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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723 a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Hissho Sushi at Franklin & Marshall, 628 College Ave., opening, Aug. 15. No violations.

Au-Sam's Trolley Stop 2/CCHD No. 998, 44 Cobblestone Drive, Willow Street, follow-up, Aug. 14. No violations.

Bavarian Pretzel Bakery, 100 Park City Center, Aug. 13. Countertops were to have food residue and were not clean to sight and touch.

College Corner Café, 931 Harrisburg Ave., Aug. 13. No violations.

Freinschaft Market LLC, 398 Harrisburg Ave., Aug. 13. No violations.

Lombardo's Restaurant, 216 Harrisburg Ave., Aug. 13. No violations.

Long Community at Highland, 600 E. Roseville Road, Aug. 13. A black residue inside the head of the spray wand. Old milk splatter on the underside of the mixer for shakes. Old food crumbs and residue inside the fryer cabinets and on the floor beneath the fryers and the cook line.

Roburrito’s, 227 N. Prince St., Aug. 13. No violations.

Subway, 217 N. Queen St., complaint, Aug. 13. No violations.

The Fridge LLC, 534 N. Mulberry St., Aug. 13. No violations.

Gargano's Pizzeria & Deli, 5997 Main St., East Petersburg, Aug. 12. No violations.

JD’s Pazzo Pizza, 325 S. Reading Road, Suite A, Ephrata, Aug. 12. Dumpster is overfilled and lid cannot be closed to prevent the entry of rodents and insects. An accumulation of static dust on walk-in cooler fan guard. Food handler not wearing a beard cover.

Milton Grove United Methodist Church, 2026 Cloverleaf Road, Mount Joy, Aug. 12. An irreversible registering thermometer or thermal labels are not available for monitoring the surface temperature of utensils in the mechanical dishwasher.

Milton Grove United Methodist Church-Mobile MFF3, 2026 Cloverleaf Road, Mount Joy, Aug. 12. The lining separating at the ceiling and wall juncture and is no longer easily cleanable.

Par Line Golf Course, 4545 E. Harrisburg Pike, Elizabethtown, Aug. 12. The hand-wash sink in the rear area was blocked by ice bin and not accessible at all times for employee use. No sign or poster posted at the hand-wash sink in the rear area to remind food employees to wash their hands. Signage provided. Temperature measuring device for ensuring proper temperature of equipment is not available or readily accessible in bain-marie equipment.

Redner's Warehouse Market No. 88, 423 N. Reading Road, Ephrata, Aug. 12. Food thermometer found stored in room temperature water in deli rather than on a clean, hard surface. Internal temperature of cheese, meat ends and chicken in display case in front of hot hold case measured 46 F and above, rather than 41 F or less as required. In cold hold display case, numerous salads were held at 45 F and above, rather than 41 F or less as required; discarded. Salad display case was operating at 50 F, rather than 41 F or less as required. Service company notified at time of inspection. According to deli employees, chicken tongs and holder are being washed, rinsed and sanitized at the end of the day rather than every four hours as required. Thirteen cans of expired formula on shelves for sale; discarded. A gap observed under dock door enabling vector entrance.

The Pretzel House TFF3, 363 Georgetown Road, Strasburg, Aug. 12. No violations.

Wawa Food Market No. 158, 1990 Miller Road, East Petersburg, Aug. 12. Two emergency exit doors in the food facility have a gap and does not protect against the entry of insects. No ingredient statement placard available or a placard stating ingredients are available upon request, for donuts offered for sale. A residue inside the soda nozzle.