address. Martinelli’s parents are James and Maryellen Martinelli. Musikoff’s parents are Marc and Karen Musikoff.

Andrew Joseph Hall, of 361 Wild Cherry Lane, Marietta, and Jennifer Kay Stutzman, same address. Hall’s parents are David Clifford Hall and Joanne Marie Bailey. Stutzman’s parents are Robert Gordon and Ellen Marie Nolen.

Noah Scott Zimmerman, of 746 Sunset Ave., Akron, and Bethany Renee Weaver, of 391 Hahnstown Road, Ephrata. Zimmerman’s parents are Lee and Janet Zimmerman. Weaver’s parents are Randall Scott and Dawn Weaver.

Stephen W. Guion, of 405 E. Fourth Ave., Lititz, and Monica Marie Barnhart, of 929 E. Orange St. Guion’s parents are Edward William and Anna Mae Guion. Barnhart’s parents are Larry Gene and Donna Jean Burk.

Brandon Paul Holmes, of 4022 Marietta Ave., Columbia, and Taylor Elise Glessner, same address. Holmes’ parents are Raymond Patrick Holmes and Eyvonne Williamson-Walker. Glessner’s parents are Ronald Dale and Lisa Renae Glessner.

Edwin Davis Hershey, of 218 Treetops Court, and Rita L. Camodeca, same address. Hershey’s parents are J Kenneth Hershey and Heidi R. Keller. Camodeca’s parents are Lester R. Zimmerman and Mary Irene Zimmerman.

Bradley Edgar Wilson, of 1458 N. Penryn Road, Manheim, and Sherri Michelle Jones, same address. Wilson’s parents are Steven Edgar and Deborah Lee Wilson. Jones’ parents are Glenn Allen and Brenda Sheridan Jones.

Kirk Gregory Mensch, of 151 Endicott St., Bruceton Mills, W.Va., and Michelle Marie Kuntz Frey, of 833 Locust St., Denver. Mensch’s parents are Gregory Marvin and Connie Edna Mensch. Frey’s parents are Ronald Bruce Kuntz and Elizabeth Anne Reed.

Robert Frank Crone, of 724 Skyline Drive, and Tristan Cecilia Vaughn, of 88A Eastbrook Road, Ronks. Crone’s parents are Robert Frank Crone and Kathy Lynn Updegrove. Vaughn’s parents are Trevor Scott Vaughn and Catherine Cecilia Groff.

Christian Andrew Areford-Bliem, of 907 W. Fairway Drive, Apt. D, and Alayna Kristine Gast, same address. Areford-Bliem’s parents are Michael Christian and Christine Marie Bliem. Gast’s parents are Conrad and Dawn Michele Gast.

Edward Walter Moore, of 112 South Sixth St., Columbia, and Sasha Marie Bitts, of 7 Harvestview South, Apt. C, Mount Joy. Moore’s parents are Edward Walter and Sue Edna Moore. Bitts’ mother is Mary Ann Vargas.

Derek Stone, of 1502 Bloomfield Way, Landisville, and Kellie Ayers, of 131 S. 15th St., Camp Hill. Stone’s parents are Philip and Josephine Stone. Ayers’ parents are Kevin and Terry Ayers.

Preston Frank Ketchum, of 2956 Honeymead Road, Downingtown, and Kelsey Marie Frey, same address. Ketchum’s parents are Randolph Frank Ketchum and Susan Smith. Frey’s parents are Dennis Allan Frey and Louise Anne Kruse.

Nathan Allen Muckle, of 60 Farm Lane, Ephrata, and Janelle Lynn Klaassen, same address. Muckle’s parents are Timothy Paul and Judith Ann Muckle. Klaassen’s parents are Glenda Lynn and Chris Lee Klaassen.

Patrick Michael McGettigan, of 227 W. Lemon St., and Krislyn Rousseau, same address. McGettigan’s parents are Hugh John McGettigan and Pamela Gay Saner. Rousseau’s parents are Jon Maurice and Cynthia Marie Rousseau.

Elijah Dale Plasterer, of 36 Kelly Drive, Carlisle, and Kaylynn Ann Bert, of 1117 Orchard Road, Lititz. Plasterer’s parents are Keith Lydell and Jamie Lee Plasterer. Bert’s parents are Rodney Lynn and Gina Rebecca Bert.