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Wenger Feeds has agreed to make an undisclosed investment in Hoober Feeds and buy its L&K Mills for an undisclosed price.

The transaction, expected to be completed in 30 days, would give Rheems-based Wenger an entry into the dairy feed business, expand Wenger’s mill capacity and deepen Wenger’s management team.

Hoober Feeds, based in Gordonville, would continue to operate as a separate company while gaining economies of scale and additional expertise.

With the transaction, Hoober’s Brad Wagner (president and co-owner) and Tom Nauman (head nutritionist and co-owner) would join the Wenger management team, while remaining part owners of Hoober. Wagner would oversee all Wenger and Hoober manufacturing, while Nauman would oversee the dairy business.

L&K Mills is in Benton, Columbia County. Wenger Feeds is a subsidiary of The Wenger Group.