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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Birmingham Township

High Street Café, 322 S High St, 322 S. High St., Follow-Up, May 6, Pass. No violations. 

Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 1310 Wilmington Pike, Follow-Up, May 6, Fail. There is no Chester County Certified Food Manager (CFM). An employee must complete a Department-approved food safety course, complete county CFM application process and post county CFM certificate in public view.

Charlestown Township

Dunkin Donuts, 12 General Warren Blvd., Follow-Up, May 6, Pass. No violations. 


Masonic Lodge, 360 E Lincoln Hwy, May 6, Pass. No violations. 

Jamrock Caribbean Cuisine, 144 E Lincoln Hwy, Follow-Up, May 10, Fail. Ceilings in kitchen and dining area have not been repaired. Damage was created from water leaks during rain events and creating potential food contamination and an imminent health hazard.

VR Grocery and Deli, 717 E Lincoln Hwy, Follow-Up, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

Adhena Mart, 67 S 5th Ave, Follow-Up, May 12, Pass. No violations. 


Hopewell Troop Number 8 Boy Scouts of America, 1214 Horseshoe Pike, May 12, Pass. 

Downingtown Cinema, 100 Quarry Rd, May 12, Pass. Clean and sanitize the exterior of the two "ICEE" frozen beverage dispenser units. Ice machine #1 is out-of-order, thus not in use.

Easttown Township

Bualoy Cuisine, 300 W Lancaster Ave, Follow-Up, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

Thai Orchid Inc, 556 W Lancaster Ave, Follow-Up, May 10 Pass. Two dead mice and three dead cockroaches were found in traps in the kitchen area.

East Goshen Township

Pepper Mill, 813 N Chester Rd, Follow-Up, May 6, Pass. The pizza cold holding unit in disrepair. Chipped paint along the ceiling above the flat top grill.

East Marlborough Township

Charles F Patton Middle School, 760 Unionville Rd, Follow-Up, May 6, Pass. No violations. 

Cloud 9 Nutrition, 826 E Baltimore Pike, Follow-Up, May, 6, Pass. No violations. 

Capiotti’s, 877 E Baltimore Pike, May 10, Fail. Meatballs and soup observed in the hot hold unit at temperatures of 88-90 F. It was indicated by the person in charge that the meatballs are made on site. This hot hold unit is for maintaining temperatures only not for rapidly reheating foods. Clean the following: a. Doors and guides b. Floor in cook area and prep room c. Cooking equipment d. Shelves of the walk-in refrigerator e. drains of the 3-compartment sink f. Exterior surfaces of the plumbing lines of the three compartment sink g. Outer surfaces of the salt and sugar storage containers. In the bain marie (Bay #1) opposite of the soda machine, coleslaw, turkey, sliced meats and stuffing observed at temperatures of 45-48 F. Relocate sandwich wrapping paper to an area away from the handwashing sink near the prep sink or provide side splashes to the handwashing sink. Facility does not employ a Chester County Certified Food Manager. Severely dented cans of tuna, tomato sauce and cranberry sauces observed. Deli slicer had been cleaned but was found to still have food residue on it.

Hilton Garden Inn, 815 E Baltimore Pike, May 10, Fail. Faucets drip when knobs are turned off. Facility has lost its Chester County Certified Food Manager. Clean the following: a. Shelves of the walk-in refrigerator b. Perimeter of floor in dry storage room. The handwashing sink in the kitchen was blocked and not easily accessible. No paper towels available at the handwashing sink in the kitchen. No sign or poster posted at the handwasher sink in the employee toilet room or the kitchen area to remind food employees to wash their hands. A spray bottle of yellow liquid observed on a shelf unlabeled. Apples observed stored in a bowl of fruit without a cover. The walk-in refrigerator located outside must be kept locked at all times. Employee personal belongings including cell phones, bags and jackets observed in the dry storage room and on food prep surfaces. Juice dispenser not holding temperature and juice found at 65 F. Foods prepared on site were found unlabeled and undated in the reach in refrigerator and walk-in refrigerators.

The Red Sombrero at Shops at Longwood, 879 E Baltimore Pike, May 12, Fail. No chlorine chemical sanitizer residual detected in the final sanitizer rinse cycle of the low temperature sanitizing dishwasher. In the prep area, a spray bottle of oil was observed not labeled as to the contents.  Large pot of food was observed resting on top of a trash can. Clean the following and maintain in clean condition: a. Floor under cooking equipment throughout b. Outer surfaces of cooking equipment c. Shelves in the walk-in refrigerator d. Dish Racks e. Inside of the mechanical dishmachine including the doors. Employee beverages observed on the prep tables in both the front and back areas. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. Food residue, a scrub brush and a cleaning cloth observed in the handwashing sink in the front service area. Remove the tubs of grout that are being stored above the three compartment sink.

Unionville Recreation Association, 1665 W Doe Run Rd, May 12, Pass. Marietta Crosson's Chester County CFM Certificate expired 4/2019; Ms. Crosson has completed a Food Handlers Class, however, a Food Manager Certification Course is needed to obtain the Chester County Certified Food Manager Certificate. Single-use containers previously used for soups and deli salads are observed being reused. 

East Pikeland Township

Stone House Grille, 1300 Hares Hill Rd, May 12, Fail. Ice machine condenser grate cover missing at time of inspection, exposing unit. Observed wet wiping cloths throughout not being stored in sanitizer solution. Food employees observed at cooks line, not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets, hats, or beard covers. Open bag of red bliss potatoes stored in dry storage area. Consumer advisory statement lacking on menu for any possible undercooked/raw foods. Sink sprayer and storage area covered with food like debris and unclean utensils etc. Dirty dishes in the sanitizer basin at 3 bay sink. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: * Clean dish and glassware carts. * Storage shelves in the back corner of the dry storage area behind a small prep area. * Mold like growth on caulk behind 3 basin sinks. Heavy debris built up in the corner juncture under the sprayer station in the ware wash area.

East Whiteland Township

Sutano Cafe Inc, 81 Lancaster Ave, Follow-Up, May 9, Fail. Wet wiping cloths in the kitchen area, not being stored in a sanitizer solution. Employee personal belongings and equipment in the dinning room. Dry storage food items being stored in soy sauce containers. Buckets of soy sauce and boxes of sauces on the floor in the dining area and kitchen area. All food items must be 6 inches off the floor as required at all times. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil. One live and three dead cockroaches were found in the dining room and kitchen area. Working containers in the lobby area, used for storing chemicals, cleaners taken from bulk supplies, were not marked with the common name of the chemical.

Biryani Junction, 235 Lancaster Ave, Follow-Up, May 10, Fail. Wet wiping cloths in the kitchen area, not being stored in a sanitizer solution. Old food residue, dishes and utensils observed in the handwasher sink, indicating uses other than hand washing. Food facility is reusing yogurt containers, which is intended to be a single-service or single-use article. Chemicals in the ware washing area were not labeled with the common name of the chemical. Numerous Food in the kitchen area stored open with no covering. Ensure all food items are stored with a covering or lid. Eggs and raw fish were observed stored above ready to eat food items in the bain marie. Ensure raw products are stored below ready to eat food items at all times. Observed food stored directly on the floor throughout the kitchen area, rather than 6 inches off of the floor as required. Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the cold holding units, is not being date marked.

Toninos Pizza and Pasta, 235 Lancaster Ave, May 10, Fail. Food facility preparing foods using reduced oxygen packaging without the required written procedures and HACCP plan. The hand sink near the ice machine has a leak at the hot and cold water handle. Fix the cold water handle at the three bay sink. It appears to have been stripped. Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the cold holding, is not being date marked. Cellphones and employee personal belongings throughout the kitchen area. Time in lieu of temperature being used in the food facility to control ready to eat Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) foods without written procedures or documentation to verify disposition of food. Thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kits to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. Need to label all chemical bottles with the common name of the chemical. Dressings and sauces were held at 50°F, in the cold holding unit near the freezer, rather than 41°F or below as required. All of the dressings were voluntarily discarded on site. Wood pallets near the front counter being used on top of the flooring.

Bawarchi Biryanis, 365 Lancaster Rd, May 13, Fail. Five live adult cockroaches observed in various places in the facility including food preparation and storage areas. Rodent droppings present in dry food storage areas and in the host/cashier area. CLEAN THE FOLLOWING: 1. Dry storage room including the ENTIRE floor by moving all items out prior to cleaning. Food debris left in this area is likely contributing to the facility’s pest control issues. 2. Floors under all equipment to remove food, water and dead pests. 3. Walls and ceilings to remove evidence of pests and food splatter. 4. All stored equipment in the kitchen and hallway near restrooms. This equipment must be stored clean to prevent contamination and pest harborage. 5. Walls in the dining room with food splattered on them.

Franklin Township

Kemblesville United Methodist Church, 1722 New London Rd, May 9. Pass. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kits to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. No proper air-gap was provided for the newly installed commercial ice maker. 

FLIK Corporate Dining at Vanguard Liberty, 45 Liberty Blvd,  May 13, Fail. The sanitizer dispenser has a leak at the three compartment sink. Food in the dry storage area stored open with no covering. Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the cold holding units, is not being date marked. Three refrigeration units are not working. A container of detergent was sitting on the shelf not labeled. Prepackaged dessert food items are not labeled properly with the name of product, ingredient statement, net weight, distributed by statement and/or nutritional facts. 

Kennett Township

Penn Street Pizza, 629 Millers Hill Rd, May 13, Pass.  Foul smell coming from grease trap. Store Manager has a ServSafe (expires 8/2022). The facility is required to submit for a Chester County Certificate. 

Kennett Square Borough

Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop, 129 E State St, May 11, Pass. No violations.  

Letty’s Tavern, 202 E State St, Follow-Up, May 12, Pass. No violations. 

Lower Oxford

Sunoco, 301 Limestone Rd, May 11, Pass. Seal gap at the rear receiving door. The cold well at the coffee preparation area was observed >41F. Make necessary repairs. Leak at the front clean-up sink in the customer self-service area. Provide proof of enrollment in a food manager course for a regular full-time employee within 20 days of license issuance. Provide sneeze-guard protection on the rear of the hot do roller facing the coffee preparation area. Wall damage to the left of the walk-in freezer entrance door- vinyl base cove is separating from the wall.

Malvern Borough

Brick and Brew, 400 E King St, May 12, Pass. Numerous squeeze bottles throughout the kitchen are not labeled with the common name of the food ingredient. Food utensils in pizza area observed stored in a container of water which is not maintained at 135°F. Food dispensing utensil in dry storage food observed stored in the food and not with handle above the top of the food and the container. Clean the walls near the warewashing area. Food employee personal belongings observed in kitchen area, although lockers are provided. Caulk the three compartment sink to the wall.Food facility is reusing containers, which is intended to be a single-service or single-use article. Numerous food items was held at 80-110 °F, in the hot holding unit in the kitchen area, rather than 135°F or above as required. 

New Garden Township

Canteen, 100 Bond Dr, May 9, Pass. No violations. 

Christ Church at the Grove, 1772 New London Rd, May 9, Pass. No proper air-gap was provided for the newly installed commercial ice maker. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kits to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. 

Tacos La Guera, 1770 Baltimore Pike, May 12, Pass. Do not store food in grocery bags. Only store food in food bags (like Ziploc). Gas cans may not be stored in the shed with food items or food containers. Bags of onions were stored on the floor.  Eggs were stored over ready to eat foods.

Botanica Luz De Arcangeles, 1001 W Baltimore Pike, May 12, Pass. Meat packages (sausages) did not have labels.

Harvest Ridge Winery, 8 Welsh Pool Rd, May 13, Fail. No Chlorine was detected during the final rinse of the dishwasher. No CCHD CFM is employed here

Pat’s Pizzeria, 350 Scarlett Rd, May 13, Fail. Buffalo chicken strips were found to be 80F in a closed container in the walk in. Eggs were stored over open boxes of onions. Sandwich bain marie was 59F. Food in the unit was 57F. Wooden fry dump station is not cleanable. No Chester County CFM is employed here. Desserts must be supplied with ingredient labels and date markings.

North Coventry Township

Beijing Hunan, 82 Glacier Way, May 6, Fail. Food cannot be stored on the floor in the walk in freezer and refrigerator. Store food on the shelves and 6 inches off the floor. Both raw and cooked foods were stored in single-use plastic grocery bags. The following pieces of equipment need to be cleaned: - The hood filters - The area around the woks - The handles on the bottom section of the prep top. In one of the rice cookers, rice was measured at 128°F, instead of at or above 135°F as required. Chlorine sanitizer in the dishwasher was measured lower than 50-100 ppm, as required. 

Chartwells at North Coventry Elementary School, 475 Kemp Rd, May 6, Pass. The employee bathroom door is not self-closing.

Bellewood Golf Club, 400 E Schuylkill Rd, May 12, Pass. Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the kitchen. In the kitchen, the floor needs a thorough cleaning, especially underneath equipment and at the floor/wall junction. In the bar area, refrigerated hot dogs removed from their original packaging must be dated. Several refrigerators and prep tops did not have thermometers on the inside so that temperatures could be easily monitored. In the bar area, a cup was being used as a scoop in the ice bin. In the basement, the True refrigerator by the ice bin is holding foods at 44°F, rather than at or below 41°F as required. In the kitchen, several foods were stacked above the lip of the prep top cold wells. The mini fridge in the mini bar area behind the kitchen is holding food at 57°F, rather than at or below 41°F as required. The mini refrigerator in the bar area was holding foods at 46.4°F, rather than at or below 41°F as required. The hood in the kitchen is accumulating grease and grime and needs to be cleaned. The handwash sink in the upstairs men's bathroom is missing the hot water handle and the hot water cannot be turned on.

Oxford Borough

Jordan Bank School, 536 Hodgson St, May 9, Pass. No violations. 

Pat’s Pizzeria and Family Restaurant, 351 N Third St, May 11, Pass. Numerous pre-packaged grab & go desserts without labels inside the Coke self-service refrigerator located near the fountain soda machine. Walk-in Freezer: Observed ice accumulation on the utility piping to the right of the condenser unit. Mechanical dishwasher: Observed temperature gauge reading between 100F-105F when the water temperature was measured at 122F. It appears the wash/rinse temperature gauge is not working properly. Several boxes of food stored directly on the floor in the walk-in freezer, rather than 6 inches off of the floor as required.

Dunkin Donuts, 321 N Third St, May 11, Fail. Walk-in Freezer: Observed bags of ice & boxes of food stored directly on the floor in the walk-in freezer, rather than 6 inches off of the floor as required. Observed automated detergent/sanitizer system leaking when in use. Missing tile base cove across on the right side of the front customer service area & across from the under-counter refrigerator. Due to a history of inadequate active managerial control the food facility was mandated to employ two Chester County Certified Food Managers. Under Counter Refrigerator (Coolatta) near drive-thru area & across from front customer service counter: Observed broken door gasket. Espresso Machine: The black bar in the espresso discard tray is deteriorating. The handwash sink behind the front service counter was blocked by wire racks and not accessible at all times for employee use. Observed unauthorized person (infant) in an employee area. The Person in Charge failed to control access to food facilities by unauthorized persons. The following areas require cleaning: * under, behind and exterior of all food service equipment including table mounted equipment; * inside all refrigerators/freezers including both walk-in units under shelves; * under all shelves in the dry storage area; * mop sink basin- food debris/grime; * exterior of both ice caddies (portable ice bins); * restroom fixtures (toilets/sinks). Excessive filth/grime was observed throughout the food facility.

Hopewell elementary School, 602 Garfield St, May 12, Pass. No violations. 

Penn Township

CVS Pharmacy, 857 W Baltimore Pike, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

Phoenixville Borough

Pat’s Pizzeria, 498 Nutt Rd, May 6, Pass. Open employee's beverage container was  in a food preparation area. Secondary food containers lacking common food labels. Employee jacket stored on top of single use to go containers in the prep area. Interior bottom shelf of the 2-door reach in freezer with food like debris. Chemical spray bottles stored in nook in prep area with single use items. Wet wiping cloths throughout, not being stored in a sanitizer solution. One light out above the cooks line.

Superior Beverage Co Slushy, 701 Wheatland St, May 6, Pass. No violations.  

Parkside United Church of Christ, 505 Main St., Follow-Up, May 9, Pass. No violations. 

Black Lab Bistro, 248 Bridge St, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

Insomnia Cookies, 150 Bridge St, Follow-Up, May 10, Pass. Toilet tissue is not provided in toilet.

Acme Markets, 785 Starr St, May 13, Pass. Foods requiring proper cold hold stored in retail display cooler tempted between 47-51 degrees F. QAT sanitizer above 400 ppm in the Bakery department.  Dust like debris observed on ceiling grate cover in Bakery near dishwasher. Ceiling tile removed in retail store near cashier #2, and Deli dept

Kimberton Golf Club, 162 Ridge Rd, May 13, Pass. In the hand sinks at the bar and in the snack bar area, paper towels were not within easy reach of the sink. The bar area did not have chlorine test strips available to test the chlorine sanitizer concentration.

Uwchlan Township

Chick Fil-A, 211 Eagleview Blvd, May 6, Pass. The undercounter cooler (below the nugget warmer) had an air temperature of 56 degrees F. The measured temperature of honey sauce was 50 degrees F. The cold storage temperature of potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at 41 degrees F or below. Numerous refrigeration handles were soiled.

Route 100 Bar and Bites, 815 N. Pottstown Pike, Follow-Up, May 6, Fail. Measured the level of chlorine sanitizer at the dishwasher to be 0-25 ppm. Hot water rinse temperature was noted to be over 160 degrees F. Have the unit serviced and repaired. Maintain the chlorine sanitizer level between 50-100 ppm. GM Om stated a company has been contracted to service the unit next week.Clean the following: convection oven, three compartment sink, waffle maker, hot holding equipment, cookline equipment... Items are to be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each service period. Thoroughly clean all food equipment before the next use. General Manager Om stated he has a schedule cleaner to conduct deep cleaning of the kitchen starting today. This clean will be scheduled to conduct ongoing deep cleaning of the kitchen throughout the year. Clean and/or repair the following: * Walk-in cooler floor; debris * Kitchen preparation area flooring; debris * Flooring under the deep fryers; grease accumulation * Walk-in freezer light fixture; dangling *Bar area. The bar area has not been used for months. Expired beverage items are still stored in refrigeration. Remove expired items. The bar area may not be opened until re-inspected and approved by the Chester County Health Department.

Springhill Suites Hotel, 730 Eagleview Blvd, Follow-Up, May 9, Pass. No violations. 

Fairfield Inn by Marriot, 5 N. Pottstown Pike, May 10, Pass. Small leak under the rinse compartment of the three compartment sink. Measured the temperature of individually packed cream cheese to be 56 degrees F. Service period 6:30 am - 10 am. Discard at the end of today's service period. Maintain a safe cold holding temperature of 41 degrees F or below. The ice machine is broken.

Persis Indian Grill, 541 Wellington Sq, Follow-Up, May 10, Fail. Food several containers of food in the walk-in cooler and freezer that were stored without covering. Observed two bags of chicken thawing in stagnant water. Observed shrimp thawing at room temperature. Thaw using the following approved practices: Under running cold water, in refrigeration or as part of the cooking process. Soiled knives on the magnetic rack at the prep sink and one soiled knife stored between bain maries. No Chester County Certified Food Manager. Mrs. Chetna Deo has signed up for but not completed Certified Food Manager Training. An employee attempted handwashing without using soap or paper towels. One worktop cooler with an ambient air temperature of 48 degrees F. Right hood system has a missing grease collection pan. Preset tableware is not wrapped, covered or inverted. No paper towels were present at either kitchen hand washing sink. No soap was present at one handwashing sink. Conduct proper monitored assisted cool down practices. Staff stated some products are cooled at room temperature for up to 4 hours before being placed in the walk-in cooler. Staff were not monitoring cool down temperatures. Once cooked products are to be rapidly cooled, using an assisted method (ice bath, ice stirrer bar or in shallow layers in a refrigerator). The Food Code requires you cool foods from 135 degrees F to 70 degrees F within 2 hours. You are given an additional 4 hours to cool foods from 70 degrees F to 41 degrees. No name or date labeling were observed on any potentially hazardous foods prepared on site. Provide an accurate probe temperature thermometer. No sani-pail bucket provided at the start of inspection. A soiled wiping rag was observed on a cutting board. Conduct deep cleaning of the cookline equipment and surrounding structure; soiled debris. Conduct deep cleaning of the spice cart; splatter.

Wawa, 1800 Ticonderoga Blvd, May 10, Pass. Clean the following: * Beverage walk-in cooler flooring; milk spill * Deli walk-in freezer, ice accumulation * Electrical room; debris on floor. Blender bowl container rinse unit is leaking. 

Canteen at Oberthur Technologies, 523 James Hance Ct, May 11, Pass. No violations. 

Juice Pod Lionville, 929 N Pottstown Pike, May 11, Fail. Cooked chicken is being prepared from a private residence. Clean the following: * Prep sink exposed drain line; soiled * Cooking tin below the food preparation sink; stagnant water 

Penn State Street Pizza Inc, 575 W Uwchlan Ave, May 12, Pass. Clean the following: * Wallboard behind the three compartment sink; debris * Flooring underneath of the three compartment sink; soil around cove base * Window sill behind used dough trays; dough debris. 

Garden Grill and Bar at Hilton Garden Inn, 720 E Eagleview Blvd, Follow-Up, May 12, Pass. Delfield Bain Marie to be broken.

Gather Around, 8 Welsh Pool Rd, May 14, Fail. Gloves have been ordered but not received. Steramine and a QAC test kit have been ordered but not received. No Chester County Certified Food Manager. Be sure to asterisk what menu items would will be cooking to order/undercooking.The following equipment needs repaired/replaced/removed/relocated: * Dishwasher; no operating * Continental 2 door cooler in basement; not operating * Ice machine needs to be relocated from underneath the exposed wastewater line. The owner will purchase bagged ice until the unit is relocated. * True two door cooler wooden/dumbbell leggins; replace with approved casters or leggings. Supply hand washing soap at the kitchen hand sink. 

Upper Uwchlan

Scooped, 130 Pottstown Pike, May 13, Pass. Basement Reach in cooler. Clean the interior; food debris on shelving and side wall.

South Coventry Township

Chartwells at French Creek Elementary School, 3590 Coventryville Rd, May 10, Fail. The Victory 2-door refrigerator was originally measured as holding foods at 45°F. After 15 minutes, the unit was measured at 42.6°F. This unit is used to temporarily hold prepared foods prior to serving. Foods must either be placed in a cold-hold unit that can hold foods at 41°F or lower, or a time log must be started for foods placed in unit to ensure they are used or discarded within 4 hours. If you are facing the lunchroom from the serving line, the milk cooler on the right-hand side was holding milk at at 50°F, rather than at or below 41°F as required. In the Victory 2-door refrigerator, the outside thermometer was reading inaccurately (33-35°F when actual temp was 43-45°F), and the inside thermometer was broken. Toilet room adjoining the kitchen area does not have a self-closing door. This facility is not taking adequate measures to control rodents. Mouse droppings were found along the floor/wall junctures in the dry storage area, in the mop closet, and in the warewashing area.

Tredyffrin Township

Nudy’s Cafe, 292 E Conestoga Rd, Complaint, May 10, Pass. Several exterior stucco walls and window sills observed cracked, degrading, and worn. Rodent activity observed in lower level basement and under the hostess counter. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of debris. 

Crumble Cookies of Wayne, 125 E Swedesford Rd, Follow-Up, May 13, Pass. No violations.  

Wallace Township

Far Away Country Club, 690 Marshall Rd, May 12, Pass. Farm Fresh Eggs were not properly labeled. Provide a sanitizer test kit at the three compartment sink. Repair the following: * Retail egg cooler has an ice build-up on the back wall; defrost * Exterior walk-in freezer; dripping water from the condenser, accumulation of ice on the floor. Have the leak repaired and ice removed. Provide a backflow preventer on the mop sink hose spigot.

West Chester Borough

Bonchon, 124 E Market St, May 9, Pass. The electrocutor insect control device located on top of the ice machine is not designed to retain the insect in the device and the insects could splatter and contaminate the equipment and the ice.

Las Vegas Pizza, 515 E Gay St, May 11, Pass. 

Southbound BBQ, 401 Washington St, May 10, Pass. At the time of inspection the handwashing sink was not set up and did not have any water. EHS observed a spray bottle with an orange liquid inside of it. Food facility operator failed to post an original, valid Chester County Health Department Certified Food Manager in a location conspicuous to the consumer.

Peter Clark Kitchen, 698 E Market St, May 11, Fail. Prepackaged refrigerated and frozen foods are not labeled properly according to the Food Code: 3-602.11 Food Labels. (A) FOOD PACKAGED in a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT, shall be labeled as specified in LAW, including 21 CFR 101 -Food labeling, and 9 CFR 317 Labeling, marking devices, and containers. (B) Label information shall include: (1) The common name of the FOOD, or absent a common name, an adequately descriptive identity statement; (2) If made from two or more ingredients, a list of ingredients and sub-ingredients in descending order of predominance by weight, including a declaration of artificial colors, artificial flavors and chemical preservatives, if contained in the FOOD; (3) An accurate declaration of the net quantity of contents; (4) The name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor; and (5) The name of the FOOD source for each MAJOR FOOD ALLERGEN contained in the FOOD unless the FOOD source is already part of the common or usual name of the respective ingredient. You have two or more food items per packaged dinners-including portioned cups of sauces-each of these food items and their ingredients must be listed on the label. Walt Marshall no longer works here as the CFM. The owner, Erin Morrison, has a ServSafe Certificate posted expiring 4/27. Clean the hood canopy and filters above the charbroiled hood and the hood filters in the main hood. 

La Tartine, 109 W Gay St, May 13, Pass. No violations. 

Qdoba, 1107 West Chester Pike, May 13, Fail. In the food service areas, replace any damaged/rusted ceiling vents and stained ceiling light shields that can not be adequately cleaned and/or maintained in good repair (repeat violation). Grout is eroding between quarry floor tiles in the rice prep station.

Primo Hoagies, 1149 West Chester Pike, Follow-Up, May 13, Pass. Sprayer hose at the 3-bay sink is damaged and hangs below the flood rim level. 

West Goshen Township

D-K Diner, 609 E Gay St, Follow-Up, May 6, Pass. Metro rack storing clean food contact equipment is rusted. Facility has no separate, designated mop sink. Currently, mop buckets are filled at the 3 bay sink and gray water is disposed of in the toilet.

Chipotle, 101 Turner Ln, Follow-Up, May 9, Fail. The facility does not employee a Chester County certified food manager (CFM) as required

Classic Diner Catering, 827 Lincoln Ave, Follow-Up, May 9, Pass. No violations. 

West Sadsbury

Dairy Queen, 414 Commons Rd, May 6, Pass. Walk in light switch must be repaired/replaced. 

Dollar Tree, 332 Commons Dr, May 6, Fail.  Public restroom faucet handle is broken. Walk in cooler (in the back room) was 47F. Internal temp of the food was also 47F. Reach in refrigerator left and middle door gaskets are torn. 

Auntie Anne’s, 100 Commons Dr, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

Schneider Parish Center, 2995 Cemetery Rd, Follow-Up, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

Walmart, 100 Commons Dr, May 10, Fail. Clean the following areas: 1. Deli Backroom: Floor - especially the floor/wall juncture. Some areas need to be re-grouted. 2. Bakery: Wall behind hand sink. 3. Produce: Produce room floor and walk in floor. 4. Frozen Food Walk In: clean floor. 5. Dairy Walk In: clean floor - especially under the shelving. 6. Family Meats (frozen case): clean shelving. Meat Room: Two pallets of Dairy items were found stored in the Meat Room. Pallets were reportedly stored in this room overnight. While this room does have a cooling system, the room temperature was 47F. Yogurt, on one pallet, had an internal temp of 47F. All foods above 41F must be discarded. This room is not to be used for long term storage of TCS foods. TCS foods may be stored in this room for up to 2 hours during shelf stocking but can't be used as overflow storage. Bakery/Cake decorating: Supply paper towels to the hand sink. Deli Backroom: Supply soap to the hand sink Produce: Supply paper towels to hand sink. 

West Vincent Township

Revival, 240 Windgate Dr., May 9, Pass. Paper towel dispenser was empty at the handwashing sink at the bar, and at the hand sink near the door from the bar to the cook line area. A tray of cooked meat was stored beneath raw meat in the walk-in. The quaternary ammonium concentration in the sanitizing solution of the 3-bay ware wash sink was 100 ppm, rather than between 200-400 ppm as required.

West Whiteland Township 

Dollar Tree, 400 W. Lincoln Hwy, Follow-Up, May 6, Pass. Stained ceiling tiles throughout the facility, specifically above isles:4,8,10,12,15,17.

Chipotle Mexican Grille, 241 N Pottstown Pike, May 10, Fail. Wet wiping cloths throughout the facility, not being stored in sanitizer solution. Bins of grilled food stored in an unclean warmer.  The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: * Interior of all cooling units and drawer coolers. * Self serve soda station area including surface under grate. * Equipment exteriors and surrounds including grill line. * Shelves throughout. * Hand sink surrounds. * Ledge under window, left side of cooks line, behind front service counter. * Bulk dry good containers. * REPEAT- Observed an accumulation of food debris along flooring in the food prep area and along cook and service lines. Clean and maintain. * Mold-like growth observed on caulk behind 3 basin sinks.  Walls behind prep tables and sinks are unclean. * Walking on the cooler floor is unclean. * Floor drain under 3 basin sink unclean. Tray of chips stored on top of the laundry can in the back room. Store in a sanitary manner. Food prep surfaces throughout the facility are unclean. Chemical spray bottles observed hanging on shelves above food items ( Onions). and in contact with single use items at the front counter. Used utensils stored on surfaces throughout the facility. Container of condiment single serve containers stored in ice tempted at 76 degrees F. Back room where on-line food orders are filled cluttered with unused equipment and several assorted items. everal sanitizer buckets stored in an unclean mop sink. The current CCHD CFM for Monica Lim expired as of 10/2021. Facility has 10 business days to submit an application and payment for a valid CCHD CFM certificate.

Nudy’s Exton Café, 402 W Lincoln Hwy, May 12, Fail. In the kitchen, the hand wash sink is located within a few inches of the gas range. There is no Chester County Certified Food Manager (CFM) enlisted at this facility. In refrigerators, some foods were observed in an unwholesome state, specifically: - 8 plastic product containers were observed with numerous moldy/rotten strawberries within. - 3 cartons of liquid dairy (milk, whipping cream) observed with expired sell-by dates. Remove all damaged/peeling caulk from the interior side of the hood canopy. Remove wire racks from above the flat grills as grease droplets can accumulate on wires and drip onto food below, which risks contamination of the food. Replace missing base coving at the floor/wall juncture in the corner adjacent to the hood.

Willistown Township

Olive Tree Greek Grill, 231 W Lancaster Ave, Follow-Up, May 10, Pass. No violations. 

White Manor Country Club, 831 Providence Dr, Follow-Up, May 10, Pass. No violations.

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