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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Caln Township

Kelly’s Breakfast, 3303 E Lincoln Hwy, June 7, Pass. Observed clean dishware not being allowed to air dry before stacking.

Coatesville City

Mi Raza, 142 E Lincoln Hwy, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

New China King Asian Bistro, 710 E Lincoln Hwy, Follow Up, June 8, Pass. No violations.  

Downingtown Borough 

The Food Bandit,256 Church St, June 6, Pass. No violations. 

Nice Chinese Restaurant, 106 Wallace Ave, Follow Up, June 6, Pass. No violations. 

Estrella Tacos Y Mas, 202 E Lancaster Ave, Complaint, June 7, Pass. Observed the facility to need a deep cleaning (Bar & Kitchen). Clean and maintain everyday.

Lord’s Pantry of Downingtown, 141 E Lancaster Ave, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

East Brandywine Township

Crop’s Fresh Marketplace, 1257 Horseshoe Pike, Complaint, June 6, Pass. No violations. 

Easttown Township

Original Casey’s Ale House, 543 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, Pass. Numerous food ingredient storage containers, in the kitchen area, are not labeled with the common name of the food. During the inspection an employee labeled all of the squeeze bottles throughout the kitchen. Observed bowls being used as a Food dispensing utensil in food items. Bowls can not be used as a food dispensing utensil. Obtain a food dispensing utensil with a handle and keep the handle up and out of the food items. During the inspection an employee removed the bowl from the food items. Food facility has a reminder statement on the menu for foods that are / or could be served raw or undercooked to the consumer; however, it does not clearly disclose which foods the reminder statement applies to. Fix the menu by 06/10/2022 and email the new menu. Numerous Food items in the cold holding units were observed stored open with no covering. During the inspection an employee covered all items. Ensure that all food items are stored covered. Several raw animal foods were stored above ready to eat foods in the cold holding units. During the inspection an employee moved all raw food items below ready to eat food items. Ensure all raw food items are stored below ready to eat food items at all times. A few time/temperature controlled for safety ready to eat food items were not date marked in the cold holding units. During the inspection an employee date marked these few items. Ensure that you are date marking all TCS ready to eat food items that are being stored in the facility for more than 24 hours. Replace or repair the cracked floor tiles in the kitchen so that they are easily cleanable, non absorbent and smooth. EHS observed numerous doors open that lead into the facility with no air curtain. The facility must keep the doors closed or install an air curtain. Observed employee personal belongings stored on a shelf with food items. Remove any employee personal belongings away from food preparation areas. The personal belongings were moved during the inspection. Caulk the three compartment sink to the wall. The food facility does not maintain Certified Food Manager records as required. Obtain a Chester County Certified Food Manager.

East Goshen Township

Patelmo’s Pizzeria, 1530 Paoli Pike, Follow up, June 9, Pass. Food facility reusing single use paper portion cups and storing in foods between uses. Grilled chicken breasts, a Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety food, hot held at less than 135ºF for less than two hours. All hot foods must be held at 135ºF or greater, adjust equipment and preparation practices to ensure proper holding temperatures for hot foods. Use thermometers to verify practices are adequate to ensure holding temperatures.

East Marlborough Township

Giant Food Store, 830 E Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. A red sanitizing bucket observed to have a concentration of <200ppm. It was indicated that water for cleaning had been placed in the bucket. The red sanitizing buckets are labeled and meant to be used for sanitizer only.

East Nantmeal Township

Stonewall Links, 375 Bulltown Rd, June 6, Follow Up, Pass. No violations. 

East Nottingham Township

Oxford High School, 705 Waterway Rd, Follow Up, June 6,  Pass. No violations. 

Penn Street Pizza, 2229 Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

Walnut Brook Foods, 207 Crowl Toot Rd, June 7, Pass. Observed numerous boxes of food on the floor inside the walk-in freezer including bulk containers of ice cream and bagged ice. These items were placed above the floor during this inspection. Ensure that all food is stored at least 6 inches above the floor at all times. Proper labels were not provided for the eggs from the farm. "Eggs from Small Flock Producers" document was provided and reviewed with the Person In Charge. The egg cartons must be labeled with the following information:  Name & Address of the Farm; Date of Lay;  Statement of Identity; "Keep Refrigerated" statement; Safe Handling Instructions and Unclassified statement. In addition, numerous pre-packaged candies were not provided with proper labels. Labels must contain a full ingredient list including any sub-ingredients and a separate allergen declaration.

Walgreens, 2235 Baltimore Pike, June 10, Pass. No violations.  

BB’s Grocery Outlet, 2176 Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. No violations. 

East Whiteland Township

McDonald’s, 84 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 7, Pass. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil. Facility must clean the following: All equipment. Door gasket at the cold holding unit under the toppings area needs to be replaced. Numerous wall tiles are missing near the soda machine. Replace the missing wall tiles.

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, 10 Liberty Blvd, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

Locust Lane Craft Brewery, 50 Three Tun Rd, June 9, Pass. No violations. 

Elverson Borough

Giovanni’s Pizzas, 18 W Main St, Follow Up, June 6, Pass. By the downstairs dough prep area, two bags of flour were open with no cover. Keep all bags of food closed and covered when not in use.

Twin Valley Elementary School, 50 Mast Dr, June 6, Pass. Several spray bottles of cleaning chemicals were not labeled with the common name of the chemical. Ensure that all bottles of cleaners or chemicals are labeled.

Honey Brook Borough

Twin Valley Little League, 173 Suplee Rd, June 7, Pass. This facility does not currently have a Certified Food Manager. A full time employee must enroll in an approved course within 30 days and become registered with Chester County Health Department within 90 days.

Honey Brook Township

Honey Brook Golf Club, 1422 Cambridge Rd, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

Turkey Hill Minit Markets, 2026 Horseshoe Pike, June 7, Pass. Trash was observed on the ground behind the dumpster. Clean within 5 days. Kenesha McNutt is ServSafe certified but not registered with Chester County Health Department. Submit CFM application and fee within 30 days. The floor in the walk-in refrigerator is dirty under shelves. Clean within 5 days. Lights are not shielded or shatter proof over the dishwashing area. Correct within 14 days.

London Grove Township

La Chispa Creamery, 302 E Baltimore Pike, June 6, Fail. Provide scoops with handles for use in dry ingredients. Clean the utensil drawer. Defrost the ice cream freezers. Remove the crates in the back prep area. Replace the broken doors on the ice cream freezers. Reduce the amount of cardboard in facility.

Wawa, 761 Gap Newport Rd, June 6, Pass. In the Men's and Women's Toilet Rooms, the flushing mechanisms for the toilets are no longer easily cleanable. Replace. Clean the following: a. Floors throughout the prep and service areas b. Walls throughout prep and service areas c. Shelving in dry storage area d. Self-service beverage counter @ soda machine e. Fixtures in the Men's Toilet room including urinal and hand sinks f. Shelves of the beverage walk-in refrigerator. Post CFM Certificate in public view.

Kennett Square Borough

Garage Youth Center, 115 S Union St, Follow Up, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

Londonderry Township

Houghton’s Candy Carousel, 736 Street Rd, June 8, Pass. No violations.  

Houghton’s Fantastic Fries, 2126 Gap Newport Pike, June 8, Pass. Cheese sauce in the warmers observed at temperatures of 127 F. Do not use these units until repairs are made or replaced. Discard opened cheese containers. Foods in the undercounter refrigerator are stored open with no covering.

Houghton’s Funnel Cake, 736 Street Rd, June 8, Pass. Quat and bleach sanitizers on-site and chlorine test strips available, however, no quat test strips could be located in the unit. Test strips were immediately provided. Keep a supply of test strips for each sanitizer you have on-site. Food employee personal belongings observed in the soda bag in the box cabinet. These were relocated on-site. Maintain all personal belongings stored in designated areas away from food and food-contact equipment.

Houghton’s Greek Gyro, 736 Street Rd, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

Houghton’s Ice Cream, 2126 Gap Newport Pike, June 8, Pass. Cover nozzles of toppings squeeze bottles when not in operation.

Houghton’s Lemonade, 2126 Gap Newport Pike, June 8, Pass. Clean the yellow juicer immediately. Keep covered when not in operation. Initially, the 3-compartment sink and the handwashing sink were not draining properly. This was corrected on-site. Maintain. Christine Rafferty has completed a Food Manager Certification course. Submit the application for the Chester County Certified Food Manager Certificate.

New Garden Township

Taquito Feliz, 1803 Baltimore Pike, June 6, Fail. An open employee's beverage container was observed in the food prep area. Employee beverages must be closed and kept in areas away from food and food contact equipment. In the reach-in refrigerator, raw chicken stored above ready-to-eat foods. Repair the screen at the door. Pots that are too large to fit in the 3 compartment sink for proper washing, rinsing and sanitizing are being used. All equipment must be able to be cleaned and sanitized on the mobile unit. Either use smaller pots and pans or a commissary will be required. Buckets in use for cleaning solutions not labeled with contents.

Hartefeld National Golf Club, 1 Hartefeld Dr, Follow Up, June 7, Fail. Basement prep area: Dishes were being washed at this sink. The employee doing dishes was asked how she was setting up the sinks. She stated that bleach, soap and water were in the 1st bay, the 2nd bay was empty and bleach and water were in the 3rd bay. The employee was instructed on how to properly set up the sink using the wash, rinse, sanitize setup. Inspector had previously been told no dishwashing occurred in this area. Ensure staff are following proper procedures as to where items are to be washed and the proper procedures for cleaning items. Outdoor bar: Glassware and plastic cups are stored outside. These items, while under a roof, are not protected from dust, dirt and insects. Do not store glasses or plastic cups at the bar between events. If stored outside, they must be stored in lidded containers or bins. Fazio Lounge: Remove unused soda guns and holders. Dressings in the walk in were well past the 7 day use by date. Ensure these items are being discarded within 7 days of date made. Make smaller batches to avoid waste. Submit Serv Safe for CCHD certificate. Outdoor bar hand sink was not working. No hot or cold water available. Make necessary repairs to restore hot and cold water. 

La Jaliscience Grocery Store, 1490 Baltimore Pike, June 8, Pass. Self serve bread must have ingredient list posted on case. It must list each kind of bread and its ingredients. 

North Coventry Township

Falkor Food Truck, 1198 Chestershire Pl, June *, Pass. No violations. 

Oxford Borough

Dollar Tree, 800 Commons Dr, Follow Up, June 6, Pass. No violations. 

Banquetes Las Cazuelas, 9 S Third St, June 8, Fail. Ingredient/allergen information is not available upon customer request for the pre-packaged desserts located in the refrigerator behind the front service counter. Obtain ingredient/allergen information for all pre-packaged desserts. The desserts are from approved sources. Observed ambient temperature of the Continental bain marie at 50F-52F degrees. Internal food temperatures observed: Salsa Verde 58F and;  Papaya Fruit Pulp 59F. All TCS foods measured >41F degrees were discarded during this inspection. Do not use this refrigerator unit to store TCS foods until it has been serviced and operating at 41F degrees or less. Provide a service invoice if this unit is repaired. The facility operator may replace this unit with a freezer.

Vida Sana, 320 E Market St, Follow Up, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

Parkesburg Borough

Nova’s Pasta and Pizza, 428 First Ave, June 9, Pass. This facility uses chlorine bleach for sanitizer and needs a chlorine test kit. Ceiling in the hallway was observed damaged. Wall below the fire extinguisher located in the hallway was damaged. Several floor tiles were observed damaged throughout the facility. Plumbing passing through the floor in the kitchen area is creating an unsanitary condition and must be repaired.

Penn Township

Giant Food Store, 849 W Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 6, Pass. The following plumbing issues were observed:  leak on hot water faucet side of the hand sink near the 3 bay sink in the Seafood Department;  leak on the cold water supply line at the hand sink near the display cases in the Meat Department, hand sink in the Ladies restroom on the left is not working (work order provided- repair pending parts needed).

Dairy Queen, 851 W Baltimore Pike, June 9, Pass. The hand sink closest to the walk-in refrigerator is draining very slowly. Observed broken floor tile in front of 3 bay sink. This is a concern for standing water and accumulation of food debris. Walk-in Freezer: Observed bags of bread & a box of frozen hash browns stored less than 6 inches above the floor. Move all food at least 6 inches off the floor. A deep and thorough cleaning is needed under and behind the ice machine and under & behind all food service equipment along the wall opposite of the front customer service counter- excessive food debris/grime. In addition, clean dust from all HVAC ceiling vents and surrounding ceiling tiles.

Penn Brew Station, 631 W Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. No violations. 

Phoenixville Borough

Dim Sum Court, 236 Bridge St, June 6, Fail. Cardboards used to line shelves throughout the kitchen. Remove, ensure the surface is smooth, non porous and easily cleanable. Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the employee restroom, and hand sink outside of the employee restroom. Keep the hand sink properly supplied at all times. Observed wet wiping cloths throughout kitchen, not being stored in sanitizer solution. Food stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler, and in the walk -in freezer. Store 6 inches off the floor. Open bags of bulk dry goods observed on storage shelves. Once open, move to a food grade container labeled with a lid. 3 bay sink not in proper use at time of inspection. To go containers used as scoops in bulk dry good containers. Use a food grade scoop with a handle. Ladies room inoperable due to a leak in the ceiling. Leak is fixed but the ceiling needs to be repaired. Facility has access to an accessible public restroom in proper working order. Food(greens) being cleaned in the sanitizer bay at 3 bay sink. Clean and sanitize sink and utilize for designated purposes only. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing:  Shelves throughout including under equipment, and prep tables.  Interior and exterior of bain marie coolers, and reach in the freezer with ice like build up on shelves. Exterior and sides of equipment at the cook's line. Clean floors under equipment at cooks line, and in the walk -in cooler, and in the walk-in freezer. 

Gateway Pharmacy of Phoenixville, 165 Nutt Rd, June 9. Pass. No violations. 

Nudy’s Bridge Street Cafe, 150 Bridge St, Follow Up, June 9, Pass. No violations. 

Bistro on Bridge, 212 Bridge St, June 10, Fail. Shellstock tags are not maintained for 90 days from the date the container is emptied. Shellstock located in the drawer cooler in the kitchen did not have identification tags attached to the container. Chemical containers empty at both glass dishwashers at the beginning of inspection. Clean and sanitize the following: * Soda gun and holders throughout with food like debris build up. * Table top can opener blade in the main kitchen. * Interior top of both microwaves. * Deep groves and staining on two bain marie cutting boards. Replace. * Mold like growth on all (3) splash guards in ice machines. Accessible paper towels lacking near hand wash sink in kitchen. 3 out of 6 lights out on the left side of the cook's line.  Food employees observed in the kitchen area, not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets, hats, or beard covers at the beginning of inspection. Clean absorbent cloths wrapped with black aprons stored on the floor in the upstairs storage room. Store on the shelf in a sanitary manner. Organize,clean storage room. * Absorbent cloth lining counter under portable cutting boards. Ensure the surface is smooth,non porous and easily cleanable. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kits to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration for dishwashers in the kitchen.  Cases of single use items stored on the floor in the upstairs storage room. Store chemicals and single use items 6" off floor. Boxes overflowing from several trash cans outside the facility. Spray leak at hand wash left faucet sink in kitchen next to cooks line. -Chemical spray bottles stored hanging on hand wash sinks behind both bars. Several secondary condiment containers lacking common food labels. Knives stored in a bucket with sanitizer at room temperature in the prep area. Personal items stored on shelves with food and single use items in the ware wash area, and dry storage shelves in the kitchen. Container of diced chicken was held at 51 °F, in the cooks line bain marie top, rather than 41°F or below as required. Spent cardboard used to attach heat lamps to tables in the kitchen. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: Wait station first floor shelves and surfaces. * Interior of both reaches into coolers in the upstairs storage room. * Hood filters and ledge above fryers. * Shelves throughout the kitchen including the ware wash area. * Interior of reach in freezer.cooler at end of cooks line. * Shelves throughout kitchen and cook's line. Floor under shelves in walk in cooler and freezer unclean. * Floor under cooks line near wheel castors unclean. * Floor under dishwasher and sinks at main bar unclean. * Hole in wall in main kitchen above ice machine

Pocopson Township

Striped Cow, 1821 Lenape Unionville Rd, June 10, Pass. The concentration of multi-quat sanitizer in the spray bottle was >>>400ppm. The sanitizer bottle indicates concentration is to be 200-400ppm. 

South Coventry Township

Sunny Ridge Restaurant, 960 Ridge Rd, June 7, Pass. In the basement walk-in cooler, the sealant sealing the junction of two sections of the ceiling is missing in one area, allowing condensation to gather and drip. Reseal the area with the missing sealant. All food underneath the drip was moved. Keep all food and food containers away from the area of the condensation drip until the unit is repaired. The inside of the juice dispenser has some sticky buildup and needs to be cleaned. At the kitchen handwash sink, a rag and some food debris was observed in the sink, indicating uses other than hand washing. Use a hand wash sink for handwashing only. Rag was removed from the hand wash sink.  The following areas need to be cleaned: - The floor in the cook line area has some grime and food debris that needs to be cleaned, especially underneath the equipment. The floor of the walk-in freezer has an accumulation of ice that needs to be cleaned.

Hares Hill Brewing Company, 1161 Ridge Rd, June 10, Pass. A prep top on the cook line had an ambient temperature above 41°F. Foods inside the prep top were measured at varying temperatures, from 37°F to 45°F. All TCS foods over 41°F were discarded. The temperature setting was turned down for the prep top and a temperature log for foods in the prep top will be maintained for the next week to ensure foods are at 41°F or below. Sanitizer buckets were initially empty for both the dishwasher and 3-compartment sink dispenser. Sanitizer buckets were replaced during the course of the inspection and sanitizer concentrations were measured at appropriate levels. There was some food debris on the floor under the shelves storing dry goods in the basement.

Tredyffrin Township

Aneu Catering at Fresh Ideas, 1556 E Lancaster Ave, June 7, Fail. The following equipment not observed in good repair; 1-Defrost ice cream chest freezer 2-Fire and Ansul tags not currently dated August 2020- Needs to be dated within one calendar year. Juicer counter make line is subject to splash from hand washing sink; install a splash guard on the right side of the sink, approximately 6" high. The food facility does not have enough hand wash sinks located along the server line, ice cream dispenser, and new bake make line. Install two additional hand washing sinks as discussed. The light intensity in the packing room, dry storage area is not at least 10 foot candles. 1- Ceiling tiles missing in back room by walk in cooler area 2-An old exposed electrical panel was never removed and the cover cannot be located. Cover the panel with a smooth, non-absorbent , easily cleanable finish. A food employee was observed touching rolls- a ready to eat food -with bare hands. Roll discarded on site, train staff, enforce glove policy. Mike confirmed the facility does have a glove policy. Food Employees observed donning single use gloves without a prior hand wash. Always wash hands prior to glove use, inform staff, enforce through managerial team, this includes server line workers packaging food. Soups located in the grab n go unit observed past the 7 day shelf life dated 11/28, meaning the product was made 5/ 28, to be removed on 6/2 from refrigeration and placed in the freezer for sale through 11/28. Train all new staff, check dates daily prior to opening, Kari corrected on site. Internal temperature measuring device for ensuring proper temperature of equipment observed broken in soup grab n go unit, replace thermometer, check daily. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dust, debris, crumb, or splash; 1-Reach in display, track door system and below. 2-Duct vents on left side of kitchen above deli make line and ware washing machine. 3-Floors under a three bay sink and dish machine. 4-Corner wall located in the very back left corner of dry storage. The floor / wall juncture behind the juicer prep line below the blenders is not covered and closed to 1/32 inch. Install vinyl floor cove base along this wall / floor juncture. The following surface finish is observed cracked / roughened / and is not a smooth, easily cleanable surface. 1-Far back single use equipment dry storage area observed with chipped paint along walls immediately behind food grade containers for future use. eliminate all chipped paint on the wall and provide a smooth, easily cleanable surface.

Highgate at Paoli Pointe Assisted Living, 600 Paoli Pointe Dr, June 7, Pass. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dust, debris, crumb, or splash; 1-Ceiling vent and adjacent tiles on cook line. 2-Ceiling vent and wall prior to dish room entrance. 3-Floors under steam well and make a line. 4-Top of cook line reach in cooler double door unit. 5-Inside of upper convection oven and top of door jambs. 6-Floor / wall juncture under food prep tables and food prep sink. The light intensity in the food preparation area and small dry storage room is not at least 50 foot candles. Replace light bulbs as needed; 1-Cook line and food prep area 2-Smaller dry storage room. Plumbing system not maintained in good repair - 1-Provide pex line drain at soda dispenser gun holder. CCHD Certified Food Manager will be Timothy Mohr valid through August 2026, submit the CCHD CFM application to the Department within 10 days.

Baxter’s, 14 Paoli Shopping Center, June 9, Fail. The overall cleanliness of this facility needs improvement. Heavy grease build-up, food debris, crumbs, splash and dirty build-up were found on surfaces throughout the facility, including the handles, sides, fronts, and tops of refrigeration units, inside the food prep unit, legs and shelves of work tables, and the floor and wall surfaces throughout the cook line and prep areas. The following surface finishes are observed cracked / roughened / chipped and are not a smooth, easily cleanable surface. 1- Wall located above the 2 door continental unit on the cook line. 2- Lower level left wall at bottom of stairwell. Observed ice being used as food at bar ice well and coming into contact with coolant lines / soda lines. Provide stainless steel / plastic barrier. 1-Continental 2 door cook line refrigerator was held at 58 °F, rather than 41°F or below as required. Staff discarded product on site, discontinue use until unit is serviced. Ice bins are observed in units however not maintaining temperature. This unit shall only be used for rush services and all products shall be on ice bath during rush service. After rush service, the unit to be emptied and intermittently used until serviced and or replaced. Daily temperature logs shall be provided for the 2 door continental unit and bain maire unit. 2-Covered lids shall be provided over top bain maire containers during non- rush operations to ensure upper food bins maintain 41F or below. Plumbing system not maintained in good repair - 1-Pex line from stand up soda dispenser at bar shall be drained to floor sink / drain. Exterior wall in the back building area has a hole at the wall / asphalt juncture and it needs to be filled in. Food facility inspection indicates evidence of rodents/insect activity. A routine cleaning schedule needs to be implemented and posted at once. Frozen foods observed not maintained in a frozen state in the cook line reach in.

CVS Pharmacy, 1776 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 9, Pass. Cement floor located in dry storage area by damaged goods, approximately 3 foot diameter, observed chipped with rubble accumulation and no longer a smooth, non-absorbent, easily cleanable surface.

Walgreens, 152 E Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 9, Pass. No violations. 

Canteen at IFM, 1100 Atwater Dr, June 10, Pass. No violations. 

China Wok Restaurant, 22 W Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. Plumbing system not maintained in good repair 1-Clogged drain at back door at bottom stair well causing water to enter the back door. Contact the landlord and have the drain cleaned.The following surface finish is cracked / roughened / removed and is not a smooth, easily cleanable, non-absorbent surface. 1-Stainless steel wall under the front hand sink has been removed due to a plumbing issue. 

Upper Oxford Township

Kettle Express, 254 Street Rd, June 5, Pass. No violations. 

Upper Uwchlan Township

Epicurean Garage Mobile Unit, 570 Simpson Dr, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

Acme Markets, 400 Simpson Dr, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. Deli High Temperature Dishwasher. The unit is broken. Dairy cooler. Shelf liners were observed to be soiled with flaky material.

Uwchlan Township

Aramark Refreshments at SBH Associates, 300 Eagleview Blvd, June 7, Pass. 

Guo’s Garden, 569 W Uwchlan Ave, June 9, Pass. Clean the flooring underneath of the wok cookers; debris.

Sal’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant, 152 Eagleview Blvd, June 9, Fail. Numerous items in both reach in the cooler and walk-in refrigerator had no product or date labeling. Items included: cooked chicken, sausage, pasta portioned on site, etc... All potentially hazardous foods prepared on site or removed from manufacturer packaging must be properly labeled - common name and date prepared. Items are required to have not more than a 7 day refrigerated shelf life. Provide a probe thermometer for monitoring cooking, cool down and safe holding temperatures. No probe thermometer was provided at the time of inspection. -Improper warewashing. The three compartment sink was improperly set-up and described manual warewashing practices did not meet the Food Code - No rinse step. The following are required when conducting manual warewashing: 1.) Wash in hot detergent water, 2.) Rinse in a hot clean water, 3.) Soak in a measured sanitizer solution, and 4.) Air dry. All employees must be properly trained and supervision completed to ensure proper manual warewashing. Dumpster. Observed the lid to be left open. Observed loose chicken in the dumpster. The dumpster base is deteriorated and has an active leachate leak. Large accumulation of lies inside and outside of the dumpster. Have the dumpster repaired (seal leak) or replaced within 7 days. Maintain dumpster lids closed. Keep all trash in tied bags (no loose products). Clean the exterior dumpster pad or loose debris and leachate. This is a community dumpster. The following temperature violations were observed: * Hoagie worktop cooler. Observed food products in the upper compartments to have elevated temperatures. Foods included: Peppers 45, Garlic-n-oil 44 and cut tomatoes 44. Reduce the unit temperature immediately. Maintain all TCS (potentially hazardous foods) at 41 degrees F and below. * Pizza Bain Marie. Measured the temperature of mozz. cheese and sauce in the upper compartments to be 45 degrees F. Maintain product at 41 degrees F and below. Product was believed to have elevated temperatures because it was in secondary containers and improperly seated in the unit. Keep the sauce in the original stainless steel container or/and or lower stock levels. Monitor temperatures daily. Ms. Michele Schiano Di Visconte recently completed a ServSafe Certified Food Manager Course. Within 10 days make an application for a Chester County Certified Food Manager Certificate. You are required to have at least one full time Chester County Certified Food Manager. Application Attached. Clean top of pizza ovens; dust. The hood ventilation system lighting was not working and was missing a guard. Install the missing light guard, and repair the lighting system.

Route 100 Bar and Bites, 815 Pottstown Pike, June 10, Pass. Water lines to the handwashing sink are improperly installed; laying on the floor. The ice maker had an observed mold growth on interior ice making components. Observed two missing panels over the bar seating area. 

West Bradford Township

Hidden House Cafe, 994 Marshallton Thorndale Rd, Complaint, June 7, Pass. 

Aviator’s Express at United Sports Training Center, 1426 Marshallton-Thorndale Rd, Follow Up, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

West Chester Borough

The Hickman, 400 N Walnut St, June 7, Pass. 1st Floor Serving Kitchen: Clean the walls surrounding the dishwashing area and the sides of the dishwasher. Correct within 7 days.

Penn Street Pizza, 241 E Gay St, June 9, Fail. Repair the paper towel dispenser on the wall in the toilet room-it is loose and hanging down. Clean the toilet inside and out. This facility is operating without a Chester Co. Certified Food Manager-CFM. This is a repeat violation. The paper towel dispensers in the front and rear kitchen areas were empty. No paper towels were on site and the truck does not make a delivery until Saturday- in 2 days. Informed the manager that no further foods could be prepared until paper towels are supplied and if not supplied by the time my inspection was over the facility would be ordered closed. He made a call and three (3) large brown paper towel rolls from another store were delivered before the inspection ended and were immediately installed to the 2 paper towel dispensers. Hands were immediately washed. Paper towels must be readily available at all times. Observed wet wiping cloths in front kitchen area, not being stored in sanitizer solution. Old food residue and three wet towels were observed on the handwash sink, indicating uses other than hand washing. Paper towel dispensers empty at the hand wash sinks in the front and rear kitchens. The following areas must be thoroughly cleaned: 1. The floor drain and drain pipes under the 3 bay sink 2. The walls around-above-below the 3 bay sink. 3. The floor underneath the 3 bay sink. 2. The exhaust fan cover in the toilet room. 

Saucey's Pizzeria, 12 E Market St, June 9, Fail. In the Basement a food employee observed donning single use gloves without a prior hand wash. Employee couldn't properly wash hands due to no soap provided and the paper towel would not work. Install a soap dispenser and fill and repair or replace the paper towel dispenser. Correct within 24 hours. Remove and properly dispose of the large chest freezer in the Kitchen-the lid has been taped in numerous places, the rubber gasket is torn on the lid and the lid is very heavy-most likely from condensation inside. Correct within 14 days. Remove and properly dispose of the un-used chest freezer outside along the fence in the back. Remove the large metal stock pot that is 1/4 full of used oil. Properly discard the oil and clean the pot and store inside. Correct the above within 24 hours. Within 48 hours the following must be THOROUGHLY Cleaned AND Sanitized: BASEMENT PREP AREA: 1. The floor 2. The can opener and holder. 3. The entire Floor Mixer 4. Inside and outside of the hand sink. 5. All shelving inside the walk in refrigerator. KITCHEN: 1. The entire floor, under all equipment 2. All walls top to bottom 3. The exhaust hood and all filters 4. The light shield inside in front of the hood. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. Correct within 7 days. Observed two (2) empty cans of "Insect Fogger" in the Basement-they are labeled for "Home Use Only". You cannot apply pesticides unless you are a Certified Pest Control Operator. The Food Code states: "Restricted use pesticide" means a pesticide product that contains the active ingredients specified in 40 CFR 152.175 Pesticides classified for restricted use, and that is limited to use by or under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. 7-202.12 Conditions of Use. POISONOUS OR TOXIC MATERIALS shall be: (A) Used according to: (1) LAW and this Code, (2) Manufacturer's use directions included in labeling, and, for a pesticide, manufacturer's label instructions that state that use is allowed in a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT. 7-202.12 Conditions of Use. Because of the toxicity of restricted use pesticides, they can only be applied by certified operators. A certified operator would be aware of the dangers involved in the contamination of food and food-contact surfaces during the application of these materials. Improperly applied pesticides present health risks to employees as well as consumers and special precautions must be taken when restricted use pesticides are applied. Discontinue the use of such products immediately. Hire a professional pest control operator when needed. BASEMENT: A dead rat was observed inside a box on the shelf. Rat droppings were also observed on top of a delivery bag on the same set of shelving. Rat droppings were also observed in the corner where chairs were stacked near next to this same shelf. The Person in Charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection. Basement Hand Sink: Install soap dispenser and soap and repair/replace the paper towel dispenser. Correct in 24 hours. Clean the toilet room floor. Clean all of the Basement steps. Correct today. Several spray bottles of chemicals were observed unlabeled. All chemicals must be identified. Correct today.

Peter Clark Kitchen, 698 E Market St, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. Your CFM Certificate was not posted. You informed me that you dropped off your CFM Application and Fee to our office the week of May 16th. It does not appear that it has been processed. I have emailed Tim Martin who handles the CFM program to inquire and and cc'd you on the email as well. Hopefully it will be processed this week. Please post your CFM Certificate as soon as you receive it.

Rita’s Water Ice, 323 E Gay St, June 10, Pass. No violations.

West Fallowfield Township

Houghton’s Pizza 2, 1289 Althouse Rd, June 8, Pass. No violations. 

Jason and Mikaylah’s Water Ice, 1289 Althouse Rd, June 8, Pass. No violations.

West Goshen Township

El Comalito Mexican Taqueria, 2 N Five Points Rd, Follow Up, June 6, Pass. No violations. 

West Nantmeal  Township

Boston Market, 726 E Gay St, Follow Up, June 7, Fail. Make repairs to eliminate leak from hand wash sink in the front kitchen area. Along the back of the house hot prep line, grout has eroded between the quarry tiles, creating a trap for food, water and debris. Regrout floors in this area to provide a surface that is smooth and easily cleanable. Provide a light shield on the ceiling light in the soda closet. Some equipment is still out of order including: - 1 microwave - 1 chicken oven - latch on door of walk-in - tubes of fountain soda boxes - bun warmer Repair equipment and use as intended OR remove from facility. Equipment may be replaced with commercially listed equivalent. Note: A repair technician and parts for some equipment were observed on-site.

Canteen Vending, 1200 Wilson Dr, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

Colonial Village Market, 929 S High St, June 7, Fail. Along the deli prep line, hand wash sink and hand soap dispenser are in very close proximity to prep tables containing unpackaged foods and food contact equipment, risking contamination. Relocate soap dispenser to directly above the hand sink. Provide splash shields on either side of the hand sink. Unused equipment, personal items and other unnecessary items in the rear storage room (near restrooms) and rear alley (near dumpsters) should be removed and discarded. Clean the floors throughout all walk-in units, especially under shelves/pallets. The door to the deli walk-in unit is in poor repair and isn't properly fitted to seal around the door frame. Replace door or make repairs to seal gaps between door and frame. Note: Unit and foods within are observed with proper temperatures. An open employee's beverage container was observed near the main cookline, risking contamination of food and equipment. Only lidded beverages are permitted and beverages must be stored away from food and equipment.

West Goshen Deli, 105 Westtown Rd, Emergency Response, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

Wawa, 706 E Gay St, Follow Up,  June 9, Pass. Clean the floors at the smoothie station.

Qdoba Mexican Eats, 1107 West Chester Pike, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. No violations. 

West Sadsbury Township

Hershey’s Farm Market, 959 S Octorara Trl, June 10, Fail. Clean the Meat Room ceiling. Outdoor Meat Walk in: Floor surface has deteriorated. Resurface to be smooth, non-porous, and easily cleanable. Meat counter: this area is deteriorating rapidly. Floor is sagging, countertops are worn, shelving is no longer cleanable. Meat Room exterior door - bottom of the door has deteriorated. Raw meats and smoked fish are being vacuum sealed. No variance has been issued and no HACCP plan is in place. Cease vacuum sealing of product immediately. You must contact the PA Dept of Agriculture to obtain a variance for these procedures. Shellstock tags are not maintained for 90 days from the date the container is emptied/sold. Parfaits and deviled eggs must have ingredient labels. The deep fryer is not under the hood canopy. Replace the Meat Walk in door gasket. Slicers and meat cutting equipment must be cleaned (taken apart, washed, rinsed and sanitized) at least every 4 hours. Relocate the condensate line in the Meat walk in. Direct it outside. Numerous flies observed in the Meat Room. Air curtain over the door was not on. You must keep the blower on if the door is open.

West Whiteland Township 

Brickette Lounge, 1341 Pottstown Pike, June 6, Pass. No violations. 

Bonu Cafe Express, 320 E Lincoln Hwy, Follow Up, June 8, Pass. Water dripping into pan on the floor under the bain marie cooler. Cooler in proper working order interior temperature 38 degrees F, at time of inspection.

Holiday Inn Express, 120 N Pottstown Pike, June 8, Pass. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kits to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. Sausage patties were not heated to required 135 °F for hot holding. Thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible. Observed wet wiping cloths in kitchen area, not being stored in sanitizer solution. Case of Bananas stored on floor in kitchen. Store 6 " off floor.

Nudy’s Exton Cafe, 420 W Lincoln Hwy, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. There is no Chester County Certified Food Manager (CFM) enlisted at this facility. 

Westtown Township

Burger King, 1502 West Chester Pike, Complaint, June 7, Pass. No violations. 

Mike’s Pizza, 1502 West Chester Pike, Follow Up, June 10, Pass. No violations. 

Willistown Township

Culinart at Daylesford Abbey, 220 S Valley Rd, Follow Up, june 8, Pass. No violations. 

Sunrise Assisted Living of Paoli, 324 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 8, Pass. County CFM application has been processed and CFM certificate has been mailed. Post county CFM certificate in public view promptly upon receipt.

Wendy’s, 220 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 8, Fail. The food facility does not maintain Certified Food Manager records as required. A full-time employee must complete a Department-approved food safety course, complete county CFM application process and post county CFM certificate in public view. Note: Management reported that the County CFM application will be submitted today.

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