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DEVLIN, Gabrielle, Lancaster, a son, at UPMC Lititz, Nov. 23.

FISHER, Ephraim Z. and Mattie S. (Lapp), New Park, a daughter, at UPMC Lititz, Nov. 22.

HORNING, Paul Z. and Emma R. (Burkholder), East Earl, a son, at home, Nov. 24.

NEMETH, Scott and Krystle, Lititz, a son at UPMC Lititz, Nov. 22.

PENATE, Yoisel Alverez and Ailin Rivas Ceiro, Lancaster, a daughter, at Women & Babies Hospital, Nov. 19.

STOLTZFOOS, Chester S. and Sarah F. (Stoltzfus), 117 Lower Valley Road, Christiana, a daughter, at home, Nov. 24.