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Every Friday, we release the list of the latest Lancaster County restaurant inspections. 

The Pennsylvania, Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Here is a complete list of all restaurant inspections from December.

Dec. 6

An excerpt from Dec. 6: "Encrusted dough remnants at floor/wall junction behind mixer. Beard net is not available nor used, according to person in charge, by a food handler who has a beard. Three certified food manager certificates are displayed, but the individuals are no longer employed by the retail food facility for at least 2 months."

Dec. 13

An excerpt from Dec. 13: "An accumulation of grease and food debris under nugget fryers in back room. Floor in storage room is dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. Stored utensils found hanging from unclean wire rack, contaminating them."

Dec. 20

An excerpt from Dec. 20: "Melted edges on the bain-marie cutting board and the surface is no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Several cabinets in the beverage prep area have the laminate damaged on the shelves and have bare wood that is exposed."

Dec. 27

An excerpt from Dec. 27: "Egg rolls in the glass door cold holding unit stored open with no covering. Raw fish stored over vegetables in the walk-in cooler."

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