Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Matthew D. Cooper, of 118 Highland Drive, Coatesville, and Shelby L. Winters, of 30 Wimbleton Way, Red Lion. Cooper’s mother is Jennifer Dunmoyer. Winters’ parents are Kevin L. and Karen M. Winters.

Kenton Layne Sensenig, of 270 Furnace Hills Road, Denver, and Angeline Kay Zimmerman, of 232 Maple Drive, New Holland. Sensenig’s parents are Daryel Ray and Lori Lynn Sensenig. Zimmerman’s parents are Marlin Ray and Kathleen Nolt Zimmerman.

Jordan Alexis Goshen, of 10 S. Gay St., Marietta, and Kelsie Ann Mohr, of 8 Thornapple Drive, P.O. Box 345, Maytown. Goshen’s parents are Robert David and Tracey Lynn Goshen. Mohr’s parents are Tobin Scott and Rebecca Ann Mohr.

Joseph Tyler Bilheimer, of 790 Church Road, Quarryville, and Katie Alison Jackson, of 450 Green Lane, Peach Bottom. Bilheimer’s parents are Adam Joseph and Sarah P. Bilheimer. Jackson’s parents are Troy Wayne and Patti Ann Jackson.

Michael Louis Paull, of 4 Chiswick Road, Apt. 45, Brighton, and Jillian Frances Silbert, of 2144 Landis Valley Road. Paull’s parents are Allan Michael and Irma Lee Paull. Silbert’s parents are David Irving and Jennifer Beeders Silbert.

Justin Scott Mitchell, of 24 Apple Hill Drive, Lititz, and Savannah Rose Greiner, of 675 S. Laurel Ave., Lititz. Mitchell’s parents are Michael and Karen Mitchell. Greiner’s parents are James Andrew and Beth Ann Greiner.

Austin Lee Shannon, of 51 S. Soudersburg Road, Ronks, and Hanna Elizabeth Zimmer, of 508 Echo Circle, Easley. Shannon’s parents are Daniel Lee and Lori Diane Shannon. Zimmer’s parents are Paul Joseph and Sheryl Robbin Zimmer.

Caleb Andrew McFarland, of 116 Roselawn Ave., and Brindell Erin Martin, of 180 Yummerdall Road, Lititz. McFarland’s parents are Jeffrey Yale and Wendy Sue McFarland. Martin’s parents are Merle Lee and Jane Weaver Martin.

Xavienn Jael Nobles-Ward, of 450 Forrest Ave., Unit H201, Norristown, and Rachel Abigail Gallagher, same address. Nobles-Ward’s mother is Angela Nicole Nobles. Gallagher’s parents are Pierre Ralph and Beverly Alison Kurzhals.

Jacob Allen Warner, of 35 October Glory Trail, Ephrata, and Melissa Maria Lee Leibig, same address. Warner’s parents are Steve Warner and Michelle Treese.

Isaac Henry Luquis, of 434 S. Christian St., Apt. 2, and Felicita Ruiz, same address. Luquis’ parents are Henry Luquis and Doelia Figueroa. Ruiz’s parents are Francisco Ruiz and Maria Hernandez.

Tyler Jacob Williams, of 533 Snyder Hollow Road, New Providence, and Emily Rachel Robinson, of 13 Brighton Way, Bear, Del. Williams’ parents are Anthony Lynn and Brenda Ann Williams. Robinson’s parents are Paul Ernest and Michelle Marie Robinson.

Eric John Novak, of 105 Plowshare Road, Norristown, and Alyssa Paige Hartzman, same address. Novak’s parents are Richard John and Adele Marie Novak. Hartzman’s parents are David Hartzman and Mary Lou Harrison.

Frank Cardona, of 16276 SW 43rd Terrace, Miami, Fla., and Amy N. Wagner, of 8210 Westbrooke Drive, Elizabethtown. Cardona’s parents are Francisco Cardona and Rosa Medina. Wagner’s parents are Philip Gene and Christine Lee Wagner.

William Walker Habecker, of 2108 Kramer Mill Road, Stevens, and Tabitha Joy Lepp, of 1514 Outlet Road, Penn Yan.

Randal Eivind Roth, of 451 Pinkerton Road, Columbia, and Diane Margaret Dizillo, same address. Roth’s parents are Roy Henri and Sonja Dolores Roth. Dizillo’s parents are Charles Thomas and Margaret Virgina Schappel.

Christopher Kemble, of 42 Sandal Wood Drive, Palmyra, and Colleen Newhard, of 42 Sandalwood Drive, Palmyra. Kemble’s parents are Karl and Sylvia Kemble. Newhard’s parents are Richard and Barbara Couglin.

Jordon Tyler Riehl, of 401 W. Main St., Apt. L, East Earl, and Haley Amanda Cooper, same address. Riehl’s parents are Jerry Riehl and Brenda Lee Zankl. Cooper’s parents are Brett Adam and Julie Cooper.

Michael Anthony Rankin, of 29 Vista Drive, Marietta, and Kelsey Nicole Navin, of 236 S. Second St., Columbia.

Thomas E. Parton, of 609 Poplar St., and Tammy Kaye Barnum, of 305A N. Reading Road, Ephrata. Parton’s parents are Worley Lee Parton and Pauline Jane Cole. Barnum’s parents are Gary Lamar and Judy Patricia Haller.

Richard Burr Martin, of 302 Sun Valley Drive, Leola, and Leslie Annette Mauer, same address. Martin’s parents are Richard Burr and Ruth Irene Martin. Mauer’s parents are Lester D. and Helen A. Young.

Michael William Carr, of 401 W. Lemon St., Apt. B, and Della Grace Limbert, of 1226 Orchard Drive, Lititz. Carr’s parents are William Alan Carr and Lisa Margaret Hart. Limbert’s parents are Steven Douglas and Heidi Wolfgang Limbert.

James Dale Stauffer, of 365 Weaver Road, and Jalana Rose Thomas, same address. Stauffer’s parents are Jay Harvey and Miriam Stauffer. Thomas’ parents are Russ Smith Davis and Ola May Sheets.

David Paul Hess, of 200 Houck Drive, Apt. K, Manheim, and Allison Diane Patterson, same address. Hess’ parents are Paul William and Bernice Mary Hess. Patterson’s parents are Troy Edward and Shannon Allison Patterson.

Christopher Marion Kopanski, of 536 Cooper Drive, Kirkwood, and Cindy A. Emery, same address. Kopanski’s parents are Anthony M. and Dolores Kopanski. Emery’s parents are Edward Cecil and Frances Eugenia Emery.

William Brown, of 12 Sherri Lane, Lititz, and Tiyanaonsion Yamaris Torres, of 3213 Kauffman Road, Washington Boro. Brown’s parents are William Brown and Madeline Vigo-Hall. Torres’ parents are Oscar and Damaris Torres.

Bryan Craig Black, of 430 W. Orange St., Lititz, and Daphne Michelle Perkins, same address. Black’s parents are Vernon Richard and Ida Margaret Black. Perkins’ parents are Ernest Nelson Douglas and Robbie Lee Rowan.

Roger Lee Leed, of 9 Charles Lane, Quarryville, and Amanda Lynn Townsend, same address. Leed’s parents are Roger Lee and Trina Marie Leed. Townsend’s parents are Frederick William and Jean Suzanne Townsend.

Edward Alan Hansen, of P.O. Box 397, Landisville, and Stacey Rae Morgan, of 3210 Dunlap Lane, Apt. G, Mechanicsburg. Hansen’s parents are Edward Lee Hansen and Nancy McBride Hansen. Morgan’s parents are Duane Charles and Susan Rae Morgan.

Christopher Joseph Pastella, of 29 Thomas Speakman Drive, Glen Mills, and Tiffany Ann Gingerich, of 681 S. Muddy Run Road, Denver. Pastella’s parents are Christopher Joseph and Victoria Lucille Pastella. Gingerich’s parents are Randell Timothy Gingerich and Tammy Ann Ferrell.

Charles D. Martier, of 317 Declaration Ave., Ephrata, and Bonnie Stauffer Richardson, same address. Martier’s parents are Charles D. and Mary Lou Martier. Richardson’s parents are Robert Kenneth and Betty Lorae Stauffer.

Vitalii Vozharenko, of 724 Fivepointville Road, Denver, and Tetiana Dziurynets, of 205 Miller Road, Apt. S, Akron. Vozharenko’s parents are Anatonlii and Liudmyla Vozharenko. Dziurynets’ parents are Vasyl and Galyna Dziurynets.

Alxyandar Gabriel Sandaran, of 921 Raz Ave., New WIndsor, and Jacqueline Louise Myers, of 10442 Hartslog Valley Road, Huntingdon. Sandaran’s parents are Manjuel and Inez Monica Sandaran. Myers’ parents are Craig and Mary Myers.

Garrett Douglas Morris, of 3826 Hudson St., Baltimore, Md., and McKenna Elizabeth Buckley, of 267 Brook Farm Road. Morris’ parents are Douglas Oren and Sandra Morris. Buckley’s parents are Alan Dale and Jennifer Joy Buckley.

Sean David Simpson, of 770 Jackson St., Apt. 1217, Hoboken, N.J., and Emily J. Mancuso, same address. Simpson’s parents are James Dwyer and Elaine SImpson. Mancuso’s parents are David Robert and Julianne Mancuso.

Charles Preston Lattanzio, of 46 Sunrise Ave., and Laura Ann Rowe, same address. Lattanzio’s parents are Vincent and Rebecca Lattanzio. Rowe’s parents are John Edward Rowe and Barbara Jo Day.

Brandon Romandus Harlee, of 144 Buchland Road, Ephrata, and Kara Lynae Newswanger, same address. Harlee’s parents are Frederick Bernard Harlee and Esther Mae Dieudonne. Newswanger’s parents are Rick Lynn and Wilda ZimmermaN Newswanger.

Veniamen Shumeiko, of 3006 Morgan Ave. N, Minneapolis, Minn., and Sulamita Pavlovna Zastavskiy, same address. Shumeiko’s parents are Danyl S. Shumeiko and Virfa Shumeiko. Zastavskiy’s parents are Pavel A. and Dina V. Zastavskiy.

Scott William Miller, of 22 W. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, and Kimberly Audaci Greiner, of 118 Trella St., Belleville. Miller’s parents are Dorwin Rodger and Nancy Lynn Miller. Greiner’s parents are Gary Ross and Joquetta Mae Galloway.

Marvin Lee Beiler, of 10 Sandstone Drive, Paradise, and Martha Joy Stoltzfus, of 2402 Stumpton Road, Bird- in-Hand. Beiler’s parents are Samuel Eldon and Rosa Fern Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Malinda B. and Mervin Lee Stoltzfus.

Jonathan James Bowe, of 472 N. State St., Ephrata, and Courtney Michelle Whirt, of 33 Derby Lane. Bowe’s parents are James Edward and Elizabeth Bowe. Whirt’s parents are Larry Allen and Christina May Whirt.

Jordan Daniel Kopp, of 34 Prospect St., and Shea Victoria Eckert, of 110 W. Main St., Apt. 2, Strasburg. Kopp’s parents are Jay Richard and Lucille Ann Kopp. Eckert’s parents are Mark Edward Eckert and Victoria Lee Eckert.

Justin Andrew Quartuccio, of 18 Ashlea Village New Holland, and Karina Nicole Martin, of 321 Manor Ave., Millersville. Quartuccio’s parents are Andrew Patrick Quartuccio and Linda Marie Hoover. Martin’s parents are Michael David Martin and Ivonne Ocasio.

Shane Shepard, of 137 Florissant Ave., Framingham, Mass., and Ashley Dotson, of 159 N. Poplar St., Elizabethtown. Shepard’s parents are Mark Stephen and Suzanne Marie Shepard. Dotson’s parents are Robert Lloyd and Michelle Erway.

Craig Alan Storrs, of 515 Fourth St., Catasaqua, and Amanda Kathleen Yerkes, of 363 W. Broad St., New Holland. Storrs’ parents are Craig Alan and Donna Lee Storrs. Yerkes’ parents are Thomas Harold and Elizabeth Catherine Yerkes.

Brian James Kopco, of 143 Greenview Drive, and Whitney Ashworth Halleman, of 511 Heritage Drive, Fleetwood. Kopco’s parents are Ken and Marilyn Elaine Kopco. Halleman’s parents are David Lee and Kathleen Bantz Ashworth.

Brooke Lyn Frantz, of 135 N. Marshall St., and Alyssa Marie Garcia, same address. Frantz’s mother is Jennifer Lee Frantz. Garcia’s parents are Agilio Venancio and Deborah Leigh Garcia.

Andrew D. Weaver, of 440 S. Ninth St., Akron, and Julia C. Healy, of 7 S. Boyd St., Cornwall. Weaver’s parents are Dean A. and Lori K. Weaver. Healy’s parents are Ryan C. and Kristina Healy.

Walter D. Deibler, of 171 Randolph Drive, Elizabethtown, and Debra R. Laukhuff, same address. Deibler’s parents are Walter W. and Eva R. Deibler. Laukhuff’s parents are Vastine E. and Marguerite F. Dippery.

James Lee Gore, of 1514 Furniss Road, Drumore, and Hope Berndette Gerace, same address. Gore’s parents are Edward Gore and Theresa Carl. Gerace’s parents are Frederick John Gerace and Barbara Ann Nacrelli.

Jonathan Matthew Barton, of 147 S. Spring Circle, and Jennifer Lynn Hankle, same address. Barton’s parents are Thomas Wesley and Marieceline Melanie Barton. Hankle’s parents are John Jessie and Susan Hankle.

Jose Amari Vargas, of 1030 N. George St., 1st, and Wanda Ivelisse Rodriguez, of 204 Jackson St. Vargas’ parents are Bolivar Tevera and Alberta Sunilda Vargas. Rodriguez’s parents are Domingo Pacheco Rodriguez and Rosa Julia Collazo.

Robert Miles Wich, of 830 Gail Place, and Jessica Cheri Davila, same address. Wich’s parents are Steven Robert and Eva Yolanda Wich. Davila’s parents are Isaiah Jesse Davila and Sherrie Lynn Wiley.

Niall William Hannagen, of 437 Church St., and Allyson Elizabeth Cohen, same address. Hannagen’s parents are Niall and Cathy Hannagen. Cohen’s parents are Robert David and Nina Marie Cohen,

Euclides A. Baquerizo, of 255 S. Ann St., and Sandra S. Sandoval, same address.

Bryce Jordan Laukhuff, of 674 Knoll Drive, Mount Joy, and Amanda Lynn Spicher, same address. Laukhuff’s parents are Bradley Scott and Tammy Jo Laukhuff. Spicher’s parents are Robert Roland Spicher and Connie Lynn Young.

Karol Anthony Symanowicz, of 3138 Windon Ave., and Sheila Ann Brustad, same address. Symanowicz’s parents are Karol Andrew and Felicia M. Symanowicz. Brustad’s parents are John Ferdinand and Elsie Mable Lundmark.

Kyle Patrick Weiss, of 2632 Royal Road, and Molly Grace Sypien, same address. Weiss’ parents are Erik Joseph and Alane Susanne Weiss. Sypien’s parents are Kevin Joseph and Evelyn Ruth Sypien.

Leonard Anthony Biernicki, of 3588 Delta Road, Airville, and Mary Elizabeth Atkins, same address. Biernicki’s parents are Leonard Anthony Biernicki and Robin Glackin. Atkins’ parents are Floyd Dewey and Deborah Lynn Atkins.

Eliseo Mancebo Moquete, of 329 E. Chestnut St., Apt. B, and Haji Shabazz Payne, same address. Mancebo Moquete’s parents are Emilio Mancebo and Ramona Moquete. Payne’s parents are Junnie and Alesia Elizabeth Payne.

Shuvender Sem, of 1041 Chapel Forge Drive, and Krystalyn Souther, of 433 N. Pine St., Apt. 2. Sem’s parents are Suman and Surinder Sem. Souther’s parents are Roy R. and Mary A. Souther.

Troy D. Kauffman, of 336 School Road, Denver, and Shirley A. Toffy, same address. Kauffman’s parents are Phares David and Bonita Fay Kauffman. Toffy’s parents are George T. and Margaret A. Mahler.

Charles F. McCarthy, of 2210 Middlegreen Court, and Sarah Louise Ober, same address. McCarthy’s parents are Charles F. McCarthy and Tamara Ruckel. Ober’s parents are James D. and Karen M. Ober.