Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Paul Edward Wykowski, of 739 Chanceford Ave., York, and Abbi Jo Ferree, same address. Wykowski’s parents are Edward F. Wykowski and Paulette I. Ketzmer. Feree’s mother is Karol A. Ferree.

James A. Witwer, of 34 Spruce St., Ephrata, and Julie A. Houchberg, of 5309 Woodlawn Drive, Harrisburg. Witwer’s parents are Melvin L. and Susan M. Witwer. Hochberg’s parents are Gerald J. and Dorothy E. Hochberg.

Albert George Kuss III, of 48 E. Cottage Ave., Millersville, and Christine Kotapish, of 251 Upland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. Kuss’ parents are the late Albert G. Kuss II and the late Annamae Kuss. Kotapish’s parents are the late Donald M. Minnis and the late Rita M. Minnis.

Alexander William Roberts, of 341 Nevin St., and Sandra Ingrid Strother, same address. Roberts’ parents are William B. and Harrietta M. Roberts. Strother’s parents are Jess W. and Hannelore Griffin.

Charles Clifford Froggatt, Jr., of 149 Mechanic St., Reinholds, and Tiffany Lynn Huggins, same address. Froggatt’s parents are Charles C. Sr. and Kimberly D. Froggart. Huggins’ parents are Russel F. Huggins Jr. and Kimberly K. Schwazer.

Stephen John Preshlock, of 127 E. Harmony Road, West Grove, and Felicia Marie Antonelli, same address. Preshlock’s parents are Justine Preshlock and the late John W. Preshlock. Antonelli’s parents are Joseph D. III and Denise M. Antonelli.

Brandon E. Harbaugh, of 1329 Amosite Road, Bainbridge, and Tierra L. Heck, same address. Harbaugh’s parents are Ronald W. Harbaugh and Kim L. Consoli. Heck’s parents are James R. Heck and Rhonda L. Jackson.

Allen Fisher, of 75 Harristown Road, Paradise, and Janelle Marie Valentine, of 570 Buchanan Valley Road, Orrtanna. Fisher’s parents are Amos S. and Lydia A. Fisher. Valentine’s parents are Donald G. and Helen J. Valentine.

Jean Marc Pierre, of 140 E. Liberty St., and Marie E. Destine, of 747 Euclid Ave. Pierre’s parents are the late Lamarre Pierre and the late Camene Pierre. Destine’s parents are the late Leonod Destine and the late Rosemene Destine.

Taylor Austin Martin, of 1185 Sun Valley Road, Stevens, and Jodi Larie Martin, of 282 Panorama Drive, Denver. Taylor Martin’s parents are Larry L. and Judy Martin. Jodi Martin’s parents are Lamar S. and Caroline F. Martin.

Khachaporn Phunsawat, of 401 S. Prince St., and Wannaree Prathumwann, same address. Phunsawat’s mother is Warakorn Malee. Prathumwan’s parents are Kanok Prathumwan and Drawan Chumthong.

Joy Parion Jackson, of 241 Locust St., Columbia, and Sharell Fatah Stephens, same address. Jackson’s parents are William Jackson III and the late Laretha M. Jackson. Stephens’ parents are Gregory A. Stephens and Sandra Y. Shaw.

Robin Bruce Conover-McMillen, of 709 Drytown Road, Holtwood, and Kristina Kathryn Manfred, same address. Conover-McMillen’s parents are Robin B. Conover and Faith I. Swanson. Manfred’s parents are Brian L. Manfred Sr. and Laura A. Adams.

Bryan Amir Wiggins, of 1639 Judie Lane, and Crystal Leean Bishop, same address. Wiggins’ parents are Bryan K. Gallam and Gloria O. Wiggins. Bishop’s parents are Patricia S. Scott and Charles Bishop.

Michael Andrew Nix, of 90 Hertzog Valley Road, Denver, and Jessica Ann Barnhart, same address. Nix’s parents are Herbert W. E. Nix and Carol Morgan. Barnhart’s parents are Bruce D. Wenger and Ruth A. Little.

Michael Earvin Martin, of 5036 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, Ill., and Colleen Marie Kershaw, of 524 N. Queen St. Martin’s parents are Mitchell E. and Karen Y. Martin. Kershaw’s parents are Michael J. Kershaw and Grace A. McNally.

Errol Kaya, of 48 Sycamore Ave., and Julia Laird Thomas, of 106 Langford Circle. Kaya’s parents are Cevdet H. Fahri and Naime Yuceo. Thomas’ parents are Douglas S. and Kirstan L. Thomas.

Chenea N. Williams, of 426 N. Mulberry St., and Ashley Yolanda Rios, of 414 N. Mulberry St. Williams’ parents are Marcellius Demetrius Sr. and Carmen Lydia Williams. Rios’ parents are Brian Gandia and Crystal Rios.

Ivan J. Pabon-Martinez, of 690 E. Philadelphia St., York, and Judith Rios-Rodriguez, same address. Pabon-Martinez’s parents are Ida L. Curet and the late Jose Torres-Pabon. Rios-Rodriguez’s parents are Alcides Rios and Rosalia Rodriguez.

Adam Tyler Janney, of 1203 W. Crestview Drive, Lebanon, and Marissa Kathryn Kuhns, of 4610 Bergstrom Road, Doylestown. Janney’s parents are Barry A. and Ronda L. Janney. Kuhns’ parents are Stephen J. and Beth S. Kuhns.

Shawn Michael Derstler, of 232 Ave I, Columbia, and Melissa Jane Mae Engel, same address. Derstler’s parents are Donna J. Derstler and the late Troy E. Derstler. Engel’s parents are Clarence R. Engel and Rhobie M. Cross.

Hector L. Vera, Jr., of 931 St. Joseph St., and Emily Delgado, same address. Vera’s parents are Hector L. and Lucia Vera. Delgado’s parents are Armando Delgado and Tammy D. Wilson.

Nathan Joel Nieves, of 1359 Calvert Lane, and Arianna Lin Camacho, of 1861 Wilderness Road. Nieves’ parents are Joel Nieves and Elizabeth Martinez. Camacho’s parents are Sean P. and Denise A. Camacho.

Joel Michael Torres, Willow Street, and Sandra Lee Pacheco, Willow Street.

Stephen J. Goodrich, of 837 Aylesbury Drive, and Julie M. Bagnato, same address. Goodrich’s parents are James H. and Lynn E. Goodrich. Bagnato’s parents are Carol A. Cope and the late Michael D. Mullin.

Gabriel D. Myers, of 338 Sun Valley Drive, Leola, and Nicole Jennie Mayer, same address. Myers’ parents are Douglas J. and Teresa L. Myers. Mayer’s parents are William L. Lopez and Frances A. Robinson.

Charles E. Smith II, of 711 Hampden Road, Elizabethtown, and Melissa A. Krepps, same address. Smith’s parents are the late Charles E. Smith and the late Josephine E. Smith. Krepps’ parents are Gloria J. Speck and the late Randall D. Speck.

Kevin Patrick Murphy, of 737 Pointview Ave., Ephrata, and Alisha Marie Raybuck, same address. Murphy’s parents are Raymond J. Murphy and the late Tresa Murphy. Raybuck’s parents are Michael R. and Pamela. S. Raybuck.

Kyle Jeffrey Defibaugh, of 472 S. Farmersville Road, Ephrata, and Kassidy Jayde Beitzel, of 55 Colonial Crest Drive. Defibaugh’s parents are Jeffrey B. and Dana L. Defibaugh. Beitzel’s parents are Gary L. and Dawn E. Beitzel.

Devante Lamont Pugh, of 1603 Millport Road, and Abimar Almodovar, of 510 Laurel St. Pugh’s parents are Ron Pugh and Nicole A. Boyer. Almodovar’s parents are Angel J. Almodovar and Abigail Gonzalez-Rosario.

Hasahn L. Wright, of 333 Crosswinds Drive, Lititz, and Desiree C.M. Restier, same address. Wright’s parents are Edwin Puglia and the late Sabrina M. Wright. Restier’s parents are Ivo R. and Nilzi B. Restier.

Sean C. Amberman, of 10 Trout’s Lane, Stewartstown, and Traci Delso, of 207 Monument Ave., Unit 2, Malvern. Amberman’s parents are William Denton Sr. and Betty L. Amberman. Delso’s parents are the late William Magyar and the late Jeanne C. Magyar.

Joshua Brandon Brooks, of 3105 Dubois Ave., Parkville, Md., and Amber Marie Augusta, same address. Brooks’ parents are Rene E. Brooks and the late Clifford L. Brooks. Augusta’s mother is Kelly J. Arsenault.

Justin Tyler Diffenbaugh, of 537 S. 13th St., Columbia, and Kayla Marie Martin, same address. Diffenbaugh’s parents are David L. and Kimberly S. Diffenbaugh. Martin’s parents are Christopher E. and Sharon D. Martin.

Matthew Thomas Martin, of 932 Fountain Ave., and Jennifer Cassandra Albina, same address. Martin’s parents are Thomas P. and Kathleen M. Martin. Albina’s parents are Richepin and Veronica Albina.

Marshall E. Hoellwarth, of 427 W. Orange St., and Emily C. Keener, same address. Hoellwarth’s parents are Dan E. Hoellwarth and Cathryn C. Clinton. Keener’s parents are Richard S. and Theresa L. Keener.

Allen Wayne Stoltzfus, of 3061 Irishtown Road, Ronks, and Lizzie Fisher, of 837 Ballstown Road, Lititz. Stoltzfus’ parents are Omar Z. and Sarah K. Stoltzfus. Fisher’s parents are Amos S. and Martha B. Fisher.