Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Barry S. Wallace, of 304 Union St., Columbia, and Amanda Marie Lasota, same address. Wallace’s parents are Barry S. Wallace and Shellie A. Trego. Lasota’s mother is Susan A. Lasota.

David Wayne Herring, of 2229 William Penn Way, and Heather Nicole Ecenrode, same address. Herring’s parents are Wayne A. Herring and Diane L. Davies. Ecenrode’s parents are Keith A. Miller and Amber J. Shay.

David Joseph McClymont, of 100 Houck Drive, Manheim, and Kathryn Rose Stoltzfus, of 205 Osceola Mill Road, Gordonville. McClymont’s parents are Jody D. and Darlene J. McClymont. Stoltzfus’ parents are Alvin J. and Linda R. Stoltzfus.

Amos J. King, of 1196 Gypsy Hill Road, and Martha Joy Zook, of 5814 Limeville Road, Gap. King’s parents are John A. King and the late Barbara B. King. Zook’s parents are Mahlon S. and Mary L. Zook.

Adam Robert Check, of 4225 17th St. NW, Washington, D.C., and Rachel Victoria Colbert, same address. Check’s parents are Robert J. and Barbara J. Check. Colbert’s parents are Matt W. and Victoria D. Colbert.

David Rivera III, of 429 Locust St., and Sasha Alysse McMullen, same address. Rivera’s parents are Sonia E. Canteleria and the late David Rivera Jr. McMullen’s parents are Luis A. Oliveras and Therese G. McMullen.

Steven J. Fisher, of 115B Black Horse Road, Paradise, and Laura M. Fisher, of 2297 Camp Road, Manheim. Steven Fisher’s parents are Levi J. and Fannie E. Fisher. Laura Fisher’s parents are Jonathan L. and Lena L. Fisher.

John R. Pearson, of 938 Hillside Ave., Elizabethtown, and Karen Terese Ebright, same address. Pearson’s parents are Victoria Louise Pearson and the late James Laird. Ebright’s parents are Lenny Richard and Julia Barbara Books.

Mark R. Rinehart, of 933 Hedgwyck Lane, Elizabethtown, and Laurie A. Finey, of 1018 Donegal Springs Road, Ephrata. Rinehart’s parents are the late Raymond T. Rinehart and the late Estelle J. Rinehart. Finley’s parents are Joan I. Baldassarre and the late Robert L. Winters.

Drew J. Weidman, of 64 Beech Lane, Elizabethtown, and Megan E. White, same address. Weidman’s parents are James F. and Kelly D. Weidman. White’s mother is Sharon E. White.

Brendisi Alberto Ferrandino, of 35 Park View Drive, Reinholds, and Angela C. Knoll, same address. Ferrandino’s parents are Albert Ferrandino Jr. and Crystal J. Stong. Knoll’s parents are Marshall L. and Sandra L. Ochs.

Shane Thomas McEntarfer, of 20 Oriole Drive, Ephrata, and Chelsea Jane Hamilton, of 535 W. 28th Division Highway, Lititz. McEntarfer’s parents are Robert E. and Lori A. McEntarfer. Hamilton’s parents are Robert B. and Julie E. Hamilton.

Brian P. Drebushenko, of 112 Main St., Leesport, and Vicki L. Parker, of 106 Westview Drive, Akron. Drebushenko’s parents are the late Walter E. Drebushenko and the late Janet I. Drebushenko. Parker’s parents are Barbara A. Parker and the late James W. Parker.

Robert Chad Boudreau, of 4170 Roundtop Road, Elizabethtown, and Megan Ruth Hensinger, of 408 Cobblestone Lane. Boudreau’s parents are Robert E. and Linda R. Boudreau. Hensinger’s parents are Gerald Lurowist and Ann R. Hess.

Lee Wermuth, of 635 Willow Valley Square, and Marie M. Curry, of 660 Willow Valley Square. Wermuth’s parents are the late Walter M. Wermuth and the late Margaret M. Wermuth. Curry’s parents are the late Thomas B. McGreevy and the late Olive A. McGreevy.

Sudip Koirala, of 556 Oak Ridge Drive, Millersville, and Sushila Chapagai, same address. Koirala’s parents are Sharma N. and Bunam Koirala. Chapagai’s parents are Padma L. and Shiva M. Chapagai

Aaron John Ace, of 105 E. King St., and Danielle Amber Rivera, same address. Ace’s parents are Wallace T. Ace and the late Sherri L. Ace. Rivera’s parents are Steven P. Rivera and Michelle K. Mendes.

David Merle Zook, of 3749A Ridge Road, Gordonville, and Gabriella Renee Feliciano, of 825 Grings Hill Road, Reading. Zook’s parents are Leon M. and Sarah B. Zook. Feliciano’s parents are George Feliciano and Diana R. Althouse.

Chad Michael Quigley, of 718 Salix Court, Willow Street, and Felisha Marie Bernal, same address. Quigley’s parents are Brian K. and Christina M. Quigley. Bernal’s parents are Norberto Bernal and Karen L. Stoffel.

Yems Manuel Figueroa Fuentes, of 1261 Woodlark Drive, Haines City, Fla., and Catherine Marie Serrano- Sanabria, of 1316 Calvert Lane. Figueroa Fuentes’ parents are Victor M. Figueroa Perez and Nelsie B. Fuentes Valentin. Serrano-Sanabria’s parents are Felix A. Serrano-Rodriguez and Ruth Sanabria-Martinez.

Steven Gonzalez Reyes, of 2802 Lincoln Highway, Ronks, and Stella Marie Rodriguez O’Neal, same address. Gonzalez Reyes’ parents are Jorge Gonzalez and Jorleny Reyes. Rodriguez O’Neal’s parents are Villey Rodriugez and Kimberly M. O’Neal.

Edward Dolison, of 330 Honey Locust Square, and Carla Mickens, same address. Dolison’s parents are Edward J. Drake and the late Juanita J. Dolison. Mickens’ parents are the late Lester Thomas Sr. and the late Barbara J. Thomas.

Gregory Paul Sinclair, of 172 Knollwood Road, Millersville, and Rebecca Katherine Harris, same address. Sinclair’s parents are Joanne A. Sinclair and the late Walter J. Sinclair. Harris’ parents are John W. Harris and Mary E. Hooper.

William F. Nace, of 841 Lancaster Ave., Columbia, and Sharon Lee Bush, of 141 Cherry Alley, Mount Joy. Nace’s parents are the late Murtis F. Nace and the late Bertha M. Nace. Bush’s parents are the late Arnold G. Gumpman and the late Helen K. Bush.

Kyle Joseph Frick, of 104 Barton St., Scranton, and Jenna Marie Waite, of 104 Urban Drive. Frick’s parents are Perry and Cindy A. Frick. Waite’s parents are George S. Waite and Christiana L. Boyd.

Travis Kent Bueche, of 413 Hershey Ave., and Caitlyn Nicole Lucas, of 5505 Long Corner Road, White Hall, Md.. Bueche’s parents are J.T. and Loretta K. Bueche. Lucas’ parents are David S. and Robin A. Lucas.

Julson Bosquet, of 831 Pleasure Road, and Marissa Adele Barr, of 1031 Elbow Road, Lititz. Bosquet’s parents are Jean Julio and Marie Jacqueline Bosquet. Barr’s parents are Linn Alvin and Maureen Martin Barr.

David L. Kauffman, of 1225 Orchard Road, Lititz, and Megan Elizabeth Roth, same address. Kauffman’s parents are Dennis Lee and Betty Jane Kauffman. Roth’s parents are John Raymond and Elizabeth Jane Pearsall.

Bjorn Richard Lindmark, of 7057 Elizabeth Road, Manheim, and Jessica Marie Lehman, of 4275 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim. Lindmark’s parents are Bjorn Erik Krister Lindmark and Mikelle A. Holmberg. Lehman’s parents are Jon A. and Beth A. Lehman.

\!q KyleAndrew Potts, of 148 N. Seventh St., Columbia, and Julia Renee Tritt, of 304 Union St., Columbia. Potts’ parents are Christopher Dale and Chris Yvette Potts. Tritt’s parents are David Elton Jr. and Beverly Renee Tritt.

Jose Enrique Gonzalez Jr., of 506 Manor St., and Lyndsey Marie Campbell, of 77 Old State Road, Shermans Dale. Gonzalez’s parents are Jose Enrique Gonzalez and Tracy L. Rivera. Campbell’s parents are Becky A. Heller and the late Robert F. Campbell.

Peter Lian Hit, of 854 E. Madison St., and Sarah Len Hit, same address. Peter Hit’s parents are Men Cin and the late Lian Hit. Sarah Hit’s parents are Thawng Lian and Leng Zun.

Benuel S. Stoltzfus, of 697 Georgetown Road, Ronks, and Rachel Lynn Fisher, of 1401 Village Drive, Strasburg. Stoltzfus’ parents are Benjamin S. and Fannie M. Stoltzfus. Fisher’s parents are Elam S. and Melinda S. Fisher.

John Michael Bryton Anderson, of 630 S. Wind Circle, North Palm Beach, Fla., and Jessica Leigh Thompson, same address. Anderson’s parents are John M. and Norma R. Anderson. Thompson’s parents are James A. and Robin Thompson.

Labib M. Abdulmuhsin Al Khafaji, of 3166 Parker Drive, and Reem Ali Al-Athary, same address. Abdulmuhsin Al Khafaji’s parents are Mohammed Abdulmuhsin Alkhafaji and Athra Ibrahim. Al-Athary’s parents are Ali Mujbal Al-Athary and the late Assel Hashim Dawood.

Codie Ray Berntheizel, of 1421 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Lisa Kathryn Perry, of 635 Manor St., Columbia. Bertheizel’s parents are James Joseph and Jamie Lynn Berntheizel. Perry’s parents are James Patrick and Sharon K. Perry.

Mahesh Suresh Naidu, of 40 N. Pendleton Court, Frederick, Md., and Charis Ashley Brenneman, of 410 N. Duke St., Millersville. Naidu’s parents are Suresh Padabanam and Meenakshi Suresh Naidu. Brenneman’s parents are Thomas Kent and Suzanne Joy Brenneman.

Victor Jerry Corsello, of 12 Richmond St., Blackstone, Mass., and Kimberly Ann Nigro, same address. Corsello’s parents are Victor J. and Kerry S. Corsello. Nigro’s parents are Karen A. Nigro and the late Vincent J. Nigro.

Chandra Kumar Sanyasi, of 655 W. Orange St., and Sarah Ann Skipp, same address. Sanyasi’s parents are Khark Sanyasi and Deu Uprety. Skipp’s parents are Wayne J. Wiley and the late Theresa K. Bayline.

Elery Perez-Gonzalez, of 464 Juniata St., and Xiomara Ivelisse Rodriguez Lopez, same address. Perez-Gonzalez’s parents are Hilda Laguerre and the late Tomas Perez. Rodriguez Lopez’s parents are Abel Rodriguez and Eva Brigida Lopez.

Daniel N. Craley, of 1204 George St., York, and Elisabetta M. Soders, of 472 Longmeadow Road. Craley’s parents are Harry E. Craley and Robin L. Roseberry. Soders’ parents are Ronald W. and Rosa Fisher.

Donald Cameron Snyder III, of 1028A Kaitlin Alley, Mount Joy, and Billie Jo Huber, same address. Snyder’s parents are Donald C. Snyder Jr. and the late Helen J. Snyder. Huber’s parents are William A. and Peggy M. Risbon.

Jaime Lee Fry, of 23 N. Third St., Denver, and Carley Elizabeth Sheehan, same address. Fry’s parents are Charles E. Fry and Melissa N. Waddell. Sheehan’s parents are Jimmy F. and Elizabeth M. Martin.

Karl F. Kreig, of 605 Rockwood Drive, Elizabethtown, and Tonya S. Jackson, same address. Krieg’s parents are Dieter and Lisa Ann Krieg. Jackson’s parents are Richard E. and Charmaine L. Jackson.

Eliud Oyoa Diaz, of 142 Foal Court, and Didy Anie Vazquez Santiago, same address. Oyola Diaz’s parents are Eliud Oyola and Eivelisse Diaz. Vazquez Santiago’s parents are Ana L. Santiago and the late Alfredo Vazquez.

Miguel Angel Delgado Mendez, of 338 S. Broad St., and Mariangely Zenio Martinez, same address. Delgado Mendez’s parents are Damaso Delgado and Aidalise Mendez. Zeno Martinez’s parents are Jose N. Zeno and Miriam Martinez.

Dominic Lombardo Jr., of 200 Sagamore Hill, Mount Joy, and Lauren Renee Bomberger, same address. Lombardo’s parents are Dominic and Pamela A. Lombardo. Bomberger’s parents are Stephen L. and Cathy A. Bomberger.

Delfin Vazquez Colon, of 244 N. Third St., Columbia, and Yelitza Ramos, same address. Vazquez Colon’s parents are Delfin V. Vazquez Jr. and Gloria M. Colon. Ramos’ parents are Alberton Bones and the late Carmen J. Cruz.

Adam P. Nelson, of 325 N. Mary St., and Rogaite Shafi, same address. Nelson’s parents are Thomas P. and Susan L. Nelson. Shafi’s parents are Shafiul and Salma R. Islam.

Dennis L. Shark, Jr., of 20 S. Chestnut St., Elizabethtown, and Rhonda F. Mitzel, same address. Shank’s parents are Dennis L. Sr. and Linda D. Shank. Mitzel’s parents are Sonja A. Roeting and the late Frances Roeting Jr.

Neely Trevoir Frye, of 1302 Beaconfield Lane, and Pamela Brantley Miller, of 303 Pennridge Ave., Mountville. Frye’s parents are Leroy J. Frye and the late Joyce I. Frye. Brantley Miller’s parents are Paul K. and Dorothy L. Brantley.

Seth Brian Weidle, of 233 Keinath St., Mount Joy, and Hannah Elizabeth White, same address. Weidle’s parents are Brian M. and Constance M. Weidle. White’s parents are Shawn P. and Beth A. White.

Brandon G. Rottmund, of 1595 N. Reading Road, Strasburg, and Jennifer L. Aungst, same address. Rottmund’s parents are Gary E. and Carol M. Rottmund. Aungst’s parents are Kenneth C. and Bonnie J. Snyder.

Christopher Carmaine Romanello, of 492 W. High St., Elizabethtown, and Gabrielle Marie Fishel, same address. Romanello’s parents are Carmine C. and Cindy R. Romanello. Fishel’s parents are Tammy A. Fletcher and the late Randall A. Danner.

Eric M. Spence, of 205 Colonial Crest Drive, and Tamra L. Miller, same address. Spence’s parents are Kenneth J. and Judith A. Spence. Miller’s parents are Michael W. Miller and Dawn M. Dupont.

Jose M. Bones, of 530 Dauphin St., and Ana Miladys Carrasco Santana, same address. Bones’ parents are Rosa D. Torres and the late Miguel A. Bones. Carrasco Santana’s parents are Berardo R. Carrasco and Britanica M. Santa.

Kevin Jeremy Hess, of 81 Oak Bottom Road, Quarryville, and Marissa Ann Moore, same address. Hess’ parents are Charles Rineer and the late Marsha Gale Bitts. Moore’s parents are Anthony David Moore and Ruby Rose Marie Evoli.

Christopher John Dobitsch II, of 512 E. King St., and Taryn Nicole Gilvey, same address. Dobitsch’s parents are Christopher J. and Lisa M. Dobitsch. Gilvey’s parents are Mark J. and Julia A. Gilvey.

Scott E. Levine, of 52 Winding Way, Lititz, and Amy J. Haines, of 538 W. Second St., Lititz. Levine’s parents are Jeffrey and Roberta Levine. Haines’ parents are Edward H. Weimer and Cherid D. Fleming.

Tirth Vitthal Patel, of 2959 Lincoln Highway East, Gordonville, and Renuben Jayantilal Patel, same address. Tirth Patel’s parents ar Vittahal D. and Dhangauri V. Patel. Renuben Patel’s parents are Jayantilal D. and Radaben J. Patel.

Jaime G. Larios Jacinto, of 608 S. Lime St., and Ericka Mayden Guzman Diaz, of 598 N. Plum St. Larios Jacinto’s parents are Emma de Jesus Larios and the late Baudilio Larios. Guzman Diaz’s parents are Claria M. Guzman and the late Teodoro F. Guzman Rodrigues.

Joseph Roger Lehman, of 2266 Prospect Road, Terre Hill, and Sharon June Nolt, of 28 Breeze Way. Lehman’s parents are the late Joseph E. Lehman and the late Lillian F. Lehman. Nolt’s parents are the late Harry Roth and the late Velma I. Roth.

Norbal Rivera Ortiz, of 1048 Sterling Place, and Omayra Colon-Berrios, same address. Rivera Ortiz’s parents are Maria M. Ortiz and the late Norbal Rivera. Colon-Berrios’a parents are Jose M. Colon and Betsy Berrios.

K. Allen Bieri, of 541 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, and Leslie M. White, same address. Bieri’s parents are Kenneth R. and Kathleen M. Bieri. White’s parents are Leo F. and Judith E. Cerwensky.

Michael Dennis Carey, of 302 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata, and Amy L. Strohl, same address. Carey’s parents are Lisa R. Carey-Kerr and the late Dennis E. Carey. Strohl’s parents are Eric C. Strohl and Dawn E. Tworkowsky.