Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Manuel Rafael Fisher, of 116 Norlawn Circle, and Joana Lee Sands, same address. Fisher’s parents are Manuel A. Mieles and Martha Fisher. Sands’ parents are Brenda L. Laboy and the late John C. Sands Reyes.

Daniel Nicholas Stewart, of 360 Valley Road, and Mary Yang, of 48 Coolidge Drive, Ephrata. Stewart’s parents are Peter J. Stewart and Huyen V. Cao. Yang’s parents are Sy Y. and Plia H. Yang.

Hernando Giraldo Torres, of 47 Governours Place, York, and Mariam Ivette Rivera Santiago, same address. Giraldo Torres’ parents are Mariela Torres Mejia and the late Hernando Antonio Giraldo Osorio. Rivera Santiago’s parents are Sonia Maria Santiago Marrero and the late Angel Antonio Rivera Delgado.

Shannon Clarence Richard Engel, of 1518 Manor Blvd, and Alyssa May Calzada, same address. Engel’s parents are Clarence Richard Engel and Rhobie Mertal Cross. Calzada’s parents are Marino Calzada and the late Stacy Lynn Kitch.

Elmer S. King, of 63 Walker Lane, Kinzers, and Lydia L. King, of 824 Buck Road, New Providence. Elmer King’s parents are Benuel F. and Elizabeth S. King. Lydia King’s parents are Christ B. and Malinda G. King.

Steven White-Wilson, of 9142 Richmond Highway, Fort Belvoir, Va., and Luisa B. Nivar, of 267 W. Main St., Leola. White-Wilson’s parents are Coleman Wilson Sr. and Elizabeth Riddick. Nivar’s parents are Bienvenido Nivar and Leda Mercedes Guilamo.

Michael Scott Hertzog II, of 4005 Glenwood Ave., Birmingham, Ala., and Katrina Alicia Boltz, same address. Hertzog’s parents are Michael Scott and Maryanne Bekken Hertzog. Boltz’s parents are James Michael Kish and Melissa Ann Heim.

Jarred Dale Burkholder, of 117 Michters Road, Newmanstown, and Danielle Renee Lynn, same address. Burkholder’s parents are Dale M. and Marchelle S. Burkholder. Lynn’s parents are Daniel R. Lynn and Betty L. Bryant.

Dairon Daniel Marzabal Tablada, of 518 N. Ninth St., Lebanon, and Jearim Ajelet Sahar Castillo Barahona, same address. Marzabal Tablada’s parents are Daniel Marzabal and Vivian E. Tablada. Castillo Barahona’s parents are Eduardo E. Castillo Campbell and Gladis E. Barahona Castillo.

Franklin Christopher Stanford, of 1134 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Johannah Herr, same address. Stanford’s parents are Steven C. and Constance J. Stanford. Herr’s parents are Christopher W. and Deborah J. Herr.

Eric R. Fry, of 437 Herr Ave., Millersville, and Lorianna Marie Sprague, same address. Fry’s parents are Randall Scott Rotten and Karen Jean Galluppi. Sprague’s parents are Roger Wayne Sprague Sr. and the late Colleen Marie Nepi.

Jose Alberto Espada, of 117 S. Walnut St., Lititz, and Gladys N. Gonzalez, same address. Espada’s parents are Jose Antonio and Olga Maria Espada. Gonzalez’s parents are Jorge L. and Gladys Gonzalez.

Chad Michael Condran, of 68 Valerie Drive, Elizabethtown, and Kelsey Michelle Arment, same address. Condran’s parents are Ronald Bruce Condran and Heike Lynn Brown. Arment’s parents are Kelvin Kenneth and Jeanna Renae Arment.

Luis Phillip Rodriguez, of 1246A Beaver Valley Pike, Willow Street, and Erika L. Miranda, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Luis A. Rodriguez and the late Magdalena Rodriguez. Miranda’s parents are Edwin T. Miranda and Juanita M. Rodriguez.

Mark Thomas Gallagher, of 4 E. Kestrel Drive, Denver, and Lauren Ashley Barley, same address. Gallagher’s parents are John Edward and Lois Gallagher. Barley’s parents are William Dirk Mierzejewski and Linda Ann Crum.

Wilkin Martinez-Rivera, of 1107 Sterlling Place, and Barbara A. Mroz, of 33 Knollwood Drive. Martinez-Rivera’s parents are Maria D. Rivera-Torres and the late Jesus Martinez-Rodriguez. Mroz’s parents are Danny Mroz and Carmen J. Conde-Rodriguez.

Mark Dempsey Stone, of 100 Fox Run Court, and Casey Jo Gardner, of 725 Edison Ave., Sunbury. Stone’s parents are Mark B. Stone and Dempsey D. Hannah. Gardner’s parents are Wendy J. Gardner and the late Todd A. Gardner.

Robert John Rankin III, of 235 Seitz Road, Columbia, and Nicole Marie Wright, same address. Rankin’s parents are Robert J. Jr. and Karen J. Rankin. Wright’s parents are Milton F. Wright and Catherine R. Christensen.

Matthew J. Kelley, of 321 Crestline Drive, Willow Street, and Samantha E. Rutt, same address. Kelly’s parents are Lisa Susan Brenner and the late John J. Kelly. Rutt’s parents are Joel Scott Gockley and the late Valerie Lynn Margretta.

Reynaldo Montanez, of 831 Manor St., and Kelly Rae Benedict, same address. Montanez’s parents are Constancio Montanez and Maria J. Torres. Benedict’s parents are Mary E. Benedict and the late Gary E. Benedict.

Wesley Edward Mohler, of 101 N. Reamstown Road, Stevens, and Janet Mae Clark, same address. Mohler’s parents are Rick and Vicky Mohler. Clark’s parents are Kenneth F. Clark and the late Deborah L. Moore.

Richard Franklin Shaak, of 111 N. Enola Drive, Enola, and Tammy Lynn Henry, of 3016 Aster Lane, Lititz. Shaak’s parents are Richard F. Shaak and the late Jean N. Shaak. Henry’s parents are Catherine E. Funk and the late Jay C. Sweigart.

Arthur E. Smethers, of 102 Eagles Nest Court, and June N. Crampton, same address. Smethers’ parents are Gladys E. Smethers and the late Eugene C. Smethers. Crampton’s parents are the late Lang X. Le and the late Thich T. Do.

John Lee Capino, of 250 E. Main St., New Holland, and Amber Marie Young, same address. Capino’s mother is the late Debby D. Capino. Young’s parents are Robert G. Shultz and Tammy S. Davis.

Donald E. Cranston, of 7 Rosewood Drive, and Patricia M. Keen, of 3 Rosewood Drive. Cranston’s parents are the late William Cranston and the late Della M. Work. Keen’s parents are the late Cornelius E. Jones and the late Ethel M. Jones.

Clark Samuel Stoltzfus, of 201 Friends Meeting House Road, Cochranville, and Anna Rachel Underwood, of 152 Main St., New Providence. Stoltzfus’ parents are Clifford L. and Caroline A. Stoltzfus. Underwood’s parents are Mark D. and Nicole R. Underwood.

Patrick Taylor Fox, of 6007 Dupont Cove, Spring Hill, Tenn., and Margaret Wrynn Weaver, same address. Fox’s parents are Steven D. and Kari J. Fox. Weaver’s parents are Alan G. and Barbara A. Weaver.

Jeremy Wayne Newell, of 148 Randolph Drive, Elizabethtown, and Lucia Drobnakova, same address. Newell’s parents are Stephen B. and Eveline D. Newell. Drobnakova’s parents are Andrej Drobnak and Maria Drobnakova.

Khalil Ariel Rodriguez, of 234 Lawrence St., Columbia, and Tamara Jean Keener, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Ricardo Rodriguez and Katrina T. Branch. Keener’s parents are

Stanley T. Day and Karen L. Keener.

Theodore M. Eck, of 648 Manor St., Columbia, and Heather L. Shenk, same address. Eck’s parents are Theodore W. Eck and Judith A. Studenroth. Shenk’s parents are Francis J. and Geraldine S. Cicone.

Nelson Ochieng Okanya, of 1001 Davis Drive, and Carmen Dawn Horst, of 518 N. Plum St. Okanya’s parents are John O. and Mary O. Okanya. Horst’s parents are Vernon D. and Luanne M. Horst.

Jonathan David Stauffer, of 412 Ridgeview Road S., Elizabethtown, and Lydia Kaye Brubaker, of 515 Musser Road, Mount Joy. Stauffer’s parents are Jay D. and Trena T. Stauffer. Brubaker’s parents are Michael T. and Lisa K. Brubaker.

Scott Jeffery Zeamer, of 558 W. Third Ave., Lititz, and Lorie Jean Parmer, same address. Zeamer’s parents are the late Mervin C. Zeamer and the late Eleanor Jean Smith. Parmer’s parents are Lois Shultz Hart and the late Thomas Richard Hart.

Jonathan Andrew Hess, of 2470 Impala Drive, Ronks, and Shayna Leigh Trout, of 29 Autumn Blaze Way, Ephrata. Hess’ parents are Bruce Peter and Christine Kay Hess. Trout’s parents are Timothy Paul and Antoinette Trout.

Francis Patrick Mekeal Jr., of 2 Dellview Drive, Halifax, and Neiva Do Vale, of 1909 Oregon Pike. Mekeal’s parents are the late Francis P. Mekeal Sr. and the late Judith A. Mekeal. Vale’s parents are Maria A. Barbosa Do Vale and the late Lourivale E. Do Vale.

Manuel D. Perez Villegas, of 714 Fourth St., and Luz D. Rivera, same address. Perez Villegas’ parents are the late Paulino R. Perez Pacheco and the late Nilda O. Villegas Cuza. Rivera’s parents are Maria D. Herrera Montoya and the late Gilberto A. Sanchez Herrera.

Douglas R. Miller, of 2115 Scheffer Road, Elizabethtown, and Brittany L. Charles, same address. Miller’s parents are Robert E. and Cathy Miller. Charles’ parents are Eugene M. and Gina M. Charles.

Cameron Scott Hanna, of 45 Cobblestone Drive, Willow Street, and Jaimelee Francis Barrett, of 206 Farmstead Lane, Lititz. Hanna’s parents are Steven J. and Nancy L. Hanna. Barrett’s parents are Francis P. and Marjorie M. Barrett.

Etanislao Ortiz-Rivera, of 439 High St., and Iris Nilda Vargas-Velazquez, same address. Ortiz-Rivera’s parents are Adela Rivera and the late Etanislao Ortiz-Diaz. Vargas-Velazquez’s parents are Manuel Vargas and the late Zonia Velazquez.

Jason R. Lintner, of 520 W. Route 897, Reinholds, and Amber Rose Stout, same address. Lintner’s parents are Pamela Myers and the late Joseph S. Lintner. Stout’s parents are Andrew C. Schwankl and Pamela S. Parsons.

Daniel M. Livelsberger, of 407 Walnut St., Wrightsville, and Traci Lee Firestine, same address. Livelsberger’s parents are Constance Rose Livelsberger and the late Russell Lee Livelsberger Sr. Firestine’s parents are Larry Keith and Jacqueline Elizabeth Gainer.

Anthony Matthew Scott Lofaso, of 16 Bennett St., Jersey City, N.J., and Haley Brianne Babula, same address. Lofaso’s parents are Fred A. and Josette M. Lofaso. Babula’s parents are Brian and Lisa R. Babula.