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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Caln Township

Hissho Sushi at Giant, 3477 Lincoln Hwy, Sept. 1, Pass. No violations. 

Pho Now, 3911 E Lincoln Hwy,  Follow Up, Sept. 1, Pass. No violations. 

East Brandywine Township

Michaelangelo’s Italian Restaurant, 1223 Horseshoe Pike, Sept. 1, Pass. No violations. 

East Caln Township

Lunch Stop at Ebenezer FG Baptist Church, 199 Wallace Ave, Aug. 29, Pass.  Clean the following: * Cabinet Surfaces; food splatter * Whirlpool interior; debris Clean before your next event. Clean the kitchen floor; spills. Thoroughly clean within 24 hours.

Easttown Township

Waynesborough Country Club, 440 Darby Paoli Rd, Sept. 1, Fail. EHS observed a few tuna sandwiches not date marked in the halfway house. Facility must ensure that all three compartment sinks are supplied with test strips for the sanitizer concentration. The handsink that is across from the ice cream machine in the pool kitchen has a broken hot water handle. Ensure that the hot water handle is fixed and that the sink has a hot water temperature of at least 100 degrees at all times. Numerous bottles of alcohol were observed stored in front of the handwashing sink and the three compartment sink. In the pool Kitchen area. Ensure that all the chemicals are stored on the bottom shelf near the three compartment sink and not above/on the same shelf as utensils/dishes, etc. Fish observed thawing in reduced oxygen or vacuum packaging. These packages must be opened to allow oxygen to enter prior to beginning the thawing process.  Clean both ice machines in the main kitchen area. Clean the following: -The vents in the ceiling in the main kitchen. -Defrost the ice cream chest freezer in the pool kitchen area. -The walls near the high temperature dishwasher in the main kitchen. The hot water heater needs to be repaired at the halfway house. The hot water was measured at 80 degrees. -The facility must warewash all items in the main kitchen. The halfway house has very limited food items. Throughout the facility, some spray bottles containing a cleaner/chemical were not labeled with the common name of the chemical. The facility must have high temperature dishwasher test strips/thermometer for all high temperature dishwashers. EHS observed a reduced oxygen packaging machine in the main kitchen. Staff stated that they are not using it. The machine must be removed from the facility or a HACCP Plan must be submitted and approved from the Department before the facility uses the Reduced Oxygen packaging unit.

East Pikeland Township

Burger King, 363 Schuylkill Rd, Sept. 2, Fail. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: * Mold-like debris observed on the upper splash guard of the self-serve slushie machine. * Chicken dredging area. * Hood filters and ansul lines above the oven. * Hood filters above fryers. * Fryer area cooking equipment including wheel castors, and stainless steel panels and electrical plug area. * Hand sink and surround near the ice machine. * Reach in french fry and onion ring freezer at cook's line. * Warmer cabinet across from fryers unclean. Food like debris builds up on the floor under shelves in the walk -in cooler. * Packaging debris on the floor in the walk in freezer. * Floor in ware wash and mop sink areas slippery with debris. Clean and sanitize. Unclean batter covered utensil stored in batter at chicken dredging station. Removed. Leak from base of soft serve machine. Liquid observed on floor under machine. Repair. Date label lacking on all raw chicken stored on trays in walk in cooler. Mop stored in an unclean mop sink. hang or invert to dry. Ware wash sinks and surrounding area including drying surface under black mats unclean. Clean and sanitize all sinks and surrounding areas including the back wall. Interior top of microwaves unclean. * Food prep table in the back room next to the food prep sink is unclean. * Raw chicken coating area unclean. * Food holding rack behind reach in freezer at fryer line unclean. Chemical spray bottle stored hanging on drying rack at 3 bay sink. Store all chemicals in a separate designated area.

Honey Brook Borough

Speedyz, 4621 Horseshoe Pike, Sept. 1, Pass. Several sandwiches were observed without ingredient labels and other sandwiches were properly labeled. Several ceiling tiles in the food preparation area were damaged. Clean shelves in refrigerator located below steam table. Correct within 3 days.

Lower Oxford Township

Subway/Auntie Anne’s at Walmart, 800 Commons Dr, Sept. 1, Fail. REPEAT VIOLATION: Observed ambient temperature between 49F-51F. The following temperatures were observed: * mayonnaise 46F; * peppercorn ranch 49F and; * sweet onion sauce 46F. All TCS food was removed from this unit and discarded during the inspection. Make necessary repairs and do not use this refrigerator to store TCS food until it is operating at 41F or less. Provide a copy of the service invoice. REPEAT VIOLATION: The hand sink near the 3 bay sink was blocked by a cart. Observed gap between food preparation sink and adjoining wall creating a hard to clean area. Reattach food preparation sink to the wall and caulk seam.

Walmart, 800 Commons Dr, Follow Up, Sept. 1, Fail. Hot water <100F was observed in the men's front restroom. It should be noted that a service technician was unable to make necessary repairs/adjustments to correct the lack of hot water >100F at these hand sinks. Email correspondence was provided indicating another service company has been contacted to resolve the temperature issue. Water temperatures were observed at approximately 75F-80F. In the interim provide hand sanitizer at the hand sinks located in the men's restroom at the front of the store. Hot water >100F was provided at the hand sinks in the ladies' restroom. Contact this Department once hot water >100F is provided at the hand sinks in the men's restroom.

Oxford Borough

Sawmill Grill, 304 Market St, Sept. 1, Pass. No violations. 

Pennsbury Township 

Dunkin Donuts, 934 E. Baltimore Pike, Sept. 1, Fail. Foods in the facility including the donut and muffin display must be kept tightly covered. Donuts, muffins and munchkins observed in the display unit uncovered and with small fly-like insects on several of the foods. The foods were discarded on-site. Due to the excessive small fly-like activity, all foods usually placed in this unit must be kept covered. Thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize all surfaces and equipment including floor drains. The front door does not close tightly and at the rear exterior door, there is a small gap at the bottom of the door. Make all necessary repairs to ensure these doors close tightly and are tight-fitting in the frames. A can of Raid and a box of Hot Shot Fogger cans observed in the facility. Any pesticides applied in the facility must be done by a certified pest control operator. An excessive amount of small fly-like insects observed on the walls near the toilet rooms, behind the ice machine, arounds the donut display unit and on the walls in the front service area. * Contact a certified pest control operator immediately and have the facility treated. Forward a copy of the pest control report to this Department. * Prior to treatment, thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces including floor drains. * Maintain all foods tightly covered. * Keep all exterior doors closed.

Phoenixville Borough

Molly maguires Restaurant & Pub, 195 Bridge St, Sept. 1, Pass. Interior top of white microwave near the ware wash area is unclean. Clean and sanitize in between uses. Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the kitchen. Unlabeled chemical spray bottles stored hanging and stored on food contact surfaces. Keep all chemical spray bottles in a separate designated area. * Label all containers with contents. Observed wiping cloths in kitchen area, not being stored in sanitizer solution. Mop stored in bucket, hang or invert to dry. Food Facility Person in Charge not able to produce records showing that raw or partially cooked ready to eat fish has been frozen by the facility or approved supplier as required, before use or sale.

Thai Restaurant Store, 700 Nutt Rd, Aug. 29, Pass. No violations. 

Bridge Street Chocolates, 175 Bridge St, Sept. 2, Pass. Cases of single use items stored on floor in the basement dry storage area. Store 6" off floor.

Tredyffrin Township

M&M Dim Sum and HK BBQ Restaurant, 1776 E Lancaster Ave, Sept. 1, Pass. Observed in-use knives and /or cleavers stored between table edge on cook line, an area not easily cleanable & sanitized. Danny corrected on site. Date label all large 5 gallon sauce containers located in the walk in cooler. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dust, debris, crumb, and splash; 1-Fan guard, right side, located in the walk-in cooler. 2-2 Ceiling vents located in the appetizer prep room. 3-top of the rice bin lid in the dishwasher area. 4-Ice chute. The handwash sink located in the appetizer prep room does not have water at a temperature of at least 100°F. NO water running at all. Contact the plumber and fix it at once. Dry storage food cans and bags are stored on raw wood with no finish and are not durable, smooth, non-porous, non-absorbent. Paint shelves with high gloss paint or varnish seal. Cook line bain maire not provided with additional tongs for dispensing different raw proteins and cooked protein. Danny corrected on site and provided tongs in each bin. The soap and sanitizer dispenser is not working properly at the kitchen 3 bay sink. Contact EcoLab and ensure product dispenses properly. Manually apply soap and sanitizer until the unit is repaired. The food facility does not maintain a CCHD Certified Food Manager as required. Susan Chan will be the CCHD CFM for this facility, submit CCHD CFM application to the Department within 15 days Post in public view upon receipt. The handwash sink was blocked along the cook line in a small mop closet area. Danny corrected on site. The light intensity in the mop sink / handwashing room is not working or at least 20 foot candles. Danny replaced the light bulb during inspection.

Uwchlan Township

Papa John’s Pizza. 185 Eagleview Blvd, Aug. 29, Fail. Peppers, Garlic Sauce, Pizza Sauce had not date/time labeling. The detergent/sanitizer chemical dispenser appears to be broken. Repair, replace or remove. Ensure all equipment is in good repair. Observed several cracked floor tiles in the front customer area. Replace all cracked floor tiles. Correct within 14 days. nly one staff member was present at the time of inspection. Staff was not trained in proper warewashing, required temperatures, time as a control and proper cleaning procedures and frequency. One burnt out light under the pizza hood ventilation system. Upon interviewing the staff the following were learned: * Staff are not using sanitizer during manual warewashing * Staff are not using a sanitizer on fixed equipment. No Chester County Certified Food Manager.  

Tasty Zaytoon, 10 Marchwood Rd, Sept. 1, Pass. The ice bin drain has not been installed. The drain line has to have an air gap of at least 1 inch. Correct before opening.

Wellington Square Bookshop, 549 Wellington Sq, Sept. 1, Pass. No violations. 

Exton Senior Living, 600 N Pottstown Pike, Complaint, Sept. 2, Pass. Chester County Certified Food Manager Kevin Cooper is currently on leave. Within 20 days enroll another full time staff in an ANSI approved Certified Food Manager Class. The class must be completed within 90 days. Upon passing and receiving your Certificate, register it with the Chester County Certified Food Manager Program. 

West Chester Borough 

Love Again Local, 18 S Church St, Sept. 2, Pass. Elena's CFM Certificate expired in April 2022. Francis Wiradilaga has a ServSafe Certificate expiring May 2027. Please submit a copy of her ServSafe Certificate along with a completed CFM Application and the fee within 7 days. Prepackaged macaroni salad and cookies are not labeled properly with the name of product, ingredient statement, net weight, distributed by statement and/or nutritional facts. Correct within 7 days.

West Goshen Township 

WCU EO Bull Center Pod, 2 E Rosedale Ave, Aug. 29. Pass. No violations. 

Acme Markets, 907 Paoli Pike, Sept. 1, Follow Up, Pass. No violations. 

AFC Sushi at WCU Sykes, 110 W Rosedale Ave, Sept. 2, Pass. No violations. 

Ram’s Head Court at Sykes Student Union, 500 W Rosedale Ave, Sept. 2, Fail. "Kanbon" reach in refrigerator in Chick-fil-a is out of order. Unit is turned "off," is currently empty, and a work-order has been submitted. Have this unit repaired to maintain air and food at 41F or below. Do not use unit until it is repaired. Walk-in freezer was observed at 22F at time of inspection. Technician was on-site repairing the unit. Foods were able to be maintained solidly frozen during repairs. Monitor temperature and frozen state of foods closely. Note: Temperature was lowering by the end of the inspection. At the high-temperature dishwasher, final rinse water was not hot enough to produce 160F surface temperature on food contact equipment in order for proper sanitization. Have the unit repaired so final rinse water is 180F and yields a 160F surface temperature. Do not use it until repaired. Test unit daily using irreversible water-proof thermometer or 160F thermo-labels. In EcoGrounds kiosk, provide chlorine sanitizer test strips at the 3-bay sink. Make repairs to eliminate the leak from the ceiling pipe in the dry storage room. Make repairs to eliminate the leak from the large ice machine. Make repairs to eliminate the leak from the pipe on the top of the mechanical dishwasher. Clean the dusty ceiling lights, tiles and vents throughout the food service areas. The facility does not have a Chester County Certified Food Manager (CFM) as required. Complete approved food safety course, complete county CFM application process and post county CFM certificate in public view. 

West Vincent Township

Ludwig’s Village Market, 2918 Conestoga Rd, Sept. 2, Fail. The drinks cooler near the door was holding foods at 46°F-50°F, rather than at or below 41°F as required. The only TCS foods (food requiring refrigeration) in the drinks cooler were three bottles of orange juice. These were discarded. Repair unit to hold food at or below 41°F. Until the unit is repaired, put up a sign stating no foods requiring refrigeration can be stored in the unit. In the island merchandiser, the bottom shelf holding raw meats was initially at 43°F, rather than at or below 41°F as required. Unit's temperature was adjusted and the bottom shelf was then measured at 41°F. All other shelves of the merchandiser were at or below 41°F. In the cake and quiche cooler, prepackaged strawberry shortcake and lemon mousse cake did not have the full ingredient list on the label. Ensure all labels of prepackaged foods have the full ingredient list.

West Whiteland Township 

Longhorn Steakhouse, 100 Bartlett Ave, Aug. 29, Fail. Chicken and shrimp breading were being held at room temp with no time as a control. Once raw chicken or shrimp are placed in the breading, the breading becomes contaminated and must be maintained at 41F or less or time used as a control. Keep breading refrigerated or mark breading pans with time it is used and then discard at 4 hours. Chicken and shrimp that are portioned each day were 45-54F in the top of the fry station bain marie. Food were reportedly taken from the walk in this morning, portioned, then placed in the top of the bain marie. Chicken that was not portioned in the unit was 40F. Portioned bags of chicken must be placed in the lower section of the fry station to get back to 41F after prep before being placed in the top. Foods were moved and reached 40F in about 30 min. Ensure staff are re-trained to place them in the lower section of the unit after prep. Smoothie mix was not properly iced. Clean the following areas: 1. Fry station wall including microwave 2. Floor under cook line and cook line equipment. 3. Interior of all microwaves 4. Heat lamp shelves 5. Table under flat top 6. Flour and rice bins 7. Dishwasher room floor and walls 8. Prep area overhead shelving - especially shelf supports. If rusty, replace. 9. Server drink station - walls and floor 10. Bar - floor and walls. Bar soda gun nozzle was dirty. Remove nozzle and wipe clean.

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, 102 Bartlett Ave, Aug. 29, Pass. Clean the following area: 1. Flat top refrigerated drawers 2. Walk in floor 3. Food carts - carts with food debris must be cleaned daily.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 301 Main St, Sept. 1, Pass. Food employees observed wearing bracelets, watches and/or rings on their hands or arms. Clean and sanitize the ice scoop and blue scoop bin by the large ice machine. Note: correction on-site. Clean the floor underneath and surrounding the mechanical dishwasher

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