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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers. 

Avondale Borough

Be Here Brewing Company, Inc., 122 Pennsylvania Ave., Nov. 10. Fail.  In-use knives stored between table edges, an area that’s not easily cleanable. Garlic aioli was in a squeeze bottle on ledge above the bain marie, not in refrigeration. Employee cleaning the potato cutter washed but did not sanitize the food contact surfaces. In the bain marie, dressings and coleslaw was not date marked. The three-compartment sink was properly set up, however, an employee was washing dishes in the wash compartment, placing in sanitizer then rinsing in the rinse compartment. Pan of shrimp was thawing at room temperature. Potato cutter had food residue on it from previous days' use. At the dish machine in the brewing area, clean and organize the window sills. Replace the broken floor tiles under the fryer in the kitchen and in front of the keg walk-in refrigerator. Spray bottle was unlabeled. The person in charge did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of the PA Food Code. Foods prepared on-site including buffalo chicken, grilled chicken, chicken tenders, pico and pork were date marked more than seven days prior. Mops in the mop closet were not hung to dry. 

Coatesville City

St. Joseph’s Church, 404 Charles St., follow-up, Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. Outside food preparation area lacks full screens on all sides, which risks vector entry along with contamination of food and food contact equipment. 

East Brandywine Township

Aramark at Wallace Elementary School, 435 Dilworth Rd., Nov. 9. Pass. Certified food manager certificate has expired. 

East Caln Township

PJ Whelihan’s Pub and Restaurant, 853 East Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

East Nottingham Township 

Andre’s Pizza, 2209 Baltimore Pike, Nov. 8. Pass. Mold-like growth inside the ice bin located near the fountain soda machine. Excessive food debris accumulation on the inside bottom of the Superior two-door freezer. 

East Pikeland Township

Dante’s Italian Bistro, 550 Kimberton Rd. Unit 12, Nov. 9. Fail.  All items on top of cook line equipment in the kitchen need to be removed. Table top can opener blade unclean. Knife holders in kitchen unclean. Food prep sink unclean. Unused equipment. Kitchen and counter area behind desert cases and back of the dining room needs to be organized and cleaned. Dirty dishes piled up in all three-bays of the three-bay sink and drying rack. Kitchen hand wash sink surrounded with food, dry good items, blocking soap dispenser. Chemical spray bottles stored on food prep butcher block table. Several containers of salad dressing requiring refrigeration after opening have been stored at room temperature since the previous day. Food stored in an unsanitary manner with unclean plastic covering.  Container of Half and Half stored in retail cooler past Nov. 1 expiration date. Utensils in unclean knife holders and on food contact surfaces throughout the kitchen. Dirty dishes stored piled up on surfaces, tables and shelves throughout the kitchen, blocking the back exit door.  Personal items, coats, bags and cell phones stored near food contact surfaces throughout. Several food contact surfaces behind the front service counter and in kitchen have personal items on them and non food grade items throughout. Shelves and surfaces throughout the kitchen, and behind front counter, dry storage shelves throughout facility, equipment throughout, surfaces above equipment, coolers, and ovens need to be cleaned and organized. Food is splattered on floor and reach-in cooler at cook line. Wiping cloths throughout the facility are not being stored in sanitizer solution. Single use to go containers stored on floor and above pizza oven in kitchen. Mop sink in kitchen blocked. 

Easttown Township 

Tira Misu Ristorante, 720 Lancaster Ave., Nov. 10. Fail. Several raw animal foods were stored above ready to eat foods in the refrigerator throughout the facility. Can opener, a food contact surface, had food residue and was not clean to sight and touch. All floors throughout the facility and the fan in the window above the three-compartment sink need to be cleaned. All unused equipment or personal items that are not used daily in the facility need to be removed from the facility or stored away from food areas. Several foods were held at 47 degrees F. Wood shelves are being used in the facility. A dog was on the premise of the food facility adjacent to the exterior food preparation area. The facility does not maintain certified food manager records. Facility did not have any gloves on site. Eggs had a use-by date of Nov. 18. A utility sink or curbed cleaning facility with a floor drain is not provided in the food facility. Open snap traps for rodents are located throughout the facility with potential to contaminate food, equipment or utensils. If the back door is propped open, the air window must be on.

Abuelita’s Empanadas Commissary Prep Kitchen, 1016 West Lancaster Ave., Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

East Vincent Township

EZ Brazil LLC, 3563 Schuylkill Rd., Nov. 8. Pass. Food in the non-dairy refrigerator was held at 47 degrees F. 

East Whiteland Township

Avola, 625 Morehall Rd., follow-up, Nov. 12. Pass. No violations. 

Homewood Suites, 12 East Swedesford Rd., follow-up, Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. 

Kathryn D. Markley Elementary School, 354 Swedesford Rd., Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

Nudy’s Cafe at the Grove, 30 Liberty Boulevard Suite 100, follow-up, Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

Parkhurst Dining at Immaculata University, 1145 King Rd., Nov. 8. Fail. Prepackaged yogurt at the ImmacuLatte was not labeled properly. The ice cream machine freezer needs to be defrosted and cleaned out. The ice cream machine freezer needs to be defrosted and cleaned out. There is a hood light out in the Nazareth kitchen. The hand sink in the dining area near the ice cream chest freezer had the hot water and cold water sink handles switched. The high temperature dishwasher wash temperature dial was broken and was not registering the correct wash temperature. Ceiling tiles are missing throughout the Nazareth kitchen. Severely dented, swollen, distressed canned items observed in the Nazareth kitchen and the kitchen in the IHM student center kitchen that were intended for use in the food facility. Sauce and cheese had a temperature of 51 to 63 degrees F. The grill cold holding unit was broken at the IHM Student Center kitchen. Cold holding unit had milk with a use-by date of Nov. 1.  Absorbent towels used as a liner in cold holding units throughout the facility. The certified food manager certification expired in August.

Kennett Square Borough

American Legion Post #491, 208 East State St., Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

Capozzoli Catering at the Kennett Fire Company, 423 Dalmation St., Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

Kennett Fire Company #1, 301 Dalmation St., Nov. 8. Pass. Drain line of the middle bay of the three-bay sink is leaking. Women’s restroom paper towel dispenser needs new batteries. 

London Grove Township

Acme Markets, 851 Gap Newport Pike, follow-up, Nov. 12. Pass. The food facility does not employ a Chester County certified food manager. 

Fred S. Engle Middle School, 107 School House Rd., Nov. 12. Pass. Apples were on display without covering.

Malvern Borough

St. Patrick School, 115 Channing Ave., Nov. 11. Pass. No violations. 

Laymen’s Retreat League, 313 South Warren Ave., Nov. 6. Pass. The kitchen's hand wash sink did not have hot water temperature of at least 100°F. Two dented cans observed in dry storage room, intended for use in the facility. Washed, whole apples were observed along the guest buffet line without protection, risking contamination. Clean the floor under the dishwasher. Remove all milk crates from the facility as milk crates may not be used as permanent, stationary storage containers.

New Garden Township

Presto Pizza, 739 West Cypress St. Suite 9, follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

Bowling Green Brandywine, 1375 Newark Rd., Nov. 8. Fail. Shelving in refrigerator unit four is rusty and no longer clenable. The tilt skillet table, ceiling vents and wall under the dishwasher line need to be cleaned. There is a dusty wall behind the refrigerators. Hot water in the serving line hand sink was only 97 degrees F.

New London Township

Avon Grove Intermediate School, 395 South Jennersville Rd., Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. 

7-Eleven, 2066 Newark Rd., follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass.  Numerous boxes of food stored directly on the floor in the walk-in freezer. 

North Coventry Township

Corrado’s Pizza, 351 West Schuylkill Rd. Suite FC3, follow-up, Nov. 12. Pass. A cup without a handle is being used as a scoop for the sugar.

Greek Brothers Tavernia, 50 Glocker Way, follow-up, Nov. 12. Pass. Plastic containers of food were stored directly on the ground.

Sunoco A Plus Market, 1453 South Hanover St., follow-up, Nov. 10. Fail. The facility does not have a certified food manager. 

Giant, 86 Glocker Way, follow-up, Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

Oxford Borough

Boston Market, 66 South 3rd St., follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. Very low water pressure at the three-bay sink. 

Sawmill Grill, 304 Market St., follow-up, Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

Parkesburg Borough 

Victory Brewing Company, 3127 Lower Valley Rd., Nov. 10. Fail. Clean interior of kitchen ice machine. The growler filler in the main bar, the two-door Continental refrigerator in the upstairs bar and the melted cart in the kitchen are broken or unused. The facility does not have a Chester County certified food manager. Pico de gallo and cheese were improperly iced. Hot water at Server station and hand sink by glass washer was 86 degrees F. Ensure at least one complete set of drain plugs is supplied at each bar. The wall behind the three-bay sink, mop and spay area, walk-in freezer floor, walk-in refrigerator fan covers, chemical storage area, smoke cook line walls and rack storage bin need to be cleaned. Hand sink at glass dishwasher was filled with mugs and glasses. Three-bay and two-bay prep sink drain lines are leaking. Stained ceiling panels in the women’s restroom are leaking. 

Tago’s To Go Food Truck, 400 Chestnut St., Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

PFC Robert Montgomery Post #4480, 406 West 4th Ave., Nov. 8. Pass. No violations.

Phoenixville Borough

VFW Post #1564, 200 Starr St., Nov. 12. Pass. Prepared foods stored in reach in two-door continental cooler lacking common food label. Improper set up of three-bay sink behind main bar. Wash, rinse and sanitize. Ice scoop handle touching public service ice in ice bin at main bar. Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours is not being date marked.

Paloma’s, 101 Bridge St., Nov. 9. Pass. Light out above the cook line. Fruit flies in and around the three-basin sink behind the main bar. Grease-like debris buildup on the hood filters. The floor under the fryers is unclean. A ceiling tile in the kitchen is pushed back. 

La Patrona Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar, 400 Bridge St., change of owner, Nov. 8. Pass. Door sweep lacking on double door base in brick room.  Damaged missing ceiling piece on left side of hood system. Vinyl ceiling tiles missing above ice machine in the side room.

Radnor Township

Radnor Elementary School, 20 Matsonford Rd., Nov. 9. Pass. Three hand wash sinks do not have water at a temperature of at least 100 degrees F.

Schuylkill Township

Aramark at Manavon Elementary School and Phoenixville Area Early Learning Center, follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

Technical College High School Pickering Campus, 1580 Charlestown Rd., Nov. 9. The quaternary ammonia concentration in the sanitizing solution of the three-bay warewash sink was 150 parts per million. The sink next to the three-compartment sink in the front section of the kitchen has soap and paper towels, but no sign stating this sink was for hand washing.

Sadsbury Township

PJ’s Deli, 1992 Valley Rd., Nov. 10. Pass. Lids on the pizza unit are duct taped. The grill table, floor around the mixer and inside of the microwave must be cleaned. The upright freezer in the basement needs to be defrosted.

South Coventry Township

Branch Life Church, 780 Pughtown Rd., follow-up, Nov. 12. Pass. Hand washing aids and devices by the two-compartment sink, an area not designated for handwashing. 

Kat Ja’s Empanadas Commissary, 2212 Pottstown Pike, Nov. 10. Pass. Facility does not employ a certified employee as required.

Kat Ja’s Empanadas, 2212 Pottstown Pike, Nov. 10. Pass. No violations.

Tredyffrin Township

Cedar Hollow Inn Restaurant and Bar, 2455 Yellow Springs Rd., Nov. 10. Pass. The flour bin dolly top lid by the food prep sink was cracked. 

7-Eleven, 904 Swedesford Rd., follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. Certified food manager is not registered with the Chester County Health Department. 

Conestoga High School, 200 Irish Rd., Nov. 9. Pass. -Low hot water pressure at ware washing machine room hand sink. Hand washing sink located along the left wall by the convection oven area is not operable. Bowl of rolls on top of the servery line sneeze guard without covering. Victory refrigeration unit not working. Far right ceiling light in the dry storage room needs to be secured. Light bulb in the far left ceiling light of the dry storage room needs to be repaired.

Bravo Pizza, 82 East Lancaster Ave. Unit #25, Nov. 8. Pass. Top of brick oven, exterior hood above brick oven, light shields and hood under both pizzas ovens and women’s restroom ceiling vent not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dust, debris, crumb and splash.Old food residue in the hand wash sink indicated uses other than hand washing. Cooked chicken wings were out on thin sheet pan cooling at room temperature. Pizza time control logs were not provided. The pizza bain marie door gaskets were ripped and torn. The cook line bain marie door gaskets were ripped and torn. Soap was not available at the hand wash sink on the cook line. The men’s restroom light is not working. All licenses need to be posted in public view. 

Norman’s Hallmark, 149 East Swedesford Rd., Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

Uwchlan Township

Manhattan Bagel, 487 East Uwchlan Ave., complaint, Nov. 10. Fail. Excessive grease on the front hood ventilation system and surrounding wallboard. Areas of hardened food debris on the bagel preparation tables and adjacent wallboard. Soiled food on the rubber totes used as waste cans. Debris on the bagel oven flooring and wallboard. The three-compartment sink, surrounding flooring and wallboard are dirty. The hood ventilation systems and associated duct work are grease laden. There are excessive seeds on the flooring underneath the spread and juice merchandiser. The walk-in refrigerator, ceiling and fan guards have debris and dust on them. Packaged juices in the display merchandiser did not have prepared or use by dating. Smoothie cooler did not have a thermometer. The existing QAC test kit was water damaged. Syrup buildup on the soda fountain heads. Staff are dry wiping in-use knives, cutting boards and countertops. Mold growth on the interior sides of the ice maker. Several dead roaches were on the floor below the three-compartment sink. Liquified eggs and egg whites were sitting out at room temperature. The smoothie cooler was measured at 43 degrees F. The level of QAC sanitizer at the three-compartment sink was measured to be less than 150 parts per million. The facility did not have a certified food manager with the Chester County Health Department. 

Papa John’s Pizza, 185 Eagleview Rd., follow-up, Nov. 10. Pass. Dust and grease on the hood ventilation ductwork. Dough debris on the dough preparation wallboard. 

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers, 221 Eagleview Boulevard, Nov. 9. Pass. Two containers of expired milk on site. Worktop cutting boards are fissured. Discoloration and loose material on the walk-in freezer floor.  bag of custard mix with Oct. 1 use by date. The epoxy flooring below the deep fryer castors are worn, exposing the concrete below.

Giant, 168 Eagleview Boulevard, Nov. 8. Pass. Donut fill containers were not labeled. Internal temperature of mash potatoes and ribs was between 86 and 89 degrees F. Two light bulbs were missing and one light bulb was burnt out in the hot food bar. Ice and loose debris were on the bakery walk-in floors. There was an accumulation of ice on the floor of the walk-in freezers. The Deli walk-in floors, produce room flooring and side closet need to be cleaned. Small flies were in the dishwashing area of the bakery department. The three-compartment sink in the bakery, produce preparation room food preparation sinks, donut speed rack in the bakery and glazing table in the bakery were soiled. The facility does not have a Chester County certified food manager. 

Valley Township

Rainbow Elementary School, 1113 West Lincoln Highway, Nov. 8. Pass. No violations. 

West Bradford Township

Aramark at Bradford Heights Elementary School, 1330 Romig Rd., Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

Aramark at West Bradford Elementary School, 1475 Broad Run Rd., Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

West Caln Township

Cornerstone Fellowship First Baptist Church, 101 Kylies Rd., Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. 

King’s Highway Elementary School, 841 West Highway, Nov. 9. Pass. Ranch dressing was held at 61 degrees F.

West Chester Borough

Lunch Box by Sunny’s Kitchen, 430 Hannum Ave., change of owner, Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. 

Sunny’s Kitchen Commissary at Providence Church, 430 Hannum Ave., opening, Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. 

West Goshen Township

Kaw Kaeng Thai Company, 208 Carter Dr. Unit 13B, opening, Nov. 12. Pass. The food facility does not have a Chester County Certified Food Manager. Thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible. 

Steven Dae’s Gourmet Foods, 310 Mackenzie Dr., Nov. 10. Pass. No violations. 

GoPuff, 211 Carter Dr., follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

Great China, 929 South High St., follow-up, Nov. 9. Pass. No violations. 

7-Eleven, 1165 West Chester Pike, follow-up, Nov. 8. Pass. Floors in the rear ware washing room and under the fountain soda box rack need to be cleaned. There is no Chester County certified food manager. 

Westtown Township

Giant, 1502 West Chester Pike, Nov. 9. Fail. A face mask was on a paper towel on the prep table. Three 32-ounce bottles of Similac Alimentum ready-to-eat formula were on the sales shelf near the dairy refrigerator with sell by dates of Oct. 1. Pans were stacked and still wet. Single use plastic containers stored on shelves below food prep with food contact surfaces exposed. The handwashing sink by the three-door reach-in freezer is slow to drain. Two sheet trays of cooked chicken wings were uncovered. Henny Penny fryer surfaces and shelving of the milk displayed need to be cleaned. The crack in the floor extending from the lobster tank to the back wall needs to be repaired. The floors and cove base of the walk-in refrigerators and freezers throughout the store were found in unclean condition.  In the walk-in refrigerator, a container of block whitening cleaner was on the same shelf as the food. At the salad bar, dressings were at 56 to 60 degrees F. The plexiglass of the sliding door in the meat and cheese display unit is cracked. An accumulation of ice is near the fans in the bakery walk-in freezer. The chicken walk-in refrigerator, floor under the three-compartment sink, floor of prep room, floor in the walk-in refrigerator, walk-in freezer floor, walk-in refrigerator floor, the men's restroom, wall under hand dryer and the floor of the walk-in refrigerator in the dairy need to be cleaned. Unused mechanical dish machine in the rotisserie chicken area. 

Hissho Sushi at Giant, 1502 West Chester Pike, Nov. 9. Pass. The facility does not have a Chester County certified food manager.

West Whiteland Township

Bounce U, 882 Springdale Dr., Nov. 10. Pass. Facility does not have a certified food manager. 

McDonald’s, 260 North Pottstown Pike, Nov. 9. Pass. Accumulation of debris along the fan covers in the walk-in refrigeration unit. No cold water at either hand wash sink. 

Wawa, 10 West Boot Rd., Nov. 9. Pass. Facility does not have a Chester County certified food manager. Non-fat yogurt was dated with a Nov. 5 sell-by date. 

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